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Thank you for checking out or Arrow Sheds review. This is not one of the more well known garden building retailers in the UK, but their products can be found on many retailers sites these days. But by the end of this review, you will have a much better understanding of what kind of retailer Arrow Sheds are. We are going to have a look at the kinds of products Arrow Sheds offer, their prices, the overall quality and just in general give your our impartial opinion about what they are like as a brand.

A quick overview

Arrow Sheds are actually an American company who are based in the state of Illinois. They have been making garden buildings for over 50 years now and while they may have started out as an all American company, they now have branched out into South America and of course Europe. We have seen their products on a few different retailers sites even more unexpected ones such as Argos, as well as more traditional garden building retailers like Shed Store. Arrow Sheds do not make traditional wooden sheds, instead they go for strong metal sheds and that does give an Arrow Sheds garden structure something of a unique look.

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Arrow Sheds: What Kind Of Products Are In The Arrow Sheds Range?

We are going to kick off our Arrow Sheds review by looking at the different kinds of products that they offer. They aim to offer garden storage solutions of all shapes and sizes and they do actually offer some very interesting and quite unusual products like a Hunter’s Shack and a small Camo Shed that is made to store ATV’s and motorbikes. Of course these would not have much use here in the UK, but we feel these types of products show how Arrow Sheds do things a little differently to the other garden building retailers out there. On their website Arrow Sheds have all kinds of cool garden buildings like this and some pretty neat looking general garden storage boxes as well, but here in the UK, Arrow Sheds do not seem to have released their full brand over here just yet. Do not worry though, as there are still some great Arrow Sheds products available here in the UK.

When you look for Arrow Sheds what you are going to find is a series of metal sheds. They have sheds in many different sizes, but if you are looking for a mid sized shed something in the range of a 6 X 8 or a 6 X 6 something like that, then Arrow Sheds have you covered. When you hear the term ‘galvanised steel’ you may be imagining these ugly looking sheds, but actually all of the Arrow Sheds we have seen have a great look. While they are made from galvanised steel, they have still made sure to give them a great style. The Arrow Woodvale Metal Shed, for example, has this very smart looking woodgrain effect that from a distance and until you actually touch it, you will be certain that it is real wood. Another style that Arrow Sheds have is this very attractive looking green that many of their sheds actually have. The 8 X 6 Arrow Apex Metal Garden Shed is a great example of this green looks. So while there are not a ton of different products here in the UK from Arrow Sheds, we are very impressed with what we have seen and are sure they will have a shed in a size that is ideal for you. The look of them also makes them very appealing as they do not have that industrial kind of look that many other metal based sheds have.

Arrow Sheds: How Is The Quality

The quality of Arrow Sheds is simply awesome. This is the part of our Arrow Sheds review where we are going to tell you exactly why they have been in business for so many years. They mainly make their sheds and other structures from this strong and robust galvanised steel that is designed to not just look great, but also take a beating from you and the elements as well. These are sheds that are going to last you many, many years and we honestly do not see them losing their good looks ten years down the line either. Now while we feel the quality of the actual sheds is very high, we must warn you that some models of Arrows Sheds do not come with a floor, so be sure to keep an eye on that before you order.

Okay so as these are made with strong and long lasting galvanised steel we have established that Arrow Sheds are very high quality in terms of their overall build quality, but actually in addition to being high quality, long lasting and generally very robust, Arrow Sheds have one other great benefit and that is just how low maintenance they are. A wooden shed will need a coating of wood treatment once a year and we all know how easy it can be to blow that off and then a couple of years down the line you have a shed that is starting to rot. With an Arrow Shed, you will not have to worry about this or worry about maintaining it at all! This is great news for those who just want a shed to dump their tools, kids toys, mower or whatever in and not have to worry about taking care of the shed itself.

Arrow Sheds: How Are The Products Priced?

So far this has been a pretty positive Arrow Sheds review, so we are sure that more than a few of you will be expecting us to say that you better take out a second mortgage on your house in order to be able to afford an Arrow Shed. However, when it comes to pricing we actually feel that Arrow Sheds are actually very reasonably priced considering how well made they are, how good they look and how many maintenance free years you are going to get out of them. Their Woodvale range of sheds, which are the ones that have that fantastic wood looking finish on them, can be purchased for as little as £239.99. This is the price that the Woodvale 6 X 5 Metal Shed is going for and we actually feel this is pretty good for a shed of this size and quality. A  larger shed in the Woodvale range, like the Woodvale 12 X 10 Metal Shed, will not cost considerably more at around £519.99, and again is not a bad price at all.

We hate to use the term basic and as you can tell from what we have said earlier in this Arrow Sheds review, Arrow Sheds are certainly not basic, but the more basic model of Arrow Sheds is their simply called Arrow Metal Garden Shed range which has a variety of apex and pent style metal sheds. These can be found at great prices online. You can get the Arrow Apex Metal Garden Shed 6 X 5 for £139.99, which we feel is a fantastic deal. With most of the sheds in this style being found for under £200, this is a great way to get a high quality and decent sized metal shed without breaking the bank.

Arrow Sheds: How Customisable Are Arrow Sheds Products?

While we love the way that Arrow Sheds look both in their green design and the Woodvale line, the materials used to make their sheds really do not allow for much in the way of customisation. As a matter of fact there really is not anything that you can do in order to change the outer appearance of the shed. They are also coloured on the inside so you just have to stick with the colour that they are. One thing we will say though, is that some retailers who offer Arrow Sheds such as Shed Store will give you a few ideas for accessories that would go well with the shed. So while it may not change the look of it, you can get some shelving, maybe a bench or something else that will let you put your own little touch on the way the shed looks on the inside.

Arrow Sheds: Our Final Thoughts

As we reach the end of our Arrow Sheds review, we have come to the conclusion that they really do offer some very well made and great looking sheds. We are sure that no one will have any issues when they purchase an Arrow Shed, but just make sure to check that it comes with a floor. We feel that these are the kinds of sheds that you will get a lifetime of use out of and not have to lift a finger in order to take care of them. While there are not a vast amount of Arrow Sheds in the UK right now, we are very impressed with what we have seen and have high hopes that they will bring some of their more out there and cool looking garden buildings over to the UK soon.

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  • jim winstanley said...

    just to let know put the shed together an got to door section and found that I was missing eight nuts and bolts so I’m stuck now i’m having to the nut and bolts


    • Bradley said...

      I’ve just started to assemble my shed, EPA84. Parts are wrong lengths, holes are missing in parts and basically unless I have a fully equipped workshop I’m buggered.


  • Ian said...

    Bought a 12 x 10. Assembling is a 2 man job but managed it myself. Found ut oretty straight forward but you do really have to read the instruction and take some time lining up the holes. The last sections of the Roof ridge pieces are a bit fiddly to line up all the holes. All in all though, its a great shed


  • Ian said...

    Excellent sheds, if you take the time to insulate, panel and seal it against Scottish weather…. It works out just fine


  • robbie gallagher said...

    instructions back to front dont make sense screws so small cant hold them once you do get screws in they dont hold and cause holes to widen hence allowing shed to leak at every screw recieved shed bashed took 18 hours to build where i could have built a wooden shed in 1 hour over all not worth £200 if i new the quality would be this bad i wouldnt have paid £20 never mind £200 now i am £200 out of pocket and a shed not fit for purpose totally unhappy with product


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