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Best Battery Lawn Mower

10 of the best battery lawn mower’s available in the UK.

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Last Checked: 21st Feb 2022

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Battery lawn mowers offer the unique advantages of not needing any cords tying them back and tripping you up all over the garden, as well as being more eco-friendly, quieter, and more efficient than most other models. To help you find the best battery lawn mower to meet your needs, we spent 22 hours preparing a list of the 10 best battery lawn mowers on the market today.

Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower


If you’re looking for the best cordless lawnmower to meet your needs, the Flymo Mighti Mo might be just what you want. Powered by a 40V lithium ion battery and coming complete with both the battery and the charger, it offers a great value package for most homes. It can handle lawns of up to 250 square metres on a full charge, offering a cutting width of 30cm and variable cutting heights from 25mm to 65mm too.

There’s a 30 litre grass box on the back of the Mighti Mo for all the cuttings and some very well-made, highly manoeuvrable wheels on each side for guiding the mower around. Weighing in at under 10kg and offering folding handles for simple storage too, this Flymo mower is one of the most convenient, compact battery models around.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • The charge time on this model is particularly impressive compared to others, as you’ll only need to wait two hours for the battery to be back up at 100%
  • A large percentage of reviewers of this model mention how easy to use it is, with simple height adjustments and easy turning
  • A lot of people rank this as one of the best cordless lawn mower models for small to mid-sized gardens
  • The lightweight nature of this machine makes it easy to store in between uses and not difficult to lift too
  • Several users appreciate the fact that this battery lawn mower comes with its own safety key, helping to prevent accidental starts and unwanted incidents

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • If you have a very large lawn, this might not be the model for you
  • Some users say that the grass box is a little on the small side and needs to be emptied out quite often
  • For some users, the small cutting width and general small size of this mower might be an issue

Einhell Cordless Lawn Mower GE-CM 43 Li M Power X-Change


Those looking for a battery lawn mower with a little more power and performance and able to pay a little extra for the privilege may be interested in this cordless option from Einhell. It comes with not one but two lithium ion 4.0 Ah batteries and a pair of high speed chargers, so you never really need to worry about running out of power, and the universal ‘Power X-Change’ system allows for fast and easy charging of various batteries for other Einhell power tools and devices too.

With its long, adjustable handle and ergonomic grip, this mower feels comfortable in the hands and is a joy to use, regardless of the user’s height, and the handlebars can fold away when not in use to provide for simpler, safer storage in your shed or garage. This mower offers six variable cutting heights too and a cutting width of 43cm. There’s an absolutely massive 63 litre collection box at the back as well, as you can keep this mower going for long sessions across thick patches of grass without having to stop every few minutes to empty the box.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • This is one of the strongest and toughest mowers on the market, sure to last for years to come
  • Thanks to its high powered brushless motor, this mower can handle thick, overgrown patches of grass with ease A lot users love the extra large collection box on this mower
  • Many people appreciate the fact that this cordless lawnmower comes with two batteries and two chargers
  • Those who use a lot of Einhell equipment will be glad to add this model to their collection as the charge system works with lithiuim ion batteries for other power tools and devices too
  • A large number of positive reviews mentioned how easy to assemble this mower is, taking no time at all

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some people say that the grass box with this mower isn’t the best as it can be quite fiddly to attach
  • A few users stated that this mower doesn’t perform as well on wet grass
  • For those with very large lawns, the battery power might not be quite strong enough

Makita DLM431Z Twin 18v / 36v LXT


Another of the best cordless lawn mower options out there is the DLM431Z from Makita. It offers 43cm of cutting width, as well as featuring a soft start function and electric brake for ease of use. In terms of cutting height, you can switch from as low as 20mm right up to 75mm to suit the needs of your lawn and the time of year.

There’s also a 50 litre collection box on the back of this mower, so it can run for extended cutting sessions and hold a lot of grass before needing to be changed out. In terms of safety features, this battery lawn mower offers overload protection and the wheels have been fitted with ball bearings to offer high levels of durability. When not in use, the handles on this mower can be folded down.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many people rate this is one of the best cordless lawn mower models around in terms of value, since it offers power and performance at a fair price
  • A lot of users enjoy the sizeable collection box on this unit
  • Several users have noted that this battery mower is one of the quietest around when in operation
  • The soft start and electric brake features of this cordless mower make it easy and safe to use
  • Users of this mower will find a level indicator on the grass box to keep track of clippings and a batter life indicator on the handlebar to see how much power is left

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users say that on the lowest cutting height, this model can struggle to move around and get clogged up quite quickly
  • A few negative reviews of this model mention that it’s quite a heavy unit
  • Depending on what batteries you use, this mower may not be able to last long enough to tackle larger than average lawns

BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower with Two 2 Ah Batteries, 36 V


Offering 36V of power and fitted with a pair of 2Ah lithium ion batteries, this cordless lawn mower from Black + Decker is another big winner in terms of overall power, performance, and ease of use. It can run for long enough on each charge to tackle large gardens of up to 600 square metres, and you get a simple charge indicator to let you know exactly how much battery life is left while you mow.

In terms of cutting sizes, this mower offers 38cm of width and six variable preset cutting heights from 30mm to 80mm. On the back, there’s a 35 litre collection bin, and the retractable handles can be folded down when you’re down mowing. There’s also a carry handle on the side for easy transportation, and even though this is a relatively big and bulky mower, it’s not too heavy at just over 16kg.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many users enjoy the safe-start mechanism and other clever safety features of this cordless lawn mower
  • A lot of positive reviews of this model rank it as one of the best cordless lawn mower models for cutting medium sized and large sized lawns
  • A lot of users like the low profile nose shape of this mower which helps with cutting grass under bushes and into those usually hard to reach areas
  • This is a very sturdy and hard-wearing lawn mower, easy to manoeuvre over bumps and uneven ground without any issues
  • Many users like that this mower is quite light and easy to carry with the handle provided

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • At 96 decibels, this isn’t the quietest battery lawn mower on the market and might not be the right option for those who want a more silent runner
  • Some users complained that the grass collector feels a little cheaply put together and isn’t too big
  • A few users of this battery mower have complained that it often stalls when cutting on the lowest height setting

Black + Decker – CLM3820L1-QW


Another entry on our list of best cordless lawn mowers from Black + Decker, this cordless model is one of the more expensive entries, but it aims to earn its high price tag with some great features and high power performance. It needs just one lithium ion battery to run, which is included with the mower, and it can last for quite a while on a full charge. You can use it with two batteries too for additional power, and since the batteries charge back up to full strength in just 90 minutes, there’s no need to worry about excessive downtime in between uses.

In terms of functionality and performance, this mower offers 38cm of cutting width, allowing it to blast through small and medium sized lawns very quickly and easily, along with variable cutting heights. It also has a distinctive design with strong, sturdy wheels, folding handles, a big grass collection box, and a low profile nose that lets it access trickier areas around oddly-shaped gardens or those with lots of bushes and hedges along the sides of the lawn. It’s easy to use, easy to manoeuvre in general, and has a range of cutting height options too, giving you a lot of ways to mow.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • This is one of the best cordless lawn mowers in regard to durability, able to last for years of repeated use with minimal wear and tear along the way
  • Many users enjoy the speedy charge times and long run times offered by the battery with this cordless mower
  • The electric start makes it so simple to power up this model and start mowing
  • Many users like the fact that this model has easy folding handles and weighs barely 16kg, offering easy storage
  • Several positive reviews mentioned that this model is easy to manoeuvre around the garden and navigate tight turns

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users have complained about the battery losing its strength after repeated charges
  • You may need additional batteries and spares if you have a very large lawn
  • In some cases, the battery may be too hot to charge after mowing, so you’ll need to wait a while for it to cool down

Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ 18V Lawnmower


Offering 33cm of cutting width and a cutting height range from 25 to 65mm, this cordless lawn mower from Ryobi is one of the more compact and lightweight entries on the list, weighing just 12kg. In spite of its smaller size, it can still pack a punch, recommended to be used with either a 4.0 or 5.0 Ah battery. It works well on small to medium sized gardens, with a very nimble set of wheels that can take on tight corners and meandering garden paths with ease.

The ergonomic handles feel great under the fingers for long mowing sessions and the noise level for this model is under 90 decibels, so it’s not too loud or bothersome to use. The EasyEdge feature lets you get right up to the edge of the lawn too, reducing your need for a strimmer, and there’s a 35 litre grass catcher on the back, a good size for small lawns.

7 Reasons To Buy

  • This is one of the most manoeuvrable cordless lawn mowers on the market, ready and able to take on turns and spin smoothly at corners and edges
  • It has an EasyEdge feature to go right along the sides of the lawn
  • Many people appreciate how relatively quiet this mower is
  • A lot of users like the compact and lightweight design of this mower
  • Users of varying heights can have a great time with this mower as the handle can be adjusted into various heights and positions to suit everyone
  • This mower comes with a mulching plug if you’d like to mulch up your grass cuttings and reuse them
  • The cutting height and width of this cordless battery mower make it well-suited to small sized lawns or medium sized lawns

Reasons Not To Buy

  • You won’t get the battery or charger included with this model, so need to add those extra costs on
  • Some users say that this isn’t the best cordless mower for big lawns due to its small size and relatively short run time
  • A few negative reviews of this product noted that the grass cuttings tend to fall out onto the ground

Einhell GE-CM 36 Li Kit Power X-Change Cordless Lawnmower


Another great option from Einhell, one of the most trusted and popular brands in the lawn mower industry, the GE-CM comes with a two high powered lithium ion 3.0 Ah batteries and a speedy Power X-Change charging system that can be universally used with other Einhell batteries too. The mower itself 36cm of cutting width and six variable cutting heights too.

There are three adjustable height positions for the handle to suit different types of user and a 40 litre grass collection box on the back. Users can benefit from a level indicator on the grass box to see how full it’s getting, as well as three LED lights that show the remaining battery power too. In general, this is a dependable cordless lawn mower best suited for lawns of up to 350 square metres, but just lacking a little strength and power to be able to handle bigger lawns.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many people love the fast-charging times that come along with the batteries on this model
  • It’s a great choice for small to medium sized lawns in general
  • The strong housing is made from impact-resistant plastic, so this cordless model can take a hit without suffering any serious damage
  • The adjustable and foldable handles offer comfortable use and easy storage
  • You get plenty of options in terms of cutting heights

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • For bigger lawns, the battery power might not be good enough on this model
  • Some users have complained that the battery power and charge times degrade over time
  • Some users have stated that the lowest cutting height is simply too low for the mower to function properly and seriously slows it down

Webb 43cm/17in Push Cordless Rear Roller Rotary Lawnmower


If you’re willing to spend a little extra, this model from Webb is one of the best cordless lawn mower models you can buy right now. It boasts a massive cutting width of 43cm or 17″, allowing it to glide across the lawn and leave wide stretches of neat, precisely cut grass in its wake. In terms of cutting height, you can switch between seven preset positions ranging from 23mm to 77mm, which is one of the widest cutting ranges of any model on the market.

It’s a 3-in-1 cordless mower too, able to collect grass cuttings, discharge them around the lawn, or mulch them up to be used for compost or fertilizer later on. There’s a massive 55 litre collection bag on the back, some soft grip handles that feel really comfortable during those long mowing sessions on warm days, and the run time is about 30 minutes on average before needing to be charged back up. You’ll have to wait around two hours on average for the full recharge in between uses.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • This cordless mower comes offers really strong battery power, so it can tackle thick and damp grass, as well as taking care of weeds and overgrown areas without stalling or stopping too
  • The charge time for the battery on this model is quite impressive
  • Many users love the fact that this cordless mower is able to offer discharge and mulch features and that it comes with a mulch plug included
  • The variable cutting height range for this model is particularly wide
  • The collection bag is nice and bag so doesn’t need to be emptied out too often

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • This is one of the higher priced models, so may not be the most appealing to budget conscious shoppers
  • Some users may be put off by the fact that this cordless mower’s ion battery only lasts 30 minutes per charge
  • A couple of reviews for this cordless mower mentioned that grass cuttings can sometimes fly out in the gap between the bag and the mower

SWIFT 40V EB132CP2 Cordless Digital Compact Lawn Mower


Offering 32cm of cutting width in a 13kg package, this cordless mower from Swift is one of the lightest and most manoeuvrable battery models on our list. It’s a good option for older users or those who tend to find some cordless lawn mowers a little too heavy or bulky to turn tight corners or navigate around their gardens. This battery model comes with a pair of lithium ion batteries and only needs one to function well, with a strong brushless motor on the inside and enough run time per battery to handle a lawn of up to 250 square metres.

There are five different adjustable heights with this cordless mower ranging from 20 to 60mm and a 30 litre grass box at the rear. It comes with a child lock too, which is a useful safety feature for families, and the whole thing can be folded down into a neat little package when not in use. You get a two year warranty on this cordless mower too.

4 Reasons To Buy

  • The battery power and run time are just right for small lawns or medium sized lawns
  • It’s well-suited to elderly users and those who have issues with bigger, heavier cordless lawn mowers
  • Several positive reviews mention this cordless model’s easy assembly and general ease of use
  • A lot of users like how light and compact this mower is and how easy it is to store when not in use

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users feel that the handle is a little too short for taller people
  • This may not be the best cordless lawn mower for you if you have a lawn in excess of 250 square metres
  • It doesn’t deal too well with very thick patches of grass or weeds

BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Autosense Mower with 2 Ah 2 Batteries


One of the most intelligent and well-made cordless lawn mowers on the market right now, this model from Black + Decker is quite expensive but has a lot to offer. It features AutoSense Technology, which essentially allows it to automatically adapt to suit the task at hand. The motor is actually able to detect the cutting conditions and adapt itself accordingly, changing speed and torque levels to suit the task at hand.

If it comes across a particularly tough patch of grass, this battery powered unit is able to exert a little extra power to grind through it, but if the conditions are relatively light, it will ease off in order to be more energy efficient and extend the run time. It comes with 2 Ah batteries and offers a cutting width of 48cm. In terms of cutting heights, the range is quite wide, from 38mm up to 101mm, and there’s a 50 litre grass collection bag on the box. To top it all off, this is a 3-in-1 mower with a mulching function too.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • This is one of the most fully-featured mowers of them all
  • Users appreciate the 3-in-1 functionality of this model
  • Many people love the fact that this mower can adjust itself automatically to different conditions
  • Users have been impressed with the runtime of this mower, especially on dry, relatively short grass
  • Several reviewers have mentioned that this mower can work for all kinds of lawns, from smaller sizes to big patches of grass

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users have complained that the battery can get very hot after use and needs to cool off before charging again
  • A few users have noted that this cordless mower’s battery can wear out quite quickly in tougher conditions, such as on uneven ground with thick grasses and weeds
  • The size of this cordless mower can make it a little tricky to store when not in use

How long do battery lawn mowers last?

One of the aspects of battery lawn mowers that many people worry about before buying one of these machines is how long they’re able to last, also known as the run time. Since they’re powered by batteries, these devices are reliant on the battery having sufficient charge to keep them going. Once the run time expires and the battery charge wears down, the mower will power down and you’ll need to charge the battery back up or replace it with another.

WhatShed Top Tip – Those with big lawns should consider buying a spare battery to reduce downtime

So how long are they able to last? Well, this really depends on the model of mower that you buy. As Which points out, “The battery running time will limit how long you can mow for. Some cordless mowers have a cutting time of more than 30 minutes, while others will run out of charge within 20 minutes.” (1)

As well as the run time, the charging times can also vary between models, and this often depends on the size of the battery and the technology of the charger. Some chargers can get batteries back up to 100% in less than two hours, while others take four hours or longer.

Are battery powered lawn mowers any good?

Battery-powered models have a lot of advantages and are gaining more and more popularity with modern users. They do have some downsides too, so aren’t perfect, but when compared to classic corded electric models and petrol-powered alternatives, they offer some evident benefits.

For example, not having to worry about plugging your mower in and buying extension cords can save you time and frustration. Plus, it reduces the risk of you accidentally mowing over the cord or tripping over it while you work and causing a nasty accident.

Corded mowers also tend to be quite quiet, especially when compared to petrol models, and, as Christ Church College points out, they’re much more eco-friendly too. (2)

On the downside, these models are limited by the strength of their batteries and can run out of power in just 20 minutes in some cases, so they’re less well-suited for big lawns, and you’ll have to wait to charge the batteries back up between uses. Even the best cordless lawn mowers can struggle in terms of run time, and you have to pay close attention to other key factors like cutting heights and battery strength to find the best possible model for you.

Is a cordless lawn mower powerful enough for my lawn?

This really depends on what kind of lawn you have, and many gardening experts and authorities, such as the RHS, recommend taking your time and thinking carefully about what type and size of lawn you have when choosing a mower in order to make the right choice. (3)

In general, the first thing to consider is the size of your garden. Unlike corded models, battery-powered machines aren’t able to run and run for hours on end. So if you have a huge garden that takes over an hour to mow, you might struggle to find a cordless mower that can take on the job. If, however, you have a smaller lawn, a battery model might be just fine.

You also need to consider the thickness of the grass and the general conditions in your area. Battery mowers are, in general, less powerful than petrol-powered units or some corded models, so may struggle with very thick grass and can have a few issues with wet grass too, but if you shop around, it’s perfectly possible to find higher-priced units that can tackle almost anything.

What should I look for in a lawnmower battery?

When buying a battery-powered mower, a lot of your focus needs to be on the lithium-ion battery itself, as this will have a huge impact on how the machine actually functions and what levels of performance it’s able to provide, and as B&Q points out, there are two key measurements to focus on when looking at batteries: voltage and ampere-hours. (4)

Voltage (V) shows the power of the battery. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the machine will be, making it more able to tackle thick grass, wet grass, and weeds without clogging or stalling. The best cordless models offer high levels of battery power to tackle large lawns and cut through thick grass in no time at all.

WhatShed Top Tip – When looking for the best cordless lawnmower, read user reviews to learn about real run time ratings

Ampere hours (Ah), meanwhile, can also be referred to as amp rating and basically tells you the capacity of the batteries; higher ratings in this particular measurement will allow the battery to last longer per charge, leading to higher run times for your mower. Again, the best cordless options tend to have a battery or multiple batteries that can last longer.

In general, if you have a small and simple lawn, the V and Ah ratings won’t matter too much, but if you need the extra power and longer runtimes for a bigger lawn or thicker grass, it’s important to find a strong, high-capacity lithium-ion battery.

Is a battery lawn mower worth it?

Ultimately, the worthiness of cordless mowers to you will depend hugely on your own situation and preferences. There are many people out there who make use of cordless mowers all the time and love the convenience, compact nature of these models, as well as their eco-friendliness and other great advantages.

Meanwhile, there are others who prefer petrol or corded models instead, because they don’t like the idea of having to charge up batteries or run out of power halfway through their mowing sessions, or simply because they like the added performance of a petrol model.

This is why, when thinking about buying cordless mowers, you have to think carefully about how long it usually takes you to mow your garden. If you have a small or medium-sized lawn that’s relatively easy to mow, a battery model should be fine, but if you tend to mow for long periods of time and have lots of weeds and overgrown areas to deal with, you might want something different like a self-propelled unit.

If you do decide to shop for a cordless lawn mower that relies on battery power, it’s important to take your time and consider your options in order to find the best cordless lawnmower to meet your needs. Think about the run time, the strength of the ion batteries, the cutting heights, and the size of your lawn too.


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