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What sort of shed should I buy? What are the differences between tongue and grove and overlap cladding? Below, we have created a number of buyer’s guides to help you select the best building for your needs. We hope they help.

Metal Storage Sheds - 14x5 Asgard Centurian Metal Garden Shed

Metal Storage Sheds

The 20 Best Metal Storage Sheds In The UK

Metal storage sheds can be a fantastic alternative to the more popular wooden models. Providing a strong, weather-resistant construction, they tend to be a lot more durable and..

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Steel Storage Sheds - 1.8mx2.6m Biohort Avantgarde Metal Shed

Steel Storage Sheds

The 20 Best Steel Storage Sheds In The UK

Steel storage sheds are the best type of metal sheds you can invest in. Known for their incredible strength and zero maintenance benefits, there’s a wide choice available..

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Wooden Arbours - Hartwood FSC Hathaway Half Arbour

Wooden Arbours

The 20 Best Wooden Arbours In The UK

If you’re looking to make your garden more relaxing and attractive, wooden arbours could be just what you need. Offering a place where you can sit and enjoy..

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Garden Sheds - 8 x 6 Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Apex Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds

The 20 Best Garden Sheds In The UK

Garden sheds are part of the fabric of the United Kingdom, they’re more than a building they’re a national symbol. Of course, they can be very useful as..

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Aluminium Sheds - Waltons 6 x 12 Green Skylight Aluminium Sheds

Aluminium Sheds

The 5 Best Aluminium Sheds In The UK

Aluminium sheds may not be as prevalent yet as steel sheds, but they have a lot to offer. Aluminium is a very lightweight metal, and yet it’s very..

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Tool Sheds - 4 x 3 Ultimate Shiplap Tool Sheds

Tool Shed

The 20 Best Tool Sheds In The UK

A garden tool store can be the crowning glory of any garden, and they’re essential for anyone who is enthusiastic about DIY and home improvements. When you have..

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Workshop Sheds - 12 x 8 Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Combination Workshop Sheds

Workshop Sheds

The 20 Best Workshop Sheds In The UK

Workshop sheds are among the most useful, and versatile, garden buildings of them all. They make a great place to keep gardening tools and equipment, of course, but..

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Wooden Storage Sheds - 8 x 6 Shed Republic Ultimate Tongue And Groove Wooden Storage Sheds

Wooden Storage Sheds

The 20 Best Wooden Storage Sheds In The UK

Wooden storage sheds are in many ways the archetypal garden building, it’s as if they’ve entered British folklore. Let’s face it, a garden is incomplete without a wooden..

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Potting Sheds - 10’3 x 6’8 Rowlinson Deluxe Shiplap Potting Sheds

Potting Sheds

The 10 Best Potting Sheds In The UK

Potting sheds are a must have garden building for all those with green fingers. They provide a warm environment, secure from damp, cold and rain, that encourages the..

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Steel Sheds - 9’11 x 7’8 Yardmaster Shiplap Metal Shed

Steel Sheds

The 20 Best Steel Sheds In The UK

Steel sheds may lack the traditional appeal of wooden garden buildings, and yet they bring many benefits over them. For a start, they are very low maintenance, and..

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Resin Storage Sheds - 8 x 4 Suncast New Tremont Five Resin Storage Sheds

Resin Storage Sheds

The 10 Best Resin Storage Sheds In The UK

Resin storage sheds are very durable and versatile additions to any garden. Plastic sheds as a whole are becoming increasingly popular, as they typically offer great value for..

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Plastic Storage Sheds - BillyOh Retford 8 x 6 Premium Woodgrain Plastic Storage Sheds

Plastic Storage Sheds

The 20 Best Plastic Storage Sheds In The UK

Plastic storage sheds are an affordable and durable alternative to timber storage facilities, and more and more people every year are discovering the advantages they bring. Unlike wooden..

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What Shed Editors Choice Award

Metal Arbours

The 5 Best Metal Arbours In The UK

Metal arbours are a highly practical modern twist on the traditional garden favourite. Timber arbours have long been a highly prized garden structure, providing a shaded area in..

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Modern Pergola - 16 x 9 Dragon Modern Pergola With Spikes

Modern Pergola

The 10 Best Modern Pergolas In The UK

A high quality modern pergola takes the traditional garden structure and elevates it to a whole new level. Pergolas have long been used as a place to grow..

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Outdoor Pergola - 10’ x 8’ Arbour-Plus Florence Outdoor Pergola With Panels

Outdoor Pergola

The 15 Best Outdoor Pergolas In The UK

An outdoor pergola can make a very decorative and useful addition to any garden. As well as being an ideal place to grow climbing plants upon, it can..

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Covered Pergola - 12’ x 11’ Tea House Covered Pergola

Covered Pergola

The 5 Best Covered Pergolas In The UK

It’s easy to see why pergolas are such popular garden buildings, as they’re not only a great place to grow plants they also make a beautiful feature. A..

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Small Gazebo - Bredon Small Gazebo

Small Gazebo

The 10 Best Small Gazebos In The UK

A small gazebo makes a garden look more attractive without taking up too much valuable lawn space, which is why they’re becoming an increasingly popular garden building. The..

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Large Gazebo - 20 x 11 Waltons Superior Garden Large Gazebo

Large Gazebo

The 15 Best Large Gazebos In The UK

A large gazebo can combine the two things that are most attractive in garden buildings: form and function. The very best examples are attractive garden features in their..

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10 x 10 Gazebo - Budleigh Hexagonal 10 x 10 Gazebo

10 x 10 Gazebo

The 5 Best 10 x 10 Gazebos In The UK

A 10 x 10 gazebo can act as the perfect focal point for a garden setting, adding a timeless touch of class or a natural place to gather..

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Plastic Greenhouse - 6 x14 Palram Harmony Silver Plastic Greenhouse With Base

Plastic Greenhouse

The 20 Best Plastic Greenhouses In The UK

A plastic greenhouse can be an ideal and cost effective solution for keen gardeners who want to protect their seedlings or grow their plants all year round. They..

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Wooden Greenhouses - 8 x 6 Grow-Plus Vale Wooden Greenhouses

Wooden Greenhouses

The 20 Best Wooden Greenhouses In The UK

Well built wooden greenhouses are among the most beautiful garden buildings that we review at WhatShed, and of course they’re very functional too. Whether they utilise traditional horticultural..

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Glass Greenhouse - 6’4 x 8’3 Eden Acorn Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

The 20 Best Glass Greenhouses In The UK

Using a glass greenhouse can help you grow beautiful plants and outstanding fruit and vegetables all year round. It’s a traditional method that in recent years has been..

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