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What sort of shed should I buy? What are the differences between tongue and grove and overlap cladding? Below, we have created a number of buyer’s guides to help you select the best building for your needs. We hope they help.

Walk In Greenhouse - 5 x 3 Gardman Compact Walk In Greenhouse

Walk In Greenhouse

The 5 Best Walk In Greenhouses In The UK

A walk in greenhouse is a very economical and flexible growing solution, in that they allow a gardener to protect, nurture and grow their plants whatever the weather,..

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Toddler Playhouse - 5 x 5 Buttercup Toddler Playhouse

Toddler Playhouse

The 15 Best Toddler Playhouses In The UK

A toddler playhouse isn’t just a way to show your children that you love them, it’s an investment in their future. High quality playhouses help youngsters keep fit..

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Cheap Greenhouse - 6 x 6 Palram Harmony Silver Cheap Greenhouse

Cheap Greenhouse

The 15 Best Cheap Greenhouses In The UK

Greenhouses don’t have to be expensive to be of benefit to a keen gardener. A high quality cheap greenhouse may lack some of the advanced features of more..

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Garden Log Cabins - 16’5 x 9’10 Alpine Aspen Plus 28mm Garden Log Cabins

Garden Log Cabins

The 20 Best Garden Log Cabins In The UK

Garden log cabins can make a beautiful and highly practical addition to any garden, and by beautifying the property as a whole they could even add to its..

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Portable Storage Sheds - 4 x 3 Keter Apex Designer Garden Portable Storage Sheds

Portable Storage Sheds

The 10 Best Portable Storage Sheds In The UK

Portable storage sheds can be an ideal solution to a modern gardening dilemma. It could be that you often move from a garden in one location to another,..

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Vinyl Sheds - 7 x 7 Keter Oakland Apex Paintable Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl Sheds

The 10 Best Vinyl Sheds In The UK

Vinyl sheds are one of the most practical garden buildings; they’re lightweight and easy to assemble, yet tough and durable, and best of all they’re practically maintenance free..

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Patio Gazebo - 11 x 11 Waltons Tourist Wooden Patio Gazebo

Patio Gazebo

The 10 Best Patio Gazebos In The UK

A patio gazebo is a must have garden building if you want to make the most of your patio area, allowing you to use it as a garden..

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Victorian Greenhouse - 9 x 6 Ultimate Half Boarded Victorian Greenhouse

Victorian Greenhouse

The 15 Best Victorian Greenhouses In The UK

A Victorian greenhouse is a timeless classic that looks as good in the garden today as it did over a hundred years ago. Of course, today’s Victorian greenhouses..

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Large Summer House - 14 x 10 Shed-Plus Champion Harvington Large Summer House

Large Summer House

The 15 Best Large Summer Houses In The UK

A large summer house can transform not only the garden but the property as a whole, adding value in more ways than one. That means that whilst they..

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Luxury Summer Houses - 12 x 8 Ultimate Luxury Summer Houses With Rear Storage

Luxury Summer Houses

The 10 Best Luxury Summer Houses In The UK

Luxury summer houses can make a perfect addition to any garden, and they can be very versatile buildings as well. Typically larger than most garden sheds, they can..

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Vertical Storage Shed - 4 x 3 Ultimate Shiplap Vertical Storage Shed

Vertical Storage Shed

The 10 Best Vertical Storage Sheds In The UK

A vertical storage shed can be the perfect solution if you want to store tools and equipment for your garden, and yet find that your lawn space is..

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Palram Greenhouse - 6 x 4 Mythos Silver Palram Greenhouse

Palram Greenhouse

The 15 Best Palram Greenhouses In The UK

A Palram greenhouse can be an ideal and cost effective solution for an amateur or professional gardener. They are one of the most respected names in greenhouses today,..

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Suncast Storage Shed - 7 x 4 Cascade Suncast Storage Shed

Suncast Storage Shed

The 10 Best Suncast Storage Sheds In The UK

A Suncast storage shed can be the ideal garden solution. The shed is made of plastic resin they are tough and durable, and virtually maintenance free as well…

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Pre Built Shed - 12 x 10 Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Apex Single Door Pre Built Shed

Pre Built Shed

The 15 Best Pre Built Sheds In The UK

A pre built shed can be the perfect solution for people who have busy lives, and who don’t want to spend those precious hours outside of work or..

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Pent Shed - 9’10 x 5 Absco Storemaster 3PE Metal Pent Shed

Pent Shed

The 20 Best Pent Sheds In The UK

A pent shed may not be as tall or ostentatious as apex roofed sheds, but for many people that’s just one of their advantages as it means that..

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Duramax Sheds - Duramax Sheds 8 x 8 DuraMate Plastic Shed

Duramax Sheds

The 10 Best Duramax Sheds In The UK

We’ve reviewed lots of Duramax sheds in all shapes and sizes, and we’re invariably impressed by their build quality, durability, and affordability. It’s a winning combination, so it’s..

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Plastic Garden Storage - Store It Out Midi Wood-Effect Pent Plastic Garden Storage Chest

Plastic Garden Storage

The 10 Best Plastic Garden Storage Products In The UK

Plastic garden storage can be a practical and yet inexpensive solution for all your outdoor storage needs. High quality and durable storage can cost less than you think,..

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Prefab Sheds - 8 x 6 Rowlinson Deluxe Shiplap Prefab Sheds

Prefab Sheds

The 15 Best Prefab Sheds In The UK

Prefab sheds can be an ideal garden storage solution for those who have busy working or family lives, and for those who aren’t as active or mobile as..

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Tough Sheds - 10 x 8 Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Combination Tough Sheds

Tough Sheds

The 20 Best Tough Sheds In The UK

Tough sheds can be the perfect purchase for a keen gardener, or simply somebody who wants a high quality garden building that will stand up to the wear..

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Storage Sheds - Traditional Superior Apex Shed 8’x6’

Storage Sheds

The 20 Best Storage Sheds In The UK

Storage sheds come in a massive range of sizes, shapes and designs. Therefore, choosing the best one can seem like an impossible task. There are all kinds of..

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Car Sheds - Lugarde Oklahoma Garage 5mx5.5m

Car Sheds

The 15 Best Car Sheds In The UK

Car sheds come in all shapes, sizes and designs, making it difficult to know which one you should invest in. With so many high quality models to choose..

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Big Sheds - Billyoh 5000 Range - 20x10

Big Sheds

The 20 Best Big Sheds In The UK

Have a lot of storage and the average 8’x6’ garden shed just won’t cut it? Here you’ll find the very best of the best big sheds available on..

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