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Country Living Tuxford 10 x 8 Premium Traditional Summerhouse Painted + Installation – Aurora Green

First Added - February 27 2022
Last Updated - August 4 2022 - 11 Data Points Updated - 3 Data Points Added
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Product ID: SKU: 598267

Size: 10' x 8'

Merchants Checked: 12

Available From: 1

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Average Ranked in the Top 97% of Summer Houses.
Position 1146 of 1188 Summer Houses - Down 580 places from previous update.
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Construction quality
Ease of construction
Value for money

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Our experts have not yet done a full review of this product. Please check back soon for the full review, in the meantime here is what the manufacturer says.

Handmade in Nottinghamshire and exclusive to Country Living, Tuxford Premium Traditional Summerhouse 10 x 8 painted in the timeless Aurora, will blend charmingly into your garden to create the perfect oasis. We use a premium paint that offers exceptional durability and protects your garden building from the get go! Once delivered your garden building will be installed and finished to the highest standard by our expert fitters. Your garden building also benefits from our Paint Promise Guarantee, meaning your paint will last for 3 years with minor care and attention.The Tuxford is a spacious and stylish summerhouse that offers the perfect spot to sit back and relax during the summer months. Four large styrene glazed windows allow light to flood the interior and styrene glazed French doors open out onto the sheltered veranda, creating a light, airy and welcoming space to enjoy. The walls, roof and floor are constructed from premium tongue and groove cladding. Complete with thick wooden framing to support the cladding internally, this building offers a rigid and long-lasting structure ? for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Product Details

Building Type
Summer Houses, Summer Houses With Veranda, Wooden Summer Houses
Metric Size (Meters)
10' x 8'
Number of Windows
Cladding Type
Shiplap Tongue & Groove
Treatment Type
10 Years
Country Living
External Dimensions
2298mm x 2494mm x 3064mm
Internal Dimensions
2350mm x 2360mm
Industry Standards Certification
FSC Certified Timber
Additional Information
To comply with the 3 year paint promise, regular checks and maintenance is required. You will receive a small tin of paint for top ups when required. Country Living products require a suitable base ready for installation. We recommend a flat, level solid base such as concrete or slabs. We recommend a 2-foot clearance gap around all sides of the building for maintaining the upkeep of the timbers. Please note that this is a bespoke item, therefore once the building has been painted, we cannot accept a cancellation or a return of the order.
Additional Assembly Information
Our Country Living range is painted and installed by expert teams. Our supplier will be in touch once your order has been processed to arrange a date for delivery and installation.
Product Dimensions
10ft x 8ft
Assembly Options
Installation Service Included
Locking System
Lock and Key
Number Of Doors
Effects And Finish
Opaque Topcoat
Floor Material
Tongue & Groove
Base Included
Not Included
Glazing Material
Additional Delivery Information
Please note that prior to the delivery and installation of your building you must prepare a suitable base.
Roof Covering
Mineral Felt
Window Size (Metric)
nan x nan

Comparisons of Similar Sheds

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Material WoodenWoodenWoodenWoodenWooden
Cladding Thickness 12mm12mm12mm44mm44mm
Guarantee 10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years5 Years
Joel Bird

Joel Bird


Our resident shed building expert Joel was the 2014 winner of Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year having beat over 10,000 applicants to win. He returned to the show the following year as a judge. He is also the author of The Book of Shed and has designed & built over 50 small bespoke garden builds. Joel has appeared on various TV or Radio shows include George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, Alan Titchmarsh Love your Garden, Chris Evans Breakfast Show and BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live.

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Merchants Checked

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The following merchants were checked on the 06 August, 2022 to see if they stocked this product.

Homebase – 35509 products checked, found 1 match.
Waltons – 231 products checked, found no matches.
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B&Q – 78905 products checked, found no matches.
ManoMano UK – 922302 products checked, found no matches. – 21232 products checked, found no matches.
Buy Sheds Direct – 1635 products checked, found no matches. – 1999 products checked, found no matches.
BillyOh – 1244 products checked, found no matches.
Garden Buildings Direct – 1284 products checked, found no matches.
Shedstore – 1373 products checked, found no matches.
Tiger Sheds – 635 products checked, found no matches.

1. Untreated: Any wooden structure that is left untreated will have its lifespan dramatically shortened. This is especially the case with Douglas fir or European softwoods such as Whitewood (spruce) or Redwood (Pine), most garden buildings sold in the UK are made from such wood.

The Wood Protection Association says that “the risk of attack increases significantly if the moisture content of wood, for any reason, rises above 20%” they also talk about how more lower durability cuts of wood (known as sapwood) are getting used to build with than in years gone by. They also say that “sapwood on the other hand is a source of food for many species of fungi and insects and is always vulnerable to attack.” This risk is particularly prevalent with European softwoods.

The BS 8417 code of practice (this advises on the choice of timber species and the use and application of wood preservatives) and BS EN 350:2016 (this advises on methods for determining and classifying the durability of wood and wood-based materials against biological wood-destroying agents) says the natural durability class of such European softwoods is between 3 and 5. With class 3 listed as moderately durable, class 4 listed as slightly durable and class 5 listed as not durable. All three classes have a service life of less than 15 years in a frequently wet environment (such as a UK garden). Yet the application of a preservative treatment or modification of lower durability species is designed according to BS8605 part1 (this is the British standards specifications for external timber cladding) to extend service life to 15/30 years or more.

Having a wooden garden structure supplied as untreated is relatively rare. The vast majority of wooden buildings are supplied with some form of basic treatment, usually a short term water based dip treatment. If you buy an untreated wooden building/structure then we strongly advise that you treat it annually with a solvent-based wood treatment. For full penetration it requires 2-3 coats. It is also recommended that you treat the inside of the structure as well.

If you are wanting something that will require much less maintenance throughout the products life cycle then we would strongly suggest looking at something that is pressure treated also known as tanalised timber.

By correctly treating timber you can take a sub 15 year service life for a not very durable European softwood and extend its service life to 15/30 years or more according to the Timber Decking and Cladding Association

2. Styrene (Polystyrene (High Impact) HIPS): Styrene as it is commonly known or High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a very versatile form of plastic. It has a very wide range of uses but for garden buildings styrene is typically used as a budget option for windows.

Styrene is a shatter-resistant material, which is why it is ideal for situations where safety needs to be considered, such as playhouses. This benefit can be offset by a few other drawbacks, unfortunately styrene has a tendency to yellow over time (the technical term is Photoyellowing and it is caused by prolonged exposure to UV Light), the degradation of its polymers over time also causes it to become more brittle.

Another drawback of styrene is its thermal coefficient of expansion (it is 80 x 10-6), this is higher than most other glazing options. This means that as the material heats up and cools it can contract and expand more than other glazing options. This cycle can lead to a loose fit of windows over time.

According to data from the British Plastics Fedaration the physical properties of Styrene (Polystyrene (High Impact) are that it is not very good when exposed to high heat with a maximum continuous use temperature of between 60 to 80 °C. This is coupled with the fairly low range the Notched Impact Strength data shows of 10.0 – 20.0 Kj/m². 

3. FSC Certified Timber: The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that is “dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.” When you see the FSC certification it means the forest where this wood was sourced from is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. FSC-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards. FSC certified timber is comparable to Certified Timber

4. Cladding types identified: shiplap tongue & groove, tongue & groove, wood 

5. Global cladding data sourced from: All shiplap tongue & groove summer houses 

6. Top cladding data sourced from: Top 74 shiplap tongue & groove summer houses 

7. 10′ x 8′ cladding data sourced from: 127 10′ x 8′ shiplap tongue & groove summer houses 

8. Roof covering types identified: mineral felt, osb, polyester felt, sand felt 

9. Floor material types identified: tongue & groove 

10. Glazing material types identified: single glazed, styrene, toughened glass 

Product ID: SKU: 598267

Size: 10' x 8'

Merchants Checked: 12

Available From: 1

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