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Today at WhatShed we have put together this Mercia Garden Products review so that you fine folks know exactly what kind of retailer they are. We are going to have a really good look at the different products they have, give you our honest opinion on what the quality of their products is and even let you know what we think of the prices they are asking. We are leaving no stone unturned and we are going to make sure that this is the most in depth Mercia review online!

Mercia Garden Products: A quick overview

Mercia Garden Products have been in business for quite some time now and they are one of the larger brands out there. It is impossible not to be impressed when you see the picture on their website of their giant site that is over 20 acres in size and quite the site to behold. They specialise in timber products and they seem to really pride themselves on their quality. With over 300,000 orders per year, they are certainly a retailer that is in high demand. Many retailers such as Shed Store and Homebase carry a great selection of Mercia Garden Products.

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Let's Take a Closer Look...

Mercia Garden Products: Support Contact Information

Phone: 01636 821215Maps


Mercia Garden Products: Physical address

Mercia Garden Products Ltd

Old Great North Road

Sutton-on-Trent, Newark


NG23 6QN

Mercia Garden ProductsWhat Kind Of Products Are In The Mercia Garden Products Range?

To start our Mercia Garden Products review off, we felt that it was best to take a look at the different kinds of products that Mercia Garden Products produces. Timber may seem what Mercia are all about, but they do also have products made from plastic and metal so they are a very well rounded brand. They have a few different categories which we are going to look at starting with their sheds. When you click sheds, you can choose between wooden, plastic, metal and garden workshops. We love just how many different shapes and styles they have. For example, if you do not have a whole lot of space then something like their 4 X 6 Value Shiplap Shed would be perfect for you. But if you are looking for something a little larger as you have more tools than your local B&Q, then they have some much larger products like their very impressive 10 X 10 Premium Shiplap Workshop. One thing we have to tell you is that Mercia Garden Products have some of the largest garden structures we have seen. They have a workshop that is an incredible 20 X 10! So you could fit a ton of stuff in here or just use it as a place to hide out from your other half when you are in the bad books.

It is not just sheds that they have in good supply here. One of the things that really caught our eye was their Children’s Play section. Here they have some truly awesome playhouses and play frames that your kids or grandkids are going to love. While the designs of the playhouses were great, we loved how some of them had additional play features such as slides and swings. One thing we have to talk about in this Mercia Garden Products review is their outdoor buildings. Here you can look at summerhouses, log cabins and even garages and let us tell you that some of their summerhouses and log cabins look so good that you will probably want to spend more time in here than in your actual house. Mercia Garden Products may not be as stacked as some of the other brands that we have seen, but we are very impressed with the garden buildings that they do have and there is still a great selection here. They also carry a number of fantastic accessories such as bases for your sheds, shelving, arbours, garden seating and even paint.

Mercia Garden Products: How Is The Quality

When it comes to the quality, Mercia Garden Products is a brand that offer pretty much something for everyone. We really like this as if you do want something cheap, cheerful and quick then they have this. For example, when you look at their wooden sheds, you can choose to look at their value range which is made with materials that are a little more modest, budget priced and not quite as high quality as some of their other products. We are not saying that this types of products are poor quality, but they are made with materials that let Mercia keep the price down.

As soon as we started this Mercia Garden Products review, we knew that one thing we were going to be telling you about was the overall high quality that they are going for. They really like to tell you about how they use high quality timber and some of their higher end products like their log cabins, children’s playhouses and premium sheds really have been made with the very best materials. When you have a look at some of the different retailers who offer Mercia Garden Products, you will see that from the customer reviews for the most part people are impressed with the overall quality. This does not just go for the higher end items as one of their best reviewed products is their 6 X 4 Overlap Shed which can be purchased most places for around £200. Of course there will always be the odd product that gets shipped out that has slipped through the quality control with and issue or two, but for the most part we are impressed with the quality of the products that Mercia are offering.

Mercia Garden Products: How Are The Products Priced?

This is the part of our Mercia Garden Products review where we tell you how their products are priced. When you first look at the Mercia website, you may think that all they offer is high end sheds, summerhouses and other garden buildings as the site has a very high quality and professional design to it, but actually there are some great budget priced Mercia products out there. This is especially true for their sheds as you can get a decent sized Mercia shed for £200 to £300, which considering the materials used and the size is very decent. A great example of this is the Mercia Light Brown Overlap Apex Wooden Shed which is 8 X 6 and is available for just over £200. They even have some larger products that will not break the bank such as a larger model of that shed which is 10 X 6 and will not cost you all that much more. While you may have to do a little looking around, if you do have a more modest or strict budget then you will be able to find a Mercia shed for a very good price.

While they do have quite a few budget priced sheds they do also have more higher end ones as well. We must say that when it comes to other garden buildings like, summerhouses, playhouses and log cabins that Mercia Garden Buildings seem to be more focused on higher end products. We are not putting them down for this at all as some of their summerhouses and log cabins are truly incredible with a great design and materials that are going to give you years and years of use. One of the best examples of this is their amazing Mercia Corner Lodge Plus, which is a huge log cabin that has been made with the very best materials, but it does have a price tag of over two thousand pounds. Which we know sounds like a lot, but when a product is this large and this well made that is the kind of price you are always going to have to pay. Now not all the Mercia high end products will cost you thousands of pounds, but if you do want one of their more spectacular products then you are going to have to pay for it. But with how well made they are and how great they look, we feel that saving up a little longer or just treating yourself is not the worst idea we have ever heard. And we are sure you would be very happy with the summerhouse, log cabin or whatever it was you bought when it is standing in your garden.

Mercia Garden ProductsHow Customisable Are Mercia Garden Products?

This part of our Mercia Garden Products review is a little bit trickier for us to talk about as some garden building retailers who offer Mercia sheds, summerhouses and other products will offer all kinds of extras and options. Whereas some others will not really offer anything. The actual Mercia website when you click on one of their products will suggest a few items that would go well with that particular product. For example, if you click on a shed then Mercia will suggest things like a pad bolt, wood treatment or even some kind shelving. As most of their products are mainly comprised of timber then really you can paint them in any way you want with some wood treatment.

Mercia Garden Products: Our Final Thoughts

So we have come to the end of our Mercia Garden Products review. For the most part this is a brand that is very impressive. They have a huge site to manufacture all their products and with over 100 employees they have a large staff to make sure that their products are out the door in a speedy manner. Speaking of the products, Mercia have far more different styles of sheds, summerhouses, playhouses and greenhouses than we first thought. While they may seem at first like a retailer who just has high end products they do have some great priced budget sheds and other structures as well as their more higher priced, large and higher quality products. This is a brand that is well worth having a look at when you are in the market for a new shed, summerhouse or something else for your garden.

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Mercia Garden Products Review
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  • kev said...

    Been buying from this company for years. My mum’s had a 10×8 Groundsman for over 10 years and it’s still as solid as the day I erected it. I recently bought a small log cabin and a 7×5 shed for my own home and I’m very pleased once again. Excellent value for money and a speedy delivery.


    • Karl Bennett said...

      Wow, what great service and quality of my new log cabin so pleased . Very well made and easy to put build looks great.upgrades so worth it double glazing and shingles make it special .thank you so much for providing a really great product. Happy chappy with new man cave.


  • Edward Saville said...

    In June ordered and paid for a Mercia summerhouse through Wickes. Mercia sent me an email regarding instillation and I completed the questionnaire and returned it to Mercia. They called to say it would be installed w/c 2/7/18. That week came and went with no contact from Mercia. I had already put my electrician on standby to fix the electrics to the summerhouse. I called to ask why it had not been delivered and there had been no contact. they said they would come back to me. no call back. I called the next day and again said they would come back, but again no call. I contacted Wickes who said they had contacted Mercia and had told them there was a nine week delay in their construction service. so my summerhouse which they said would be in place for the “summer” would not be with me until the winter!!! What appalling service this is, I felt totally let down by Mercia who just seemed to want the money without telling me I would not be getting the product. Customer service was non existent, I would not recommend them to anyone.


  • Dr Eleanor Ashton IM2 1HG said...

    Still waiting for ordered shed 17th July ( replacement) to be delivered
    Not too happy


  • James Burke said...

    The customer service is s#*@ I ordered a summer house to get delivered on the 7 September and it’s the 7 today an no delivery today so phoned up and the customer servicez was no help would not recommend them


  • Kirsty dawson said...

    RUBBISH COMPANY. Offer a chose your own delivery day then do not deliver on day chosen. I was told driver ran out of driving hours (not my problem) but no not even get an email text or phone call is disgusting. Then to be told earliest delivery would be Friday. When i booked for Tuesday.. customer service adviser patronising saying its out of our control ECT ECT we even had a driver have a heart attack last week. Again not my problem. I am disabled and i relied on my neighbour to help me who lost a days wages waiting for my delivery as he took the day off from work. I have also lost £65.00 on fitting as i paid for someone to fix shed on Thursday. So i am out of pocket again. This company is a joke. Wish i had read the reviews on Google before spending £280 on a shed from a bunch of cow boys!!!


  • Alvin Jones said...

    I had constant problems with my cabin, from badly warped bearers which were also short and I had to cut spacers to get the right size, a door frame which would not fit, cracked windows and other pieces, cracks in the wood on the doors and the replacement doors needed loads of trimming. The instructions seem to have been written by a child. I would not buy from them again, not worth the money I paid, at one point I made a 200 mile trip to their site to pick up replacement parts as they could not deliver them promptly.


  • Jody Murphy said...

    Poor quality sheds, long delivery with returns taking up to a month to collect, rude unhelpful staff. Shed delivered damaged with parts missing like roof


  • Adam said...

    terrible company. shed arrived damaged wit roof missing and floor the wrong size, three weeks to get missing parts or a month to collect and i’m supposed to keep it dry and in the same condition in the mean time. Meanwhile I could order the exact same shed again and have it delivered in 5 days. So why can’t they send the missing part out instead?

    Absolutely terrible customer service attitude on top.

    Obviously don’t care and are trained to treat customers badly, hoping they will go away.


  • Susan Bloy said...

    I too ordered a shed from Mercia. The delivery driver picked up the shed pieces off the back of his vehicle like it was made of cardboard, at this point I knew I had made a mistake. It is truly inferior to any other shed I’ve seen or bought before. I had to get my guy to bring lots of re-enforcing for the floor, roof and door. The sides of the shed are so flimsy, I would only expect this to last for a year or two at the most. The marine ply on the roof and floor was so thin I had to buy replacement 10 mm ply. I am 5’8″ and I can just about stand up straight in this shed. It was a total waste of money and I would not recommend this company. Its like buying dolls house furniture.


  • Dispute Resolution Advisor said...

    These people appear to have a track record of blaming customer incompetence for any poor quality product. This would also suggest that claims under the 10 year warranty won’t be accepted without a fight. The important point to remember is that any dispute must be conducted with the retailer, and not the manufacturer. It is common for manufacturers to handle quality disputes on behalf of retailers, but, if you are not happy, insist that the retailer handles it. If you are still not happy, and are sure of your facts, gather as much photographic evidence as possible before starting County Court proceedings. Whatever happens, don’t give up.


  • Pete said...

    Got a shed from Mercia garden products, Terrible made with the cheapest materials, floor bends and and breaks when you stand on it, frame made with inadequate timber, perspex for windows 2mm thick so wobbles in the wind and the felt for the roof so thin it rips when you look at it, really cheap quality do not by fromMERCIA.


  • Peter Wallis said...

    Cheap cheap rubbish, don’t buy, not worth the money, everything so thin from windows, frame, floor and roof felt stay well clear


  • Bob Price said...

    Absolute rubbish! Bought 7×5 Pent shed 7 Jan, delivered 14 Jan. 324 quid. Split, cracked, broken or missing trims. Lap timbers nails not into frames but through side causing splintering damage. Window overhanging doorway. Complaint got offer of 25 quid to do the “remedial” work myself—OR replacement parts +missing parts but no refund!
    No-one at the company puts a name to the correspondence—just “Customer Services”. More emails—Offer withdrawn–not even missing parts! Going to Court!


  • Felicity said...

    I ordered some fence panels from them last month and explained that they needed to deliver at the back as I live in a terrace behind a bus stop and there are yellow lines and i have no side entrance. They said several weeks before they would request a 3.5 van to go around the back ten foot. I reminded them of this the day before the delivery in writing. I had everything ready at the back to welcome the driver. If they had not had such a van I would have refused the delivery. Large lorry came at time specified with one man only in it who wanted to drop them off at my front door! I am of pensionable age, but I managed to persuade him to go via the alley to my neighbours garden and then had to insist on him to deliver over my fence, as I could not lift them. There were also posts and spikes that I had to put over myself. One post was chipped at both ends, at least 3 of the panels had large cracks in them in addition to large eyes that might pop out at any time, some of the panels were roughly sawn and had had spiky bits. As I could not trust them to deliver round the back for replacements panels, I asked for a discount of up to £20-50, and was waiting for them to make an offer. I sent them pictures and they could only offer woodfiller(Of the wrong colour, almost white) which they sent a very small tin of, which has not much effect on the larger holes, as it tends to crumble when hard. I would not have accepted these panels if they were from B and Q and the reason I did not order from B and Q is because they only have large lorries which will not go around the back.(This company has 3 size of lorries and says you need to let them know if you need a smaller one, which I did.) I hope these panels will last but I am not certain about that at the moment. They told me the issue was to do with quality checking, but they should have been quality checked before being delivered, then they said things sometimes get damaged during delivery – but that is not the customer’s fault! Of course, I would rather they replaced the 3 faulty panels, but due to the fact I can’t trust them to deliver at the back, I would have preferred the offer of a discount at this stage. I am also wondering why one man only has to drive a huge lorry and deliver all the panels -surely they need two? To give him credit he was helpful, but he told me they only told him the night before about the delivery information, yet they had about 3 weeks from the original agreement! Not sure I would order from them again, due to quality of panels.


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