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For those of you who do not want the hassle of maintaining a wooden shed or for those that just love the look of a metal one, we are today reviewing the popular Yardmaster brand of metal garden sheds and garages. Here we are going to tell you exactly why Yardmaster are one of Europe’s top shed and garden manufacturers and why they are worth some serious consideration when it comes to purchasing your next, or perhaps even first, garden shed.

Yardmaster: A quick overview

Yardmaster are one of the big name brands when it comes to metal sheds, not just in the UK, but all over Europe. Yardmaster products have the reputation of being long lasting and well made and in general when people see their name on a product they know they are getting something good. As Yardmaster are such a popular brand, you can actually purchase their products at many different places here in the UK. We are talking shed specialists such as Shed Store who offer the largest selection of Yardmaster products, as well as more general stores like Argos.

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Let's Take a Closer Look...

Yardmaster: Support Contact Information

Phone: 28 796 28270Maps

Website: www.yardmaster.co.uk

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Cahore Road


BT45 7AP

United Kingdom

Yardmaster: What Kind Of Products Are In The Yardmaster?

Many people think that Yardmaster do not actually have a whole lot of products in their range, but actually they have a very impressive selection of metal products. Sheds are the specialty of the Yardmaster brand and they have a vast amount of sheds to tempt you with. No matter what kind of space you have in your garden or what kind of storage space you desire, we are confident that there will be a Yardmaster shed or garage to fit your needs. For example, one of their smallest sheds is the 5′ x 4′ Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed which would fit in any size of garden and provide you with a little bit of space to keep a few garden tools or maybe a mower safe from the rain. Those of you who have more tools that Tommy Walsh, may need one of their larger sheds such as the 9’11 x 13′ Yardmaster Green Metal Shed which offers just a ton of storage space or could even be used as some kind of workshop. In between these two models we have sheds of all sizes so no matter what you are looking for, Yardmaster will have something for you. The different styles of their metal sheds are something we really like, with some having a traditional metal look and some resembling cladding like you would get on a wooden shed. This means you can get the practicality of a metal shed along with the visuals of a wooden one.

We touched on this earlier, but Yardmaster do actually have garages as part of their brand as well. Now these are not as easily found online as their sheds are, but Yardmaster do actually offer three different sizes of garages which would be great for those of you looking for a place to store your car, but who do not want to have to pay the price to build an actual garage.

Yardmaster: How Is The Quality?

We feel that high quality is perhaps what Yardmaster are best known for. From a glance, some people may make the mistake of thinking that a Yardmaster shed is nothing more than just a few pieces of metal put together, but actually these are some of the best designed metal sheds you will ever see. For added strength, Yardmaster sheds feature internal wall bracing which means they can take a lot of punishment. All Yardmaster products have a strong and impressive roof, but the larger models have extra support to ensure they are even stronger. Speaking of roofs, Yardmaster are known for making sure their sheds have a generous amount of headroom by ensuring the gables are nice and high. One of the things that we really like about Yardmaster products is the way they make them comfortable to spend time in. Sure they are very strong structures, but they also make sure that they are comfortable by having translucent roof panels and ventilation as well so no matter how sweaty you get in here, you will not be stinking it up too much.

In addition to being very strong and long lasting, a Yardmaster product is also very low maintenance. As there is no wood used here, you do not have to worry about treating the shed on an annual basis. Yardmaster sheds are very easy to clean and in many cases just turning the garden hose on them would be enough to keep them clean, just make sure you keep the doors closed when you do.

Yardmaster: How Are The Products Priced?

The most surprising aspect of the Yardmaster brand is the pricing. With how high quality, long lasting and generally impressive they are, you would think for sure that they would be asking a premium price, as after all, in many ways this is a premium brand. But actually the prices of Yardmaster products are very, very fair. Some of their smaller storage sheds can be found for a little over £100, which is a great deal. But even some of their mid sized sheds such as their 8′ x 6′ Yardmaster Silver Metal Shed and their 10′ x 4′ Yardmaster 104PZ Metal Pent Shed, can be purchased for right around the £200 mark, which considering the size and the quality, we feel is a very reasonable asking price. Here at WhatShed we like to be as honest with you as possible and we can honestly say that we have yet to see a Yardmaster product that was at a price that made us question if it was fair.

There are some larger products as part of the Yardmaster brand and these are priced just as fairly as the smaller sheds. A prime example of this is their very impressive, 10′ x 13′ Yardmaster Metal Shed, which offers you a vast amount of storage space, yet still comes in at under £400. We have seen less than fantastic wooden sheds of a similar size cost far more than this. The most expensive products that are part of the Yardmaster brand are their garages. However, even some of their pricier items, such as the incredible 9’10 x 17’2 Yardmaster 1017 Metal Garage, are priced well under £1000. We feel that the prices in general mean that you can actually get far more storage space for your money with a Yardmaster shed than you can many of the other brands that are on the market.

Yardmaster: How Customisable Are Yardmaster Products?

When it comes to customisation there is only so much you can do with a metal shed, but many sites do offer a few extras that can help strengthen and even spruce up your shed a little bit. Some sites offer extra strong flooring which we are sure those of you with very heavy power tools may be interested in. Also some models of Yardmaster shed and garages can have guttering added to them, which is a nice touch. Truth be told, there really is not a lot you can do when it comes to customisation with a Yardmaster shed, but we do not see this as a problem. If anything, it gives you less things to worry about and tempt you to spend more money on.

Yardmaster: Our Final Thoughts

Yardmaster are a brand that have really impressed us over the years. They make fantastic sheds and garages and they are far more stylish than many people give them credit for. They are well made and even those who are not too DIY savvy should be able to install them no problem. They are very low maintenance, so if you are someone who wants to build a shed and not have to worry about rot, bugs, cleaning it or anything else going wrong, then Yardmaster is a brand you must consider. Also the prices that their products are being sold for make them even more attractive and even if you do have a wooden shed in mind, we feel that it is still worth looking at what Yardmaster have to offer.

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  • jimmy m said...

    Very difficult assembly for the novice in my opinion, the setup was a nightmare in my case , a 2 day job on my own , the parts are coded but the instructions sketchy ,you need to study the instructions for a while if you have never done this before, in addition you would have the additional cost of buying and installing a base , in my case £280, I felt as though the build quality was not as robust as I would have expected but its budget priced and it seems to do the job, sharp metal edges so wear gloves, priced well and probably good for most people just not for me sold mine withinra week so dont know how it would have performed over time


  • Bill Southam said...

    Can’t think who did the initial review. I’ve had over 30 years of DIY & I can honestly say that the shed I received is the most convoluted complex & difficult builds I’ve done & I’ve done various greenhouses . Designed by a Geek ,then reduced in quality to maximise profit. The hundreds of minute self tapping screws you need to try & fix parts together will give me nightmares for years & the instructions are rubbish plus the panels are flimsy. It took me & my partner 20 hours + over 3 weekends & caused 2 major rows. Don’t touch if you value your relationship. Buy a wooden one


    • Richard said...

      Thanks Bill, we will take a further look into this and update the brand review.


  • Ian Clark said...

    I have just completed the build of a 10×8 and would never consider another. The instructions are hopeless and you assemble an item only to find you have to partially disassemble several steps later to connect something else. The base dimensions stated one figure but when assembled the wall panels only allowed a maximum which was 13mm smaller. These are just two of the many problems encountered. For those who may think I was just a dummy at diy , my day job before retirement was an engineer.


  • Andy said...

    If your hands are larger than Bilgo Bagggins then stay away from this shed. Day 1 of the build on a 10 X 17 garage. The parts are hopeless complicated instructions, and the quality is crap. I have walked away twice over this in frustration of putting the thing together. I would not recommend this to anyone.


  • Steve Shassell said...

    Bought and built the yardmaster 10’x8′ metal shed. Good bit of kit for the price. Yes, there are a lot of pieces to put together but I found the instructions reasonably clear. I made my own concrete base and then built the shed on top of a rectangle of 4×4 fence posts (bolted down onto the concrete base.) to get an extra bit of headroom. Worked a treat. Quite a solid structure when complete, even though the panels are fairly lightweight.


  • Paul said...

    I’ve recently build a 6×8, and found the build quite complicated, and I’m no novice at diy. As others have said, the instructions have several steps that are not clear – better diagrams would alleviate this.
    However, I found the tolerances of the parts very poor; where side panels overlap they rarely do so cleanly (in order to line up the holes for the hundreds of self-tappers these things use). The base rails aren’t water tight so sealant is needed to weatherproof the shed once it has been build (I sealed the wall and roof panels where they overlapped as I was building them to ensure they at least were watertight). Once built, the shed is ok but I wouldn’t do another. I wish I’d had the guts to build from scratch in wood, the cost would have been about the same.


  • Marty said...

    Paid £300 for a 10x 8 shed, completely designed to penny pinching standards . There were also items missing , 4 or 5 buckets to catch the rainwater!!!
    Never again !


  • Sandra said...

    Absolute nightmare to erect, the instructions are useless, the holes do not line up had to drill our own holes . Resulted to u tube video to help erect it. 3 day build with a four man team. I definitely would not recommend, very flimsy not worth the money or the Afro and had to wait nearly a month for delivery and ended u chasing the company for delivery. Not happy at all caused lots of arguments because the design was too complicated with too many panels.


  • Ken said...

    WARNING. If you thinking of buying a YardMaster Shiplap Metal Shed and you fancy the one illustrated in photo described as brown and taupe, be warned the taupe will not be anything like their photo. Just bought one and it’s brown and dull light green. On complaining to them their response is my computer screen must be at fault.
    So you won’t get Cream/Magnolia as they only do shiplap cladding in brown wood or a dull light green.


  • steve kennerley said...

    Just spent 2 days on my own building a small Yardmaster metal shed. I am no novice at DIY but this shed tested my patience by a mile. The instructions are crap, the panels are flimsy, holes don’t line up, and god knows how many self tapping screws you after put in. At least you get a floor with a wooden shed!!
    If it wasn’t for the fact I have built the thing I would have returned it.


  • Barrie Allen said...

    At the start slow sorting through the parts. DO NOT rush the job, check measurements throughout the build, this makes it easier. No way can you build this 10×8 shed in 4 to6 hrs, ( no problem,it’s not a race to build the shed),take your time to get to know the parts and fixings, this makes it easier ! Do the work when the weather is calm and mild. When the roof is finally fitted it’s amazing how strong the shed becomes. End result a magnificent shed. Since the shed was built, had storms,heavy rain and strong winds !! NO PROBLEM. Finally DON’T try building the shed by yourself ( not possible) my friend and I (both OAPs) had a few problems but soon solved, we enjoyed the experience.


  • Lyn said...

    Don’t even contemplate buying a grandmaster shed, worst thing I ever did. The instructions are as clear as mud, the holes in every panel had to be cleared many had to be drilled. Some of the screws were blank and unusable ,I ended up buying more to get the job done.
    Now I am good at my DIY especially assembling things but this shed nearly killed me there were three of us doing the assembling and it took longer than it should to put shed up it was two days just for the roof section due to the miss alined holes


  • Joe said...

    Dreadful product. Absolutely awful instructions.


  • Andrew Booth said...

    Received the shed parts (10×8) in two large boxes, and proceeded to familiarise myself with the instructions / parts. Found that there had been a packing error, was sorted by Yardmaster within days.

    Proceeded with the big build, yes there are lots of parts, but what do you expect FGS?? Took two days to build on my own; yes, it’s possible. Decided to build roof on the shed as opposed to separately; no one to lift it with. Again, perfectly possible. All holes lined up, looks great.

    The trick is to prepare, like all good DIY projects. Good concrete base (put mine on a 4×4 timber frame too for added headed room as per previous person). Take the time to make sure initial base is square, otherwise you will have problems (as per previous posts). If you are not good at interpreting instructions or good at looking at tech drawings, then perhaps not the one for you. End result is worth the effort. You don’t need to be an engineer, but it does help!


  • brian said...

    Been putting up a 10×8 shed followed instructions and built the roof first then the sides cannot put the roof on owing to missing part it would have been better to build the roof in situ it has taken 2 men one and a half days and still not finished and yes we do know what we are doing
    Loads of screws metal to thin for screws to get a good hold instructions not very good
    Winds now blowing and screws now pulling out have had to rope and brace sides to prevent more damage whilst waiting for missing part
    Would not recommend these


  • M Morsley said...

    As with the other comments posted regarding Yardmaster I agree that you need very small hands and fingers to assemble it. They are definitely a 2 man job to erect and I was cut several times by the sharp metal edges. The customer service is deplorable, as they will negate any faults that you put to them. I would not recommend any one to purchase one.


  • Kate said...

    Absolute garbage metal shed ,, flimsy like aluminium foil.. would not recommend this company.
    Poor customer service


  • Kieran said...

    Worst instructions ever. Also had parts for a different model shed included. Do not buy one of these sheds.


  • Paul said...

    Two months no shed’s

    After one month of waiting I get a letter to say it will be another 2 weeks before anything is ready to be shipped to me.
    I then finally email to ask where the sheds are another three weeks later to be told ring the shipping company, which I did got the run around for a week then told it will be there tomorrow nothing was delivered or a phone call to say when they will be. so two months still no sheds just annoyed waiting for a delivery that never came.


  • Laura Hunter said...

    I purchased an Emerald deluxe GEYZ 8×6 – it was awful to erect – instructions where limited and not clear – quality is flimsy – would not recommend this product – paid £300 for something that is not fit for purpose.


  • Laura hunter said...

    Poor quality
    Poor instructions
    Not fit for purpose
    Paid £300 for something that is awful


  • Steve Tuck said...

    bought a 6×4. could not believe they could fit shed it the small boxes. started with the roof guessing how the parts fit as plans were not clear. eventually got this right could not use gloves because of small screws and was covered in scratches. i had problems with bottom frame lining up. I had help with the sides which were a nightmare roof fitted straight away doors were also a problem due to the plans i would buy another if someone else built it.


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