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Best cordless lawn mower

11 of the best cordless lawn mower’s available in the UK

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Last Checked: 21st Feb 2022

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Cordless lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular with many consumers due to their convenient designs and ease of use. When using a cordless mower, you don’t need to worry about wires tripping you up or extension cables limiting how far you can go. We’ve spent 25 hours putting together a list of the 11 best cordless lawn mower models on the market.

Honda HRX426-QX 17-inch Rear Roller Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower


It might come at a high price, but this self propelling cordless lawn mower from Honda is one of the best cordless lawn mowers money can buy right now in terms of sheer power and performance. It offers a massive 42cm of cutting width and a wide range of adjustable cutting heights from 19mm up to 55mm. There’s a 60 litre fabric grass box on the back, able to store a lot of grass and minimize the need for the user to constantly stop to empty it out. A roto-stop safety brake feature makes this mower really easy to use and convenient as well, and the strong polypropylene deck offers great durability too. On top of all that, its self-propelling feature allows it to move along without the user having to exert much physical force on the handlebars. 5 Reasons To Buy

  • This self propelled cordless lawn mower is able to glide across the garden with the minimal manual effort required
  • It’s a great choice for users with big gardens
  • Many positive reviews note that this mower can tackle weeds and overgrown areas with ease
  • A lot of users like the big size of the grass box that comes with this mower
  • Many users were pleasantly surprised by how quiet this cordless lawn mower could be while running

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some people have complained that this cordless lawn mower isn’t the best in terms of speed and can slow down on the low height settings
  • A few users have reported difficulties in trying to push this mower up inclines
  • Some users have had difficulties navigating tight corners with this mower due to its size

Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower


Those looking for the best cordless lawn mower to be powered by a battery, rather than relying on petrol, will appreciate the Flymo Mighti Mo. It’s powered by a 40V lithium ion battery, providing enough strength to mow lawns of up to 250 square metres in size on a single charge. In terms of cutting sizes, it can offer 30cm of width and between 25 and 65mm of cutting height. The Mighti Mo features a 30 litre grass box on the back to gather up all the cuttings too. It’s also worth noting that this cordless lawn mower is particularly small, compact, and easy to manoeuvre; it can glide around the garden with relative ease, able to take tight turns and navigate winding paths without any issues. It’s less than 10kg in weight too, so users shouldn’t have any issues lifting and packing it away when not in use. 5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many people appreciate the ease of use of the Mighti Mo, regarding it as one of the best cordless lawn mower models for elderly users
  • The lightweight and compact nature of this cordless lawn mower provides for easy storage
  • This mower is very easy to manoeuvre and move around the lawn
  • Charge times for this battery-powered lawn mower are highly efficient, and you can get up to 100% power in just 120 minutes for each lithium ion battery
  • Many positive reviewers regard this as the best cordless lawn mower for smaller gardens

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Those with very large lawns might not like this mower as the battery power and run time might not suffice
  • The cutting heights of this model are impressive, but the cutting width may be a little lacking for medium sized lawns or large gardens
  • Some users also feel that this the grass box on this Flymo mower needs to be emptied too often

Makita DLM431Z Twin 18v / 36v LXT


Another of the best cordless battery lawnmowers on the market right now is the Makita DLM431Z, and there’s a lot to like about this model. For starters, it offers 43cm of cutting width, allowing it to fully mow a lawn in fewer passes than narrower alternatives. For cutting height, you can switch between several preset positions ranging from 20 to 75mm. This cordless lawnmower comes with a sizeable 50 litre grass collection box too, minimising the need for users to constantly stop and empty out the clippings, and there are several safety features like soft start, electric braking, and overload protection to extend the lifespan of this mower and protect the user too. When you’re finished using it, you can fold the handles down and pack it away comfortably and conveniently in your shed or garage. 5 Reasons To Buy

  • A lot of users like the fact that this mower runs very quietly
  • Many people have been pleased with the size of the collection box on this battery-powered cordless lawnmower
  • This cordless battery mower is impressively small and comapct, especially with the handles folded away, so won’t take up too much space in your shed
  • The battery life indicator is a useful bonus feature of this mower, along with the grass level indicator on the grass box
  • Several positive reviewers have rated this Makita model as one of the best cordless lawn mower models in terms of value

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • A few negative reviews of this lawn mower point out that it runs pretty slowly on the lowest cutting height setting
  • This mower might not be the best option for very large sized lawns due to the limited battery power
  • Some users have stated that this mower is a little too heavy for them to comfortably lift

Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower Honda 160 cc Engine


The Flymo XL500 offers something a little different when compared to many other of the best cordless lawn mowers. For starters, it has a more unique design and shape than a typical cordless lawn mower, and it doesn’t come with a grass collection bag or box, instead being able to mulch up the grass and spray the mulch back out onto the lawn, adding nutrients to the soil and meaning that you don’t need to worry about emptying or cleaning out the box as you go. Designed for slopes and inclines, this cordless lawn mower features a 4-stroke, 160 CC engine and provides a massive cutting width of 51cm, with cutting heights ranging from 10 to 40mm, so it can get really close to the ground for a super low cut. It glides across a cushion of air, making it easy to manoeuvre, and is made for the biggest of lawns, ideal for those who have a lot of land. 6 Reasons To Buy

  • You get a two year warranty with this model
  • It’s great for slopes and uneven surfaces
  • It’s able to mulch up the grass and let you reuse the cuttings, rather than throwing them away
  • Many people like how powerful and high-performing this mower is
  • A lot of users are satisfied by the overall durability of this cordless mower
  • Many people rank this as one of the best cordless lawn mowers for big, wide spaces due to its huge cutting width and powerful engine

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some reviewers have mentioned that this model is very heavy and hard to lift up steps or into a shed
  • A few users were disappointed that this cordless mower isn’t a great fit for making stripes along the lawn
  • A few negative reviews of this cordless lawn mower mentioned that the cutting heights are a little low

Einhell 3404585 GC-PM 46/1 S B&S Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with a Briggs and Stratton Engine


Another terrific model from Einhell, this self propelled petrol lawn mower comes complete with a super strong Briggs and Stratton 1650W engine and an enormous cutting width of 18” or 46cm. Variable cutting heights range from 30mm all the way up to 80mm, and you can choose between nine different height settings overall. This Einhell cordless mower provides a lot of control to the user and a highly intuitive, comfortable-to-use design too. It features a sizeable 50 litre grass collection bag on the back, which has a level indicator to show you how full up it’s getting while you mow, and it’s a fine choice for those with medium sized lawns and large lawns too. 5 Reasons To Buy

  • This cordless lawnmower has one of the strongest engines around, making it well-suited to tough patches of dense grass
  • The big grass bag on this cordless lawn mower means you won’t have to keep stopping to empty it out
  • A lot of people are surprised at how manoeuvrable this cordless lawn mower is, thanks in large part to its rear wheel drive feature
  • Several positive reviews mentioned that this cordless lawnmower starts first-time almost every time
  • The handles of this cordless lawn mower are said to be very comfortable for the most part

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • A few users have mentioned the big weight of this mower, making it a little difficult for some people to lift
  • Some less-positive reviews mentioned that the grass bag can fall off quite easily over uneven ground, spilling cuttings onto the lawn
  • Certain users have encountered issues with the handles, feeling that the power and propelling levers are too far from the main handlebar

Einhell Cordless Lawn Mower GE-CM 43 Li M Power X-Change


Those who prefer the quietness and eco-friendly nature of a battery-powered mower rather than a petrol alternative may find a lot to like about this one, rated as one of Einhell’s best cordless lawn mowers overall. It’s able to offer a surprising amount of power and strength for a battery model, thanks to the massive pair of 4.0 Ah lithium ion batteries on the inside. It comes with two high-speed chargers as well, minimizing downtime, and you can use the chargers to power other lithium ion batteries for other Einhell power tools and appliances if you have them. In action, this mower is a joy to use. The ergonomic grip, adjustable handles work well for users of all heights and ages, folding down conveniently for easy storage. You’ll be able to enjoy 43cm of cutting width when using this mower on your lawn, along with six different height options and a huge 63 litre collection box. 6 Reasons To Buy

  • There aren’t many cordless lawn mowers with such a big grass box
  • The large collection box and big engine make this mower one of the best for big lawns
  • This is rated as a very durable and well-made mower, stronger than many other lawn mowers on the market
  • Many reviewers like the fact that you get two lithium ion batteries and two chargers with this mower, offering great value for money overall
  • This mower is said to be super simple to put together, with very clear and easy to follow instructions
  • You can use the battery to power up other power tools

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • A few less positive reviews of this mower noted that it can struggle when cutting wet grass
  • Despite being quite strong, the batteries might not be able to last long enough for cutting very large lawns
  • Some users say that the grass box can be a little awkward to attach and detach

Hyundai Engine P1PE P4600SPE 139cc Petrol Lawnmower


Fitted with a 2.6KW Hyundai OHV 4-stroke, 139 CC engine, this petrol cordless lawn mower is certainly one of the strongest around, able to offer an impressive power output to tackle thick grass, weeds, and overgrown areas without too much difficulty at all. Those who want to have seamless, simple mowing experiences with minimal fuss or time wasted will absolutely appreciate the qualities of this model, even if the price is a little higher than certain battery-powered alternatives. You can benefit from rear wheel drive on this Hyundai petrol lawn mower, which makes it easy to turn and navigate corners, and it comes with 46cm of cutting width, plus 25mm to 75mm of variable cutting height. There’s a 55 litre grass collection bag too, with an easy to read indicator showing you how full it is at all times. 5 Reasons To Buy

  • A large percentage of users say that this mower is very easy to start and reliably works every time
  • Several people have also commented favourably on the overall strength and power of this mower, stating that it works well in all conditions
  • The self-propelling feature of this mower makes it one of the best for people who don’t want to put in much physical effort
  • It can handle medium sized and larger lawns without much wasted time
  • The size of the grass bag is a great feature, along with the fact that it features an indicator level

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users actually say that the power of this mower might be a little too much for older users
  • Some of the less positive reviews mentioned that this mower can stall on wet or thick grass, or on the lowest cutting height
  • A few users said that they struggled to see the grass level indicator, rendering it less useful for them

Honda Izy HRG536SD 21-inch Wheeled Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower


Weighing in at 36kg and offering 21 inches of cutting width, along with a strong engine and self-propelling functionality, this Honda Izy has got a lot to offer. It’s one of the best cordless lawn mowers that can run on its own, with minimal physical effort required by the user, making it a good choice for those who tend to have aches and pains while cutting their lawns, as well as those with large lawns or big plots of land in general. The GCV 160 CC engine of this mower is very reliable and starts up easily, as well as being designed to run quite quietly overall, without too much vibration or noise. The big cutting width of this model, combined with its cutting height options and impressive engine strength, make it a strong choice for cutting medium sized lawns. 6 Reasons To Buy

  • A lot of people like the massive cutting width offered by this mower
  • Several users have stated that this model can be used for cutting hilly or uneven ground without any issues
  • The fuel efficiency rating of this mower is said to be very impressive, as it can run for quite a while on a single tank
  • This cordless lawnmower can tackle medium sized lawns very reliably
  • Several positive reviews for this mower commented on how durable and strong it looks and feels
  • Assembly and general use is said to be very simple for the Honda Izy

2 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some of the less positive reviews for this model mention that it can run a little slow on the lowest cutting height
  • Certain users have stated that the light front section of this cordless lawnmower lifts up too often while in user, due to the fact that it’s much lighter than the back part

Makita PLM4622 46cm 190cc 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower


Another excellent offering from Makita and one of the best cordless lawn mowers on the market in terms of power and performance, the PLM4622 comes with a 190 CC, 4-stroke engine. It can provide a cutting width of 46cm, allowing it to cut big, wide lines of grass on every pass, saving you a lot of time on larger lawns, along with cutting heights from 20 to 75mm. On the back of this unit, users will be pleased to see a 60 litre collection box, more than big enough to handle extended mowing sessions with minimal fuss. This mower is also self-propelled, so you can just pull the handle and let it glide, without having to force it along the lawn or over slight bumps in the ground. On top of all that, this model is one of the more eco-friendly petrol mowers, with a smart design to minimise its emissions. 6 Reasons To Buy

  • The engine on this lawn mower allows it to offer very impressive levels of performance
  • A lot of users are impressed at the manoeuvrability of this cordless lawnmower
  • Several positive reviews mention the power and durability of this lawn mower
  • The grass collection box is big enough to store a lot of clippings
  • The cutting width is quite impressive on this lawn mower
  • This is one of the best cordless mowers for cutting big lawns and large plots of land

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Certain elderly users may struggle to keep this mower under control with its high-strength engine and speedy performance
  • Some users have mentioned that the price of this lawn mower prevents it from being ranked among the best value models
  • Those with small lawns may find that this lawn mower is just too big and overly powerful for their needs

Webb 43cm/17in Push Cordless Rear Roller Rotary Lawnmower


This cordless lawn mower from Webb is one of the more expensive options in the battery-powered category, but it does a lot to justify its higher cost, beginning with the fact that it offers a very impressive 43cm/17” of cutting width. In terms of heights, you get a lot of options, ranging from 23mm all the way up to 77mm, and there’s a 55 litre collection bag to gather up the cuttings too. This is a 3-in-1 lawn mower, which means that it can collect cuttings, disperse them around the lawn while you mow, or mulch them up, giving you more control and options than many other mowers on the market. It feels comfortable in the hands too, with soft grip handles, and the lithium ion battery powering it up is surprisingly strong, offering enough battery power for 30 minutes of run time and 120 minutes of charge time. 6 Reasons To Buy

  • The speedy charge times and reasonably long run time ratings for this battery-powered model help to minimise downtime
  • This mower is said to be strong enough to deal with thick patches of grass and works well in wet conditions too
  • Several positive reviewers appreciate the wide range of cutting heights with this model and the easy cutting height adjustment options
  • It has enough run time for cutting average or medium sized lawns
  • The size of the collection bag is a big plus
  • This mower is able to mulch up grass cuttings if desired, giving you another way to mow

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • The 30-35 minute run time of this mower might not be long enough for those with very big gardens
  • Some of the less positive reviews mention that cuttings can fall out of the collection bag while the mower is running
  • This mower does come at quite a high price, so won’t be the best choice for those wanting to save cash

Black + Decker – CLM3820L1-QW


Those looking for the best cordless lawn mower powered by lithium ion batteries may be interested in this model from Black + Decker. It runs on a single lithium ion battery, which lasts for over half an hour on average per charge. You can add in a second lithium ion battery for a big power boost, and the batteries are able to charge back up to full strength in only 90 minutes too. Out on the lawn, this cordless mower can offer 38cm of cutting width and a range of different heights. It comes with a sizeable grass collection box and features a low profile design that lets the nose slip under hedges and bushes to mow right to the edges. It’s also got more than enough strength to handle wet or dry grass on both small lawns and medium sized lawns. 5 Reasons To Buy

  • This is one of the best cordless lawn mowers in regard to its design and durability
  • The low profile nose is a great advantage when trying to mow sides, edges, and hard to reach spots
  • Since this mower only weighs 16kg, it’s not too heavy to lift around or store away in between uses
  • The charge times for the lithium ion battery on this mower are very impressive overall and the run time ratings are fine for small and medium sized lawns
  • Many positive reviewers of this mower mention how well it turns and how easy it is to move around the garden, even in oddly-shaped spaces and tight corners

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Several of the less positive reviews for this cordless model mention how hot the lithium ion batteries can get in between uses, so you have to wait before charging them
  • Some users also mentioned that the lithium ion batteries can take significantly longer to charge as they get older, so replacements may be needed
  • Due to the battery-powered nature of this mower, those with very large lawns might find the run time to be lacking

Are cordless lawn mowers worth it?

This really depends on your needs and preferences. There are certainly some advantages to cordless models, but there are a few downsides worth considering too, and with such a wide range of models to choose from, you have to think carefully and consider all the options.

As the experts over at B&Q put it, “If you don’t have access to an outdoor power source or have a larger garden where an extension cable simply won’t do, then a cordless lawnmower could be perfect for you.” (1)

This is of the main reasons people get cordless machines; since you don’t need to worry about cable lengths or extensions cords holding you back, you’re able to glide all around the garden without any issues, and using a cordless model is generally much more convenient than a corded alternative.

Cordless models also give you a lot of choices. You can opt for a high-powered petrol machine, for example, to tackle thick, overgrown patches and massive lawns, or you can select a quiet, lightweight, eco-friendly battery model instead, which tend to be best-suited small lawns.

On the downside, you have to remember that these models are limited by their power supplies. Petrol models need to be refuelled often, which will cost you cash in terms of having to stock up on petrol, and battery models have to be charged regularly.


How long do cordless lawn mower batteries last?

One of the unique features of many cordless mowers is the fact that they’re powered up by batteries. This means that they can run cord-free, but it also means that when the battery runs out, you have to stop mowing and either switch a new battery in or wait for the other one to charge back up.

One of the common questions people have about these batteries is how long they are able to last, and the answer is that it really depends on the model you buy. Batteries can be measured in ampere hours, or Ah, and the higher the Ah rating, the longer the battery should be able to run.

WhatShed Top Tip – Buying a spare battery can reduce downtime and help you mow for longer

So, a mower that has a 4.0 Ah battery on the inside should be able to last a lot longer than one powered up with a 2.0 Ah battery. If you have a smaller lawn, the weaker batteries should be sufficient for you, but if you have a larger plot of land, it’s important to opt for the bigger batteries.

In terms of real world performance, there are some mowers that can offer a run time of around 20-25 minutes, and others that can go well beyond 30 minutes, even up to and over 60 minutes in run time in some cases. In terms of charge times, the smaller batteries charge up faster and the bigger ones take a little longer, usually ranging from 90 minutes to 4-5 hours.


Who makes the best battery powered lawn mower?

There are a lot of different brands to choose from when you’re shopping for battery powered lawn mowers, and it can be quite challenging to know which one to trust and how to choose between them, especially with so many differing opinions out there.

There’s no one answer to this question, as there are several top tier brands that make high quality battery models. Flymo, Makita, Black + Decker, Ryobi, and Einhell are five examples of leading brands in this space, but there are others too.

Often, as Love The Garden points out, the best thing to do when shopping for a new mower is to consider a range of different factors, rather than simply focusing on the brand. You need to think, for example, about the size of your lawn, the power of the batteries, how long they take to charge, the cutting width, cutting height, and more. (2)


Is a Cordless Lawn Mower Right For Me?

Once again, the answer to this question is going to be different for different people and will depend massively on your needs, preferences, and the size and state of your garden too. As stated earlier on, cordless mowers absolutely have their advantages, but they do have some drawbacks.

If you have a large, expansive garden, being tied back by cords and cables can be a real issue. It’s also a health hazard, as people can often trip over cords or even accidentally run the mower over them, which can cause all kinds of issues.

Cordless models have the benefit of letting you roam around without being held back, so they’re a good choice in that respect. Since they come in varying sizes and power levels, they can suit almost any kind of garden too, but you do need to remember to charge up the batteries or buy extra petrol, depending on the model.

As pointed out by Christ Church College, cordless mowers powered by batteries offer the advantage of being quieter and more eco-friendly overall than their petrol-powered counterparts, so these factors might also be worth taking into consideration when trying to decide which model is the right one for you. (3)


Can Cordless Lawn Mowers Be Used To Cut Wet Grass?

Yes, cordless mowers are able to be used on wet grass, but the level of performance you get will vary from one model to the next, and it’s worth reading some user reviews and consulting the user manual to find which machines work best on damp lawns and wet gardens in general.

Wet grass is often tougher to get through, so you need a strong unit to be able to mow it effectively. The models with bigger and faster motors should be able to tackle this, but weaker, smaller units may struggle.

It’s actually safer to use a cordless mower on damp lawns, as having extension cords stretching out across wet surfaces can run the risk of electric shocks, but the RHS, among other expert authorities, generally recommends avoiding mowing wet grass whenever you can help it. (4)

WhatShed Top Tip – If possible, avoid cutting wet grass and wait for the garden to dry out to enjoy an easier experience

Mowing wet grass, even with a cordless mower, can result in damage to the soil, as well as increasing the risk of clogs building up around the head or leading into the grass collection box, so you may have to spend more time cleaning the mower out afterwards.

Generally then, it’s better to postpone your mowing sessions if you notice that the lawn is wet. A slight bit of morning dew or dampness is okay, and cordless mowers can usually handle it, but mowing dry grass is a lot easier and safer overall.


What Maintenance Does A Cordless Lawn Mower Require?

The specifics of maintenance for cordless lawn mowers will depend on which type of mower you buy, but in either case, you should always check the mower over in between uses for any signs of damage or build-ups of dirt. Grass clogs or blockages should be cleared out, and the blades should be checked over carefully for any dents or issues.

If you opt for a petrol model, you’ll need to clean out the tank often and make sure you don’t leave petrol sitting in there for too long, as this can lead to the motor stalling when you try and use it. Excess petrol should be stored in a safe and dry place, and oil will need to be added to help lubricate the motor and keep your machine running smoothly.

In the case of a battery model, you’ll need to charge up the batteries regularly in between uses and store them in a cool, dry place when they’re not in use. You’ll also need to check the mower over for any dents or marks, but in general, one of the main advantages of electric, battery-powered models is that they really don’t require much maintenance at all compared to others.


My Lawn Is Composed Of Long Grass, Is The Cordless Lawn Mower Suitable For Use On It?

If you have a lawn with lots of long grass and areas that tend to get overgrown quite easily, it’s important to think carefully and consider your options before buying a mower. There are certainly some models out there with weaker motors or blades that simply aren’t tough enough to consistently get through long grass.

In the cordless market, if you have very long and thick grass, you should avoid the small, low powered battery models, as they usually won’t have enough strength to tackle it and will slow down or stall when coming across the taller blades.

Instead, opt for the models with bigger batteries or choose a petrol model, as these should be strong enough to glide through taller grass without any issues. You may even want to let the grass grow longer during dry, cooler periods of the year, and then cut it shorter when the warm summer months roll around to keep your lawn healthy.

Expert consumer guide Which points out that it’s always important to consider cutting heights when shopping for a new lawnmower too. Many models will offer a wide range of cutting height adjustment options, typically varying from around 20mm up to around 75mm. (5)



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