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The 10 Best Small Greenhouses In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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If you’re looking for a mini greenhouse for a smaller garden or balcony, you’re in the right place. WhatShed has put together the following league table to show you what’s on the UK market these days. Since there are loads of small greenhouses for sale online, you might find it difficult to navigate what’s available alone. Ultimately, we hope the information below will help you to choose the perfect cultivation space for your own needs and wants.

Small greenhouses come in all different styles and designs these days. Some models are traditional wooden greenhouse designs, whereas other structures make use of more discreet aluminium framework. In this league table you’ll find a good selection of each, as well as a lot of different glazing solutions used across the mini greenhouse market today. You’ll find models with modern polycarbonate, styrene, and toughened safety glass listed amongst our selections below.

The mini greenhouses on this league table all impressed us for different reasons. Of course, not everyone will agree on the best small greenhouse. It’s all a matter of personal preference. These are just our favourites to help you discover what’s available in terms of small greenhouses and to help you choose.

Do you still have questions on what greenhouse will best suit your needs? Check out our helpful buying guide to give you some ideas! View our Greenhouses guide

3' x 4' Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse With Auto Vent (0.9 x 1.2m)

This stylish wooden small greenhouse will surely bring a touch of class to your garden, and with a footprint of 3’ by 4’, it won’t be overly imposing. Its chunky 45mm square framework is pressure treated, which means the product comes with a 15-year guarantee with no need for additional treatments. The timber itself is all FSC certified and has been smooth-planed for a tidy finish. In terms of glazing, it features 2mm styrene windows, which are much safer than glass for those with pets or young children.

The building boasts classic good looks with its apex roof design, and vintage finials make the greenhouse visually appealing. It comes in a faded natural wooden colour. This is the result of the pressure treatment process that makes the product weather resistant without need for more maintenance. Being wooden, you can also paint it whatever colour you like.

Even for a small greenhouse, Forest have packed a lot of nice touches into the Victorian Walkaround. The walkaround layout and removable wooden shelves maximise the cultivation space. They also demand that the building has a total of four full-length, fully opening doors. The apex roof also has a window configuration that allows for exact tweaking of the temperature inside and the auto vent is great for emergency plant cooling on the occasional scorching hot day!

Why WhatShed loves this mini greenhouse

  • Stylish vintage looking product.
  • Walkaround design makes great use of the limited space.
  • Customisable. Shelving design makes interior customisable and owners can paint the wooden framework to their tastes.

6'5 x 2'4 Halls Green Wall Garden 26 Greenhouse (1.94 x 0.69m)

For those lacking a large garden, one of the best small greenhouses you can buy today on a budget is the Wall Garden by Halls. This 6’5 by 2’4 lean-to design stands almost 6’, making for a lot of growing space. However, it is worth pointing out that wire staging to maximise the effective space is sold as an optional extra.

The Wall Garden, as the name suggests, is designed to save space by standing next to a wall. This makes it perfect for smaller gardens or even cultivating plants on a balcony. If you can position it against a south facing wall, the heat retained during the day will radiate out from the bricks into the night. This will continue to keep an ambient temperature in your indoor garden as it drops outside.

The frame itself is aluminium. Suitably robust, it’s also powder-coated in a fetching green colour and comes with a 12-year guarantee. The Halls Wall Garden is glazed using 3mm horticultural glass on the entry level product. However, those with young children or pets should certainly choose the toughened glass upgrade.

In terms of ventilation and access, the building has one opening window on its pent roof and a sliding single door. The design is simplistic yet functional. Halls have maximised on overall cultivation space within the Wall Garden at a highly competitive price. This means that the product doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of some of the other small greenhouses on this list. For the money though, it’s very hard to beat!

Why WhatShed loves this mini greenhouse

  • Fantastic growing area for those with budget or space constraints.
  • Great price.
  • Attractive green powder finished aluminium frame.

6'x4' Halls Green Frame Polycarbonate Greenhouse (1.92x1.32m)

At 6’ by 4’ this practical yet attractive polycarbonate greenhouse is ideal for those that might not have the largest garden but still want to extend the growing season. Its blending of classic design choices and modern, premium materials make it a worthy inclusion on this league table.

The framework is robust, powder-coated aluminium. As well as the green standard version, it’s available without powder coating in the material’s natural colour. Halls uses 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate glazing throughout the product. The twin layer glazing is a much better insulator than single layer solutions, creating the perfect environment for plants year-round. Being UV-stabilised, they will also never discolour or fade – hence the product’s 15-year guarantee. This small greenhouse is also available with different glazing configurations at different prices.

Despite its use of modern materials, the design features a classic apex roof giving it a very traditional greenhouse look. It features a 2’ wide smooth-action sliding door for easy access. An opening roof vent also provides ventilation and an integrated guttering system actually waters your plants with rainwater – a time saving and environmentally-friendly touch!

Why WhatShed loves this small greenhouse

  • Integrated guttering means less time spent watering plants.
  • Polycarbonate glazing is safer around kids or animals.
  • Twin layer glazing extends the cultivation season.

8' x 6' Windsor Traditional Shiplap Wooden Apex Greenhouse Combi Shed (2.45m x 1.97m)

This shed greenhouse is a great product that really makes a lot of use out of a smaller garden. It’s actually two space rolled into a single apex roofed structure. The first of the two sections is a 6’ by 4’ wooden framed greenhouse. Behind this is a shed of the same dimensions.

Such a design brings a lot of benefits to the home horticulturist. The shed at the back can store all your grow mediums, pots, tools, and other essential items. This makes it so much easier to keep the greenhouse out front clean, whilst providing an additional covered area to work outside of the growing area itself.

All the timber used throughout is FSC-certified and comes dip-treated for initial protection from the elements. Customers should retreat as soon as possible after first construction. Dip treated models require annual applications of a suitable wood preservative. When the correct care routine is followed, customers benefit from a 10-year warranty with the Windsor Combi Shed.

The cladding on both the shed and bottom sections of the greenhouse is all 12mm tongue and groove on a 28mm square frame. It’s good to see such premium shed building techniques and materials used on a product that has such a different design from regular garden sheds.

The greenhouse section features 16 styrene windows and an opening roof vent. Access to the greenhouse is provided by a hinged door at the front of the building. Meanwhile, a second single door at the back of the growing area provides entry to the shed.

Why WhatShed loves this mini greenhouse

  • Fantastic multifunctional product.
  • Great quality shed and greenhouse build.

5'x2' Forest Cofton Wooden Small Wall Lean To Mini Greenhouse

We love a lean-to greenhouse design. Not only do they fit neatly into even smaller gardens but the property wall you build it next to will actually help to create a more ambient temperature within the growing space year-round.

This 4′ by 8′ Adley product impressed us with its tasteful wooden design that uses superior construction techniques throughout. All cladding on the lower sections and upper ends of the building is 12mm shiplap tongue and groove to create a weather resistant and visually pleasing finish.

All timber for the greenhouse is sourced sustainably from FSC-certified forests. The wood also comes dip treated for initial protection from the weather. However, customers should ensure to treat it with a suitable wood preserver soon after first construction. It’s then important to retreat the product every year. If properly cared for, the manufacturer guarantees against rot for 10 years.

The Adley Lean-To features a total of 12 windows, one of which opens for ventilation for your plants. These are all glazed using styrene safety glazing. Although an entry-level product, this is much safer than horticultural glazing often included with greenhouses as standard. Access is provided to the space via a single, hinged, half glazed door.

Why WhatShed loves this small greenhouse

  • Space saving lean-to design is highly practical for smaller gardens.
  • Great wooden construction techniques and materials used throughout.

6'x4' Forest Vale Victorian Wooden Greenhouse

With budget in the name, you might be forgiven for thinking this wooden greenhouse doesn’t offer the quality of our other selections. However, Adley (actually manufactured by Mercia garden products) has opted to deliver only the basics with this shiplap clad product but to deliver them very well. We’re confident your plants will thrive in this tasteful, practical growing space.

Very competitively priced, shiplap cladding boards form the lower portions of the build and the spaces under its eaves. This superior cladding technique provides exceptional insulative properties and will definitely help keep your plants warm when it’s cold out. The wood itself is dip treated and FSC-certified. Customers should be sure to follow the manufacturer’s aftercare advice. Doing so will guarantee the Adley Budget Shiplap for 10 years.

The greenhouse uses a total of 18 styrene safety panes throughout and has a fully-opening skylight vent. This entry level glazing solution is fully-UV protected, which shields your plants from some of the sun’s potentially harmful rays and makes the product resistant to discolouration over time. A single wooden door provides entry to the growing space.

Why WhatShed loves this mini greenhouse

  • Great price point for a quality wooden greenhouse.
  • Shiplap cladding used throughout.
  • Tasteful design. Doesn’t look like a “budget” product.

8'x8' Palram Glory Grey Walk In Polycarbonate Greenhouse (2.4x2.4m)

At 8’ square, this Palram polycarbonate greenhouse might not be what everyone considers a small greenhouse. However, thanks to its fantastic functional design, we thought it would be wrong not to include it on this league table.

The greenhouse’s framework is all rust-resistant, reinforced aluminium and providing the glazing is twin layer 10mm polycarbonate panels. These are practically unbreakable. They also create diffused light in the growing area, which is ideal for cultivating a range of plants through their whole lives. Helping to create the perfect year-round cultivation environment is a double ventilation system. An automatic skylight vent opens on particularly hot days and louvre window vent adds additional airflow. Gardeners can access the building using a single hinged door with an aluminium door handle.

Not only does the Palram Glory create an ideal space for your plants, its design means that it is very low maintenance. Unlike wooden greenhouses, there’s no need to add coats of treatment to aluminium structures every year, saving both time and money. The greenhouse comes with a long 10-year warranty too.

Although not exactly cheap, the Glory does have a few really bespoke touches that make it an exceptional product. Not only do the building materials and design choices create a perfectly insulated space that’s great for cultivating plants, additions like guttering to collect rainwater, the vent configuration, and the included galvanised steel base with anchoring system all indicate that this is a very high-quality product.

Why WhatShed loves this small greenhouse

  • Highly functional. Twin-walled polycarbonate panels make for an insulated interior space.
  • Bespoke touches included.
  • Maintenance free.

Walton’s Octagonal Wooden Greenhouse

This visually striking wooden greenhouse has been designed by Walton’s to provide a wide range of plants the ideal living environment. The octagonal space allows light to enter from many different angles, whilst not taking up too much of a garden. Although it’s technically 8’ by 6’, the shape of the building makes it less imposing than a rectangular structure would be.

The greenhouse is constructed using a sturdy 2” by 1” framework and filling in the spaces is substantial 12mm tongue and groove cladding. This creates a strong, weather resistant building that will be entirely draught free.

Each of the eight walls features a large styrene glazed window and its hip roof design is also glazed using the same material. Unfortunately, none of the windows open meaning that ventilation must come from the spacious double doors.

The Walton’s Octagonal Wooden Greenhouse has shelving for different arrangement of plants or space to store smaller tools.

Why WhatShed loves this small greenhouse

  • Striking visually.
  • Quality materials and construction techniques used throughout.

Walton’s Evesham Wooden Greenhouse

This 6’ by 4’ greenhouse combines great quality construction methods with classic good looks to create a pleasing yet affordable structure. The building itself is constructed out of FSC-certified wood. This timber forms the tongue and groove cladding, which provides a very effective barrier against the elements.

Glazing the upper section of the greenhouse is 2.5mm styrene safety glazing. Already designed for peace of mind, this product is even thicker than most of the styrene we commonly see on entry level structures.

The Walton’s Evesham is a classic apex roof design which is fully glazed, as are the upper two thirds of each wall. Not only does this give it a classic look but also means that taller plants have lots of room at the top of the greenhouse. Access is provided via a single half-boarded door. Meanwhile, an opening roof vent creates adequate airflow.

Why WhatShed loves this small greenhouse

  • Simple, effective, affordable design.
  • Great quality construction methods and materials used throughout.

6'x4' Palram Harmony Small Green Polycarbonate Greenhouse (1.8x1.2m)

This polycarbonate greenhouse measures 6’ by 6’ and features crystal clear panels that allows for an impressive 90 percent light penetration. Although not quite as much as glass, the material is much safer and also provides some UV protection to your plants.

The greenhouse itself is constructed using a green powder coated aluminium frame. This not only makes it a tasteful addition to gardens but also a very low maintenance product. You won’t have to retreat it annually as you would with some of the wooden green houses on this list and there isn’t the same unsightly overlap as there were with traditional glass/aluminium products.

Ventilation and access to the Harmony are provided by an opening roof vent and single but wide door. Also included is a sturdy galvanised steel base. This provides the ideal foundation for the structure. Finally, we should point out that the manufacturer has made this greenhouse to be very easy to assemble. This is another strong selling point for the product.

Why WhatShed loves this small greenhouse

  • Modern materials with a classic style.
  • Maintenance free.
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