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The 5 Best PVC Greenhouses In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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If you want a compact and yet very practical all weather growing solution for plants and seedlings, then a polyethylene or PVC greenhouse can be the perfect solution. Very lightweight and easy to assemble, they are also very cost effective, and can make an excellent supplementary greenhouse to an existing model as well. That’s why WhatShed have created this handy guide that can help you find the polyethylene or PVC greenhouse that’s just right for you.

Here at WhatShed we review greenhouses of all kinds and in all sizes, so we know what makes a top quality PE or PVC greenhouse stand out from the crowd. We have also made sure that all the PVC greenhouses featured in our league table were easy to find by consumers, which is why we’ve only considered models which are sold by the UK’s ten leading online retailers in this field; between them they make up over 95% of the market.  more...

In a moment we’ll discuss the criteria we used to select the polyethylene and PVC greenhouses, but we were pleased to find five great examples to share with you. They were ranked according to many factors including price and value for money, build quality and practicality.

A high quality PVC greenhouse provides a lightweight and low cost alternative to larger and more rigid greenhouses that have polycarbonate or glass glazing. The same is true of polyethylene greenhouses, although the material can be even more flexible than PVC they offer the same advantages and also provide an affordable and yet effective all weather growing environment for plants and seedlings. That’s why we decided to consider both polyethylene and PVC greenhouses for this league table. Even so, some of the UK’s leading online retailers of garden buildings such as ShedStore and Garden Buildings Direct don’t currently stock this type of greenhouse, but we were glad to find five excellent models deserving of a place inside our guide.

Thanks to its spacious growing area, attractive looks, and strong durability, we had no hesitation in naming the Tildenet Sunbubble the very best PVC greenhouse that can be purchased online in the UK today. Whether you’re looking for greenhouses or summer houses, WhatShed’s independent reviews can help you make a perfect purchasing choice.


Tildenet Sunbubble PVC Greenhouse

This isn’t the cheapest PVC greenhouse, but it is the largest and most practical solution for those who want to grow and nurture anything other than a small selection of plants and seedlings. It’s also the most visually appealing of all the polyethylene and PVC greenhouses that we’ve reviewed, and it should look even better with plants growing inside of it. That can make it a garden feature in its own right, and it also adds value. That reason, combined with its solid durability and generous dimensions, ensures that it takes the top spot in our WhatShed league table.

This PVC greenhouse is large enough to bear comparison with traditional stand alone greenhouses, with its attractive octagonal design being built upon a base area of 2.80m square. With a height of 2.00m it’s should also be large enough to walk around in, which makes it unique among the PVC greenhouses that we’ve reviewed. Even so, we were impressed to find that it folds down and can then be carried in a 30cm bag supplied with it. The PVC covering is supported by fibreglass poles it’s lightweight and yet it should feel reassuringly strong once installed. We were also glad to see that it has eight windows that can be opened for easy ventilation purposes, which is another unique factor that takes this to the summit of our guide.


Garden Grow Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse

This is much more what we expect to see from a PVC greenhouse, and yet it still has enough positive features to gain it the runner up spot in our league table. It has a sentry box design that is both eye catching and practical, as it means that even though it offers a five foot by three foot growing area it doesn’t take up too much space on the garden or patio. We also liked the use of green meshed PVC as this helps it to stand out from many of its competitors at the same time as helping it to blend in with a typical garden background.

What we liked most about this PVC greenhouse is that it comes with five tiers of shelving as standard, meaning that you can move pots and seed trays in from the moment it’s been installed without further expense being necessary. This adds further value to what we feel is already a very generous asking price of less than sixty pounds. We were also pleased to see that it comes with guide ropes and fixing rings as standard, so that it can be securely fastened to the lawn. This is a useful addition for people who live in open and exposed areas that are often subject to strong winds.


Garden Grow 3x2 Polytunnel

What immediately struck us about this PVC greenhouse when we first saw it was its arched design, rather than the rectangular or apex roofed polyethylene and PVC greenhouses that we’ve become accustomed to. The next thing we noticed was its very accommodating dimensions. With a width of 1.27m, a depth of 1.90m and a height of 1.97m this is one of the largest plastic greenhouses that we’ve seen, making it perfect for people who want to expand their growing capacity, and yet don’t want to have to go to the expense of purchasing a full size greenhouse with either glass or polycarbonate glazing. With that in mind, we feel that the asking price of just under eighty pounds represents very good value for money, and it’s this that ensures it a place inside the top three of our league table.

One feature that we found particularly useful about this green coloured PVC greenhouse is that it has a simple push rod assembly system, meaning that you should be able to quickly fit it together without the need for any specialist tools. We were also pleased to see that it features eyelets around the perimeter of the plastic canopy, allowing it to be anchored into the ground if desired, although we would have liked to see the pegs included as standard as well.


SavingPlus Walk In Greenhouse PVC Plastic Garden Grow Green House with 6 or 8 Shelves UK (8 Shelves)

One of the great advantages of a polyethylene or PVC greenhouse is that they are portable and therefore very practical solutions, and this B&Q model is a prime example. Once again, we were struck by how accommodating the dimensions are once it’s assembled. It has a width of 1.20m and a depth of 1.95m, allied to a peak height of 1.80m. The roof is slightly pitched, meaning that you won’t have to worry about rainwater sitting on top of the polyethylene cover and eventually working its way in. Despite the generous size it’s still light enough to be carried around in its unassembled state, so this means that it could be perfect to use at a holiday home or caravan site.

As with every polyethylene or PVC greenhouse to feature in this top five league table, it should not only be easy to assemble but also to access. The zip up doorway rolls up and can then be fastened into place, and as it takes up the majority of the frontage of the building, there’s a wide entranceway that can come in particularly useful if you’re carrying wide trays of plants inside, or even using a wheelbarrow. We were also impressed at the inclusion of pegs and guy ropes, and with a strong yet light metal frame providing extra support, this should be sturdy and stable under normal conditions.


Garden Grow Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse

VegTrug are a name that’s become associated with high quality timber planters, so we were pleased to find that their PVC greenhouse also provided good quality at an affordable price. This is one of the more compact PVC greenhouses in our top five league table, with a base width of 0.69m, a base depth of 0.49m, and a height of 1.57m, but that makes it ideal for people who are growing plants on a small scale, or who don’t want to take up too much patio space on their greenhouse. This relatively small growing area has, however, been taken into account when determining its position within our guide, although we were impressed by the low asking price of less than forty pounds.

On this occasion the PVC greenhouse has a white mesh PVC cover rather than a green one, with a roll up doorway that can also be used for ventilation purposes, but the PVC detailing on the edges should still help it to blend into a garden environment. We were pleased to find that four shelves were included as standard, which isn’t something we would normally expect to see with such an affordable greenhouse, and these should also help to add strength and stability to the structure as a whole.

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