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Looking for a garden buildings direct review? If so then you have come to the right place, have done an in-depth independent review of Garden Buildings Direct. Our goal is to help you find the best online retailer for your future purchase, in an attempt to do this we not only review the products but we also review to retailer. On this page you should find everything you could ever possibly want to know about Garden Buildings Direct.

Garden Buildings Direct review update: We need to be honest with our readers and recently (over last summer, 2015) we found a small percentage of people are coming to us and saying they are having delivery issues with Garden Buildings Direct. For the last few months we have had no real complainants posted on this site. It looks like a lot of the complaints occurred over the summer and were due to the fact that the company opened a new manufacturing plant. We can now recommend that if a potential customer was previously concerned over delivery complaints that are now most likely not an issue. 

The team at What Shed regard the products that Garden Buildings Direct make as outstanding value for money and we still back the products they make. As one of the largest manufacturing company’s in this sector they are a specialist in selling high volumes of products at very competitive prices. As such please take this into account when dealing with them. By this we mean they are very focused on a lean operation so they have a company owned customer service center in the Philippians and they offer many options to help you customise your building to the specification that is right for your budget. As such if you are expecting the level of customer service and product quality you would expect from Roles Royce all from a UK based call center then this company might not be right for you. 

What we rate

  • Fantastic range of options to customise your purchase
  • Long history or trading
  • Very trusted
  • They have plenty of higher end products as well as low cost ones
  • Site is very easy to use

What we slate

  • Some occasional complaints
  • With such a vast selection it may be hard to know what to purchase
  • Delivery can sometimes take a little while
How We Rate It
Ability to Customise Product 10/10
100% Complete
Customer Service Support 5.5/10
55% Complete
Delivery Times 7/10
70% Complete
Product Availability 9/10
90% Complete
Prices 9/10
90% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Garden Buildings Direct: A quick overview

Garden Buildings Direct are a well established manufacturer and online retailer of garden buildings. This includes wooden sheds, metal sheds, plastic sheds, log cabins, summerhouses, childrens playhouses, garden storage and greenhouses. They are a long established online retailer with 10+ years of trading and a long list of satisfied customers. Low price of as Garden Buildings Direct would rather put it “grate quality at affordable prices” is the main mantra of this retailer. They also put a firm focus on “Delivery is FREE to the majority of mainland UK”. Overall our opinion of Garden Buildings Direct is they are a fantastic alternative to the more traditional offline retailer like B&Q etc. If you are looking for a Garden Buildings Direct Voucher or a Garden Buildings Direct Discount code then why don’t you check out our dedicated money saving page that we regularly update.

Garden Buildings Direct: Support Contact Information

call: 01636 822 883Map


Garden Buildings Direct: Sales Contact Information

call on: 01636 858377

email to:

Garden Buildings Direct: Physical address

Parry Business Park, Sutton-On-Trent, Newark

NG23 6QX Nottinghamshire

United Kingdom

Garden Buildings Direct: The Products

When it comes to products, Gardens Buildings Direct have all you could possibly need. They have sheds, summerhouses, playhouses, greenhouses and pretty much anything that you would want as part of your garden. We really could not be any more impressed with the products that they have and we love how they have sheds and other structures not just for large gardens, but also for smaller ones, so if space in your garden is something of a premium, you will be very happy with their selection of smaller products. Garden Buildings Direct specialise in the BillyOh range of products and one of the things we love about this is that they have many styles of shed, bike store, greenhouse and so on, but most of these can be purchased in different sizes, so if you do see a shed with a design that you love then chances are they will have it in a size that will suit your needs.

Garden Buildings Direct: The Prices

We feel that the prices are spot on and we love how most of their products come in what you would class as a basic form, but then they make it so you can add things like a better flooring, shelving, stronger roof, paint and other such extras. Of course this cannot be done for everything, but we feel that it makes it ideal for people of all budgets as those on a more tight budget can purchase a basic shed, whereas those with a little more money to play with can add a few extras and turn what was once something basic into something more high end. In general we feel that their pricing is great, especially for some of their larger and more impressive structures.

Garden Buildings Direct: Using The Site

Garden Buildings Direct do a great job in making sure you have no trouble when navigating their site. To start with they have tabs across the top of the home page for things like summerhouses, sheds, greenhouses, playhouses and a few others as well. You can just click on one of these and then make your search a little more specific. For example if you click on sheds, you can then decide on metal or wood and other things like that. We really like how each product gives you all the extras and customisation options in an easy to understand manner, but this does make it a little bit more tempting to add some cool features to the product you were thinking of buying, but we really do not see that as a bad thing.

Once you do find something that you like the look of, you will love the way that Garden Buildings Direct give you all of the information in an easy to understand way. We are sure even someone purchasing their first shed or greenhouse would not find things confusing and know exactly what they are getting. They make it very easy to know how to get in touch with them and in general, we feel this is a site that should not cause you any problems. The only issue we see potentially happening is some people having, is the vast amount of choice being a little bit too overwhelming, but really when you consider that is the worst thing about the site, then it must be pretty good.


What Are The People Saying About Garden Buildings Direct?

Below you will find a list of all the additional resources that the team could find that allow independent reviews of Garden Buildings Direct online. If you are a customer then we would also really appreciate it if you could take the time to also leave a revive of the retailer on our site as well. All reviews are manually checked, 100% independent and genuinely do help other people decide if they want to use the retailer or not.

Trust Pilot: If you are looking for the most comprehensive list of reviews available online for Garden Buildings Direct then you should check out Trust Pilot. With almost 2,000+ reviews on the company you should end up with a very good opinion after you read them. The Trust Pilot rating is 6.9 out of 10 with 52% of customers giving it a five star rating. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Review Center:  With just under 200 reviews we feel the review centre are well worth checking out. There is a good mix of positive as well as a few negative reviews on here as well with some people having issues with the delivery times. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Ciao: With hardly any reviews on Garden Buildings Direct but still if you want to check them out then we feel it is worth doing as there is plenty of glowing reviews on here as well as some where the customers were not too happy. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Wikio:  Wiko has hardly and reviews on Garden Buildings Direct but still if you want to check them out the link to the page is below. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Garden Buildings Direct: How We Rate It

In general Gardens Buildings Direct is a site that we really like. They have a great selection of products and we really love how most of the items in their BillyOh range can be purchased in all different kinds of sizes. We know that there are some complaints here and there, but for the most part we feel that they are doing a good job and hopefully the complaints that they have had will keep them on their toes.


  • Fantastic range of options to customise your purchase
  • Long history or trading
  • Very trusted
  • They have plenty of higher end products as well as low cost ones
  • Site is very easy to use


  • Some occasional complaints
  • With such a vast selection it may be hard to know what to purchase
  • Delivery can sometimes take a little while
So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Overall Score

Garden Buildings Direct Review
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How you

Rate It

  • sarah said...

    Cheap for a reason. Aftercare from a useless call centre in the Philipines. Shoddy product – warped, damp and broken panels. Be prepared to spend extra getting it up to standard and don’t expect any customer satisfaction from after-sales team.


  • Ben Wilder said...

    Guaranteed delivery slot of 6 am to 7 pm, nothing turned up. Chased by phone and not called back. Tweeted complaint was called and told delivery by 6pm the following day and asked to remove tweet! Nothing delivered and no call – no idea if i have been swindled or not. Good price, but what use is that if they cannot deliver. Not a good first impression!


    • Richard said...

      Hi Ben, thanks for the feedback. I hope it helps others make a decision on if they want to use this retailer.


  • Steve said...

    Ordered an 8×6 Garden. Made it clear to them that I needed a 23rd May delivery (on a number of occasions).
    Failed to deliver.
    Contacted Kybotech via phone on the morning of the 23rd, told that there was a part missing to delivery would be 7-10 days ( my current shed was chopped up at this point).

    Seriously out of pocket for the extra labour I had paid for to do this work, although the company were not interested in this as this isn’t covered in their ‘terms and conditions’. Company not willing to offer any compensation – indeed anything in respect of the problems they have caused.

    Many e-mails and calls exchanged offering little help.

    Have had to cancel this order. Bank Holiday now missed! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!


  • Ross Arnold said...

    I was told the shed was out for delivery but come 6pm nothing had arrived. I emailed and waited for a follow up apologising and explaining the situation, nothing arrived. I called to find out what was going on, only to be told it had been delivered and I should look about the house for an 11×9 shed, as if it might have gone unnoticed, or maybe it could have been hiding, who knows!

    They had to investigate and I was promised a call back the same day, no call came. I had to phone back at the end of the day, only to be told it wasn’t put on the lorry and the quickest they could get me it was in 7 days time, despite stating they offer a 48hr delivery service on their site, they certainly weren’t willing to go the extra mile to rectify the problem. I’ve now been left out of pocket because of their failings and the attitude I got said they really couldn’t care less.

    I’ve since had to cancel the order and will wait for a refund, hopefully that will be less painful, who knows.


  • S close said...

    We ordered a playhouse for our 3 year olds birthday. We paid extra for delivery on a her birthday.

    The day before delivery we were told that they couldn’t deliver as promised and that we may get delivery a week or so later but they couldn’t be sure.

    Rang the number from the email correspondence and was surprised to reach a call centre in the far east. I thought they were based in Newark….

    We decided to cancel the order and was told to send an email to the cancellation email address. We have heard nothing so far…

    We would advise everyone to read the reviews from this company on twitter etc before parting with even a penny…

    The review figures I have left are on the generous side. Terrible company, terrible customer care, and no product to review.


  • Review said...

    I never leave reviews about products but after so much stress dealing with this company I feel I have to. If your product arrives without issue then I am sure they are great. However if you have an issue they have no actual customer support to speak of. MY husband has wasted two whole days, I have wasted hours and I have an upset child with no play house. Not sure if issue is with suppliers or the company but this is the worst service I have ever experienced. They just don’t care how much of your time they waste, what they tell you or how frustrated you are. Try a different company unless you are willing for your time to be wasted if things go wrong.


  • Colin said...

    Placed my order for a 10 x 8 summerhouse on the 5th June and was told 14 to 18 days delivery. When checking on my order online this had been changed to approx 21 days. After 25 days I had to make several calls and finished talking to someone from Philipines ? who after putting me on hold for 3 or 4 minutes then told me they were still waiting for parts to be made. After she read out these components it sounded like the product had not even been started. I was then told the summerhouse would be ready for delivery within 7 to 10 days. So if I receive this summerhouse 5 days after the 10th day I will have been waiting 5 weeks. For those of you thinking of buying from Garden Buildings Direct, don`t expect to good service.


  • Smithd953 said...

    Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Cheers


    • Richard said...



  • Kenny Welch said...

    I have to be honest after reading the other reviews I was wondering oh no I not going to get good service. But I ordered a Billy Oh 5000 6 x 4 shed for delivery on the 14th September 2015 I was informed by email 3 times once to confirm my order.The second to explain my order was being despatched and the third to give me the delivery slot 8am til 1pm actually delivered on time at 9.30am. The shed is great and if you follow the instructions goes together with ease and is of great quality for the price.
    I would recommend them and would certainly buy from them again. Thank you


    • Richard said...

      Thanks Kenny, I must admit that we are seeing a lot of good feedback recently. I believe that they have opened a new factory to deal with the increase in demand. Its looking like this increase in capacity is leading to a smoother delivery scheduled.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, I am sure it will help others.


  • Smithc25 said...

    A big thank you for your article.Thanks Again. Great.


  • Simon williams said...

    Failed to deliver on the day, missed by some 7 days even though I paid for a specific day . Customer service just could not provide any update other than there was a part missing. In which case why didn’t the website say so. They were more interested in taking my money
    When it did turn up there where 8 joists ( it was the BillyOh 20×10 shed ) all different lengths. The wood panels are cheap and will not last. Poor workmanship as I could literally put my little finger between the gaps on the paneling. Complained , twice by email, and still no reply
    Do not buy as they are cheap for a reason as their product is as good as if my 14 year old son had built it and that’s being kind to them


  • Rhys Jones said...

    Brought a cycle storage shed in October.Ordering went fine and delivery on time. Unfortunately it all went wrong then when the floor base was the wrong size and you then have to deal with a call centre in the Far East which doesn’t appear to be able to deal with problems effectively.Eventually a new floor was delivered. Now come February I have problems with a leaking roof turning the shed mouldy.I have asked the customer service for new felt and roof panels.After sending numerous photos and going through the T&C I just keep going around in circles. I am now on my ninth email, call.For such a simple problem to fix their lack of care is infuriating. Basically their motto is to fob you off as much as they can.If you value customer service do not use!


  • Sharon Porter said...

    Play house delivered with missing parts.
    It’s taken me six weeks of phone calls and Emails.
    A total nightmare from start to finish.
    For what I paid for the play house it’s not worth the money,Cheap and nasty. customer service is in a far away land absolutely useless .DO NOT BUY FROM GARDEN BUILDINGS DIRECT!!.


  • Holly Nettle said...

    Garden Buildings Direct does price itself at the low end of the market and the product is what you would expect for the price.

    Positives are the wide range of products and ability to customise your order. The order arrives with comprehensive and easy to follow build instructions.

    Negatives are that the delivery was late, communication with the company was poor, the product was incomplete with parts broken, customer service was poor, they do not make an effort to resolve any issue you have after you have paid your money.

    Interestingly they are still having issues with opening new processing plants two years after you noted they were having the same issue.

    I note that over half the reviews on review centre are one star – even given the bias in reporting negative experience this is staggering.

    In summary – the sheds are cheap and if you are lucky then you won’t have any problems. If you do have any problems then you are stuffed.


    • Richard said...

      Thanks for the feedback Holly.


  • Samantha Jones said...

    Do not buy from this company. Wood is poor quality, playhouse leaked in and got soaked inside.
    Now damaged less then six months on. Customer service is shocking they don’t care about their customers.


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