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Here at WhatSheds we’ve made it our mission to help the shed-and-cabin-buying public arrive at their dream garden building. We’re all too familiar with the struggle of navigating this often-confusing market and we’re happy to share our expertise with would-be cabin owners.

Our reviews have been formed from years of experience in and around the garden building industry, complemented by extensive site visits to leading manufacturers. That’s exactly what’s gone into this review of The Gamma 44mm log cabin by TigerSheds. If you want a quick overview we have also done a summary of what we think is the best Tiger Sheds log cabin.  Also worth reading is the tiger sheds reviews round up where we took a deep dive into the retailer to find out what people really think of them.

Unfortunately, TigerSheds doesn’t have its entire range up to view at all times. However, it does showcase a decent number of each of its ranges. As part of the 44mm range, we saw The Shere, The Procas, and The Rho. These models share identical building techniques to The Gamma. It is only stylistic choices that vary.

First impressions of The Gamma from 3D renderings of the building are that it offers a basic, functional design, in a practical rectangular shape. This makes it ideal for those wanting a cabin to fit in a narrower garden. Although it lacks some of the bells and whistles as the likes of The Amur or The Lakra, it is finished to exactly the same high standard and the company’s bespoke joinery is on display, even in the 3D renderings.

We were particularly impressed by the frankly massive doors and windows on the model. The windows are almost the full height of the walls! The Gamma would, therefore, make a fantastic summerhouse.

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Let’s dig a little deeper to see if the rest of the cabin matches up to these strong first impressions.

What we rate

  • Versatile cabin ideal for narrow gardens.
  • Endless customisation options.
  • Stunning joiner-quality finish.
  • TigerSheds owns its own mill.

What we slate

  • Sales module doesn’t include all customisation options.
  • Pricey installation.
  • No treatment as standard.
How We Rate It
90% Complete
90% Complete
85% Complete
70% Complete
80% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...


The Gamma comes in a huge number of listed sizes. You can find details of these in the table below. However, for a cost, the company will create the cabin in a size of your choosing.

20’x16′ 5950×4750

All the 44mm log cabins have been designed with as spacious a roof possible. The Gamma’s uses a reverse apex design to create maximum headroom without being too tall. Well aware that some local authorities demand that garden buildings be less than 2.5m tall when positioned within 2m of a house, TigerSheds offers to reduce the height of The Gamma’s 2726mm roof free of charge.

The Gamma makes a pretty good candidate to drop the roof on too. Since it’s reverse apex in design, its highest point isn’t that much higher than the walls unlike some of TigerSheds’s classic apex designs. This means the roof can be lowered without compromising the overall headroom in the cabin too much.

Unfortunately, there is a rather unsightly beam that extends along the inside of the cabin. Whilst clearly necessary for the building’s structural integrity, it does impact on how spacious the cabin feels inside. A minor quibble, perhaps, but not all TigerSheds’s 44mm cabins have such an intrusive central beam.


Construction Material

The Gamma by TigerSheds is constructed using a species of slow-growing European softwood. We were pleased to see the manufacturer proudly display this detail. We’ve often found that those manufacturers that do not promote the specific type of wood used in their constructions will tend to rely on inferior building materials as standard.

It is concerningly common to see cabins carrying premium price tags that are built using Baltic white wood, or another such fast-growing timber. These varieties tend to be more prone to splitting and warping than that used by TigerSheds, making the overall constructions by the Leeds-based manufacturer much more robust than those offered by many competitors.

Such construction choices really give us the impression that TigerSheds builds its products to last and the European redwood used also has a more pleasing natural finish. The resulting cabins have fewer knots and are much smoother to the touch.

One thing that really impressed us about the TigerSheds service is the fact that the company owns a mill in Yorkshire. This means that none of the wood used in The Gamma, or the rest of the 44mm range, is imported. Those manufacturers that rely on third-party wood cutting services struggle to provide the same guarantee of quality. This is because pieces of the building can be sat at the side of a dock or in a warehouse waiting to be bought. During this time, damp can seep in and damage the wood before you’ve even got the thing home! Fortunately, TigerSheds cuts its wood to order. As you’ll soon discover, this has numerous advantages.



TigerSheds encourages its customers to treat their new garden building as soon as possible with a spirit-based wood treatment. Certainly, the job needs completing within 14 days of the cabin’s erection.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer treatments as part of the listed price. We found this a little bit tight-fisted – particularly given that the customer will have just spent thousands of pounds with the company! The products only cost an extra 15 or 20 quid. We were actually a little surprised to learn that TigerSheds does not include this necessary addition to its product line within the asking price.

Quibbles about paying extra for treatment aside, the firm does offer two different products that customers can add to their cabin package. The first is called TigerCare and is the manufacturer’s own brand. These five litre containers come in a total of four shades – Clear, Red Cedar, Mahogany, and Dark Oak.

Meanwhile, the second treatment product carried by Tigersheds is by Cuprinol. The colours offered by this manufacturer are: Seagrass, Pale Jasmine, Forget-me-not, Summer Damson, Olde English Oak, and Black Ash. For those wanting to inject a bit more style into their cabin, we recommend this slightly more expensive product.



We were pleased to learn that the walls of The Gamma feature the same solid-as-a-rock construction as the rest of the 44mm range. Whilst we couldn’t actually see the model we’re reviewing today when we visited the showroom in Leeds recently, we were able to view The Shere, The Rho, and The Procas, which have all been built to the same spec.

The 44mm, chamfered, interlocking logs are connected using a double tongue and groove joining system. This really impressed us. These extra thick timbers mean far greater heat-retention, security, and protection for the cabin’s dwellers.

This double tongue and groove system also highlighted the firm’s commitment to the highest quality to us. Some manufacturers might try to cut corners by using a single tongue and groove or even square cut notch joint. This is another example of where an inferior design choice will result in a cabin that simply cannot compare to TigerSheds’s products in terms of longevity. Once damp seeps into those sloppy joints, the cabin is in real structural peril.

To give the walls a suitably attractive finish, TigerSheds four-way chamfer each of their logs. This creates a real quality feel to The Gamma and other log cabins in the 44mm range. It also serves as signal to us that TigerSheds is prepared to go over and above the minimum that they could probably get away with to impress customers.


The roof is another hugely important element of any log cabin and we were pleased to learn that TigerSheds’s commitment to providing the highest quality extends here too. The roof itself is supported by a framework of 44x120mm purlins. These provide a base for the tongue-and-groove-connected, 19mm planed roof boards. The firm also rebates these purlins to create a roof with no visible gaps.

Some competitors showcase their commitment to cost-cutting with the quality of the roof construction they use. Many will not use such a robust building method as tongue and groove and may opt for shiplap or similar methods for fixing roofing boards. Alternatively, thinner wood or inferior purlins might be included. Again, the savings made here will only end up costing the customer a few years (or more) of enjoyment from their finished cabin.

In terms of a covering, TigerSheds’s 44mm range comes with green mineral felt as standard. We’ve had hands on experience with the product and were highly impressed with its durability and understated but attractive appearance. We were also pleased to see the company include such a high-quality covering as standard. Again, we have seen some manufacturers opt for an inferior roof covering for the listed price or even omit to include a covering at all! This is not the case with TigerSheds and the customer is guaranteed a quality product even without upgrade.

Just because TigerSheds has made their cabins more than adequate right out of the box doesn’t mean they cannot be upgraded. The company stocks shingles in a range of four colours (red, green, brown, and black) that can be added to The Gamma for both improved functionality and style. The product carried by TigerSheds features an exceptionally high bitumen rate and they’re actually the same type of shingles used on houses.

In addition to the inclusion of shingles, guttering can also be added to the building for a cost. This comes in black and is pre-attached to boarding that simply screws into a panel at the top of the walls. We particularly liked how Tigersheds has made the cabin itself and all the optional upgrades possible so easy to install. This means that the average customer can erect and customise the cabin themselves, without opting for the professional installation.

Floor and Bearers

The floor in The Gamma 44mm log cabin is no less impressive than either the walls or roof. It is constructed atop a tantalised (pressure treated) frame of bearers. These timbers are a substantial at 44x57mm each and sit spaced at 400mm centres – the same as you’d find in most houses. This framework provides the support for heavy-duty 19mm planed floor boards. As with other aspects of the cabin, these floorboards are joined using a tongue and groove system.

All told, we were blown away by the quality of the floor construction. A cabin’s floor can be overlooked by some manufacturers, but it is certainly one of the most important elements of a finished garden building. Although weren’t able to look around The Gamma itself, we did inspect the floors of the models we could view when we visited the TigerSheds showroom in Yorkshire. The quality of the floors on display were exceptional. We even had a jump around in The Shere and were surprised and impressed that the floor simply didn’t budge!

Windows and Doors

One area that TigerSheds really shines in is its doors and windows. The firm employs a full team of trained joiners and it is perhaps on this aspect of the building that this is most evident.

The Gamma log cabin features full pane windows and doors as standard. These beautiful, modern, full-length-glazed fittings really allow for the maximum light to enter the cabin and their inclusion makes The Gamma well-suited for use as a summer house. Since the panes used are extra-large as standard, TigerSheds throws in its toughened 4mm glass for free.

An upgrade to double glazing can also be included for a price. This offers superior protection from the elements as well as heightened security. The fittings feature two of the 4mm panes with a 6mm airgap.

Those who feel like adding a touch of extra style to The Gamma can opt for one of the following upgrades to their cabin’s doors and windows:

  • Euro style – half-pane, modern, and elegant.
  • Georgian – a touch of the traditional.
  • PVC – the height of security, class, and comfort (double glazed as standard).
  • Fully boarded – a rugged workshop style fitting.

Each of these high-quality glazing options has been silicone-treated, fully draft-sealed, and is both internally and externally beaded. The windows and doors are then rebated into a frame – just like those found on houses.

Some of TigerSheds’s competitors choose to hang doors and windows externally, which makes them such more susceptible to warping and twisting than their rebated counterparts. Others will use cheaper, narrower doors that are difficult to access or are not draft sealed. The resulting cabins may be cheaper to construct than The Gamma, but they cannot offer the same level of security or comfort as those using TigerSheds’s superior building methods.

In terms of security, The Gamma is not only fitted with top and bottom bolt locks for its ultra-wide double doors but also a heavy-duty, three-lever mortice lock as standard. This is an impressive choice and once again the use of quality components as standard sets The Gamma apart from the offerings of those manufacturers providing doors with cheaper cylinder locks.

Optional Extras

Thanks to TigerSheds owning its own mill, there are loads of customisation options that are possible with The Gamma that have not been mentioned thus far in the review. Partition walls, as well as extra windows and doors can be included at a price. Additionally, the window and door placements on the standard model can be moved. You won’t find these options on the sales module, however. Customers wanting such radical adjustments to the standard 44mm range’s designs should contact the team directly.

One thing that irks us a little with TigerSheds’s website is the fact that some of the options are difficult (or even impossible) to find on the sales module. For example, when browsing at The Gamma, we couldn’t see the option to change the window and door fittings. We had this problem when reviewing one of the other 44mm range and a sales representative  from the company told us that it was in fact the website that was wrong.

In addition to all the upgrades mentioned so far, flower beds, planters and decking can also be included for an additional price. These use a similar construction methods to the walls and floor of The Gamma itself so offer the same high-quality look and feel.

Delivery and Installation

We just loved that TigerSheds offers to deliver its cabins themselves as part of the asking price. This isn’t always the case with every manufacturer.

What really stood out about the delivery service is the professionalism with which TigerSheds performs it. The firm allows customers to select a two-hour slot of from available dates and times and performs the job using one of its own 18-ton HIAB trucks with a built-in crane. This substantially reduces the risk of damage caused to components in transit or delivery. We’ve seen some customers complain of such damages where competitors have chosen to unload deliveries by hand.

Installation is not included in the price. However, for most customers, this won’t matter. The construction has been made as simple as possible even for those not hugely experienced with home improvement.

TigerSheds’s installation service is rather costly but for those suffering mobility issues or leading the busiest of lifestyles, it might be necessary to fork out for it. Since TigerSheds delivers and installs its cabins with its own staff, there is also a certain amount of peace-of-mind that can be found knowing that the manufacturer took responsibility for the entire job, leaving you with a beautifully finished, professionally installed garden building.


To conclude, The Gamma is an exceptionally built garden building that will surely delight its owners for many years to come. The use of high-quality construction materials and often-superior-to-the-competition techniques in the entire 44mm range really impressed us and this offering is no exception.

We think The Gamma will suit those looking for a practical outdoor building with a single, large usable space inside. We loved that it comes with toughened, full pane windows and think that it would also serve those looking for a summer house well. Finally, the building’s rectangular shape makes it ideal for those wanting to position The Gamma in a narrower garden.

If you’re in the market for a bespoke and finely-crafted yet hugely usable cabin that will provide joy well into the future, The Gamma by Tigersheds might just be perfect for you.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
90% Complete
This is high quality all the way through.
90% Complete
As long as you treat the cabin on an annual basis and do not abuse it then we feel that you could actually get a life time of use from this building.
85% Complete
Without forcing you to make bad compromises but giving you just the right amount of options to customise.
70% Complete
This is a two person job, but as long as you can both tell the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver, you will be fine.
80% Complete
This is one of the best value log cabins we have seen.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: Final Thoughts: We love the smooth design and are sure you will too when it is standing with pride in your garden. The quality of materials they have used all the way through the building along with the frame makes for one very solid and long lasting log cabin. If you want a log cabin that looks good and is very strong, then you will struggle to beat this one.

Prices around: £3139 to £4899
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