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8 of the best lawn mower’s available in the UK.

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 21st Feb 2022

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

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Lawn mowers are some of the most useful garden tools around, perfect for keeping the lawn in check and preventing overgrown areas from building up. But not all lawn mowers are created equal. Some are much more powerful, easy to use, safe, and fully-featured than others, and we spent 25 hours researching the best lawn mowers on the market to share with you. You are specifically looking for the best petrol lawn mower you might want to check out our league table for just this category.

Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC Electric Rotary Lawn Mower


Coming from one of the most trusted and experienced brands in the business, this fairly priced electric lawn mower from Flymo has a lot to offer. It features a 1,500 W motor, offering more than enough power to tackle big, overgrown lawns, with 36 cm of cutting width and a 40-litre grass box too.

The variable 20-60 mm cutting heights of this lawn mower allows it to offer neat, clean cuts all across the garden, and the grass collection box is super easy to empty in between uses too. Meanwhile, you’ll also get a 12m long power cable, offering reasonable flexibility to let you glide around the garden, and the whole unit weighs just 11.5 kg, making it pretty easy to transport.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many positive reviews of this lawn mower rated it as one of the best options in terms of value for money
  • A lot of people like the fact that this lawn mower comes with a grass collection box that is so easy to empty
  • Many users appreciate the ease of use of this lawn mower, commenting that it’s one of the best for beginners
  • Lots of positive reviews highlighted the folding handles and easy storage of this lawn mower
  • Other reviewers liked the lightweight nature of this model and how easy it is to pick up and carry around

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users have been disappointed by the limited warranty available with this lawn mower
  • Certain negative reviews say that this isn’t the best lawn mower in terms of grass collection box capacity
  • A few negative reviews say that this lawn mower lacks power and performance, unsuited for large gardens

Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Lawn Mower


Next up on our list of the best lawn mowers, we have the Makita DLM380Z. This manual lawn mower is powered by two 18V lithium-ion batteries, so you won’t need to plug it in, and the cordless capabilities will appeal to people with larger lawns or difficult access to power outlets, as you won’t need to worry about plugging it in. Recommended for lawns measuring between 540 and 720 square metres, it offers a cutting diameter of 38 cm and comes with a 40-litre collection box.

The single lever cutting height adjustment allows you to easily switch between six different positions, and setting up this lawn mower is really easy in general. It can hit speeds of up to 3,700 RPM in total, and when not in use, the handles fold down for easy transportation and storage. The unit only weighs in at 15 kg too, so it’s quite easy to lift, and it’s also worth pointing out that this is one of the quietest lawn mowers out there. It’s one of the best choices for people who want to mow their lawns without bothering the neighbours or making too much noise, producing around 81 decibels of sound on average.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many positive reviews mentioned how quiet this cordless lawn mower is
  • Lots of people appreciate how easy to use this machine is
  • Many people like the fact that this cordless lawn mower doesn’t need to be plugged in
  • Several users were impressed with the general ease of use of this mower
  • Certain reviews noted that this mower comes with a grass level indicator, letting you easily see how much grass is in the box and when it needs to be emptied

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users felt that this cordless model isn’t the best lawn mower for long and overgrown patches of grass
  • Certain reviews mentioned that the batteries of this cordless lawn mower don’t last as long as they hoped
  • A few reviews noted that removing the grass box can be tricky, leading to some of the grass spilling out onto the lawn

Flymo Chevron 32V Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower


One of the cheaper models on the market, this Flymo electric lawn mower is one of the best options for budget-conscious shoppers. It features a 1,200 W motor and a cutting width of 32cm. The grass box on this corded mower can store up to 29 litres of grass at a time, and the power cable measures up at 12m.

At around 8kg, it’s one of the most lightweight and compact models around, definitely one of the best lawn mowers for elderly people and those who favour mowers that are convenient to push and pull across the garden. In terms of cutting heights, this model ranges from 20 to 60mm.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many people like the lightweight, compact nature of this lawn mower
  • A lot of reviewers say that this is the best lawn mower for those with back pain due to its portability
  • Many people appreciate the fair, reasonable price of this lawn mower
  • A lot of positive reviews noted that this lawn mower is really easy to assemble
  • Some reviewers say that this is one of the best lawn mower models for small to medium-sized lawns

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users feel that this isn’t the best lawn mower in terms of power and performance for big lawns
  • A few negative reviews note that the power cable on this model is a little short
  • Several reviews mentioned the fact that the grass box for this unit is quite small compared to other mowers

Hyundai HYM510SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty self-propelled lawn mower, you may appreciate this model from Hyundai. It’s one of the best self-propelled petrol mowers around, but it does come at a higher than average price when compared to some of the smaller and less fully-featured options out there. This petrol lawn mower features a very impressive 173 CC petrol engine with recoil pull-start. It offers 51 cm of cutting width, great for medium-sized or large gardens.

This petrol lawn mower also offers four different speed settings too and rear-wheel drive, gliding across the lawn with minimal effort required from the user. You’ll also get to choose from six different cutting heights with this machine, ranging from 25mm up to 75mm. The grass bag collector on this machine has a huge 70-litre capacity, and the handles feature soft, ergonomic grips that feel great in the hands. You’ll also get a three-year manufacturer warranty with this Hyundai lawn mower for maximum peace of mind.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many people love the power and precision of this model, saying it’s one of the best petrol mowers for big lawns
  • Lots of people appreciate how easy to manoeuvre this lawn mower is
  • Some people feel this is the best lawn mower around in terms of cutting capacity
  • Many users like the huge size of the 50-litre grass collection bag
  • Lots of positive reviews mention the great warranty and friendly customer support offered by Hyundai

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users may be put off by the price of this petrol lawn mower
  • Certain negative reviews say that this isn’t the best lawn mower for older people due to its weight and size, making it harder to lift and store
  • Several users have found that the pull cord on this petrol lawn mower can be a bit stiff at times

Bosch Rotak 430 LI Cordless Lawnmower with Two 36 V Lithium-Ion Batteries


If you’re looking for the best cordless lawn mower, favouring the convenience and comfort of a wire-free model over one that needs to be plugged in at all times, you may appreciate the Bosch Rotak 430. Powered by two lithium-ion batteries for extended run time sessions and fitted with a 50-litre grass box, this unit offers a cutting width of 43cm and a variable cutting height ranging from 20 to 70mm.

The hardened steel blades inside help this machine to glide right through even the toughest patches of grass, while the comfortable, ergonomic handles make it really easy to use. Charge times with this model are quite impressive too, as it can be fully powered up in under 2.5 hours, so you won’t need to wait too long at all in between uses to get it back out on the lawn.

4 Reasons To Buy

  • Many positive reviewers mentioned that this is one of the best cordless electric lawn mowers in terms of ease of use
  • Lots of people rank this as one of the best cordless lawn mowers due to its fast battery charging and long run time
  • Several reviewers appreciate the sizable grass box on this model, making it great for large gardens
  • Some positive reviews noted that this unit is easy to store away when not in use

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • On the downside, some people felt that this wasn’t the best cordless lawn mower in terms of durability, with some cheap plastic parts
  • Some users also said that the instructions and assembly with this model are a little unclear
  • A few negative reviews noted that this cordless mower doesn’t have the best manoeuvrability

Flymo Glider Compact 330AX Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower


When it comes to the best electric mowers, Flymo is one of the most trusted brands around, and this compact, convenient, electric mower shows exactly what Flymo can be capable of at its best. Powered by a 1,700 W motor and offering a 33cm cutting width, 12-32mm heights, and a 22 litre grass box, this mower gives you all you need.

It’s one of the best options around in terms of its compact design and general ease of use, with the grass box being transparent in places to let you see how full it is at any one time. It features a 10m cable too, making it a good match for small to medium-sized gardens, and whenever it’s not in use, this machine can be folded away for convenient, simple storage.

4 Reasons To Buy

  • Many users like the fact that the handles fold down for simple storage when not in use
  • Lots of positive reviews noted the compact, lightweight nature of this model
  • Many people appreciate how easy it is to turn this lawn mower
  • Lots of positive reviews mention that the grass box is easy to empty and re-attach

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some people say this isn’t one of the best lawn mowers for big gardens due to its limited power cable length
  • Certain reviews say that the grass box needs to be emptied very often due to its low capacity
  • Several reviews said that this unit doesn’t perform too well on bumpy or uneven ground and can get stuck

Einhell GC-HM 30 Manual Hand Push Lawnmower with 30 cm Cutting Width


If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful lawn mower that may not be the best in terms of raw power and performance but can be classed among the best for affordability and simplicity, this might be a great choice for you. It’s small, light, and pretty basic, with a classic manual system. It offers 30cm of cutting width and variable heights from 15 up to 42mm.

The five strong steel blades under the hood are tough enough to tackle overgrown patches of grass fairly easily, even without the power of a motor inside, and the lack of any electrical elements or petrol tanks means you won’t need to spend so much running and maintaining this model. At the top, it offers basic handles for pushing along, and there’s a 16 litre collection bag at the bag to store the cuttings.

4 Reasons To Buy

  • This is one of the lightest and most compact models you can buy
  • Many reviewers like the simplicity of this model The Einhell GC-HM 30 is one of the best manual lawn mowers on the market
  • The range of cut heights allows this model to really provide clean, crisp cuts
  • Several reviews were surprised to see how easy this machine was to use

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Several negative reviews noted that this mower could be quite tough to push around and requires a lot of effort on the part of the user
  • Certain users feel that this model isn’t well-suited for elderly users or those with bodily aches and pains, as you need to put a lot of energy into using it
  • Some negative reviewers stated that this model was a bit too cheap and simple for their needs

Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower


Another entry on our list from Flymo, the Easi Glide 300 is an electric mower that hovers on a cushion of air, allowing it to glide over uneven ground and slopes more easily than other models. It features a 1,300 W motor under the hood, with a 12m power cable, making it a good option for small and mid-sized gardens in general.

In terms of sizes, this model can cut 30cm in width and between 10 and 30mm in height. On the underside, you’ll find a 20 litre grass box. The whole machine weighs about 8.5 kg, making it really lightweight compared to some of the heavier options out there, so you shouldn’t have a very hard time picking this unit up and transporting it around from place to place.

4 Reasons To Buy

  • Several users like the lightweight and compact design of this lawn mower
  • Some users feel this is one of the best options for smaller gardens
  • Lots of users like how easily this model is able to tackle rough or uneven ground
  • Several positive reviews mentioned the fact that this mower can be easily turned at corners

2 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users feel that the grass box is a little too small
  • Certain negative reviews mentioned that chopped grass can blow from underneath this machine as you use it

What are the different types of lawnmowers?

There are various types of lawn mower to choose from, and several ways to divide mowers into different categories. For starters, you can opt for riding mowers, which feature seats and let you drive around, or walk-behind mowers, which are more common, compact, and affordable, better for most situations. Riding mowers are only really recommended for homeowners with acres of grounds to maintain.

Then, there are even more categories of lawn mower to choose from. You can opt for a totally manual mower, which needs to be pushed along and is powered by your own movements, without any motors or engines to speak of. There are also petrol lawn mowers, with have to be loaded up with petrol as a power source, and electric mowers, which can be either plugged in or operated wirelessly through battery power. The run time on cordless lawn mower models can vary, so it’s important to choose with care, as pointed out by Gardeners’ World. (1)

You also might be interested in a self-propelling mower, which is able to basically move along without much physical effort on your part. You’ll simply hold down the trigger and walk behind the mower, guiding it in the direction you want to go, but not needing to push it too hard. You can even get a robot lawn mower nowadays. A robot lawn mower is able to mow autonomously, without the need to be pushed or moved manually.

Popular mechanics reminds shoppers to “think realistically about how much time you have to mow your lawn on a busy weekend and select your equipment accordingly.” (2)


What are the different types of lawn mower blades?

As well as different types of mowers, there are also different types of lawn mower blades. The best lawn mower blade for your lawn may depend on how much grass you have, how long it tends to get, and how often you want to cut. The Guardian notes that there are several blade options to choose between, and it’s important to select one that suits your needs. (3)

There are four main types of blades.

Most mowers will be equipped with standard blades, which are also called medium-lift blades. They spin around horizontally, with little bends at each end of the blade designed to suck up air and grass from the ground. They’re highly efficient and great for thick patches of grass but can cause clogs.

Low-lift blades are another type to consider. They have less curve than standard blades, resulting in lower suction power, making them best for dry, sandy ground. They need less power to use and can last longer than other types.

High-lift blades, meanwhile, have much higher levels of suction, sucking up the grass and helping to provide neat, clean, precise cuts. These are a good option for gardens with tall grasses, but they’re less useful on sandy ground as dust and sediment can get sucked up and cause damage.

Mulching blades are another option, designed to trim the grass down into super small pieces and then shoot out the resulting mulch onto the ground to be recycled as a form of natural fertilizer.


What is a 3 in 1 mower blade?

A 3-in-1 blade is another name for a mulching blade. These blades can be found in a wide variety of lawn mowers, including both walk-behind and riding models. As the name implies, they are multipurpose blades with three distinct functions. 3-in-1 blades feature more cutting edges than other types of blades, allowing them to chop the grass down into super small pieces and then shoot those pieces back out onto the surrounding ground.

WhatShed Top Tip – Choose a lawn mower with a 3-in-1 blade to save money on fertiliser

As the grass is chopped down super small, it becomes more effective as a natural fertilizer, allowing you to effectively recycle the chopped grass and put those nutrients right back into your garden, rather than simply tossing them into the bin. 3-in-1 blades are a good choice for many situations, but they can struggle with very thick, dense patches of grass.


What is the cutting height of lawn mowers?

As Which points out, there are a lot of factors to take into account when it comes to buying the best lawn mower, and the cutting height is one of the most important of all. (4) In simple terms, this tells you how high the blades are positioned in relation to the grass, which determines how much grass is left over after each pass. Some mowers are able to cut grass super short, right down to 10mm, while others offer variable cutting height options from as low as 20mm up to 60mm or more.

WhatShed Top Tip – Cut grass shorter during the summer months but let it grow longer in winter to prevent dead patches developing

It definitely helps to find a model that lets you adjust the heights, as this gives you more control over how you more and makes your model more flexible in general. You may want to cut your lawn at different heights depending on the time of year, for example, or simply due to your own personal preferences. It also helps to find models that make these adjustments really easy. Some of them will feature simple dials or switches on the side for instant adjustments, while others might be a little more complicated to use.


What type of lawn mower should I get?

It’s important to avoid diving right in and buying the first mower you find. Instead, take your time, compare your options, and figure out which type is right for you. Just because one mower works well for a friend or neighbour, it might not be the right fit for your garden and needs.

As Ideal Home notes, one of the first things to think about when trying to decide which type to buy is how much grass you have to mow. (5) If you have a lot of land, riding mowers might be the best choice for you, or self-propelling models that require minimal effort. Naturally, those with bigger gardens definitely won’t want a manual mower with a small grass box, as this will take lots of energy to use and having to empty the bag over and over may frustrate or tire you out.

You also need to think about the power source for your mower. If you have access to cheap petrol, a petrol-powered model might be a good choice. Others, especially those without easy access to power outlets, may prefer a cordless model. Don’t forget to consider the blades too, as certain blade types work better on certain types of grass and soil.


What type of lawn mower blade is the best?

It’s hard to say that any one type of blade is the best, as each type has its own uses and benefits, as well as its own drawbacks too.

3-in-1 or mulching blades, for example, might be classed as being the best for people who like to live green, eco-friendly lifestyles, as they allow you to reuse your grass cuttings in a simple way to add nutrients to your soil and promote future plant growth. However, they can struggle with dense patches of grass.

Some may argue that high-lift blades are the best because they offer the best levels of power and suction, perfect for getting the cleanest and neatest possible cuts across the garden and reducing the amount of effort you need to put in, as well as the amount of time you have to dedicate to mowing.

Some may also feel that standard blades are the best of all because they’re good all-rounders, creating a good level of suction and power without going overboard, with minimal risks and high suitability for the widest range of grass and soil types. Ultimately, the best type for you will depend on what sort of garden you have, how big it is, and how you like to mow.



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