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You really do not get much more low maintenance than a vinyl shed and here at WhatShed we have found that more and more people are not just looking at wooden sheds or other structures for storage. Enter Duramax, who are one of the premier vinyl shed and garden structure brands in the world. Well today we have rolled up our sleeves, got out our note pad and are ready to go real in depth with this Duramax review. By the end, you will know if Duramax is the right brand for you.

Duramax: A quick overview

Duramax are based in California and have been making plastic sheds and other garden structures since 1983, when we are sure the designers were wearing stone wash jeans and listening to Bruce Springsteen. They have a ton of experience and they really have worked hard in making sure that their vinyl brand of sheds just keep getting better and better. They are big on ensuring that their sheds are not only low maintenance, have a long life and are competitively priced, but they also take pride in the fact that their products look very smart too.

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Let's Take a Closer Look...

Duramax: Support Contact Information

Phone: 323-717-4071Maps

Website: https://www.duramaxbp.com/

Duramax: Physical address

Duramax BP

26331 Via Alano San Juan Capistrano

CA 92675

Duramax: What Kind Of Products Are In The Duramax Range?

Duramax are best known for their incredible range of high quality vinyl based sheds. There are a large selection of Duramax vinyl sheds, so no matter what kind of style you are looking for, we are pretty confident there will be a Duramax shed that appeals to you. We really like how most of their products can be purchased in different sizes. For example, The Woodbridge is one of their most well known sheds and this can be purchased in three different sizes. Duramax actually have different series of sheds as part of their brand. Their classic series makes up most of the most sheds they stock, but they do also have a higher quality Premier series as well. While vinyl and plastic based sheds are the bread and butter of Duramax, they have also expanded into metal sheds as well and while there already are a decent selection of Duramax metal sheds, we have a feeling that this is something they are really going to build on in the future.

Sheds are not the only thing that Duramax have to offer you and your garden. One of their other popular products is their garages. There are four different styles of garages in the Duramax brand and they can be purchased in multiple sizes. We really like their vinyl garages, but they do also have a metal one if you want something with just that little bit of extra strength. Greenhouses are another major part of the Duramax brand and we must say we love how their polycarbonate based greenhouses are ideal for those of you with families, as there is no broken glass when one of your kids thinks they are Cristiano Ronaldo and kicks a ball at it. Wood stores, storage boxes, shelters and more unusual structures such as their vinyl enclosure and a modular insulated building, are also available. Oh and before we forget, Duramax have some very nice looking decking and fencing as well, so we recommend having a look at that if you are in the market for decking or fencing. We really could not be any more impressed with the amount of products that are part of the Duramax brand and some of the items they have really are quite surprising, but we mean surprising in a good way.

Duramax: How Is The Quality?

High quality is something that the Duramax brand is all about and we really feel that the high quality vinyl material they use is just incredible and may possibly be from the future as it really is some high tech stuff. These kinds of products will not fade in the sun like the old style plastic and vinyl sheds used to do. They will also not chip or really show any signs of ageing as the years go by. In all, not only are Duramax products made to last from a structural point of view, they are also made so that they stay looking fantastic for the duration of the shed’s life. Their products are made to be very robust and we feel that it is very possible that you are going to get a lifetime of use out of one of their products. It is not just their sheds that are made to last. Their metal products and polycarbonate greenhouses are also very impressive when it comes to their quality.

While we really like the overall quality of the Duramax brand, there is one other thing that we know for sure you folks are going to love and that is the fact that these are very low maintenance. Due to being made from vinyl, you do not have any worries about having to treat a Duramax product with a tub of wood treatment once you have installed it, or on an annual basis thereafter. You will have no worries about wood splitting, or bugs using your shed as an all you can eat buffet, and in general, you really will not have to do much in the way of maintenance at all. At most you may want to turn the garden hose on it when you are watering the plants to give it a little clean, but that is about as much maintenance you will have to do with a Duramax product.

Duramax: How Are The Products Priced?

Okay so we love the quality of Duramax brand products, we really do. We also feel that they have managed to give their sheds, greenhouses, garages and other items a real sense of style and we have no doubt that people who do purchase one are going to love the way it looks in their garden. But with all this being said, Duramax products are not on the cheap end of the pricing spectrum. Now do not get us wrong, we are not saying these are overpriced, but to give you an example, their 8 X 4 shed is being sold for £389 on Shed Store, which does make it more expensive that a similar sized wooden shed. Now before you say forget that and stop reading this review, let us tell you that while we agree these are not cheap products, we do actually feel that Duramax products are worth the money they are asking.

The reason that we feel this way is because these are very well made products that are designed to give you many, many years of use. Not only that, but the materials they use also make them very low maintenance. So while we know the price may not be to everyone’s taste, we say before you write off a Duramax shed because it costs a little more than a similar sized wooden shed, have a think about the annual maintenance you will have to do on that wooden shed and then we are sure the price will seem a lot more attractive.

Duramax: How Customisable Are Duramax Products?

As these are made with vinyl, then truth be told there is not really a lot of customisation that you can do with any of the Duramax products. But while you cannot change the outer appearance, many of the retailers we have seen selling these products such as Taylors Garden Buildings, Shed Store and Amazon do make it a point to mention things like shelving and tools that would go well with Duramax brand sheds.

Duramax: Our Final Thoughts

When we started this Duramax review we were very impressed at just how many different products they have. Sheds, garages, greenhouses, decking, fencing and a few other items as well are all part of the Duramax brand and it is a brand that we really like. The overall quality of their products really is quite fantastic and we really love how once you have installed a Duramax shed, you do not have to worry about treating it or really giving it any TLC at all. While these are certainly not what we would call a low cost product, we still feel that the prices we have seen them being sold for is very fair.

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  • Venet Poyser said...

    My roof leaks of my 13ft x 10.5 plastic shed, when it rains and it only got put up a week ago. The Skyline isn’t secured down..should it be? The metal slats that sit on the framework of the ceiling keep falling down as they are not held in place by anything.
    My door handles aren’t that secure and I don’t know what I can use instead of those type of handles.


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