Giant Hogweed Locations Map (UK)

Giant Hogweed is known as “the most dangerous plant in Britain”, just lightly touching the plant’s sap can pose a considerable threat to human health. If you want to find out why it’s so dangerous you can read our in-depth resource article on Giant Hogweed or if you want to just get the simple facts then you can look at this Giant Hogweed infographic to help give you a quick overview.

The spread of this invasive species across the UK has become increasingly rapid, it must be stopped. The first step in tackling this invasive species is accurately determining where Giant Hogweed is found. To do that, we need your help!

The Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural Resources Wales and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency joined forces to create an app that was formally used to tack this invasive and dangerous plant.  Unfortunately due to funding issues, The PlantTracker app is now no longer available from the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store. We all hoped that this would be temporary but now after over 18 months it’s looking like this is not going to happen.

To help continue the collection of this important data for the Biological Records Centre’s iRecord system WhatShed have created this interactive map that shows all the locations for Giant Hogweed sightings in the UK. We have also created a simple form below the map where we ask people who have seen this dangerous plant to enter the details of the sighting so an expert can verify it.

We need to keep collecting the data, we need your help!

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If you think you have to see Giant Hogweed please report the location using the below form. We will pass on the details to the Biological Records Centre’s iRecord system so an expert can verify the sighting. Once the sighting is verified by an expert the data will be added to the official iRecord so that the data can be made available to support research and decision-making at local and national levels.

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  • Elizabeth Taylor said...

    There’s no post code where I’ve seen it. Can I report location with the what three words app? Can I send photos?
    Thank you


  • Tony Holmes said...

    Your form asks “Please explain why you think what you was was Giant Hogweed” . . . .Was Was? You mean “what you SAW was . .”?


  • Sandra Manson said...

    I’m happy to report but will anything get done


  • Baz Adams said...

    I agree with the lady who commented earlier. The “what-three-words” app would be a far better option for pinpointing this problem.


  • DB said...

    Loads following the stream on the border of St wulstans Nature Reserve


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