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Today we are taking a look at one of the leading greenhouses brands in the UK, and that is Halls Greenhouses. In our Halls Greenhouse review, we are going to be showing you just what makes this such a well thought of brand. By the end of the review you will know exactly if a Halls Greenhouse is right for you because we are going to be looking at the kinds of products they sell, how good their quality is and also if we feel that they are good value for money.

Halls Greenhouses: A quick overview

A family owned business that has been impressing customers for decades and who also have over 15 years of experience as an online retailer, Halls Greenhouses aim to have a greenhouse for everyone. They pride themselves on their designs and high quality greenhouses, and their products are actually available from many top garden building retailers.

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Halls Greenhouses: Support Contact Information

Phone: 0121 355 7701Maps

Website: https://www.hallsgreenhouses.co.uk/

Halls Greenhouses: Physical address

GardenSite Customer Services Team,

Hall’s Garden Supplies,

211 Chester Road,

Sutton Coldfield,

West Midlands,

B73 5BD

Halls GreenhousesWhat Kind Of Products Are In The Halls Greenhouses Range?

Well their name does kind of give it away, but as you have probably figured out by now, greenhouses are the name of the game at Halls Greenhouses. They have an incredible amount of greenhouses and many of their designs you can only get from them, which is great as it shows that they have some imagination when it comes to their designing process. We said before that Halls Greenhouses aim to have a greenhouse for everyone, and we really think that they actually do. If you are low on space, then you may be interested in one of their smaller 4 X 6 greenhouses or even a lean to that sits right up next to your house. If you are really serious about your plant tinkering and vegetable growing, then they have some truly large greenhouses, such as their 14 X 8 greenhouse. We are pretty certain that no matter what kind of space you have available in your garden, Halls Greenhouses will have a greenhouse for you. We also love how they have different styles of greenhouse, such as their more high end Halls Supreme Range and their very stylish Forest Green range, to name just a couple.

As well as the actual greenhouses, Halls Greenhouses also sell a number of extras. What really impressed us was their fantastic range of greenhouse staging. They have both silver and green greenhouse staging. These range from your standard single and two tier staging, to some very interesting and cool items such as their seed tray which can hold 15 seed trays. They also have a potting bench and some standard shelving as well. We highly recommend that you have a look in their extras section, as there really is some very interesting stuff here and it has all been designed so that it fits in well with the design of their greenhouses.

Halls GreenhousesHow Is The Quality?

A Halls Greenhouse is made to be very high quality. They use a high quality aluminium for the framing, which we really like as not only is this very strong, it is rather lightweight which makes installation a lot easier. Their greenhouses are very well designed with cross braces to give the greenhouses some added strength. In general, Halls Greenhouses are just incredibly well made, and even their cheaper, more standard greenhouses are made with high quality aluminium and strong horticultural glass. Many of their greenhouses, especially the larger ones, will have some very impressive features such as an opening vent which will allow in a little fresh air. Some even have a guttering system, which we think is just fantastic as it is not something you see many other brands even consider doing. They also make it so getting in and out is nice and easy, as all their doors have this great sliding mechanism that makes for opening them with a hand full of plant pots effortless. In all, Halls Greenhouses make just amazing products and even if you were to buy one of their more modest greenhouses, we have no doubt you would be impressed. And if you were to but one of their more pricey greenhouses from their Supreme Range, then you will no doubt be so impressed that you other half will be shouting at you to come in as you have been out in it pottering around all day.

Installing a Halls Greenhouse is designed to be rather straightforward which is great, especially for those of you looking to purchase your first greenhouse. They are also very easy to maintain and due to the way they are made, you are not going to have any major issues 10 or even 20 years down the road. Of course, as well made as they are, even a Halls Greenhouse is no match for a kid with a football, so be sure to keep an eye on that if you have kids playing in your garden. Being serious though, we feel that Halls Greenhouses really do make a fantastic greenhouse.

Halls GreenhousesHow Are The Products Priced?

Again we have to go back to where we said that the aim of Halls Greenhouses was to have a greenhouse for everyone. Not only is this philosophy evident in the sizes of their greenhouses, but also in their prices. Now some of their larger greenhouses, such as their incredible 14 X 8 Green Magnum, are made to be a premium product and as a result do have a premium price of over £1000. But we feel for the kind of quality and not to mention size you are getting, the price really is right around what we would expect. Halls Greenhouses though also have products for those of you who lack the space, have a more modest budget or who are just getting into growing plants and vegetables and want something cheaper to test if this is a long term hobby for you. A great example of this is their 4 X 2 Wall Garden, which is compact in its size and also priced at just under £200, making it a great starting point for a new gardener or someone with limited space in their garden.

As Halls Greenhouses make their greenhouses from aluminium and horticultural glass, they are always going to cost a bit more than a wooden greenhouse with cheaper windows. But to be totally honest with you, here at WhatShed we feel that the pricing of Halls Greenhouses is very fair not just from themselves, but other retailers who also carry their products, such as Taylors Garden Buildings and Shed Store.

Halls GreenhousesHow Customisable Are Halls Greenhouses Products?

When you are on the Halls Greenhouses website and you click on one of their greenhouses, you are given an incredible amount of options that let you tinker with the greenhouse. They will allow you to stick with their regular horticultural glass or change it to toughened glass. They offer you the option of adding a base or another air vent, and they even have an installation service as well. Of course adding these extras will add to the overall price of your greenhouse, but we think it is great that they have all these options for you to at least consider. As well as this, they do actually have an accessories section where they have their staging, shelving and other items we talked about before, but they also have spare parts here. So if one of the kids does kick a ball through one of the windows, you can purchase a piece of acrylic to repair it.

Halls GreenhousesOur Final Thoughts

When you look at a Halls Greenhouse, you can just tell right away that it is a fantastic product. We really could not be any more impressed with the variety of their greenhouses and love how they have a good mix of silver and green products. The shapes, sizes and prices mean that this is a brand that really does have something for everyone. While all the options and extras may be a little confusing, or even not needed for some people, we still feel that it is useful to at least have them there as an option. If you are looking for a greenhouse, then Halls Greenhouses has to be a brand that you have a look at.

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