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What sort of shed should I buy? What are the differences between tongue and grove and overlap cladding? Below, we have created a number of buyer’s guides to help you select the best building for your needs. We hope they help.

Garden Rooms - BillyOh 5000 Pent Sanctuary Garden Rooms

Garden Room

The 10 Best Garden Rooms In The UK

Garden rooms come in different sizes, and with different price tags attached, but the one thing they share in common is that they are all attractive and practical..

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Garden Office Pod - Rowlinson Connor Corner Garden Office Pod

Garden Office Pod

The 5 Best Garden Office Pods In The UK

A high quality garden office pod is not only an ideal place to work in, it also adds a touch of style and elegance to your garden. They..

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Boys Playhouse - 4 x 4 Play-Plus Charlie Tower Boys Playhouse

Boys Playhouse

The 15 Best Boys Playhouses In The UK

A boys playhouse allows the young man in your life to have lots of fun and burn off all that excess energy, and yet at the same time..

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Quality Sheds - 10 x 8 Shed-Plus Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Quality Sheds

Quality Sheds

The 10 Best Quality Sheds In The UK

When you take great pride in your garden, quality sheds can be the ideal finishing touch. They take care of all your garden storage needs, but have that..

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Small Storage Sheds - 6 x 4 Shed-Plus Pressure Treated Small Storage Sheds With Log Store

Small Storage Sheds

The 10 Best Small Storage Sheds In The UK

Small storage sheds can still be high on quality, and if you only have a small or medium sized garden they can also be a space saving solution..

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Garden Storage Shed - Shed Republic 8 x 6 Ultimate Tongue And Groove Garden Storage Shed

Garden Storage Shed

Top 20 Garden Storage Sheds In The UK

It not only provides a safe and secure place for you to store gardening tools and equipment, and more, it can also add to the visual appeal of..

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Cheap Storage Sheds - 8 x 6 Shed-Plus PT Overlap Cheap Storage Sheds

Cheap Storage Sheds

The 20 Best Cheap Storage Sheds In The UK

When you buy cheap storage sheds for your garden, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality. With so many affordable models to choose from, in all kinds of..

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Wood Storage Sheds - 8 x 6 Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Wood Storage Sheds With Log Store

Wood Storage Sheds

The 10 Best Wood Storage Sheds In The UK

Wood storage sheds are an essential garden building for the increasing numbers of people who have log burning stoves, or those who use wood on an open fire…

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Outside Storage Sheds - 6 x 5 Shed Baron Grandale Mountain Blue Metal Outside Storage Sheds

Outside Storage Sheds

The 20 Best Outside Storage Sheds In The UK

Outside storage sheds can help you take control of your garden, and provide a perfect base for gardening or other hobbies. The very best examples can also make..

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Garden Playhouse - 8 x 4 Play-Plus Dixie Duo Pressure Treated Garden Playhouse

Garden Playhouse

The 15 Best Garden Playhouses In The UK

When you have a high quality garden playhouse you not only have a wonderful and safe environment for your children or grandchildren to play in, you also have..

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Cottage Playhouse - 8 x 7 Rowlinson Playaway Swiss Cottage Playhouse

Cottage Playhouse

The 15 Best Cottage Playhouses In The UK

A cottage playhouse is not only a great environment for your children or grandchildren to have fun in, and of course that means they’re keeping fit and learning..

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Contemporary Summer Houses - 12 x 8 Waltons Contemporary Summer House With Side Shed

Contemporary Summer Houses

The 10 Best Contemporary Summer Houses In The UK

Contemporary summer houses are not only an ideal place to relax in the garden and a perfect location to entertain guests before or after a dinner party, they..

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Plastic Summer House - 15 x 8 Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Summer House

Plastic Summer House

The 5 Best Plastic Summer Houses In The UK

A plastic summer house may not have the traditional elegance or classic looks of a wooden summer house, but they can be much more practical buildings. Put simply,..

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Lifetime Storage Sheds - 7 x 7 Heavy Duty Plastic Lifetime Storage Sheds

Lifetime Storage Sheds

The 5 Best Lifetime Storage Sheds In The UK

Lifetime storage sheds are a practical alternative to traditional timber sheds, and from a manufacturer who is becoming increasingly popular. Being made primarily of high-density polyethylene, they’re very..

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Playhouse With Slide - 7 x 14 Lollipop Tower Xtra Playhouse With Slide

Playhouse With Slide

The 10 Best Playhouses With Slides In The UK

A playhouse with slide will bring a smile to the face of your children or grandchildren, and they also bring a sense of fun to your garden. Of..

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Luxury Log Cabins - Rhodos Luxury Log Cabins

Luxury Log Cabins

The 15 Best Luxury Log Cabins In The UK

Luxury log cabins enhance your garden, bringing not only a very useful building that can be used for storage, leisure or even business purposes, but adding a touch..

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Wooden Cabins - 16’5 x 9’10 Alpine Aspen Plus 28mm Wooden Cabins

Wooden Cabins

The 20 Best Wooden Cabins In The UK

Wooden cabins can be the perfect addition to your garden, and the very best cabins are not only attractive garden buildings but very versatile as well. Spacious and..

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Halls greenhouses - Halls greenhouses Popular 106

Halls Greenhouses

The 10 Best Halls Greenhouses In The UK

Halls greenhouses are among the most popular greenhouses in the UK today, and it’s easy to see why. They use durable and yet lightweight materials that create an..

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Custom Sheds - 10 x 8 BillyOh 5000 Greenkeeper Custom Sheds

Custom Sheds

The 10 Best Custom Sheds In The UK

Custom sheds are a great way to make your garden stand out from the crowd. A garden shed is, of course, a very practical building, whether it’s used..

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Bespoke Summer Houses - BillyOh 6000 Diplomat Premium Reverse Apex Bespoke Summer Houses

Bespoke Summer Houses

The 5 Best Bespoke Summer Houses In The UK

A summer house can be a useful and elegant edition to any garden, but bespoke summer houses take the hint of luxury, and the versatility of the building,..

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Kids Playhouses - 12 x 13 Waltons Honeypot Poppy Tower Activity Center Kids Playhouses

Kids Playhouses

The 15 Best Kids Playhouses In The UK

Kids playhouses bring a dash of colour and excitement to the garden, and if you have young children or grandchildren they can be a perfect purchase. Not only..

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Small Greenhouse - 4 x 6 Waltons Green Extra Tall Polycarbonate Small Greenhouse

Small Greenhouse

The 10 Best Small Greenhouses In The UK

If you’re looking for a mini greenhouse for a smaller garden or balcony, you’re in the right place. WhatShed has put together the following league table to show..

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