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What sort of shed should I buy? What are the differences between tongue and grove and overlap cladding? Below, we have created a number of buyer’s guides to help you select the best building for your needs. We hope they help.

8 X 6 Shed - Shed Baron Grandale Eight Metal 8 x 6 Shed

8×6 Shed

The 20 Best 8x6 Sheds In The UK

The 8×6 shed is one of the most practical garden buildings of them all, as its mid size design means that it can store a more than adequate..

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8x10 Shed - Yardmaster Shiplap Metal 8x10 Sheds

8×10 Shed

The 20 Best 8x10 Sheds In The UK

The 8×10 shed is becoming an increasingly popular choice across the United Kingdom, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a shed that won’t look too large and..

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8x8 Sheds - Strongman Apex Premier Tanalised 8x8 sheds

8×8 Sheds

The 20 Best 8x8 Sheds In The UK

Increasing numbers of people are finding that 8×8 sheds are just perfect for their garden, as they provide a mid sized storage solution without looking too obtrusive or..

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Firewood Storage Shed - Rutland 4 Foot Single Midi Log Store With Door

Firewood Storage Shed

The 20 Best Firewood Storage Sheds In The UK

Firewood storage sheds are becoming increasingly popular in gardens across the United Kingdom, in fact for many people they’ve become an essential addition, as much part of their..

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5x3 Sheds - Absco Easy Store 1PE Green Metal 5x3 Sheds

5×3 Sheds

The 15 Best 5x3 Sheds In The UK

5×3 sheds are a very popular choice across the United Kingdom, as they’re an ideal storage solution for the smaller garden where space may be restricted. Just because..

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4' X 3' Sheds - Ultimate Shiplap 4' X 3' Sheds

4′ X 3′ Sheds

The 10 Best 4' X 3' Sheds In The UK

If you have a compact garden, then 4′ X 3′ sheds could be the perfect solution to your storage problems. Many people have gardens that they’d like to..

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6 x 5 Plastic Shed - Palram Amber 65 Skylight 6 x 5 Plastic Shed

6×5 Plastic Shed

The 5 Best 6x5 Plastic Sheds In The UK

The 6×5 plastic shed is an ideal storage solution for the small to mid sized garden, as it provides a decent amount of space to store mowers, tools,..

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Cheap Metal Sheds - 6' X 5' Shed Baron Grandale Mountain Blue Cheap Metal Sheds

Cheap Metal Sheds

The 20 Best Cheap Metal Sheds In The UK

Cheap metal sheds can be the perfect purchase for a small to medium sized gardens, which is why increasing numbers of people are finding the benefits that they..

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Wooden Garden Sheds - Shed-Plus Wooden Garden Sheds Champion Heavy Duty Combination Double Door Shed

Wooden Garden Sheds

The 20 Best Wooden Garden Sheds In The UK

Wooden garden sheds are a style icon, and they’ve become part of the fabric of British culture. Mention the United Kingdom to people abroad and they’ll picture a..

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Yardmaster Sheds - Yardmaster sheds 10' X 13' Green Metal Shed

Yardmaster Sheds

The 20 Best Yardmaster Sheds In The UK

Yardmaster sheds are some of the most practical and value for money garden buildings we review, and the good news is that there’s a wide range available from..

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Wooden Summer House - 20' X 10' BillyOh 5000 Eden Wooden Summer House

Wooden Summer House

The 20 Best Wooden Summer Houses In The UK

When it comes to garden buildings that are practical and yet elegant, a wooden summer house is hard to beat. They come in many different styles and sizes,..

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Absco Sheds - Absco Sheds 9'10 X 20'8 Titanium Easy Build Apex Metal Garage

Absco Sheds

The 10 Best Absco Sheds In The UK

Absco sheds have long been a market leader in their native Australia, and now they’re making a real impression here in the UK as well. There are few..

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Shiplap Sheds

The 20 Best Shiplap Sheds In The UK

Shiplap sheds are considered to be the best of the best in the wooden shed industry. Created to be a lot more weatherproof, durable and reliable than overlap..

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Discount Sheds - 10x6 Waltons Groundsman Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed

Discount Sheds

The Top 20 Discount Sheds In The UK

Don’t have a lot of money to spend on your new shed? Fear not! There are a lot of great discount sheds out there to choose from. The..

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Small Summerhouse - 6' X 6' Purton Summer House

Small Summer House

The 20 Best Small Summer Houses In The UK

A small summer house is the perfect place to relax after a hard day in the garden or at work. Large enough for you to sit inside and..

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Lean-To Greenhouse - Eden 612 Lean To Greenhouse 6'3 X 12'4

Lean-To Greenhouse

The 20 Best Lean-To Greenhouses In The UK

If you’re serious about your gardening then a lean-to greenhouse is an essential purchase. The vagaries of the British weather can play havoc with your pots and beds,..

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Garden Storage Boxes - Store-Plus Garden Storage Boxes 4' X 3' Shiplap Storage Box

Garden Storage Boxes

The 20 Best Garden Storage Boxes In The UK

Whether you’re a keen or occasional gardener, high quality garden storage boxes can make the task quicker, easier, and more organised. You’ll know exactly where to turn to..

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Corner Summer House - Hartwood 7' X 7' FSC Pressure Treated Oxhill Corner Summer House

Corner Summer House

The 20 Best Corner Summer Houses In The UK

A corner summer house makes a versatile and highly useful to any garden, and because of this they may even add value to the property as a whole…

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Playhouses For Girls - 7' X 14' BillyOh Mad Dash Lollipop Tower Extra With Green Premium Slide

Playhouses For Girls

The 20 Best Playhouses For Girls In The UK

Whether it’s for your daughter or granddaughter, a playhouse for girls is sure to be appreciated by the little princesses in your life. Childhood is a time for..

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Corner Shed

The 10 Best Corner Sheds In The UK

Looking for a corner shed? At WhatShed we know just how time consuming and confusing it can be when it comes to choosing the right corner shed. That’s..

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6x4 Shed

6X4 Sheds

The 20 Best 6x4 Sheds In The UK

Looking for the best 6×4 sheds available in the UK? If so, look no further. The 6X4 shed is a classic feature of gardens nationwide, and it’s easy..

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Plastic Sheds

Top 10 Plastic Sheds for Sale in UK

We’ve spent hours reviewing the different plastic sheds available from the UK’s top 10 retailers in order to determine the top 10 plastic sheds for sale in the..

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