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Playhouses For Girls

The 20 Best Playhouses For Girls In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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Whether it’s for your daughter or granddaughter, a playhouse for girls is sure to be appreciated by the little princesses in your life. Childhood is a time for learning, but just as importantly it’s a time for playing and having fun. After all, it’s through playing that our youngsters develop their creativity and learn to use their imagination. It can also help children develop their independence, especially if they have a space of their own to play in (under the appropriate supervision of course). That’s why playhouses have become so popular with children and adults, so if you’re thinking of being one be sure to take a look at our WhatShed guide to the top 20 playhouses for girls on sale in the UK today. Having said that we personally feel that there is nothing to prevent most of the playhouses on the list being suitable for boys either.

At WhatShed we spend a lot of time reviewing all kinds of garden buildings, from metal sheds to summer houses, and we’ve seen a lot of playhouses for girls and boys too. Playhouses come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and are made from loads of different materials. We’ve used our expertise to come up with a definitive top 20 playhouse league table, that will help you make the right decision when it comes to making a purchase.

In the course of our research, we’ve looked at more than 90% of the girls’ playhouses for sale in the UK by the top 10 retailers in the market. These retailers sell over 95% of all the garden buildings, including playhouses, bought in the UK, so you can be assured that WhatShed’s picks for the best playhouses for girls really are the best playhouses that you can currently buy online.

Do you still have questions on what playhouse will best suit your needs? Check out our helpful buying guide to give you some ideas! View our Playhouse guide

Tigercub Luxury Lounge Playhouse

TigerSheds is a brand that consistently fares well in our product league tables and the category of play houses for girls is no exception. In fact, the Tigercub Luxury Lounge is so grandiose that we’d go as far as to say that it isn’t a playhouse at all – more like a play-mansion!

The thing is simply breathtaking. Just look at that veranda area! And, don’t worry parents, we’ve personally inspected the build quality of the trusted, Leeds-based manufacturer’s stuff on multiple occasions. We’re absolutely confident in that upstairs area’s rigidity. We’ve noticed that the company doesn’t seem to like to cut corners, particularly on its flagship models.

Inside doesn’t disappoint either. The high-quality, joiner-crafted touches common throughout many TigerSheds’s products are on full display and the space is actually divided into an impressive three levels with ladder access from the ground floor. Swanky!

The Luxury Lounge really is a gorgeous little cabin. It might not have quite the same bells and whistles as some of the other products on our list but in terms of sheer style and build-quality, this one is a well-deserving winner of the WhatShed Editor’s Choice award for the feminine playhouse category.


Adley 5' x 5' Jellytot Corner Playhouse

Another high-quality, eye-catching but altogether different playhouse for girls is the Adley Jellytot Corner, as sold by Sheds.co.uk. Unlike the Luxury Lounge that really relies on its classic good looks, this one has a much more contemporary feel to it.

With massive windows and doors, you can position it in a part of the garden that gets maximum sunshine and your little ones can enjoy their play with the ample light let in by the simple vast fittings. It actually rather reminds us of a funky little beach hut/surf-shack.

As the name suggests, the Jellytot Corner Playhouse has been designed for using in the corner of a garden. Its two window-less back walls meet at 90 degrees and the front of the building is comprised of three different panels. You can think of it like a square plan with one of the corners being sliced off – this serving as the wall for the spacious single door.


5 x 5 Shire Kitty Childrens/ Kids Wooden Garden Playhouse

If you’re in the market for a typical “Wendy house”-style playhouse for your daughter or granddaughter, you can do much worse than the Loxley Candyfloss.

The Loxley Candy is simplistic in its design but delivers everything your little princess could want in a playhouse and more. Exceptional build quality is on display throughout the mini-cabin. We particularly liked the felt roofing, just like you’d get on more industrious garden buildings, along with the hefty cast iron door knocker.

Design touches like the short pieces of fencing beneath the porch, the porch itself, and the details adorning the roofing are all indicative of a high level of quality and certainly make the cabin a looker. Also signalling a great playhouse is the decision of Loxley to opt for tongue and groove flooring. This particular method offers one of the highest levels of resistance to elements, as well as a snug, hard wearing finish.

Not only is it a strong looker and highly-functional, the Loxley Candyfloss is also one of the cheapest girls playhouses on our list of the best of the best. If you’re looking for simply the best value, this one could be ideal for you and your little angel.

Tigercub Funhouse

If you’re searching for that hard-to-top TigerShed quality but your budget doesn’t quite extend to the Luxury Lodge, fear not, the firm offers a few other exquisitely finished playhouses for girls. The best of the bunch in terms of value has to be the Tigercub Funhouse.

This classically-styled playhouse features two bespoke Georgian style windows, tasteful black metal handles and hinges on the door, and an overall agreeable finish thanks to touches like the bordering and detail around the roof.

TigerSheds is a brand that is well known for its exceptionally high quality garden buildings of all shapes and sizes. However, it still pleased us to see that their attention to detail extends throughout its products – even the smallest! We particularly appreciate touches like the double “Z” bracing on the back on the door. Even for a playhouse, this thing looks built to last.

One of the things that impresses us most about the Leeds-based firm is how customisable their products are. Just like their bespoke cabins, the Tigercub Funhouse is available in range of sizes, as well with the addition of a spacious veranda area.

8x4 Forest Dixie Duo Traditional Kids Wooden Playhouse With Veranda

We can almost hear the jubilation erupt from your daughter as she comes home from school to this stunner in the garden! That’s why our best design award just has to go the simply beautiful Dixie Duo by Forest Garden.

With a frankly massive side veranda area equipped with full seating area, stable-style doors, and a rustic grained wood finish, we reckon this playhouse has all the potential to get young minds racing!

As well as being a unique, almost farm-building design, the Dixie Duo has loads of little features that make it really special. We loved the inclusion of a windowsill/shelf in the outside area, and the overhanging roof gives the building a rugged functional feel. It’s a real cottage-in-the-middle-of-nowhere kind of vibe and ever so cute!

To top it all off, the build quality throughout this playhouse is top notch too. The cladding is all tongue and groove and, as such, Forest Garden are happy to guarantee is for an impressive 15 years!

Truth be told, this one is an easy contender for the top spot on our list. We’re just not sure it will be to the tastes of every little girl. That said, some are sure to think it’s the coolest thing ever!

4 x 4 Waltons Honeypot Snug Apex Wooden Playhouse

The next one on our list of the 20 best playhouses for girls is a real looker and also offers great quality whilst being easy on the wallet to boot. The Honeypot Snug Apex features a large single door, two windows (one front and one side), and gorgeous detailing around the roof. It’s got a real classic Wendy House feel to it and we just know your little ones will adore it, even in it’s unpainted form – just add your daughter’s favourite colours for even more “wow” factor!

We were also pleased to see that the established shed manufacturer hasn’t gone cheap when it comes to the materials and methods used on the Honeypot Snug. Touches like the Sand Felt included in the price and the shiplap tongue and groove cladding allow the manufacturer to give the playhouse an impressive 10 year anti-rot guarantee – when treated regularly, of course.

Waltons also juggles functionality with style and safety expertly. The shatterproof styrene windows have all the perks of a full-glazed option but also offer a lot more piece of mind!

If you’re looking for a great value playhouse for that special little lady in your life, we can highly recommend the Waltons Honeypot Snug Apex. That’s why we’ve given it the WhatShed Best Value award for its class.

Waltons Honeypot Snug Tower Wooden Playhouse with Slide

If your little ones are absolutely full of energy, a simple playhouse might not be enough to keep them entertained. Bespoke garden building manufacturers Waltons recognises this and, as such, created the Waltons Honeypot Snug Tower. Obviously, the immediate standout feature with this one is the inclusion of a play slide!

The playhouse is the highest ranked of a few raised designs included in our list of the best garden buildings for young girls. To be honest, we’re not a big fan of them, since excessively boisterous playing can result in damage over time. That’s not to say the Honeypot Snug Tower is poorly constructed – quite the opposite. It’s more that by its very nature a tower-style playhouse will be weaker than one positioned on the floor.

That said, the build quality of the Honeypot Snug Tower is simply fantastic. We’re confident in the extra chunky supports for the platform, as well as those used as braces for the walls and door. That’s why it’s a deserving recipient of WhatShed’s Best Build award.

In terms of design features, we obviously love the slide, along with the cute stepladder to get onto the raised platform. The playhouse kind of resembles a cute beach hut, only a little more fun, thanks, of course, to that slide!

Tigercub Magic Mansion

For some, the TigerSheds Magic Mansion might be a rather imposing structure but its build quality alone makes it a worthy inclusion within our top ten. Of course, some of you might equally be thinking, “Wow, I wish I could fit in that!”

Although featuring identical construction methods and materials as the Luxury Lounge by TigerSheds, we feel sure that the Magic Mansion’s kind of blank front wall and non-symmetrical design will put some potential buyers off.

The building is shaped as it is to save a bit of unnecessary timber, given that the upstairs of the playhouse is a platform that extends across just half of the total ground floor surface area. This platform allows the building’s dwellers to look out of the upstairs window and is accessed by a robust looking ladder.

As you’d expect, being a TigerSheds product, the Magic Mansion is beautifully constructed. Once again, we loved the rugged black metal features on the door and the gorgeous Georgian windows of the Magic Mansion. For those that are fine with the non-conventional style, we’re sure your girls will have loads of fun playing in the Magic Mansion and remember, your little ones probably don’t care that it’s not symmetrical!

6x6 Windsor Dutch Barn Kids Wooden Playhouse

If you’ve more than one or two offspring to entertain, some of our other choices on this shortlist might not offer the space you need. Evidently, Windsor, have thought of that and constructed the Dutch Barn Playhouse.

As you might have guessed from the name, the structure is styled on a traditional Dutch Barn. It’s pretty authentic looking too making it ideal for your little herd!

At 185 x 191 x 182 cm, this thing is frankly massive. We can easily see it becoming the scene of successive birthday parties and play dates for your kids and their friends.

Inside the space is huge too. However, despite its upstairs window, there is no second floor. We were also a little disappointed to see cheap chipboard used and no attempt to disguise its patterning for the roof on the model. However, this is topped with a decent layer of felt as standard so will still provide ample protection from the elements.

8x7 Rowlinson Playaway Swiss Cottage Childrens/ Kids Garden Playhouse

For those that were put off by the Tigercub Magic Mansion’s lack of symmetry, the firm also offers another massive double-storey playhouse. The Tigercub Crazy Cottage is a pretty epic space that, given its colossal dimensions and exceptional build quality, is understandably quite pricey.

The Crazy Cotage is a reverse apex design. This means that the front of the building has a sloped roof. As with the other TigerSheds playhouses, it features those lovely little Georgian-style windows and an exceptionally high build-quality throughout.

Touches like the extra robust five-times-braced door, the sheer number of windows, and the classy looking black metal finishings on the door all show that this is a fantastic quality garden building, let alone playhouse.

Inside the Crazy Cottage is almost as epic as the outside. As you enter the space, there is a ladder up to a spacious platform up at the top, with guard rails to protect from mishap!

Just like the Dutch Barn featured above, this selection is ideal for those with lots of kids or who always seem to play host to everyone elses!

10x10 Traditional Swiss Cottage 2 Storey Kids Playhouse With Veranda

If money is simply no object and you’re looking for a playhouse with some serious “wow” factor, then the Swiss Cottage by Traditional might be perfect for you. Truth be told, the thing is so spectacular that it wouldn’t look out of place in the Alps themselves!

Although it is very expensive for a playhouse, you do get a lot for your money with the Swiss Cottage. From the outside, the building’s veranda immediately grabs your attention. At 3′, it’s massive for a playhouse. It’s covered by a vast reverse apex roof, that features a roof extension with another set of windows. Inside, the space has an upstairs with bunk bed, making it functional for sleepovers or “camp outs” with brothers and sisters!

Loads of the building’s small details indicate that this is a really high quality playhouse too. Take, for example, the stylish fence posts around the veranda area, the beautiful, wave cut finish around the roof and other little touches.


6' X 5' Shire Pixie Wooden Playhouse

Blast off in style with the Waltons Rocket Playhouse. If your little girl is an avid astronomer, she might just find this entry on our list to be completely out of this world.

We just love this quirky design, with its porthole windows, and fins to give it a real interstellar look. However, it couldn’t occupy a higher spot on our list since it’s certainly not for every little girl.

That said, we did see some rather creative paint jobs over at the Waltons website. The rocket can easily be transformed into a princess’s fantasy castle, for example. If you have boys and girls, maybe one year it can be for space missions and the next time you treat it, defending against dragon attacks!

Inside the rocket, your little ones will find a raised command post – for the captain, of course, and the rest of the area is kept free. This means more space to play and fewer sharp corners to bump into!

Waltons Honeypot Rose Tower Wooden Playhouse with Activity Centre

If you’ve got a little monkey in your life, rather than a little princess, WhatShed highly recommends the Honeypot Rose Tower. This multi-activity centre is an ideal clubhouse slightly older kids.

The playhouse itself sits four substantial supports and is equipped with a slide, steps, and swing set. That’s a whole lot of fun packed into a reasonably small space!

Truth be told, this building is worthy of a place on a list of simply the best playhouses. However, raised platform might mean that parents feel uncomfortable about younger children using it unsupervised. Even with that chunky guard rail, we can still picture a mishap or two!

7x7 Windsor Primrose 2 Storey Kids Wooden Playhouse with Veranda

This again is one of the most eye catching playhouses for girls that we’ve seen, and is only prevented from being placed further up our league table by its price tag. If your budget will stretch to a price of nearly seven hundred pounds however we feel it’s certainly worthy of consideration as not only is it a large and exciting area for your girls to play in, it will also be an attractive feature for your garden. There are two levels, meaning that there’s lots of room to play in, with the upper level overhanging the lower verandah area. There’s also a dormer window, and it’s just one of six in the playhouse as a whole. They not only fill the interior with light, they’re also made out of safe styrene so you won’t have to worry about them breaking or shattering.

One of the things we liked most about this playhouse is that it’s very weather and rot resistant. The roof itself stops water getting in, as does the shiplap cladding, and ground moisture is kept out by the inclusion of pressure treated floor joists. What your daughters or granddaughters will like  most however is that it’s very big, measuring 2.09 X 2.11m and with a height of 2.38m, so they’ll have plenty of space to play their favourite games or read a comic or book. For these reasons, this is a worthy member of our league table of the best playhouses for girls.

See WhatShed full review

13x12 Windsor Rose Tower Kids Playhouse/Activity Centre With Swing

Here we have another ideal playhouse for the little adventurer in your life. This one also features a lofty raised platform for the building itself, along with a slide and swing set.

The building itself is a reasonable size – somewhere between the other two tower playhouses we featured on this list and we’re happy to report that the supports look strong and easily able to stand up to a bit of abuse.

If you’re in the market for an activity-style playhouse, there really isn’t a lot to choose between the three offered on our list of the best playhouses for girls. Of the three featured, we liked Waltons the best simply because we’ve had more dealings with the brand and have never had issues with their stuff.

BillyOh Lollipop Max Tower Playhouse

If you were wowed by our last pick but thought the playhouse itself was a little bit pokey, we recommend you consider the Billy Oh Lollipop Max Tower.

Like the Honeypot Rose Tower by Waltons, the Lollipop Max Tower really puts the “play” in “playhouse”. It features a lofty raised platform with step ladder access, as well as that all important slide.

As mentioned, the interior of the Lollipop Max Tower is much roomier than Waltons’s tower offering. Like the other raised designs in our list, you can rest assured that the structure is held up by frankly vast logs with additional supports.

4 x 4 Waltons Honeypot Bluebell Apex Wooden Playhouse

You may think it’s impossible to buy durable and spacious playhouses for girls for less than two hundred pounds, but as this good looking playhouse shows you’d be wrong. When reviewing this playhouse we found a lot to like about it, even though it lacks the bells and whistles of some we reviewed, but of course the price was the thing that we most liked about. Such a low cost makes the advantages of a timber playhouse accessible to all. When painted in the favourite colours of your daughter or granddaughter this will surely become their favourite part of the garden, and they’ll be inviting their friends around to play all the time!

With a width of 1.27m and a depth of 1.14m this has a more than adequate play area for two girls aged three to seven. They won’t have any trouble seeing what they’re doing thanks to four styrene windows, and they’re sure to find it a warm and dry, as well as fun, environment. That’s because the walls are made of tongue and groove cladding; it’s a feature we wouldn’t necessarily expect to see in a playhouse as affordable as this, and it’s very good at keeping the rain out. For those reasons, and the inclusion of floor joists that protect the base from ground moisture, a 10 year anti-rot guarantee is included. This value and durability made this a worthy inclusion in our top 20 playhouses for girls.

BillyOh Gingerbread Max Playhouse

This sweet little playhouse by BilyOh would surely delight any keen young horticulturist. We loved the little planters on the outside and the picket fence is adorable. Certainly an idyllic little spot for you little angels!

The overall feel of the Gingerbread Max is of a rugged little potting shed. Obviously, there are the external planters, but the windowless stable doors complement the image perfectly.

Whilst it’s clearly a lovely little shed, the Gingerbread Max didn’t perform better on our list of the best playhouses for girls because of its price point. Over £400 seems steep for such a basic little shed – particularly given that the windows are so sparse and featureless.

8' X 7' Rowlinson Playaway Swiss Cottage Childrens/ Kids Garden Playhouse

The Rowlinson Playaway Swiss Cottage is a great looking and functional playhouse. Like some of our choices others on this list, it’s tailored for those with several children or would make an ideal play date venue.

It features a stylish mountain cottage-style roof detail, three front facing windows, and an upstairs area. Overall, it’s a lovely little playhouse that would certainly delight its eventual occupants.

You might be wondering why a playhouse with such obvious Alpine-chic, tasteful finishings, and functionality would be so low down on our list. The reason is simply down to the value it offers.

At over £1,000, you could buy almost any of the other playhouses on our list and, if given, the choice, we’re sure most kids would prefer one of the tower or activity playhouses, which would save you a few quid too. At its current price point it’s competing with the real boutique mentions on our list and against these it just doesn’t stand up.

BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Playhouse

The BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Playhouse is a beautiful building that will surely delight the little princess in your life. Like some of our other mentions in the higher numbers on this list, it is let down only by the price. However, you do get a lot of playhouse for your money!

We loved the vast stable-style door and the three room, two-storey layout inside. The planters and window shutters really give the whole building a lovely, quaint cottagey feel that we’re sure your kids will love.

Partiularly impressive is the vast windows. There are five of them that open fully and let loads of light and air into each of the three spaces. Truth be told, with £100 knocked of the price here, this one would be right up there with the best.

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