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The 20 Best Yardmaster Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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Yardmaster sheds are some of the most practical and value for money garden buildings we review, and the good news is that there’s a wide range available from some of the UK’s leading shed retailers. Because they’re made of metal they’re very durable, and that’s why you’ll find that they all come backed up by generous warranties that give added peace of mind. They’re also virtually maintenance free, which is great for people who have busy lifestyles or who want to be able to install their metal shed and then relax. If you’re looking for a reliable metal shed that’s affordable too, then take a look at our WhatShed guide to the top 20 Yardmaster sheds available online in the UK today. 

Here at WhatShed we’ve reviewed garden buildings in all materials, shapes and sizes, from 6′ X 4′ wooden sheds, to large PVC workshops, and that means we’ve also reviewed all the leading metal sheds, including those made by Yarmaster. During our research we’ve looked at metal sheds sold by the top 10 online shed retailers; these are the companies you can trust, and who sell over 95% of all the garden buildings sold online today. This means that you can be sure that we’ve selected the very best Yardmaster sheds when we were compiling our WhatShed top 20 league table. more...

With such a large range of metal sheds available from Yardmaster, it was no easy task selecting which deserved to be ranked higher than the others. By studying a range of factors however, including price, looks, size, and added extras, we believe that we’ve constructed a top 20 list that will be truly helpful. You’ll find sheds in all sizes, from small pent roofed stores to large garages, and sheds to suit all budgets as well, so whatever kind of metal shed you’re looking for you’re sure to find something that matches your requirements. Here then are the WhatShed top 20 best Yardmaster sheds currently available to buy online in the UK.

It’s congratulations then to the 10′ X 13′ Green Metal Shed, which gains a well deserved top position in our list of the top 20 Yardmaster sheds. When compiling this league table, however, it became clear just how good the brand as a whole is, so you should be happy with any of the metal sheds on this list. Remember, whether you need a metal storage solution, a timber shed, or a children’s playhouse, WhatShed have the independent and in depth reviews that can help you make the right choice.

10' x 13' Yardmaster Metal Shed 1013GEYZ (3.03m x 3.96m)

This is one of the largest Yardmaster sheds that we’ve reviewed and yet it offers outstanding value for money, and it’s this always welcome combination that has taken it to the very top spot in our competitively fought league table. The first thing that struck us upon seeing it was just how large it is. It has an overall width of 3.03m and an overall depth of 3.96m, and it also benefits from a rain repelling apex roof on top that reaches a peak height of 2.02m. With this added size comes added flexibility, and we can easily see it being used as a workshop with the addition of a lighting source, or even as an all weather motorbike store.

Its pale green colour scheme blends in nicely with a garden background, and the white detailing to the roof and around the door doesn’t look too obtrusive. With a metal shed as large as this one the doors are all important, so we were pleased to find wide opening double doors that extend to a width of 1.20m. This makes it very easy to get even large or wide objects in and out, and you could even ride a mobility scooter or ride on lawnmower inside. With added value given by a 12 year warranty, this deserves to take the number one position in our list of the very best Yardmaster sheds.

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5' x 4' Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed 54PEZ (1.58m x 1.20m)

We now move from one of the largest metal sheds in the Yardmaster range, but this brings with it real benefits to those who need a compact storage space and so it claims the number two spot in out list of the best Yardmaster sheds. We recognise that many people are working to restricted budgets when choosing a shed for their garden, and for such people this could be a perfect buy. It costs only a little over a hundred pounds, and yet is guaranteed to last for at least ten years. With the toughness of its galvanised steel cladding, not to mention the pent roof that stops water sitting on the surface, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it far exceed its warranty period.

WhatShed also recognise that many people only have a small amount of spare space in their gardens, and yet could use the advantages that a secure storage facility can bring. This has a very compact footprint with a width of 1.58m and a depth of 1.20m, and a peak height of 1.74m, and yet there’s still enough room to store a good selection of garden tools and equipment. Even with the added cost of a padlock to enhance security this is still one of the best value for money Yardmaster sheds.

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9'10 x 17'2 Yardmaster 1017 Metal Garage (2.97m x 5.22m)

When compiling our list of the very best Yardmaster sheds available today, we like to offer something to suit everyone, although of course they all have to be high quality products. That’s shown as we move from the compact pent store to the largest building in their range. This is atypical of their metal sheds as a whole, and yet it still represents very good value for money, and will prove highly useful to people who are looking for a reliable and durable new garage for a price of well under seven hundred pounds.

We were very impressed by the scale of this metal workshop cum garage, with its width of 2.97m and depth of 5.22m. That’s not only enough room for an average family saloon, it can also fit a people carrier, 4X4 or van inside, and with wide opening double doors you won’t have to worry about scratching the paintwork. One extra feature that we particularly liked was the inclusion of two translucent panels in the roof that act as skylights. The combination of interior light and space makes this an ideal workshop for a home business, or it could be used as a warehouse facility. It’s this flexibility, allied to its value, that makes this one of our top three Yardmaster sheds.

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10' x 12'5 Yardmaster 1012TBSL Metal Shed (3.03m x 3.78m)

All of the Yardmaster sheds that feature in this top 20 league table are designed to be affixed directly onto a level concrete base, or alternatively a patio or paving area, and they come complete with an anchor kit to help with this, which is something that we don’t always find with metal sheds from other manufacturers. That means that the concrete itself acts as a floor, but we know that some customers prefer the warmth and appearance of a traditional wooden floor. This particular shed is ideal for those people, because it comes with a floor support kit that makes it quick and easy to add a timber floor that’s been purchased separately.

The addition of the floor support kit provides even greater value, and helps this generously sized garden building reach the heights of the number four position in our list of the best Yardmaster sheds to be found today. It has a very accommodating width of 3.03m and a depth of 3.67m, and its apex roof is slightly higher than many of the Yardmaster sheds we’ve reviewed at 2.24m. This means that walking through the centrally positioned double sliding doors doesn’t involve having to stoop down. It’s also protected by an extra long 12 year warranty, which is another very welcome feature on a stand out metal shed.

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8' x 4' Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed 84PZ (2.38m x 1.19m)

One advantage of a metal shed that has no windows, such as this, is that passers by have no way of knowing what’s inside. When the shed is also as compact as this one, with a base size of 2.38 X 1.19m and a peak height from a pent roof of just 1.74m, it can also be easily hidden away behind a garden or house wall. With a silver metallic finish it looks tough as well, so the combination of these factors can deter opportune thieves, especially if a padlock is added as well, which doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase. It’s why the simplicity of this model can actually be an advantage, and why we rate it so highly amongst the Yardmaster sheds we’ve reviewed.

The low ridge and eaves height mean that this is a shed primarily for storage and retrieval purposes, rather than being a garden building to spend time in, but storage space such as this is incredibly useful if you’re to make the most of your garden’s potential. Whatever you keep inside, whether it’s a lawnmower and garden tools or topsoil and aggregate, will be kept dry as well, as both the pitched roof and corrugated galvanised steel cladding are very good at preventing water ingress as well as being very rust resistant. If you’re looking for secure Yardmaster sheds costing less than two hundred pounds, then this should be near the top of your short list.

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6' x 4' Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed 64PZ (1.98m x 1.19m)

This shares the same basic design as the slightly larger model which features above it in our list of the top 20 Yardmaster sheds, and whilst we welcome the very affordable price tag that comes with this model the slightly restrictive width and depth mean that it takes a lower position. Nevertheless, with a width this time of 1.98m alongside the depth of 1.19m, this is ideal for people who don’t want a high quality metal shed but don’t want to take up any space in their garden, or indeed any space at all.

Thanks to its relatively diminutive size we can picture this being installed on a balcony, and it’s also an ideal purchase for people who have a permanent site at a caravan park. If you spend a lot of time in your caravan during the summer months then a little extra storage space can come in very handy, but caravan parks have tight restrictions on what is and isn’t allowed. As the steel cladding on Yardmaster sheds is non-flammable, as well as being highly weather resistant at the same time, they meet caravan site regulations, and in our opinion this is the perfect size for this role and very affordable too as it’s the second cheapest Yardmaster shed in our top 20 league table.

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6' x 4' Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 65GEYZ (1.86m x 1.25m)

Price is not the only criteria we considered when putting together this comprehensive list of the 20 best Yardmaster sheds available in the UK today, but it was certainly an important factor. This is why much of the top 10 is dominated by metal sheds that cost under two hundred pounds and offer great value, and this model is a perfect example. Featuring an attractive green colour scheme with white flourishes, we were pleasantly surprised at just how aesthetically pleasing it is, and unlike timber sheds of course you won’t have to spend time or money on painting it.

The shed itself has a width of 2.02m and a depth of 1.37m, including the slight overhang provided by the apex roof that rises to 1.89m. One of the features that we liked most about it is that it has double sliding doors that open to a width of 0.79. This may not be the widest doors that we’ve seen, but they are still wide enough to manoeuvre objects such as lawn mowers or even bicycles inside. They slide internally as well, which not only looks more attractive, it gives them more protection against the weather and against accidental impacts. We feel that this is very good value for what is compact but far from the smallest of the Yardmaster sheds we’ve reviewed, which is why it deserves such a lofty position.

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10' x 12'4 Yardmaster Balmoral 1012WGL Metal Shed (3.03m x 3.78m)

With such a regal name, the Balmoral shed from Yardmaster certainly had to deliver on both quality and looks, but thankfully we were so impressed that we had to included it in the top 10 of our list of the UK’s best Yardmaster sheds. One distinguishing factor that immediately caught our eye was its brown colour scheme that has been finished with a wood effect. This means that whilst it still brings all the advantages of toughness and durability associated with galvanised metal steel, it will also appeal to people who aren’t too keen on zinc or silver finishes.

This fits in nicely to the most traditional garden environment, but it of course means that you can put the wood preserver away while still enjoying the reassurance of a long manufacturer’s warranty, in this case 10 years. The eaves, at six feet, are noticeably taller than on many of the Yardmaster sheds we review, which will be particularly welcomed by taller shed owners, and the overall dimensions of 3.03 X 3.76m means that this can be used for much more than storing garden tools and equipment. By using the floor support kit to add a wooden floor as well, this can become a very pleasant environment to spend time in and it could make a very cost effective home office with the addition of lighting and heating.

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8' x 6' Yardmaster Silver Metal Shed 68ZGEY (2.02m x 2.37m)

With a floor space of over 48 square feet and a price tag of little over two hundred pounds, this is a great choice for people who are wanting a small to mid sized storage area for their garden. Yardmaster sheds are known for their good value of course and for their high build quality, and that’s just what we found here. Hot dipped galvanised steel has been used throughout, which means that even though the cladding is lightweight and therefore easy to assemble, once the assembly process has been completed the structure is very rigid and reliable, even in windy conditions.

A 10 year warranty is provided, which is the minimum that we see on all Yardmaster sheds, but what elevates this one is the amount of space that’s available relative to the small and affordable price tag. The overall width is 2.02m and the overall depth is 2.37, and we would recommend installing a free standing shelving unit, available to buy with the shed as an optional extra, to make the most of the 1.89m ridge height. The zinc colour scheme may not be to everyone’s taste, although we think it has a fresh and contemporary look, but the great value gives it a high position in our list of the top 20 Yardmaster sheds.

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6' x 4' Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed 64PZ (1.98m x 1.19m)

Our top ten of the best Yardmaster sheds available to buy online today is completed by another compact model with a pent roof that helps rainwater slide away, but what makes this one different is that it’s the cheapest, if smallest, shed in the range that features a floor support kit as standard. Appearance wise it boasts the striking zinc colour scheme, but with a 10 year warranty included you won’t need to worry about rust appearing for many years. The dimensions of 1.98 X 1.19m make it one of the smallest garden buildings in our list, but with double sliding doors providing easy access it’s surprising how much can be stored inside.

We really liked the inclusion of the floor support kit, as even compact sheds such as this feel warmer underfoot with a wooden floor installed and it can also help protect goods that are stored inside from the threat of ground moisture. The kit is easy to use, and creates a sturdy frame upon which timber or decking boards can be installed to create the floor. Because the frame raises the floor above ground level, the likelihood of rot is greatly reduced. This neat touch is unexpected at this bargain price, and that’s why we rate it as one of the ten best Yardmaster sheds you can currently buy online.

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8' x 6'5 Yardmaster Glencoe 86WGL Metal Shed (2.43m x 1.97m)

This is a metal shed for people who think that they don’t like metal sheds, and it has many features to recommend it including a price tag of less than three hundred pounds. From a distance it’s easy to mistake this galvanised steel garden building for one that’s constructed of timber, and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, rather than remaining with a metallic silver colour or even a shade of green, Yardmaster have added a brown tint to the cladding. Secondly, the cladding itself eschews the corrugated style that we often see when reviewing Yardmaster sheds and instead has a shiplap effect. This provides not only a wood effect appearance, but excellent rain repellency that’s backed up by an apex roof.

A 10 year warranty is provided, which in itself is enough to give peace of mind to the customer, but we would expect it to have many more trouble free years. The overall width is 2.26m and the overall depth is 1.86m, which is more than enough space for a lawn mower, strimmer, and a good selection of tools and equipment. Buyers of this shed also get an added bonus in the form of a tough pair of gloves that can be used during the installation process, which is another reason that this deserves its place in our top 20 Yardmaster sheds.

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10' x 8' Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 108GEYZ (3.03m x 2.37m)

Most people would probably expect to pay much more than three hundred pounds for a well built and durable metal shed measuring approximately ten by eight feet, but thanks to the exceptional value associated with Yardmaster sheds this comes in at much less than that figure. It’s good looking too, sporting a green and white colour scheme that will appeal to people who don’t want anything that looks too metallic in their garden and yet also don’t want to have to comply with the intensive retreatment schedules that often accompany timber sheds.

This is very much in the mid sized range of the Yardmaster sheds that we’ve reviewed, but that means that it has more than enough space for people who have small or medium sized gardens. Indeed, the dimensions of 3.03 X 2.37m mean that it can become the ideal place to carry out a hobby or it could even double up as a craft workshop. There are no windows, of course, which is a plus from a security point of view, so you would need to install some lighting. Another feature we very much appreciated was the inclusion of a 12 year warranty against rust, which is two years more than those provided with some other Yardmaster sheds.

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9'11 x 6'5 Yardmaster Balmoral 106WGL Metal Shed

Here we have another metal shed that imitates timber, this time going as far as having a woodgrain effect. Whilst of course it couldn’t pass as timber when viewed close up, we did find it very eye catching and it’s certain to become a talking point for your garden as well as providing a mediums sized storage shed that can be used for your gardening or as a base for a hobby or pastime. One feature that is particularly useful about this shed is that it has built in ventilation, so you won’t need to worry about the build up of condensation on either hot or cold days.

The internal volume of nearly six and a half cubic metres, provided thanks to a width of 2.85m and a depth of 2.26m, is very generous for its price tag, even though value for money is something that we’ve come to expect from Yardmaster sheds. With the addition of shelving, which we would heartily recommend, this can become a very useful storage space for a keen gardener, and the double sliding doors are padlockable in case you plan on storing anything of value inside. We expected to see a 12 year warranty provided, rather than the 10 year one on show here, but even so this should certainly be considered by people looking for wood effect Yardmaster sheds.

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8' x 6'6 Yardmaster 86TBSL Shiplap Metal Shed (2.43m x 1.97m)

Yardmaster sheds come in several different styles and ranges, but we always like to see the ones in their shiplap range as we like the combination of a traditional wood like design with the benefits of modern galvanised steel engineering. Most of the models featuring a shiplap design, however, have brown cladding but this one is strikingly different as it combines its wood like appearance with zinc colouring. It may be an acquired taste, which is the only reason that this doesn’t feature higher up our top 20 league table, but we liked the strikingly modern styling and from a distance it can even look a little like silver birch timber.

Once again, this particular provides added value on top of what is already a good price thanks to the inclusion of a floor support kit. A timber floor can be particularly useful for sheds that people are going to spend a prolonged amount of time in, and with a width of 2.26m and a depth of 1.86m we feel that there’s just enough room to make that a comfortable experience. Being galvanised and painted inside and out it’s also a very durable building, which is why this is one of the Yardmaster sheds which comes complete with a 12, rather than 10, year guarantee.

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10' x 4' Yardmaster 104PZ Metal Pent Shed (2.98m x 1.19m)

This is one of the largest zinc coloured pent roofed metal stores from Yardmaster, and yet it’s still a great choice for those whose space is at a premium. More specifically, it’s ideal for people who have only a relatively shallow area on which to site their shed, as whilst the depth of 1.19m won’t take up too much room, the width of 2.98m is relatively large. This means that owners of this garden building can really make the most of the space they have available, and that’s one reason why we’ve included this model in our list of the 20 best Yardmaster sheds available to buy online in the UK today.

One thing that we do have to point out, and it applied to the other compact footprint pent sheds made by Yardmaster, is that the door height can be quite restricted. In this case it’s 1.58m, equivalent to five foot two, so you’ll probably have to duck down when going in and out. Nevertheless we still feel that this represents more than good value, and with the handles holed and ready to accept a separately purchased padlock this can also be a secure space for everything from lawn mowers to power tools. If you like the appearance of the silver Yardmaster sheds, and don’t want to spend too much on a storage solution, then this could be perfect for your garden.

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8' x 6'5 Yardmaster Glencoe 86WGL Metal Shed

If you’ve never experienced the benefits that come from owning a metal shed, but have instead preferred to stick with timber garden buildings, then this could be the one that changes your mind. We found its contrasting light brown and dark brown colour scheme, with faux wood grain effect, very attractive, but it has much more to offer than simply good looks. One advantage is that it’s practically maintenance free, other than a hose down occasionally to keep moss or algae away. There’s no risk of rot, splitting or warping, no need to climb ladders to apply preservative, and the 12 year warranty against corrosion allays fears of rust as well.

Size wise this is another of the Yardmaster sheds that fits neatly into the medium size range, with its width of 3.03m and depth of 2.37m, but the double doors were slightly wider than some that we see with a width of 1.25m to go alongside a height of 1.75m. This will be a big help if you’re going to store items that are unusually sized, for example bicycles which can easily be stored here all year round without the threat of rain or snow getting to them. Price wise it’s towards the top end of the Yardmaster sheds we see, but it still deserves its place in our WhatShed top 20 league table.

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10' x 8' Yardmaster Balmoral 108WGL Metal Shed (3.03m x 2.37m)

We really liked the looks and storage capacity of this building, and as always we feel that the inclusion of a floor support kit is a very useful added feature. In fact it’s only the relatively high price, especially with a 10 rather than 12 year warranty included on this occasion, that stops it being much higher up our league table of today’s best Yardmaster sheds available online. For that reason, if a price of approaching five hundred pounds falls within your budget then you may want to consider this in a more elevated position, especially with the handy floor support kit included.

We were impressed with the room available, with a width of 3.03m being complemented by a depth of 2.37m. The height too is a little taller than we’re used to seeing, with the ridge height of the apex roof being 2.24m and the eaves at 1.83m. It means that there’s lots of space to move around in, and we feel that this would make an ideal storage space for motorbikes, or it could even be used as a workshop. Thanks to the non-flammable nature of the galvanised steel cladding used by Yardmaster sheds, there’s no need to worry about hot engines or even about the storage of fuel and oils. This could be a great choice then for bike lovers who also like the traditional styling and wood grain effect offered here.

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6'8 x 7'2 Yardmaster 67GEYZ Green Metal Shed (2.02m x 2.17m)

There are many people for whom a silver or grey shed looks just too mechanic, and for whom a brown wood effect seems too false. For such people, this good value metal shed could be just right as it comes in an attractive green colour which will blend in nicely against trees and foliage, even with the white roof and door trim which adds an extra decorative element. Like all Yardmaster sheds it’s painted and galvanised inside and out, so it offers excellent defences against water penetration. That’s particularly useful if you want to store anything such as soil or sand inside that could be adversely affected by moisture.

This is one of the smaller Yardmaster sheds that we’ve reviewed, and yet with a width of 2.02m, depth of 2.17m, and ridge height of 1.89m, it offers significantly more room than the small pent sheds from the same manufacturer. We were glad to see that it also retained the very affordable price tag associated with the pent sheds and has even added two extra years taking it up to 12. This could easily have been placed higher in what is a very competitive category if the price had been even more competitive, so if you’re looking for a compact shed that offers slightly more headroom this could be the right choice for you.

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8' x 6'5 Yardmaster Glencoe 86WGL Metal Shed (2.43m x 1.97m)

This is the smallest of the wood grain effect timber coloured buildings to make our top 20 Yardmaster sheds list, and yet it’s no less attractive for that. That’s one of the great things about Yardmaster as a manufacturer, they create metal sheds that have different styles and colours and that each have their own unique look, and yet they share certain characteristics that can come in very useful to customers who are looking to purchase a good value metal shed for their garden.

Security is one of these features, as every Yardmaster shed has a window free design that can add significantly to the overall safety and security of the shed and its contents. That’s why we were pleased to find that the double doors had been holed, so it will be easy to add a padlock even though it would have been even better if the padlock itself had been included as standard. One advantage that this model has over many of the other Yardmaster sheds at a similar price is that it has high six foot eaves. This means that even though the base area itself is compact, and therefore ideal for smaller gardens, you won’t have to duck down too much when carrying objects in and out of the door. Overall, this has a lot to recommend it to those looking for a compact shed that belies its metal origin.

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8' x 6'6 Yardmaster 86TBSL Shiplap Metal Shed (2.43m x 1.97m)

If you had to picture what a mid sized metal shed looks like, this model probably fits the bill. It won’t win any design awards with its corrugated cladding in the zinc colour associated with galvanised steel, and with an apex roof that carries water away, and yet it’s still a highly effective option for people who are in search of a weather proof storage facility for their garden. At around two hundred and fifty pounds it’s also within the reach of people who have to keep a close watch on their budget, so is a worthy addition to the WhatShed guide to the 20 best Yardmaster sheds.

This strong looking garden building also feels very stable when assembled, and that’s because of the 100% galvanised steel cladding that’s wedded to a slightly thicker galvanised steel frame. Even in exposed areas, this is a shed that can be relied upon. Its width and depth are both 2.10m, but we were impressed how easy it was to fill the more than four square metre capacity thanks to the centrally positioned double sliding doors. It says a lot for how good Yardmaster sheds are when the model at the bottom of our top 20 league table has as much to recommend it as we see here.

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