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Vitavia may sound like some kind of mythological Greek warrior and for all we know it very well may be as here at WhatShed we are not too up on our Greek history. Anyway the Vitavia we are looking at today is one of the top greenhouse brands and we are going to have a rummage through all the products they offer and see how they shape up against the other greenhouse brands that are out there. We are going to be looking at what kind of products make up this brand, their quality and even how much value for money they are offering.

Vitavia: A quick overview

Vitavia Garden Products are one of the top greenhouse brands all over Europe. They are based in Suffolk and like to pride themselves on offering greenhouses that are great value for money, but also of a very high quality. Many different garden centres and other retailers all over the UK stock their products.

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Customisation Options 9/10
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Let's Take a Closer Look...

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VitaviaWhat Kind Of Products Are In The Vitavia Range?

We just love the greenhouses that make up the Vitavia range. They have eight different styles of greenhouse, but most of these can be purchased in a different size which is something we always like to see. So if you like the style of a particular greenhouse, then they will most likely have it in a large and a more modest size. Their more traditional styles of greenhouse with sharp angles and that classic greenhouse style, are their Venus, Neptune and Jupiter greenhouses. These start off fairly compact in stature, with the smallest Venus being 6 X 4, and work all the way up to the impressively large 8 X 14 Jupiter greenhouse. For those of you who want something a little on the different side, then they have two greenhouses in Orion and Saturn that have curved eaves which give them a very smart look and a different kind of personality. Next up we have their Hera greenhouse. With elevated eaves this is ideal for those taller gardeners or people who just want to grow things really high.

Their Sirus greenhouse has a look that resembles a summerhouse or a log cabin as it has a very interesting looking shape. We love the design of the Sirus and if you have the space it is well worth considering. Lastly we have the Zeus. Now any greenhouse called Zeus has to be impressive and this one certainly is as this is their largest greenhouse. Even in its smallest form, the Zeus is 8 X 10 and in its largest form it is an incredible 8 X 20, making it one of the largest greenhouses we have ever seen. As well as selling a great range of greenhouses, Vitavia also have a decent selection of cold frames which are a great way to wet your beak in the world of gardening or just serve as a special place to grow something really interesting. For those with limited space, Vitavia offer two different designs of wall gardens which allow you to grow some prize winning tomatoes, work on your plants and other fun stuff, but not at the expense of taking over the whole garden.

VitaviaHow Is The Quality?

Vitavia make very robust greenhouses that are going to give you many, many years of use. To start with, it doesn’t matter if you go for classic silver or green, as both look fantastic, but one very interesting thing about Vitavia greenhouses is that they finish them off very well. For example, it is not just cheap green paint used, it is high quality powder coated paint to ensure it does not flake off or deteriorate with age. If you like the classic silver design, then this is achieved with anodised aluminium which will keep it looking nice and shiny for the duration of the greenhouse’s life. Good looks are a huge part of the Vitavia range and we are very pleased to see that they have made sure their greenhouses will not start to fade or look haggard as time goes by.

The panels that they use are also of a high quality. Now the majority of their greenhouses will come with horticultural glass panels as standard. Horticultural glass is very strong and will do a great job in keeping the warmth inside, but if you want something stronger, most retailers who stock Vitavia products will allow you to upgrade to toughened glass. This is even tougher glass which does not crack. Now it can smash, but it would take a considerable amount of force to make this happen. If you have kids and are worried about them breaking one of the panels or even getting hurt on the glass, then you may be interested in having polycarbonate panels. These cost less than toughened glass and they will not shatter, so you have no worries about broken glass being everywhere. In general we are very pleased with the quality of Vitavia greenhouses and feel that they have done a great job in making sure they look good, but are also strong so that you will be able to enjoy them for many years.

VitaviaHow Are The Products Priced?

When it comes to the prices of Vitavia greenhouses, we feel that these are a little more costly than some other greenhouses. Now this is not us putting them down as we feel that you get excellent value for your money with a Vitavia greenhouse, but even some of their smaller greenhouses like the Venus 6 X 4 greenhouse is being sold for around £269 on many retail sites. We feel this represents exceptional value. But to be fair while this may seem a little high for a greenhouse of this size, when you take into account the quality of it then the price is actually very reasonable. Most of their mid sized greenhouses can be purchased for between £400 to £500 and they do have a great selection of greenhouses in the 6 to 8 feet size.

We have already said that the Vitavia brand are responsible for some of the largest greenhouses we have ever seen and of course anything that is giving you 20 feet of floor space is not going to come cheap. Their largest greenhouse, the incredible and jaw dropping 8 X 20 Zeus greenhouse, is going to cost you between £2800-£2999 depending on where you purchase it, so be sure to shop around as you can save yourself a considerable amount of money. It is a lot to pay, but you are getting a lot of greenhouse for that money. Vitavia have some of most fantastic looking and largest greenhouses on the market, but you will have to pay a rather high price for these so you better get saving now, but we are sure you are going to be very happy with your purchase as the size is so vast and the quality so high.

VitaviaHow Customisable Are Vitavia Products?

While there is not really any customisation that you can do to a Vitavia greenhouse, they do have an amazing amount of accessories and extras to tempt you with. Honestly we are having a hard time thinking of another brand of greenhouses that offers this many extras. Here we are going to give you a few of the highlights that caught our eye. To help maximise the space in your greenhouse they have all different kinds of staging ranging from tiered to fold away staging. You can add shading and opening vents to give your plants and vegetables the best environment to grow. If you are really serious about your gardening, then they even offer items so you can keep a close eye on things such as a hygrometer and a soil thermometer. It really is quite incredible the amount of extras that they have, so be sure to have a look and see if there is anything that you feel will help you grow some amazing vegetables and plants.

Vitavia: Our Final Thoughts

Now we are at the end of our Vitavia review, we must say we really are very impressed with the greenhouses that they offer. They have some truly incredible designers that really did make us say wow on numerous occasions. The size of greenhouses they offer is phenomenal and if you have the space and want a huge greenhouse then you will simply have to look at the greenhouses in their Zeus range. While the prices are certainly up there, we do feel that they are still well worth the money as they are made to last many years and they also just ooze style and personality.

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  • Stephen Harris said...

    Exceptional quality, worth paying a touch more for. Considerably stronger corner, ridgebar & bracing connections than other similar priced products. High quality nuts and bolts also provide stronger joints throughout the units.
    I am an independent greenhouse
    Installer, & whilst most greenhouses look the same, they are not.


  • ruth evans said...

    Bought a Vitavia greenhouse from Greenhouse stores.
    Took ages to be delivered and then only after a phone call to chase. came with out the roof, chase again and then several of the parts also missing. The build was very difficult indeed. Probably a good product but I would NOT buy again.


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