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Here at WhatShed, we take great pride in making sure we cover all the major brands that you have probably heard of, as well as some of the more not so well known brands such as Palmako. By the end of our Palmako review, you have a good idea as to why they are growing at a very fast rate and also you will know what kinds of products the specialise in and what the quality and pricing of these items is like.

Palmako: A quick overview

Based in Estonia, Palmako are fast becoming one of the biggest names in high quality log cabins in Europe. Since 2013, they have been rapidly expanding and as of writing they ship over 40 thousand log cabins each year. They have really started to build a good reputation here in the UK, as well as the rest of Europe, and many people actually look at Palmako’s log cabins as a way of giving themselves more room on their property without having an extension built.

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Let's Take a Closer Look...

Palmako: Support Contact Information

Phone: +372 7 355 530Maps


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Palmako AS

Näituse 25

50409 Tartu


PalmakoWhat Kind Of Products Are In The Palmako Range?

While the Palmako range does have the standard things you would expect like sheds, garages, children’s playhouses, pavilions and even carports, they do have two products in their range that are just incredible. In fact, when we tell you what kinds of products these are we are pretty sure you may need a little help picking your jaw up from the floor. The first one that is very impressive is their line of summerhouses which really is amazing and they do have a very log cabin type of look to them, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale. One of the smaller summerhouses they offer is their 8 X 7 Laura, which would be a great little place to kick back after a hard day at work. They do have some much larger ones that would work very well as a home gym, a playroom for the kids or even as a pretty epic man cave. One thing we have to say is that we just love the design of these and while they are different sizes and different styles, we love how most of them have this great looking overhang as part of the roof.

The next range that Palmako offer which we have never seen anywhere else is their log houses. Let us tell you these being called houses is not some kind of clever marketing scam, these are legit log houses that you can purchase and we are sure you are going to be just blown away by these as we were as we have never seen anything like this before. Some of these are so large that they really would work as an actual small house. For example, their Catharine model has two stories, two balconies and is an incredible 244 square feet. Clearly these types of products are not for everyone, but for those looking to build their own little love nest or perhaps even a little get away then they really would be perfect. While we have focused on the more spectacular products that Palmako offer, we must say that even the sheds they are offering have a very high quality and rather unique and special kind of look to them.

PalmakoHow Is The Quality?

The quality of Palmako really is quite exceptional and we are not just talking about their higher end items like their log houses. Palmako also make sure that their sheds and other items are made with the same high end materials as their more expensive items. They say that they have a very intense quality control process where management keeps a close eye on every part of the manufacturing process. This is always something we like to see and we must say the fact that they also mention they take the utmost care when transporting their products also makes us happy as we have heard too many stories about people’s sheds, summerhouses or whatever being damaged in transit. In all we really are very impressed with the way that Palmako go about making sure their products are done the right way from the design process all the way to them being delivered. One thing though that we will say is that while these are said to be rather easy to put together, if you are going for one of their larger products, you may want to have a think about getting a little help to install it.

Now we have talked about how Palmako really do try to make sure each product that leaves their Estonian base is made the right way, but the reason their products are so strong and long lasting is because of the materials they use to make them. Strong Nordic timber is what they make their products from and this kind of wood is going to last many years and also be able to deal with the harshest winter. The majority of products we looked at all had actual glass for their windows not to mention a high quality and strong roof as well, so from top to bottom they really are very well made. One other thing we want to mention and we feel this shows how good Palmako are when it comes to dealing with Nordic timber, is that they also sell laminated timber beams, floor joists and other similar items. As well as this, they are also one of the top producers of high quality wood pellets.

PalmakoHow Are The Products Priced?

Okay so let’s face it, when talking about the high end Palmako products, you know that these are not going to be cheap, but before we get to their summerhouses and log houses we need to address their other products, like sheds. Here in the UK right now, Palmako are really not selling their more traditional products, like general storage sheds. We are sure in the next year or two this will change as they have been expanding. We did find a couple of sites selling their playhouses and these were all priced between £630-930 so they are not cheap, but they are made with some of the best materials to ensure they are strong and long lasting. As it goes right now, only their more high end items like their log houses and summerhouses are readily available here in the UK and are actually stocked by some of the leading garden retailers such as Shed Store and Taylors Garden Buildings.

Now their summerhouses and log cabins are premium products and these are priced to reflect that. For example one of their cheaper products is their 8 X 7 Laura, which costs just under one and a half thousand pounds. We have not seen any Palmako summerhouses priced below the £1000 mark, so this is not a brand that is for those who are on a tight budget. Now even though these are expensive products, we are not going to sit here and tell you that they are overpriced as we do feel that their design and the materials they are made from make them worth the money. So let’s move onto their log houses. As these are actually houses that are made for people to live in, these are far from cheap. To give you an example, the Regina Log House can currently be purchased for around £26,000 and this is one of their single story log houses. Some of their others, like the four bedroom, two story Grand Colorado, cost as much as, £74,000. So no doubt your mouth is open and your eyes wide at that price, but you must remember, this is an actual house so really the price is what you would expect to pay.

PalmakoHow Customisable Are Palmako Products?

When it comes to customising a summerhouse or even a log house, you really are only limited by your imagination. We have not seen any official customisation options, but you can have a lot of fun by getting creative and really making one of their summerhouses, or even a log house if you have the money, feel like your own home. We did not see much in the way of accessories, but there is a guttering kit which is being sold at Shed Store for £239.99, which is worth considering if you are worried about rain running down the structure.

PalmakoOur Final Thoughts

The Palmako website has some truly incredible products, many of which we do hope are going to be easily available for purchase here in the UK in the near future. The products that are available right now though – playhouses, summerhouses and log houses – are made to be the best of the best and be places where you actually want to spend your spare time and dare we even say, actually live. Palmako is a high end brand and as a result we know that their products are going to be out of reach for many people, but we are sure those who are willing to save up a little longer will be very happy with their purchase.

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  • Jake said...

    Absolutely amazing, brilliant space well worth its price just what I needed


  • Wightmoves said...

    Quality was average. Several panels arrived damaged and a few were badly twisted. The pre drilled hinges meant 1 door scraped the floor and the other set too high that it wouldn’t close. On the whole though thought they were fairly average and the price on par with similar products.


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