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5 x 4 Wooden Playhouse

First Added - February 27 2022
Last Updated - August 4 2022 - 14 Data Points Updated - 4 Data Points Added
Reviewed & curated by a panel of garden building experts. Using methodology 1.1

Product ID: SKU: 37409

Size: 4' x 3'

Merchants Checked: 12

Available From: 1

Mano Mano
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Average Ranked in the Top 77% of Playhouses.
Position 143 of 188 Playhouses - Up 36 places from previous update.
Quality of materials
Construction quality
Ease of construction
Value for money

See how our panel of industry experts helped create the impartial judging criteria used to calculate the Expert Score.

Our verdict on the 5 x 4 Wooden Playhouse

The 5 x 4 Wooden Playhouse fit with single doors. The windows window used on this particular 4′ x 3′ use a styrene [1] glazing material (Thickness was not specified).

Base material: wood

Certifications this product meets:

FSC certified timber[2] EN71 Certified[3]

Our experts say this has 3 stand out features. A stand out feature is something found on over 70% of the top 10% of products in a particular category or is an exceptionally good feature as rated by our panel of experts.

1. The styrene window installation is known to be a great choice, and our data shows us that 94% of the top 10% of playhouses make use of this kind of glazing.

2. The tongue & groove cladding used on this playhouse is one the best available for playhouses rated by our experts.

3. A 34mm thick cladding like the one used on walls of this playhouse is one of the best rated by our experts.

Below is a brief overview of how some of the key points of this playhouse fairs across the market.


Amazing, our experts say most of the cladding options used are among the best.

The tongue & groove cladding(walls) used here is the best form of construction for playhouse walls out of the 2 types [4] we’ve identified on same-size playhouses, that you’ll also see getting used on 35% (61 of 175) of all playhouses analysed [5], as well as being used on 47% (8 of 17) of the top 10% of playhouses [6]. In fact this is the only 4′ x 3′ playhouse you’ll find that uses a tongue & groove wall [7].

The walls are 34mm thick and we rate this the best thickness out of the 3 found on same-size playhouses [8]. It is used on 2% of all playhouses [9] and after analysing the top 17 products that make up the top 10% of playhouses [10], we don’t find this thickness present on any of them. Further analysis shows us that out of all 4′ x 3′ playhouses this is the only one to use 34mm thick walls [11].

Read full analysis for cladding.


Styrene windows come installed on this playhouse. As a glazing option, we rate it one of the best glazing types and is also the only type found on 4′ x 3′ playhouses [12]. This particular type of glazing is used on 77% of all windowed playhouses and 100% of the top 10% of playhouses with windows we analysed. Even though the Expert Score of this particular playhouse is 4 points below the average of 81 for windowed 4′ x 3’s use styrene windows, with it being on 100% of the top 10%, you can be assured that this playhouse is using a quality glazing type. 100% of 4′ x 3′ playhouses with windows (2 in total) use styrene windows.

Read full analysis for window.


The Height of this playhouse is 1550mm (5′) which sits right on the average height of all 4′ x 3′ playhouses.

Read full analysis for height.

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Highest Expert Score – With an Expert Score of 85 vs 77 for this product, the 3’x4′ Tigercub Playden | Playhouse is the best 4′ x 3′ playhouse with comparable specifications, and is priced at £415, that’s £1,190 less than the 5 x 4 Wooden Playhouse.

High Wind Area – If you live in a particularly exposed or high wind area then having a playhouse with a thicker cladding and higher than average frame thickness can be preferable. We found at least 2 playhouses that have a combination of features that can make them more suited to higher wind areas.
3’x4′ Tigercub Playden | Playhouse
5 x 4 Wooden Playhouse

Public-Facing – Extra security measures might be more of a concern if you’re placing your building in an area that is more public-facing than a garden. Features such as security windows or even having no windows at all, and the ability to lock all opening doors are usually much more important when you have something that is more public-facing. We found at least 1 playhouses that have options that you might find a better fit if this is a concern you have.
3’x4′ Tigercub Playden | Playhouse

More Child Friendly – If you have children and you are looking for something that has that little extra in terms of durability then tougher glazing options might be a better option. Here we have at least 2 other options that will fill those needs.
3’x4′ Tigercub Playden | Playhouse
5 x 4 Wooden Playhouse

Product Details

Building Type
Playhouses, Small Wooden Playhouses, Wendy Houses, Wooden Playhouses
Metric Size (Meters)
4' x 3'
Number of Windows
Has Windows
Door Type
Single Door
Cladding Type
Tongue & Groove
Cladding Thickness
Treatment Type
Glazing Material
Eaves Height (Imperial)
Eaves Height (Metric)
Ridge Height (Imperial)
Ridge Height (Metric)
Door Width (Imperial)
Door Width (Metric)
Height (Imperial)
Height (Metric)
Ridge Height
1.55m (5' 1")
Door Width
0.65m (25.5")
Eaves Height
1.16m (3' 8")
1.55 m
149 cm
Base Size
1.49m x 1.19m + 0.30m canopy (4' 10" x 3' 10" + 1' Canopy)
single door with styrene safety glazing
Environmental Certification
Ce Certified
Complies with BS5665 EN71
Window Size (Metric)
nan x nan

Comparisons of Similar Sheds

Expert Score 5858585358
Price £2,995.00£2,995.00£1,742.99£2,281.50£2,808.00
Size 7' x 7'7' x 7'8' x 8'7' x 5'6' x 7'
Brand Country LivingCountry LivingTiger ShedsOakhamOakham
Material WoodenWoodenWoodenWoodenWooden
Cladding Thickness 12mm12mm14mm
Guarantee 10 Years10 Years
Joel Bird

Joel Bird


Our resident shed building expert Joel was the 2014 winner of Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year having beat over 10,000 applicants to win. He returned to the show the following year as a judge. He is also the author of The Book of Shed and has designed & built over 50 small bespoke garden builds. Joel has appeared on various TV or Radio shows include George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, Alan Titchmarsh Love your Garden, Chris Evans Breakfast Show and BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live.

Meet the experts


Merchants Checked

12 different sources were used to research information on this product, and 1 contained information that we were able to use to compile the data used on this page.

The following merchants were checked on the 06 August, 2022 to see if they stocked this product.

ManoMano UK – 922302 products checked, found 1 match.
Waltons – 231 products checked, found no matches.
Wickes – 19576 products checked, found no matches.
B&Q – 78905 products checked, found no matches. – 21232 products checked, found no matches.
Homebase – 35509 products checked, found no matches.
Buy Sheds Direct – 1635 products checked, found no matches. – 1999 products checked, found no matches.
BillyOh – 1244 products checked, found no matches.
Garden Buildings Direct – 1284 products checked, found no matches.
Shedstore – 1373 products checked, found no matches.
Tiger Sheds – 635 products checked, found no matches.

1. Untreated: Any wooden structure that is left untreated will have its lifespan dramatically shortened. This is especially the case with Douglas fir or European softwoods such as Whitewood (spruce) or Redwood (Pine), most garden buildings sold in the UK are made from such wood.

The Wood Protection Association says that “the risk of attack increases significantly if the moisture content of wood, for any reason, rises above 20%” they also talk about how more lower durability cuts of wood (known as sapwood) are getting used to build with than in years gone by. They also say that “sapwood on the other hand is a source of food for many species of fungi and insects and is always vulnerable to attack.” This risk is particularly prevalent with European softwoods.

The BS 8417 code of practice (this advises on the choice of timber species and the use and application of wood preservatives) and BS EN 350:2016 (this advises on methods for determining and classifying the durability of wood and wood-based materials against biological wood-destroying agents) says the natural durability class of such European softwoods is between 3 and 5. With class 3 listed as moderately durable, class 4 listed as slightly durable and class 5 listed as not durable. All three classes have a service life of less than 15 years in a frequently wet environment (such as a UK garden). Yet the application of a preservative treatment or modification of lower durability species is designed according to BS8605 part1 (this is the British standards specifications for external timber cladding) to extend service life to 15/30 years or more.

Having a wooden garden structure supplied as untreated is relatively rare. The vast majority of wooden buildings are supplied with some form of basic treatment, usually a short term water based dip treatment. If you buy an untreated wooden building/structure then we strongly advise that you treat it annually with a solvent-based wood treatment. For full penetration it requires 2-3 coats. It is also recommended that you treat the inside of the structure as well.

If you are wanting something that will require much less maintenance throughout the products life cycle then we would strongly suggest looking at something that is pressure treated also known as tanalised timber.

By correctly treating timber you can take a sub 15 year service life for a not very durable European softwood and extend its service life to 15/30 years or more according to the Timber Decking and Cladding Association

2. Styrene (Polystyrene (High Impact) HIPS): Styrene as it is commonly known or High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a very versatile form of plastic. It has a very wide range of uses but for garden buildings styrene is typically used as a budget option for windows.

Styrene is a shatter-resistant material, which is why it is ideal for situations where safety needs to be considered, such as playhouses. This benefit can be offset by a few other drawbacks, unfortunately styrene has a tendency to yellow over time (the technical term is Photoyellowing and it is caused by prolonged exposure to UV Light), the degradation of its polymers over time also causes it to become more brittle.

Another drawback of styrene is its thermal coefficient of expansion (it is 80 x 10-6), this is higher than most other glazing options. This means that as the material heats up and cools it can contract and expand more than other glazing options. This cycle can lead to a loose fit of windows over time.

According to data from the British Plastics Fedaration the physical properties of Styrene (Polystyrene (High Impact) are that it is not very good when exposed to high heat with a maximum continuous use temperature of between 60 to 80 °C. This is coupled with the fairly low range the Notched Impact Strength data shows of 10.0 – 20.0 Kj/m². 

3. FSC Certified Timber: The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that is “dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.” When you see the FSC certification it means the forest where this wood was sourced from is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. FSC-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards. FSC certified timber is comparable to Certified Timber

4. EN71 Certified: If something has an EN71 certificate then it means that the childrens toy meets with the British Standards Institution (BSI) implementation of the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, enacted in the UK as the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.

This explains how manufacturers should meet the requirements of the regulations, stating how toys should be manufactured and tested and the safety warnings they must carry. Areas the regulation focuses on are making sure toys cannot stab, trap, mangle or choke. Checking the fire safety of high-risk products such as play houses. Along with ensuring children aren’t at risk from elements such as lead, cadmium and mercury along with other potentially dangerous substances, such as solvents and preservatives. 

5. Cladding types identified: shiplap tongue & groove, tongue & groove 

6. Global cladding data sourced from: All tongue & groove playhouses 

7. Top cladding data sourced from: Top 17 tongue & groove playhouses 

8. 4′ x 3′ cladding data sourced from: 2 4′ x 3′ tongue & groove playhouses 

9. Cladding thickness types identified: 12mm, 34mm 

10. Global cladding thickness data sourced from: All 34mm playhouses 

11. Top cladding thickness data sourced from: Top 17 34mm playhouses 

12. 4′ x 3′ cladding thickness data sourced from: 1 4′ x 3′ 34mm playhouses 

13. Glazing material types identified: styrene 

Product ID: SKU: 37409

Size: 4' x 3'

Merchants Checked: 12

Available From: 1

Mano Mano
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