Shire Kingswood Log Cabin Large 20 x 18

Prices Around: £5039.99
Size: 20 x 18
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This rather grand looking log cabin will make a great showpiece in your garden.  It has very large proportions and it’s own porch and terrace so it’s almost like an additional house!  It is the ideal entertaining log cabin as there is plenty of space inside and outside. There are large double doors with glass panes and functional windows so there is plenty of light, air and ventilation.  It is constructed out of hard wearing and long lasting wooden timber and is a real beauty with its smart Apex style roof.  This building comes home delivered only.

What we rate

  • Full of Style
  • Large Space
  • Big window boxes

What we slate

  • Low Longevility
So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Ease of assembly
40% Complete
50% Complete
Quality of construction
60% Complete
Longevity of material
70% Complete
Storage size
80% Complete
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Prices around: £5039.99
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  • Jonathan Carter said...

    I started my own small internet business and work from home. It was going great when my son was too young to run around, but now that he’s getting older, it’s almost impossible to get any work done. I don’t want to get an office because I can’t work in an environment like that, and I also don’t want to leave my partner alone with our son. He suggested that a cabin down the garden would be an ideal setting, since it would be homely, and my family would be just a lawn away.

    The Shire Kingswood Log Cabin seemed a bit too large at first, and my partner usually goes overboard with these things so I was considering getting a smaller one. But I’m glad we got it because it’s absolutely brilliant. The large open area is great for productivity and there’s plenty of light and air in there to allow for a full day of work. It’s also great for when I need to meet clients in person. They are always impressed by the beautiful cabin.
    I have breakfast and lunch with my family and can see them whenever I want. I can walk up the garden path to go into my house so I can take a nap or a bath, and then head back down to the cabin where I can finish my work in peace. I’d say that getting a little cabin is a great idea for anyone looking to work from home; and this one is particular has proven itself to be a great addition to my house.


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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
Storage size

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