Woodbury 6X4 Playhouse

Prices Around: £304.00
Size: 1.57 X 1.79 X 1.19m
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Children everywhere will just fall head over heels in love with this gorgeous, Pixie wooden playhouse. It has a smart apex style roof that is going to keep the things inside well protected from the rain. The roof has a veranda which along with the lovely little fence really do make this look extra special. The front door and two windows make this a playhouse that is going to get a lot of natural light as well as fresh air as the two windows can be opened. Let the children’s imaginations run riot inside as they play inside here which is excellent for you as you get to put your feet up.

Not only is this a very attractive looking playhouse it is also very well made, which is even more impressive when you consider how low priced this is. The walls are tongue and groove shiplap cladding which due to being 12 mm thick and supported with a very robust frame make this one very strong playhouse. Those fantastic looking windows which are also so very practical are also kid safe as they are made from shatterproof styrene. The whole playhouse has been very carefully designed so that it is able to be sold at a low price, but also so that the kids are going to be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

What we rate

  • Costs under £300
  • Has three good sized windows
  • Veranda and little fence look adorable
  • Strong framing keep the structure secure
  • High quality tongue and groove shiplap cladding

What we slate

  • The door does not shut securely
  • Will require two people to install
  • Can take a few weeks for delivery
How We Rate It
Quality 8/10
80% Complete
Longevity of Materials 8.5/10
85% Complete
Storage Size 8/10
80% Complete
Ease of Installation 8/10
80% Complete
Value for Money 9/10
90% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Shed Type and Roof Size

Woodbury 6X4 Playhouse PaintedNow we know the first thing that will catch the adults eyes is the amazing price that the Shire Woodbury 6X4 Playhouse is being sold for. It is not a typo this really is being sold for that incredible low price. Now while the price is great, we have taken a closer look at this playhouse, with its adorable design and cute as a button features to see just how this holds up. To start with the size is perfect for smaller children as the width is 6 feet 4 inches and the depth, 3 feet 9 inches this is actually far more floor space than we would have expected from a playhouse of this price. It means that the kids can put a whole lot of stuff in here, stuff that you are most likely sick of cluttering the house and garden so it is a pretty big win for you as well as the kids. While we do think this is ideal for younger children the fact that the roof at its highest point is over 5 feet high means that as your kids grow they are still going to be able to comfortably fit inside.

The roof is very well made and has a truly fantastic look. The boarding and the felt used for the roof may not be the same as you would get on a playhouse that is double the price, but these materials will still keep the rain out and of course they also look lovely. The roof is an apex roof and it actually sticks out on the front giving the kids a little veranda which really does add to the overall charm of the playhouse and goes very well with the little fence that is outside the structure.

Cladding, Frame And Floor

Woodbury 6X4 Playhouse DimensionsWe are very pleasantly surprised that Shire were able to use 12 mm thick tongue and groove shiplap cladding, yet keep the price so low. This cladding is just gorgeous and it really does make this something which is going to make the adults smile whenever they see it. The cladding is not style over substance as this is very well made and will keep the rain out thanks to the shiplap design of it which does not offer any gaps for rain to get in.

A playhouse has got to be able to take a bit of rough and tumble and this one certainly can do that thanks to the frame that is keeping the whole structure together. We really like that Shire have managed to use a frame here that is not only incredibly robust, but it is not going to be sticking out too much inside and getting in the kids way.

For the flooring, Shire have used some very impressively strong boarding that fits in with the style of the playhouse very well. This type of boarding we feel is strong enough to take the weight of lots of toys and the crazy jumping and running around that kids like to do.

Treatment Requirement And Warranty

Woodbury 6X4 Playhouse Air VentThis is a playhouse which is going to be sent your way unpainted, but it will be given a basecoat treatment to make sure that if it is delivered in the rain or even the snow that the wood will not suffer any damage. Once installed, you will need to then give the playhouse a coating of wood treatment. We must advise you that you should not keep putting this off until the next weekend as the longer you leave treating the playhouse the higher the chance of rot starting to appear on that lovely wood. A nice new coating should be applied once a year, you do this and the kids are going to be able to enjoy this for many years to come.

The ten year guarantee that comes with the Woodbury 6X4 Playhouse is dependent on you treating the playhouse. We know to some this may sound a little harsh, but actually this is the case with the majority of playhouses, sheds and cabins these days.

Doors And Windows

Woodbury 6X4 Playhouse Door HandleShire have put an adorable looking door on this playhouse. The door is a single sized door, but it is a very good size and no matter how many teddies or action figures you kids have in their hands they will be able to drag them all in here with no problems. The door has a large window on it and this very classic looking door handle.

To go along with the window that is on the door there is a window on each side of the door that is roughly the same size. These two windows can actually be opened so as well as letting in lots of natural light through the front of the playhouse they also can let in fresh air. To make sure things are safe, Shire have used some very strong anti shatter styrene for the windows.

Security And Privacy

While there is that fantastic looking door handle there is not actually any way to securely locked the door. So if the kids finish playing and do not close the door then it will be just left, swinging open in the wind. This may be an issue for some people so you might want to consider adding in some kind of pad bolt or even a lock to keep the door securely closed when the children are not playing in here.

With there being three windows including the one that is on the door, you are always going to be able to keep an eye on what the kids are up to. Sure the kids may get sick of you watching them play, but you are going to get a lot of enjoyment from watching the have fun in the playhouse so you are going to be very pleased that there are these three large windows.

Customisation Options And Extras

The playhouse will be sent unpainted so you can customise it by giving it a more wild or even a laidback colour. We actually think that it looks adorable just the way it is, but if your child’s favourite colour is blue for example then painting this blue would be one way to make it that little bit more special for them.

The only extra that we would suggest you think about is something that is going to keep that door securely shut when the kids are done playing. A pad bolt or padlock we feel would be the easiest and cheapest way to do this.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 8/10
80% Complete
This is a budget playhouse so you have to keep that in mind, but still even though this is low priced the quality is still perfectly reasonable and there are even a few aspects such as the cladding for example which are of a very high quality.
Longevity of Materials 8.5/10
85% Complete
The kids are going to get a lot of years of enjoyment out of this playhouse and it is only going to require a coating of treatment from you once a year in order for it to stay rot free.
Storage Size 8/10
80% Complete
Considering the price, we feel that this is a good sized playhouse. The height of the roof will mean that the children will be able to play inside of this for a number of years.
Ease of Installation 8/10
80% Complete
With the help from a friend or family member, we feel that this will take around 4-6 hours to install. The windows can be a little bit on the fiddly side, but for the most part as long as you take your time and follow the instructions, you will be fine.
Value for Money 9/10
90% Complete
This is being sold at an incredible price - a price that is totally fair in our opinion.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: While the Woodbury 6X4 Playhouse may lack the flash that the more expensive playhouses have it has more than enough charm and style to make this something your children or grandchildren are going to love and have many years of fun with. It is a low cost playhouse which would make for a great gift and be a way to get the kids to actually play outside instead of wanting to watch TV and play video games all day. We really like this playhouse and while the quality is clearly not as high as it is on a playhouse that costs close to a thousand pounds, the kids will not care and neither will you when you see how much enjoyment they get out of it.

Prices around: £304.00
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How you

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  • Bonnie said...

    My grandchildren are at my house just about every weekend, so I wanted to have something fun for them to do when they come over. I thought this was a gorgeous playhouse, and it is big enough for the 2 of them. They can play in it and it even has a door and windows. I love the roof on it and the front of it is beautiful. It is a great deal for the price, so I had to get it as soon as I seen it. I can’t believe how durable it is. I don’t feel nervous at all about my grandchildren playing in here.


  • Tiara F said...

    Back in the day, we used to have this little playhouse that my father constructed in his workshop. It was a wooden playhouse made with an auburn roof, and a major portion of my childhood was spent within those oak coloured walls. But as you know, with age comes wisdom along with a farewell to those sweet childhood memories that you once held dearest. I bid farewell to my first ‘place’ when we moved to a new home, deciding not to bring the playhouse along.

    Fast forward twenty years later; I am searching for greenhouses on this website when I come across the playhouse tab. Out of curiosity, I started browsing through the various offerings that they boasted until I came across this Shire Pixie Wooden Playhouse, which rung a nostalgic bell as soon as I saw it. No, it wasn’t exactly the same design as my childhood playhouse, or even the same colour; there was just something else about it that hit me, arousing my curiosity enough to actually place an order for it.

    The guise was for this to be my daughter’s birthday gift, which was coming later that week. Besides, £300 isn’t that bad if you think about it, especially considering it’ll keep Mary occupied while I am busy. So the delivery finally arrives within the next 2 days. Being a smartass, I tried my hand at assembling, failing miserably since I never had any experience in workshops. So assembly isn’t exactly its niche.

    Once it was assembled however, there were mixed feelings. The biggest con of this playhouse is the space, which I am sure Mary will outgrow within 4 years or so. However, the textures and quality of materials said otherwise; they looked like they could maintain their structural integrity for at least a decade.
    For someone with multiple children looking to get a playhouse, you may probably be able to find a roomier one, albeit a bit more expensive. But for housing a single child or as a decoration piece, this one makes for a very compelling case.


  • Diane Mae said...

    I always find a way to surprise my grandkids every summer vacation they come to see me. I used to buy them sweets, play toys and books most of the time. But one day my husband suggested about a tree house. We even made a plan about it. But unfortunately we could not finish it because of the bad weather. So this was how I came about buying this gorgeous play house. It really looks like a little house suitable for living with great ventilation and space. My grandkids now love me even more and look forward to visit me all the time just to play in this playhouse!

    The space in this is unbelievable. I just still can’t get over this.


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Storage Size
Ease of Installation
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