The Omega 44mm Log Cabin Review

Prices Around: £7199
Size: 30'x18'
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Unfortunately, that buying a great log cabin for a fantastic price is rather easier said than done. Garden buildings are offered by a dizzying number of manufacturers, which use an array of building techniques resulting in varying levels of quality. On the face of it, two cabins can look very much alike but beneath the surface one might offer a much sturdier and overall better construction.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ve scoured the market and built a series of reviews, just like this one, based on years of experience and trips to real showrooms up and down the country. Today, we’re looking at a beast of cabin – The Omega by TigerSheds. If you want a quick overview we have also done a summary of what we think is the best Tiger Sheds log cabin.  Also worth reading is the tiger sheds reviews round up where we took a deep dive into the retailer to find out what people really think of them.

Omega by name, mega by nature! What stands out most about this cabin is its sheer size. The interior space is big enough for a serious function – maybe even a small wedding! The building stands at over three meters tall and a lot of folks will probably struggle to fit in the average garden to be honest! Its roof is a classic apex shape, giving a real classic feel to the structure and this design choice certainly adds to the grandiose appeal of The Omega. It also has a stylish and functional overhang, which can provide limited shelter from a light summer shower and helps to protect the walls themselves.

We recently visited the TigerSheds showroom over in Yorkshire. Unfortunately, during our visit, we were not able to actually see the Omega itself. However, we did inspect The Shere, The Procas, and The Rho – all of which feature identical building techniques and materials as the cabin we’re looking at today. We therefore have first hand experience to talk about those used in The Omega, as we’ll be doing below.

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What we rate

  • Impressively enormous.
  • Many upgrades available but entry-level cabin is more than adequate.
  • TigerSheds owns its own sawmill.

What we slate

  • No treatment included for the premium price point.
  • Expensive installation.
  • May fall foul of planning regulations.
How We Rate It
90% Complete
90% Complete
70% Complete
60% Complete
80% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...


As standard, The Omega from TigerSheds is available in just one size – 30×18’ (9150x5350mm). However, additional dimensions can be requested by the customer. This is one of the many perks of the company owning its own sawmill.

All the 44mm log cabins have been designed with as spacious a roof possible and The Omega is no exception. It stands above three metres tall, providing ample headroom and storage space.

However, some planning offices state that when a cabin is positioned less than 2m away from a home, it must be below 2.5m tall. Although TigerSheds does offer to reduce the height of any of its garden buildings for free, this isn’t really a practical solution for The Omega. Thanks to its full apex roof, to lower the height by enough to be compliant, the building’s walls would each have to be reduced too. Taking a full half a metre off each of them is certainly going to result in a claustrophobic cabin. Customers living in areas subject to these regulations but that still want one of TigerSheds’s bespoke cabins should consider a building with a reverse apex roof, such as The Amur, or a pent roof, such as The Rho.


Construction Material

The Omega by TigerSheds is constructed using slow-grown European redwood. This serves as an excellent material for creating such gorgeous garden buildings since it is much less prone to warping or splitting than the inferior varieties often used by competitors to save a bit of money.

We’ve found that when a manufacturer omits to mention the species of wood used to construct their cabins in their sales literature, it often means that a fast-growing Baltic white or similarly ill-suited material is used. Whilst the use of such materials certainly ensures larger profit margins for these manufacturers, the quality of the end cabin will be much lower than The Omega and similar buildings made using redwood and other more durable materials.

TigerSheds cuts all its materials to order. This sets the company apart from those manufacturers that do not own their own sawmills for a few reasons. Firstly, timber is much less likely to arrive warped since it is not left waiting in a warehouse or on the side of a dock for someone to buy it. Additionally, the level of flexibility that the firm extends to customers would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve without cutting wood to order.


The Omega 44mm must be coated with a spirit-based treatment within 14 days of the building’s construction. Realistically, the sooner you do this the better though.

Unfortunately, TigerSheds does not provide an appropriate treatment within the asking price of The Omega. We thought this was a little bit miserly of the company – particularly given the total price of its cabins. When spending a few thousand pounds with a firm, it’s common courtesy to chuck in little extras like a suitable treatment for free isn’t it?

That said, TigerSheds does offer a choice of two different products that can be added to its log cabins for an additional fee. The first is TigerCare – the firm’s own brand – available in Clear, Mahogany, Red Cedar, and Dark Oak.

A second treatment product is available in some slightly jazzier colours too. Cuprinol’s Garden Shades might be a little pricier than TigerCare but we definitely recommend it to those wanting to really personalise their cabin. The colours stocked are Seagrass, Pale Jasmine, Forget-me-not, Summer Damson, Olde English Oak, and Black Ash.



A building as grandiose as The Omega needs equally impressive walls and we were pleased to see that TigerSheds delivers here and some. The construction methods used for the structure’s walls are far above and beyond what some manufacturers would consider acceptable.

The building’s 44mm interlocking logs sit snugly together thanks to a double tongue and groove joining system. Like many of the design choices of The Omega, a construction demonstrates the firm’s knowledge of garden buildings and their typical areas of weakness. Some competitors have been known to build their walls with a simple single tongue and groove system. Others still will use a square cut notch-joint. Needless to say, such cabins cannot match The Omega in terms of either its weather-resistance or protection from intrusion.

The walls aren’t just practical on The Omega, however. They also look the part too. Thanks to the use of European redwood, the overall finish has fewer knots and is smoother to the touch than those cabins made by cost-cutting manufacturers.


Another standout feature of The Omega is certainly the structure’s roof. The cabin’s weather-resistant, gapless roof is in part thanks to the quality of the framework it’s built upon. Purlins supporting the roof are constructed using 44x120mm timbers. We loved that TigerSheds’s skilled team of professionals opt to rebate the purlins and this touch helps to ensure a roof that will withstand the elements for many years to come.

Sitting atop this sturdy framework of purlins is 19mm, planed tongue and groove boarding. Again, some manufacturers might have saved themselves a few quid by opting for an inferior construction method here. Shiplap or similar techniques are common in the garden building trade. Whilst they’re certainly cheaper than the tongue and groove used all over The Omega, in our experience, they simply cannot offer the same in terms of weather resistance.

Covering this boarding is heavy-duty green mineral felt as standard. Despite being the entry-level option for The Omega, this covering really impressed us on our site view in Leeds. We were blown away by the manufacturer’s decision to include such a tough yet attractive felt covering within the standard cabin’s asking price. Once again, such a design choice makes TigerSheds stand out in the industry. When you consider that some competitors will neglect to include any covering at all, you can see why we’re so impressed!

Although the entry-level roof covering will protect your cabin more than adequately enough all year round, TigerSheds does offer an upgrade to shingles for an additional cost. Not only do the specific products carried by TigerSheds feature an exceptionally high bitumen rating, they can also be used to add some extra style to your finished cabin since they are available in four different colours – black, red, green, and brown.

Further customisation can be achieved with the inclusion of guttering for an additional cost. This comes in black and can be simply screwed or nailed on to either side of The Omega’s vast apex roof.

We did have one minor quibble about The Omega’s roof, which is consistent with a few of TigerSheds’s other large cabins. Unfortunately, due to the sheer size and weight of the roof itself, TigerSheds felt it necessary to include two rather intrusive supports that extend quite a way into the interior space of the cabin. Although clearly necessary and certainly inspiring confidence in the structure’s integrity, they do detract from the overall usability and “wow-factor” of the inside of The Omega.

Floor and Bearers

Although we couldn’t inspect the actual Omega in Leeds, we have spent considerable time looking at floors in other 44mm cabins that use identical building techniques and materials. We were highly impressed by the quality observed in The Shere, The Procas, and The Rho cabins. Even when walking with a much heavier step than we ever would normally, the floors don’t budge an inch.

We felt such rigidity to be consistent with the meticulous attention to detail observed in TigerSheds’s other offerings. The floor itself is built on top of 44x57mm tanalised (pressure treated) bearers. Spaced at 400mm centres, these are much like those used in the building of an actual house.

We were pleased to see that the commitment to quality does not stop there. The floorboards are all 19mm and joined together once again using a simple yet effective tongue and groove system that provides an exceptionally snug fit and therefore excellent resistance to the elements.

These design features really make the cabins created by TigerSheds stand out to us. It’s common to see manufacturers neglect to treat bearers or even use a much thinner board in their entry-level cabins. Although most will offer to upgrade such inferior features, they won’t do so for free. We therefore find the no-nonsense pricing of TigerSheds to be a big selling point of the company. They make no effort to lure customers in by offering an exceptionally low price for a cabin that ultimately needs a structural overhaul to bring it up to the entry-level standard of the Leeds-based shed firm.

Windows and Doors

An area that TigerSheds really stands out to us is when it comes to its windows and doors. The Omega’s standard fittings are from the firm’s classic and rustic looking Georgian range – these features give the structure a real homely and traditional vibe. We were impressed by the quality of the range’s entry-level windows. However, as with most aspects of The Omega, upgrades can be included in the package for an additional fee. Those available for the model are detailed below:

  • Euro – Stylish and contemporary for cabin owners striving for a modern look.
  • Full pane – Complete with toughened 4mm glass as standard and let in loads of light.
  • Fully boarded – A workshop style fitting that is practical and hardwearing.
  • PVC – The ultimate in both security and heat-retention. TigerSheds’s PVC windows and doors have double glazing as standard.

Whichever style you opt for, you can be sure that your windows and doors will be finished to an exceptional standard thanks to TigerSheds’s skilled team of craftspeople. It is perhaps when it comes to windows and doors that the company’s joiners get most chance to shine and additional touches such as the tasteful architraves demonstrated the firm’s commitment to quality exquisitely on our site visit to TigerSheds.

The windows and doors available for The Omega all use high-quality glazing, are silicone treated, fully draft-sealed, and both internally and externally beaded. These are then rebated into their frames just as they would be during the construction of an actual house.

The glass used by TigerSheds is the firm’s 3mm glazing as standard, a toughened 4mm glazing, or double glazing (two panes of toughened glass with a 6mm airgap) can also be included for a fee. Whilst each upgrade provides a higher level of security and heat-retention than the glazing often used by some competitors, they are not strictly necessary, and a cabin equipped with the entry-level glass will still provide ample comfort when compared with the thinner or even non-glass products stocked by other manufacturers.

To be honest, we’ve seen some of TigerSheds’s competitors cut corners and save some money on windows and doors in all kinds of ways. Some will use cheap pin hinges or hang doors externally. The risk of an undesirable ripping a door or window off with a crowbar to obtain access is substantially increased when such cost-cutting construction methods are favoured.

When it comes to security, the vast double doors of The Omega lock using a robust three-lever mortice lock. To ensure even greater piece-of-mind, each is fitted with both a top and bottom bolt lock too. Compare this to the European-style cylinder locks sometimes used by competitors. The difference in terms of security is night and day.

Although we were highly impressed by TigerSheds’s entry-level security features, customers can make the structure even more difficult to break into by upgrading to a five-lever mortice lock, or including an alarm system, security light, or both.

Optional Extras

One of our favourite things about TigerSheds is just how customisable their products are, and The Omega is no exception. As we’ve demonstrated already, there are loads of options available for customers to put their own stamp on all the firm’s 44mm cabins and there are some that we’ve not got around to talking about yet.

Firstly, a range of planters, flowerbeds, and decking is available for The Omega. These are each built using the same rock-solid techniques as the rest of the structure and can really brighten up the outside of the cabin.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about TigerSheds’s customisation options is the fact that the designs themselves can be modified. Don’t like a window placement? Want another door? Maybe you fancy putting a partition up. None of this is a problem thanks to the firm owning its own sawmill. Customers are advised to contact TigerSheds directly to discuss such drastic alterations, however.

Whilst the frankly vast customisation options certainly put TigerSheds in a class above many of its peers, we did have a minor issue with the company’s sales module that is worthy of note. Unfortunately, many of the options available in the firm’s brochure are not listed on the website. At first, we thought that the features (such as window and door upgrades) were not available for The Omega. This prompted us to contact the manufacturer. They informed us that it was the sales module that was at fault and that all the options listed in this review are indeed available.

Delivery and Installation

TigerSheds provides a full professional delivery service for all its 44mm cabins. We were highly impressed to learn that this is all part of the standard asking price. Not only is delivery included, we were pleased to see that it was anything that the after thought it often is for other manufacturers. With TigerSheds, all of the 44mm range is delivered on an 18-ton HIAB truck with a built-in crane.

Installation can also be included. It’s rather expensive but for some customers it will be the only viable option.


As you can see The Omega by TigerSheds really is a grand building. Its epic scale, classic good looks and the quality of the workmanship throughout makes it a strong choice for those would-be cabin buyers that are looking for something to entertain larger groups of people.

It’s not just impressive to look at though. The Omega uses the same rigid construction methods as the entire 44mm range and we’re confident that it will provide its owners with joy for many years to come. Small touches like the architrave on both the inside and outside of windows, the chamfering of logs, and the double tongue and groove joining system for walls makes this cabin a real quality building and demonstrates TigerSheds’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

We did have a few minor quibbles about The Omega, however. We found the omission of a spirit-based cleaner to be a little on the stingy side and the cost of installation to be a little bit on the pricey side. However, these do little to detract from the overall appeal of The Omega. It’s a great building and comes highly recommended by us here at WhatShed.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
90% Complete
This is high quality all the way through.
90% Complete
As long as you treat the cabin on an annual basis and do not abuse it then we feel that you could actually get a life time of use from this building.
70% Complete
Without forcing you to make bad compromises but giving you just the right amount of options to customise.
60% Complete
This is a two or three person job, but as long as you can both tell the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver, you will be fine.
80% Complete
This is one of the best value log cabins we have seen.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: Final Thoughts: We love the smooth design and are sure you will too when it is standing with pride in your garden. The quality of materials they have used all the way through the building along with the frame makes for one very solid and long lasting log cabin. If you want a log cabin that looks good and is very strong, then you will struggle to beat this one.

Prices around: £7199
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