Walk In Growhouse

Prices Around: £41.98
Size: 1.25m depth
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This is an excellent way of growing plants, seedlings, fruit and vegetables without being too hard on the pocket.  This building is constructed out of a strong tubular steel frame and has reinforced PE covers.  It is simple to put together and comes complete with ropes and pegs to secure it to the ground.  It’s an affordable way of protecting your precious growing.  This is not available to buy online.

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  • Constructed out of a strong tubular steel frame and has reinforced PE covers
  • Maintenance free

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  • Medium size
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Ease of assembly
71% Complete
77% Complete
Quality of construction
79% Complete
Longevity of material
75% Complete
Storage size
69% Complete
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Prices around: £41.98
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  • Crystal said...

    I love gardening. Since my childhood, I admired the work my dad had done in the backyard. His greenhouse had flourished with plants and sweet fruits. I told myself that one day I must get my own greenhouse. In my search for a greenhouse, I saw an advert on the internet from Sheds Direct. The Walk in Greenhouse. A well designed greenhouse that didn’t strain my budget. At only £41.98 I secured an amazing piece of architecture. Very affordably and from the looks the greenhouse was meant to stay for a long time. The installation of our Walk in Greenhouse was surprisingly easy. While any project like this is daunting when you first open the boxes and see the parts, but the instructions were very well diagrammed which made it very easy to determine the process and order of fitting parts together, mounting the panels, inserting the roof vents, etc. I love the job that Sheds Direct are doing to help gardeners like me to live their dream. It’s been three weeks since I bought my Walk in Greenhouse, no regrets at all. An amazing piece of architecture that will always work for me and for my family.


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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
Storage size

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