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Tiger Sheds Log Cabin

The 10 Best Tiger Sheds Log Cabins

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

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Tiger Sheds is without doubt one the best rated companies here at WhatShed, you can find out why by reading our tiger sheds reviews round up, where we took a deep dive into the retailer to find out what people really think of them. If you decide you want to buy one then its always worth checking out our tiger sheds discount code page to see what the latest offers are. 

The Yorkshire firm consistently delivers fantastic log cabins, all with spectacular attention to detail throughout. 

The Tiger Sheds log cabin range comes in three different thicknesses – 44mm, 28mm, 19mm. Although the firm’s 44mm offerings provide much better long-term value, the thinner timbered products should not be overlooked. Those with smaller gardens or tighter budgets will certainly find a lot to love amongst Tiger Sheds’s 28mm range. Even the 19mm cabins are ideal for some uses, although we don’t recommend them to customers living in areas known for particularly adverse weather conditions.

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The Omega 44mm

Possibly the largest log cabin available on the UK market today, The Omega by Tiger Sheds  is an easy inclusion on this league table of the Yorkshire firm’s finest large garden buildings. The log cabin is only available in the frankly vast 30′ by 18′ dimensions. If you have the space (and budget), this massive log cabin is a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

Thanks to its size, the number of potential uses for The Omega are almost limitless. It can function as an extension to your home, as a space for entertaining large groups, or for applications that might be too large for most homes (such as a snooker/pool room). With its semi-partitioned interior, you can also use The Omega for multiple purposes simultaneously. One section could be a dedicated playroom or home office, whilst the other might simply be for relaxing.

The Omega is constructed using sturdy 44mm interlocking logs, connected with notch-joints for a tight, weather-resistant finish. For such a vast garden building, anything under 44mm would surely fail to provide the kind of support needed. The firm’s decision to go with slow growing European redwood instead of a cheaper variety of timber also contributes towards the building’s overall longevity.

Letting light into the building are two single opening windows on the front, as well as a single and double window along the side wall. Providing access is a spacious double door, which makes moving furniture, gym equipment, or other large items into the interior a breeze.

Why WhatShed loves The Omega

  • Tiger Sheds’s bespoke finishing touches followed throughout.
  • Vast space ideal for multiple purposes.
  • Large apex roof is practical (for storage) and stylish.

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The Shere 44mm

The Shere is one of Tiger Sheds’s most popular log cabins and for good reason. The building is available in a host of different sizes, ranging from 10′ by 14′ to 14′ by 18′. This makes The Shere a fantastic choice for those with a specific outdoor space to fill.

In terms of looks, The Shere is an immediate eye catcher. Its roof design is a grandiose classic apex construction, which not only adds a lot of visual appeal to the structure but can also double as storage space. Also adding style and functionality to The Shere is its sizeable roof overhang that can double as an outdoor, partially covered, seating area.

The building is constructed using sturdy 44mm logs. Each log connects with a notch-joint system, making the interior space warm and cosy, even when the weather outside is miserable. That said, The Shere isn’t just a winter recluse. Thanks to its three full length windows and spacious, fully glazed double doors, it lets a lot of light in too. It, therefore, serves as an excellent summer house with the potential for year round enjoyment. One touch we particularly liked was the inclusion of toughened glazing as standard. Although necessary for The Shere’s default style of windows and doors, not all manufacturers would include the tempered glass as standard. As with all Tiger Sheds products, there is the option to upgrade the glass used in the windows and doors to double glazing. In fact, just about every feature can be adjusted to the customers taste – one of the clear benefits of the manufacturer cutting timber to order in its own facilities.

Why WhatShed loves The Shere

  • Fantastic build quality, as seen on all Tiger Sheds products.
  • Great design makes it ideal as a summer house with year round potential.
  • Endless customisation options.

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The Lakra 44mm

The Lakra by Tiger Sheds is a strong choice of log cabin for those who really love to entertain al fresco. The building features an expansive covered gazebo area, which is ideal if you love to relax outdoors but find the British weather limits your chances to do so.

Although its pent roof might not offer quite the same in terms of visual appearance as some apex roof models, it is practical given the gazebo extension. Those worried about the potential need for planning permission will also love The Lakra, since its highest point is under the all-important 2.5 metre mark. The pent roof also adds charm of its own, giving the structure a modern, chic appearance.

With its two full length, fully opening windows, and spacious fully-glazed double doors, The Lakra provides excellent access for not only light but whatever furniture or other large items you might want to store in it. These feature toughened glass within the standard asking price, a nice additional safety touch from Tiger Sheds.

Although The Lakra’s design choices make it well suited as a summertime hangout, the 44mm interlocking logs, the 19mm tongue and groove roof and floor boards, and the heavy duty mineral roofing felt finishing of the structure all make it suitable for comfortable year round use. If you live in a particularly cold part of the British Isles, additional insulative touches, like double glazing can also be included at a cost.

Why WhatShed loves The Lakra

  • Fantastic multi functional design, ideal for storage of outdoor items or relaxing outside.
  • Huge scope for customisation.
  • Quality materials and construction techniques used throughout.

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The Rho 44mm

If you’re looking for a year round log cabin but on you’re working with a tighter budget, WhatShed highly recommends The Rho. Available in a range of sizes, from 12′ by 8′ to 14′ by 12′, this pent roofed design might cost less than some of Tiger Sheds’s more extravagant offerings, but the firm doesn’t cut corners throughout its construction.

You’ll still find the same sturdy 44mm interlocking logs used, as well as the weather resistant, 19mm tongue and groove floor and roof boarding. Despite its lower price point, the structure is not really a budget offering at all. All the bespoke touches seen on more expensive Tiger Sheds products are on full display.

The firm has saved money by making the building’s design somewhat basic. There is a single interior room, accessed by two large double doors. Extra light can enter the space via a spacious front and side window, the glazing for which can be upgraded as an additional extra.

The Rho is a cosy, simple cabin that will no doubt delight its eventual owners. Thanks to its compact design, and low roof, those with space constraints, as well as tighter budgets, are well advised to consider it for their garden.

Why WhatShed loves The Rho

  • Fantastic price for a cabin of such superior crafting.
  • Huge scope for customisation.
  • Tiger Sheds’s high quality construction materials and methods used throughout.

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The Sigma 44mm

With its classic style and multi functional design, The Sigma by Tiger Sheds is an easy addition to this league table. The most eye catching feature of the building itself is its spacious veranda area out front. Although this is certainly a nonstandard addition, you will still see the manufacturer’s attention to detail displayed throughout its construction. Those who love to take the air on a summer’s evening will surely fall in love with The Sigma’s tasteful, traditional design.

The Sigma is available in an extensive collection of sizes, ranging from 18′ by 14′ to 20′ by 20′. It’s constructed using 44mm interlocking logs, for a tight build and superior weather resistance. The reverse apex roof has been boarded with 19mm tongue and groove timber, as has the flooring. These design choices add considerably to the building’s overall longevity, as well as keeping it warm during the colder months.

Like many of Tiger Sheds’s other bespoke log cabins, the company has made it as easy as possible to access The Sigma’s interior space. Two large double doors lead out through the stylish veranda area and to the outside world. Meanwhile, ample light can enter the building through the four expansive opening windows.

Why WhatShed loves The Sigma

  • Creative design gives both a comfortable interior and exterior space for relaxing.
  • Industry leading construction techniques and materials used throughout.
  • Large scope for customisation. Tiger Sheds owns its own wood mill and is prepared to go the extra mile to satisfy a customer.

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The Vibrissa 28mm

Although most of our favourite Tiger Sheds are 44mm, the company does produce some stunning designs as part of its 28mm range. The Vibrassa is one of them.

With its five wall layout, this cabin has been designed to fit neatly into the corner of a garden. Thanks to this slightly unorthodox design, the cabin features a hip roof, which not only lends itself to the structure’s shape but also adds a lot of visual appeal to the building. The Vibrissa comes in just one size – 14′ by 10′.

One of the things we really like about The Vibrissa is its dual purpose design. The building features two sections. The windowless rear is ideal for storage and is accessed by a fully boarded single door. Meanwhile, the front of the cabin has two fully glazed windows and spacious glazed double doors. This front area is perfect for relaxation, a home office, gym, or whatever else you might want to use a light, spacious outdoor building for.

As mentioned, The Vibrissa is part of the firm’s 28mm cabin range. Although it will clearly not be quite as sturdy or insulative as one of the company’s 44mm offerings, thanks to the use of slow growing varieties of timber, as well as the same general construction techniques as the thicker models, customers buying this product will still end up with a longstanding, beautiful garden building. The chances are, it will just feel a little chillier during winter months but a portable heater will soon remedy that.

Why WhatShed loves The Vibrissa

  • Multi purpose design means customers get both a shed and a cabin under one roof.
  • Ideal for smaller gardens where the building must be positioned in a corner.
  • Industry leading construction techniques and materials used throughout. Despite the thinner timber, this really is a quality garden building.

The Alpha Barn 28mm

If you’re looking for a really unique log cabin on a budget, The Alpha Barn by Tiger Sheds might be perfect. It’s certainly a head turner with its large dutch barn style roof. Although it clearly adds a lot to the building’s visual appearance, with some minor alterations, the additional space within the structure’s cavernous roof can easily double as storage.

The building comes in three sizes, 10′ by 8′, 12′ by 8′, and 14′ by 8′. In terms of access, it features enormous, fully boarded double barn doors. Owners will manage to move cumbersome gym equipment, pool tables, or large furniture into the interior space with ease. Light can access the space within thanks to two decent sized windows along the wall of the structure.

Thanks to its rugged and functional style, we imagine The Alpha Barn will make a perfect workshop. However, even as a relaxation space, we’re sure this high quality 28mm cabin will delight its eventual owners.

Why WhatShed loves The Alpha Barn

  • Striking yet functional design. The Alpha Barn looks fantastic and its high roof and oversized doors make it a very practical space.
  • Tiger Sheds quality construction techniques and materials used throughout.

The Carnivora 44mm

The Carnivora is one of Tiger Sheds’s more visually distinctive models. Its porch fronted design gives the building a lot of character, however, it doesn’t really add much to its overall functionality. Thanks to the porch, it not only has a unique footprint, but also only comes in a single size – 14′ by 14′.

It’s clear that Tiger Sheds wanted to fill the Carnivora with as much natural light as possible when designing this log cabin. Not only does it come with two large glazed double doors, but it has four full length, fully glazed windows and two additional half length side windows. This makes the interior space well suited for use as a summerhouse.

The walls to The Carnivora have been constructed using 44mm chamfered timber throughout and the roof and floor uses sturdy 19mm tongue and groove boarding. This makes the space ideal for use year round, although, if this is your intention and you live in an area known for chilly winters, we recommend upgrading the windows.

Why WhatShed loves The Carnivora

  • Light and airy interior.
  • Unique design gives it a serious “wow” factor.
  • Industry leading construction methods and techniques used throughout.

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The Procas 44mm

The Procas by Tiger Sheds is available in a huge range of sizes. The smallest is 14′ by 10′ and the largest 20′ by 14′. This makes it a great choice for those wanting to maximise the space within their garden.

It’s a highly attractive log cabin with its offset apex roof design giving it a modern, stylish feel, in contrast to some of the manufacturer’s other, more traditional models. This roof also features a large overhang at the front. This not only protects the building from the elements but can double as a small porch area.

With its vast, full length, fully glazed windows, The Procas would make a fine summer house for relaxing during the fair weather. However, thanks to the 44mm interlocking timbers used throughout construction, this Tiger cabin will provide a good level of heat retention year round. The bespoke finishing touches seen on other Tiger products are on full display too. The roof and floor uses 19mm tongue and groove boarding, and each window and door has been joiner built to add to the overall feeling of quality.

Why WhatShed loves The Procas

  • Wonderfully constructed throughout.
  • Great as a summer house but with year round potential.

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The Babylon 19mm

WhatSheds’s favourite of the Tiger Sheds 19mm range has to be The Babylon. Although we don’t often recommend 19mm cabins, at less than £1,000, this one had to make this league table.

In terms of its looks, The Babylon is rather basic, yet still attractive. Its large apex roof gives the building a classic feel and inside it feels snug and cosy. The building is available in four different sizes, from 8′ by 6′ to 10′ by 8′

Granted The Babylon will almost certainly fail to stand up to the elements or retain heat quite like any of the 44mm or 28mm cabins on this list. However, Tiger Sheds have still squeezed a lot of quality into this product.

The 19mm timbers used for the walls feature the same joining technique as the thicker Tiger Sheds products and the floor and roof makes use of 12mm tongue and groove boarding. For a cheaper cabin, this impressed us since a lot of sub-£1,000 products will come with single sheet flooring and roofing within the standard asking price.

Why WhatShed loves The Babylon

  • Very cheap for a high quality product.
  • Tasteful and stylish design.
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