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Best petrol lawn mower

9 of the best petrol lawn mower’s available in the UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 21st Feb 2022

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

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Best Petrol Lawn MowerTypically more powerful than electric mowers, petrol lawn mowers are able to offer cleaner and deeper cuts, as well as being more convenient to push around the lawn without being tied back by cables and cords. If you’re looking for the best petrol lawn mowers, this is the place to be, and we’ve spent 30 hours putting together a list of the 9 top rated models on the market. I fyou are looking more generally you can check out the best lawn mowers in our other league table.

Honda HRX426-QX 17-inch Rear Roller Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower


Anyone looking for the best self-propelled model simply has to consider the Honda HRX426-QX. Offering 17″ of cutting width and adjustable cutting heights from 19 to 55mm, it can glide across the garden and tear through the grass with ease, leaving short, neat, precise cuts in its wake. It also features a roto-stop safety braking system for user protection, as well as an impressively large 60-litre grass collector bag at the back that will keep you going for those extended mowing sessions.

This self-propelled unit is very well-suited to large lawns, thanks to the sizeable collection bag, and despite being quite a large model, it’s surprisingly lightweight thanks to the polypropylene deck. Coming with a 7-year warranty too, this mower offers a lot of advantages, but is a little on the pricey side.

7 Reasons To Buy

  • Many positive reviews of this product mentioned its power and precision, ranking it as one of the best self-propelled units around in terms of sheer cutting potential
  • It’s a good choice for cutting a large lawn, with good cutting height and cutting width measurements
  • Lots of users are impressed at the size of the grass collector bag with this self-propelled model
  • Many people enjoy the fact that this lawn mower is surprisingly quiet compared to other models on the market
  • A lot of positive reviews stated that this is one of the best petrol lawn mowers for big lawns in particular
  • Several users mention the fact that this self-propelled lawn mower is quite easy to startup
  • Some users were impressed at how well this self-propelled mower worked in various conditions, even being effective at cutting wet grass

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • A few negative reviewers noted that they had difficulty pushing this lawn mower over uneven ground or mossy patches of grass
  • Some users were unimpressed by the relatively slow speed of this self-propelled mower
  • A few reviewers felt that the handles on this mower weren’t very ergonomic or comfortable in their design

Einhell 3404585 GC-PM 46/1 S B&S Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with a Briggs and Stratton Engine


If you’re looking for an affordable, effective, self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a strong engine and a lot of great features, this might be the one for you. Fitted with a Briggs Stratton engine, this strikingly-designed red model has a cutting width of 18″ and variable cutting heights ranging from 30 to 80mm, with nine different variations in total.

This self propelled unit offers a lot of control to the user, letting you adjust the settings as you see fit in order to get the cut you want. On the back of this Einhell model, you’ll find a 50-litre grass collector bag that can store a whole lot of grass for extra-long mowing sessions. The bag even comes with a filling level indicator that lets you see how much grass is inside on the fly. Overall, this model is really well-suited to medium and large lawns.

6 Reasons To Buy

  • Many users are impressed at how easy to start this self propelled mower is
  • Lots of reviewers commented favourably on the well-designed, ergonomic handles
  • Several positive reviews mentioned that the grass bag is very big, helping to reduce the need for constant emptying
  • Many reviewers appreciated the indicator on the grass box, showing how full it is at any one time
  • A lot of users enjoy the fact that this mower comes with rear-wheel drive, making it very easy to use overall
  • Lots of users appreciate the general pace and performance of this model, along with its solid cutting height and cutting width measurements

4 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some negative reviewers mentioned that the grass box can fall off when trying to cut on bumpy ground
  • Certain users feel that the power and self propulsion handles are too far from the main bar
  • Some negative reviews noted that certain parts of the mower felt cheap and seemed like they could break
  • A few negative reviews mentioned that this is quite a heavy mower so can be difficult to lift or store

Webb 18in/46cm Push Petrol Four-Wheeled Steel Deck Lawnmower


Equipped with a Briggs Stratton 450 Series engine, this petrol lawn mower from Webb is one of the best around in terms of pure power and cutting potential. It can offer 18″ of cutting width and seven variable cutting height settings ranging from 25mm right up to 75mm. On the back, you’ll find a 50-litre grass box with an ‘Easi-View’ system that lets you see exactly how full it’s getting while you’re cutting the lawn.

This is a 3-in-1 mower, offering three different functions, depending on your needs. It can either collect the cut grass, discharge it, or mulch it down, letting you potentially re-use the mulch as a form of natural fertilizer or add it to a compost heap.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many users have been impressed with the durability of this particular mower
  • Lots of reviewers feel that this is one of the best lawn mowers for cutting large lawns, due to its big grass box
  • Several reviews noted the speed of this product, saying that it allowed them to mow their entire lawns much faster than electric mower alternatives
  • Several users commented favourably on the mulching function of this mower
  • Many users say that this mower offers some of the best value for money of any model on the market

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users had difficulty pushing this mower around while on its lowest cutting height setting
  • A few people mentioned that the mower was difficult to start
  • Some users noted that the weight of this mower could make it a little tricky to lift for storing it in sheds or garages when not in use

Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower Honda 160 cc Engine


If you have a garden with uneven ground and slopes, you need to find a mower that can handle them. Many heavy, bulky petrol mowers aren’t the best option for sloping ground, but this model from Flymo has been specially designed to deal with inclines and uneven patches. It comes with a 160 CC, 4-stroke engine and offers a cutting width of 51cm and cutting heights ranging from 10 to 40mm, with a rear discharge system to remove cuttings, rather than storing them in a grass box.

Blending the benefits of air cushion mowing with the power and convenience of petrol engines, this model is designed for large-scale use, able to tackle even the biggest lawns with ease. It can handle slopes of up to 45 degrees and comes with a very durable, high quality, strong steel blade and corrosion-resistant hood to last many years. You’ll get a two-year warranty too, and when not in use, this mower can be safely stored away with the handles folded down.

6 Reasons To Buy

  • Many people feel that this is the best lawn mower for cutting on slopes and inclines, with an ideal cutting height range
  • This is a good choice overall for those with a large lawn or allotment
  • A lot of users enjoy the cutting power and performance of this petrol lawn mower
  • Many positive reviews like how durable and strong this unit feels
  • A lot of users appreciate the compact nature of this model and how easy it is to fold the handles down for compact storage
  • A large percentage of users also say that this mower always starts first-time and is simple to start

4 Reasons Not To Buy

  • On the downside, some users don’t like the fact that this unit doesn’t come with a grass box or grass collector of any kind
  • Several reviewers noted that this model is immensely heavy and can be tricky to move around, especially on slopes
  • Some people were disappointed that this unit is difficult to use for making stripes or patterns in the lawn
  • Several users noted that this mower collects clippings a lot while in use and needs to be cleaned out regularly

Hyundai Engine P1PE P4600SPE 139cc Petrol Lawnmower


Equipped with a 2.6KW Hyundai OHV 4-stroke, 139 CC engine, this petrol lawn mower ranks among the best in the business when it comes to power and efficiency. It’s surprisingly easy to start, with simple push-button control, and offers impressively low fuel consumption too, so you won’t need to worry about spending a fortune on regular resupplies of petrol.

This model comes with rear-wheel drive, making it easy to move around the lawn, and it offers 46cm of cutting width too, ideal for medium and large-sized lawns. In terms of cutting heights, you can select from six different presets ranging from 25mm up to 75mm, and the grass collection bag on the bag can handle up to 55 litres of grass, with an easy to use the indicator on the side.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • A large number of reviewers like the cutting power and cutting width of this petrol lawn mower
  • Several users enjoy the big size of the grass collector bag and how easy it is to keep track of how much grass has been cut
  • A lot of reviewers like the fact that this lawn mower is so easy to start
  • Some users commented favourably on this mower’s all-weather performance, noting that it can cut wet and dry grass well
  • Several users like the self-propulsion feature of this petrol lawn mower and how speedily it can glide across the lawn

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some people felt that this mower was a little too powerful and could get away from physically weaker users
  • A few reviews of this lawn mower say that it has a tendency of stalling from time to time when cutting thick grass
  • Certain reviewers said that the grass level indicator on the grass collector was hard to see and ineffective

Honda IZY HRG416 PK Rotary Petrol Lawnmower Four Wheeled Push


Many of these machines can be quite bulky and oversized in their designs, but this model from Honda is reasonably compact and lightweight at under 30kg. It offers a cutting width of 16″ and six different height positions ranging from 20 to 74mm. The engine for this model is a Honda GCV160 with 4.4 HP of power. It’s quite a quiet engine compared to other options on the market and it can run for hours on end without any issues.

The IZY is really easy to use too, with a simple handle operation that keeps the engine going when pressed down and switches it off once you let go. The recoil start is very easy too, requiring almost minimal effort, and when it’s not in use, you’ll be able to easily store this mower away and fold down the handles. You get a 3-year warranty with this mower, along with a 50-litre grass bag.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many people feel that is one of the best models you can buy in terms of value for money
  • A lot of users like the manoeuvrability of this mower
  • Several users noted how easy to assemble this model is
  • Most users agree that this mower typically starts on the first attempt, with little effort required
  • Many positive reviews of this petrol mower state that the grass bag is a great size to cut large lawns

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users have experienced technical issues when trying to start this mower
  • Some users say that this model can be a little tricky to use on slopes
  • Certain users may prefer a self-propelled mower as this one requires manual energy to move around

Makita PLM4622 46cm 190cc 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower


Made with a solid steel housing and equipped with a very strong, 190 CC, 4-stroke engine, the Makita PLM4622 is one of the best options in terms of overall cutting performance. It offers a cutting width of 46cm and cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 75mm. You’ll find a whopping 60-litre grass box on the back, ready to serve you well for even the longest mowing sessions and largest lawns.

This model is also self-propelled, so all you have to do is hold down the handle and guide it wherever you want to go, with almost no manual effort required. This Makita model is one of the best petrol lawn mowers in terms of its eco-friendly rating too, offering clean exhaust emissions for minimal impact on the environment, and low noise levels while in operation.

4 Reasons To Buy

  • Many users like how easy this self-propelled petrol lawn mower is to move around
  • Several reviewers feel that this one of the best petrol lawn mower models in terms of overall cutting power
  • Lots of people like the durability and strength of this model with its solid steel housing
  • The self-propelled nature of this machine reduces the need for physical effort

2 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some reviewers mentioned that the price of this model is quite high compared to competing mowers
  • A few users argue that this isn’t the best petrol lawn mower for elderly users due to its high power levels and speed

Einhell Petrol Lawn Mower GC-PM 46 S


Einhell makes some of the most popular models on the market and this one is a testament to what the brand is capable of. Very high-powered, it comes with a 1.9 KW, 4-stroke engine, along with nine different levels of cutting height adjustment options ranging from 30 to 80mm, maximum speeds of up to 2,900 RPM, and a 50-litre grass collector bag on the bag.

This Einhell mower is one of the best around in terms of versatility and user control, allowing you to pick and choose from so many different cutting levels to get the precise cut you need. It’s also very durable, with its housing being made of high-quality sheet steel and its ergonomically designed handles easily folding down when not in use. This is also one of the most affordable models on our list.

4 Reasons To Buy

  • Many users feel like the power level on this lawn mower is just right for a range of different lawns
  • Lots of positive reviews mention the wide range of cutting heights on this model
  • Several users were impressed by the grass collector bag capacity on this petrol mower
  • Several positive reviews noted the easy assembly and low-maintenance nature of this model too

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users say that moving this mower around, especially in tight spaces, can be tricky
  • Certain negative reviews mentioned that trying to get spare parts and repairs for this model can be difficult
  • Some users noted that it was hard to check the oil levels in this unit

McCulloch M40-125 Petrol Push Collect Lawn Mower


The final entry on our list of best petrol lawn mower models is the McCullock M40-125. An affordable, efficient petrol mower offering 40cm of cutting width and a 125 CC Briggs Stratton engine, this is a good choice for those with small to medium-sized lawns.

It offers five different cutting heights, ranging from as low as 20mm up to 75mm, and it comes with a 50-litre grassbox on the back. It’s a strong and sturdy model that is more compact and lightweight than many others, weighing in at about 24kg in total.

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Many people like the value for money aspect of this petrol mower
  • Several reviewers feel that this is one of the best petrol lawn mower options for those with smaller lawns
  • Many users noted that this mower is very easy to assemble and start using
  • A lot of people appreciate the speed and efficiency of this model, thanks to the Briggs Stratton Engine
  • A few positive reviews mentioned how the grass bin can be attached and detached with ease

3 Reasons Not To Buy

  • Some users stated that this isn’t the best petrol lawn mower for very big lawns
  • Some users mentioned that the bin needs to be emptied before getting completely full as cuttings start falling out the sides
  • A few users noted that this mower’s engine could stutter a little at times

Why choose a petrol lawnmower rather than electric?

Many people find themselves hesitating between a petrol lawn mower and an electric lawn mower. There are pros and cons to both sides. In favour of petrol mowers, they tend to be more powerful and better-suited to big gardens or lawns with uneven ground. As Which points out, “Petrol lawn mowers are powerful enough to tackle large lawns and suitable for bumpy or sloping ground.” (1)

So, if you have a lawn that’s on the larger side, the added power of a petrol mower might be just what you need to enjoy simpler and easier mowing experiences. What’s more, petrol models don’t need to be plugged in, so you don’t have to worry about power cables holding you back, and since petrol mowers tend to be more powerful, many of them come with the option to mulch the grass up and then spread it back out as a natural fertilizer.

Electric models do have their advantages, however. They can come in both corded or cordless varieties, giving you more options to choose from, and they tend to be a little lighter and more manoeuvrable overall due to their designs, with various cutting width and cutting height options and different features.


How do petrol lawn mowers work?

The functionality of these machines is quite simple to understand. Each model usually has an engine, which can vary in size and strength, and makes use of petrol as its fuel source. Just like in a car or other petrol-powered tool or appliance around your home, these mowers will need to be filled up with petrol to work properly.

WhatShed Top Tip – Always store petrol in a secure, dry place like a shed or garage

You’ll usually need to pull a starter cord to power up the motor, although some of the more advanced models feature buttons to make start-up easier, and as the experts over at B&Q point out, petrol mowers have similarities to battery-powered cordless mowers in that they don’t need to be plugged in, with no need for main power supplies or long, unwieldy cables. (2)

Once the motor is running, it works to turn the blades, and many models come with throttles and levers that allow you to adjust the blade speed. From there, all you need to do is either manually push the mower around or use the self-propulsion system to guide it across the lawn.


What kind of fuel does a petrol lawnmower use?

Using the wrong kind of petrol in petrol lawnmowers can be disastrous, leading to clogs, blockages, and other technical issues that might make your mower simply impossible to start up. You could even up ending breaking your mower this way, and you may void the warranty too. This is why it’s so important to make sure you’re using the right type of fuel every time.

WhatShed Top Tip – Be sure to use fresh petrol every time and remember to clean the filter in between uses to extend the lifespan of your mower

A good place to start when figuring out which type of petrol to use in your mower is the instruction manual. The manufacturer should usually provide some information on the recommended type of petrol, as well as noting any types of petrol or fuel that should be avoided at all costs. In general, you want to make use of fresh, high-octane, unleaded petrol in a typical petrol mower.


How much fuel does a petrol lawnmower use?

This really depends on the model you buy. Different models and sizes will make use of different amounts of petrol. Those that have more powerful engines and attain higher blade rotation speeds often use up more fuel, while some models are designed to be as efficient as possible.

As noted by Love The Garden, most people buying and using petrol lawn mowers tend to have medium to large-sized gardens, so you want your mower to be able to go the distance and run for long enough to cut all of your grass, ideally without using too much petrol in the process. (3)

It’s always wise, therefore, to look at reviews before buying and see what users have to say about the fuel consumption rate, as well as any details listed by the manufacturer regarding the total fuel tank capacity and how long it can last on a full tank.


Are petrol lawn mowers better than electric?

It’s hard to say whether one type of mower is necessarily ‘better’ than another, as this really depends on the situation and circumstances in which each mower is being used. As the RHS notes, electric mowers are less powerful than petrol lawnmowers and often come with cords, which can make them frustrating and cumbersome to use. (4)

This is especially true when it comes to bigger lawns and gardens; those with lots of spaces don’t want weak machines that struggle to cut through tough patches of grass, nor do they want to be held back by wires and cables. However, there are situations where electric models may have the edge.

If you have a smaller lawn, for example, and don’t need to mow for too long or too often, a petrol lawn mower might not be necessary. What’s more, electric models tend to be cheaper overall, so are better for those on a budget, and as Christ Church college notes, battery-powered electric tools and devices are much better for the environment too. (5)



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