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The 5 Best Aluminium Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

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Aluminium sheds may not be as prevalent yet as steel sheds, but they have a lot to offer. Aluminium is a very lightweight metal, and yet it’s very tough as well. That means that aluminium sheds are easy to assemble, and are ready to stand up to the ever unpredictable British weather. It’s a category of sheds that we feel will become increasingly popular in the coming years, but at the moment the only widely available sheds featuring an aluminium frame are made by Palram. To help you work out which one is best for you, we’ve created this WhatShed guide to the five best aluminium sheds that can be bought online in the UK today.

All five aluminium sheds that feature in our list will make a high quality addition to any garden, but we also wanted to ensure that they were easily available to consumers. That’s why we’ve only considered sheds that were sold by the ten leading online retailers in this area; they’re the leading names with a great reputation, and between them they sell more than 95% of all garden buildings purchased in the UK over the internet.  more...

In years to come there are likely to be many more aluminium sheds available, but in the market today we could find five that impressed us with their quality and their value. By looking at their price, relative value for money, and aesthetic appeal we’ve been able to create this WhatShed guide to the top five aluminium sheds that can be found online in the UK today.

There are not nearly as many aluminium sheds on the market as there are steel sheds, but that may change as aluminium is a very practical substrate whether used for the framing or the shed as a whole. Nevertheless we did find five very high class examples, and so it’s well done to the twelve foot by six foot shed made by Palram and sold by Waltons. It tops our list of the best aluminium sheds that can be bought online in the UK today thanks to the versatility that comes from its size, its attractive light green colour scheme, and its low asking price. Whether you’re looking for metal sheds or children’s playhouses, WhatShed bring you the in depth reviews that can answer all your questions.

Absco 10 x 12 Pale Eucalyptus Easy Build Apex Metal Shed

In common with the other aluminium sheds in this top five list it’s the frame itself that is made of aluminium, which has then been covered in a polycarbonate cladding. That makes it a very durable building that’s also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and assemble. This particular shed caught our eye for two reasons from the first moment we saw it. The first is the unique green colour scheme; unlike other green metal or plastic sheds that we see it has a subtle pale green colouring that we found very attractive and which should blend in well with a garden background. The other striking feature was its sheer size, and it is this combined with its excellent value for money price that earns it a deserved position at the head of our league table.

With a bases size of 1.88 x 3.65m this is easily the largest of all the aluminium sheds we’ve reviewed, and the ridge height of 2.15m created by the apex roof means that there’s lots of head room too. That makes this a very flexible garden building; it can be used for storage purposes, with the addition of a padlock, and it could also be used as a workshop for a hobby or even for a small scale home run business. Whatever it’s used for, the translucent roof panels will prove invaluable, as we were very impressed by the amount of natural light they allowed to enter the shed.

4' x 6' Palram Grey Skylight Plastic Shed (1.21m x 1.77m)

We move from the largest of the aluminium sheds in our top five league table to one of the smallest, but this model earns its runners up position by providing exceptional value for money. The base area is 1.09 x 1.74m, but that provides an adequate amount of storage room for most small to medium sized gardens. It’s also noticeably taller than most of the timber sheds we review of a similar size,with a ridge height of 2.02m, which means that you won’t have to bend down too much when entering through the single door or when storing or retrieving items from within.

We understand that many people prefer the classical wooden look of a timber shed, and don’t want anything that looks too metallic or too plastic in their garden. This, however, has a very contemporary look that we feel will fit in perfectly with a modern garden. the polycarbonate cladding has a light, almost charcoal, colour to it, and this helps to emphasise that aluminium cladding that gives it its strength. In our opinion, these aluminium sheds are a great choice for people who want stable and resilient sheds at a price that’s significantly cheaper than they’d expect to pay for a high quality wooden shed.

6' x 3' Palram Grey Skylight Plastic Shed (1.85m x 0.9m)

Third place in our league table of the best aluminium sheds that can be bought online in the UK today goes to the smallest model in the Palram shed range. It has a base area of 1.75 x 0.84m, but thanks to an accommodating ridge height of 2.15m it can fit more inside than you might imagine at first sight. This is a perfect choice for people who want the benefits that a high quality garden shed can bring them, but who have a compact garden where free space is at a premium.

The compact and lightweight design of these particular aluminium sheds, and the nature of their metal and polycarbonate components, also mean that they are a perfect storage solution for caravan parks or holiday homes. The substrate is free from worries about rot of course, and aluminium is non-ferrous and therefore not liable to rust, but it’s also fire resistant. This means that it should comply with the fire safety regulations that many caravan and camping parks insist upon today. This adds extra value to what is already a very reasonably priced shed, especially as in common with the other entrants in this league table it also comes with a 10 year warranty, which is what earns it a position inside our top three.

6' x 10' Palram Grey Skylight Plastic Shed (1.85m x 3.04m)

This is the second largest of the aluminium sheds in our top five league table, and yet it’s still available for not much more than four hundred pounds. That’s excellent value, particularly when compared to traditional timber sheds. It holds many advantages over them as well, as it won’t rot or rust, or be prone to attack by insects or rodents. It’s also very secure, and that’s because there are no windows around the perimeter of the shed that would make it easy for passers by, which potentially means burglars of course, to see what’s being stored inside. Despite this, every corner of the interior is illuminated on a sunny day thanks to the skylights that are hidden out of sight.

With a base size of 1.70 x 2.97m we feel this could easily be used as a mini-workshop, and the double doors that are included on this model make it easy to move even wide or bulky objects in or out. This is further facilitated by the inclusion of an extending ramp leading out from the doorway, so that a wheelbarrow or trolley can be used without any difficulty. Another feature that we like is the slip resistant floor that’s included as standard, which isn’t always a feature we see on plastic or aluminium sheds.

6' x 8' Palram Amber Skylight Plastic Shed (1.85m x 2.28m)

Aluminium sheds are a very practical and cost effective storage solution for small to medium sized gardens, and larger models can be a great environment to work from as well, or to carry out a hobby such as woodwork. We know that some people may have been put off by the appearance of metal or plastic sheds, however, but this 68 shed from Palram could be the one to change their mind. In our opinion, it’s the most attractive of all the aluminium sheds we’ve reviewed, thanks to its amber colour scheme. From a distance it can almost look like wood, but close up the contrasting silver of the aluminium frame gives it an appearance that we found pleasingly modern. We also like the way that the side panels have a shiplap effect, as this not only helps to carry rainwater away, as does the apex roof overhead, it also adds to the aesthetic appeal.

We were pleased to see that this shares elements in common with the other aluminium sheds that make up this WhatShed league table, namely translucent roof panels that act as a skylight, a strong and resilient frame, and a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, so tough and stable is the aluminium and polycarbonate combination that we wouldn’t be surprised to see it far outlast this 10 year period. At not much more than four hundred pounds for an eight foot by four foot shed, we also think it makes a great value purchase.

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