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Today we are rolling up our sleeves, and putting a real shift in so that we can put together this Dunster House review to help you folks get a better idea about what kind of retailer they are. They are a company who really do sell it all as they have more standard garden structures like sheds, summerhouses and playhouses, but they also sell more out there things like outdoor gyms and hot tubs. Dunster House is a very interesting retailer and by the end of this review you will know exactly if they are the retailer for you.

What we rate

  • They have some great looking products
  • You can upgrade many of their products to premium or super premium
  • Ideal if you want something that looks good as well as it being practical
  • They are the only retailer who offer monkey bars
  • Some more unusual products like hot tubs and outdoor gym equipment are available

What we slate

  • Some customers have reported issues getting in touch with Dunster House
  • Not as many cheap and cheerful sheds as other retailers
  • Some products have reviews for other items on their page
How We Rate It
Amount Of Products Available 9/10
90% Complete
Extras On Offer 8.5/10
85% Complete
Customer Service Support 6.5/10
65% Complete
Delivery Times 8/10
80% Complete
Prices 9/10
90% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Dunster House: A quick overview

Dunster House have been in business since 1994 and they sell thousands of garden structures each year. They are one of the most hands on garden retailers out there as they not only have their own manufacturing plant, but they also handle all orders themselves and take care of delivery as well. Interestingly the company as well as garden products they also deal in doors and windows.

Dunster House: Support Contact Information

Phone: 01234 272 445Maps

email: [email protected]

Dunster House: Physical address

Dunster House

Head Office

Caxton Road




MK41 0LF

Dunster HouseThe Products

While working on this Dunster House review there were many things that impressed us and the amount of different products that they have was one of the things we really liked. They have many different categories such as sheds, greenhouses, summerhouses, log cabins and climbing frames to name a few. That last one is very interesting as they are the only UK retailer who specialise in monkey bars on their play frames which is something we think is great and it certainly gives them an edge over the competition when it comes to their kids outdoor play structures. It also gives you the chance to show the kids how cool you are by demonstrating how you can try the monkey bars and then fall flat on your face. Another series of products that they have here which impressed us was their range of garages, as they have some truly large and impressive ones that look unlike any we have seen before. We found that their selection of sheds, summerhouses and other structures have a great look to them and this is because they use strong and gorgeous looking cedar wood.

While we really liked looking through their sheds, summerhouses, greenhouses and other more traditional garden structures (which by the way have this very strong and great look to the them thanks to the cedar wood and fantastic design), one thing we really liked was the vast amount of other types of garden products. For those looking to finish off their garden with a bit of style, you are going to love their range of pergolas, arbours, gazebos and shelters. They also have some more out there and rather odd things which we do not mean as a bad thing. They have an outdoor bar, hot tub, gym equipment and even and old style candy machine! Honestly, the selection of products available here could easily have a whole review dedicated to just them as there are that many to talk about. One thing we are really excited to see is their pressure treated log cabin that they have in the works which will be the first one available in the UK. If you want something that is more than just four pieces of wood with a roof to throw your tools or the kids bike in, then this is a site you have to look at, as the sheds they offer just have so much personality and style to them that they really will be a fantastic feature of your garden.

Dunster HouseThe Prices

We are sure this is the part of the Dunster House review that many of you have come to once you saw how gorgeous some of those products are. At first glance we are sure that some of you may think the products here are priced a little highly, but actually we feel that these are products that are incredibly well made and honestly we are quite blown away with the attention to detail that their products have. Of course when you have this level of detail, you are going to have pay for it and honestly we have no problem with this at all when the quality is so high. Most of the products here are high end, let’s look at their summerhouses for example. Most of the summerhouses here are high end summerhouses and cost close to or way over £1000. Many of them come in a standard form, but if you want to pay a little bit more you can upgrade to their premium or premium plus range. Doing this will add numerous features that not only enhance the look, but also help the overall quality and longevity such as improved locking and gaskets round the doors and windows to help keep the water out.

Dunster House is not just a retailer for people with a lot of money, as even with the high quality and attention to detail that their products have they still have a few more lower cost items as well. But we have to tell you that high quality is something they are all about so while they do have some lower cost items you are not going to be getting a shed here for £150. They do have a handful of sheds that are made to the same high standards as the rest of them, but they come in at a lower price such as their Premium Adam II shed which comes in at a very reasonable £574.99. We know this may seem high, but again you are paying that bit extra for a shed that is made to last so we honestly feel that you are getting great value for your money here. One thing we will say is that if you are after something cheap and cheerful then you will not find that here.

Dunster HouseUsing The Site

The Dunster House homepage is fantastic and when we started our Dunster House review, we knew that talking about using the site was going to be one of the more tricky aspects. Now this is not a site that is hard to use and they have one of the most clear and easy to follow homepages we have seen, but the rest of the site, specifically the product descriptions can be a little bit busy which we will get to in a moment. But let’s talk about the homepage first. The homepage has all their main categories listed right at the top. What is really nice is that when you hover your mouse over one, like sheds for example, it will pop up another section where you can click things like wooden sheds, garages and potting sheds. This will then take you to that section where you can then tinker with the sizes, prices and other such things to help narrow down your search or you can just look through them all and see what stands out to you.

When you click on a product it can be rather daunting, especially if you are looking for your first shed or summerhouse. But actually all the information you could possibly need is listed right here. They break down all the information and list all the dimensions very well and they even give you a little bit of info where they tell you how good the summerhouse, shed or whatever it is you are looking at. We really like the information that they give you, but we just wish it was organised a little bit better. One thing we really wanted to talk about in this Dunster House review was the high quality photos they use to showcase their products. Wow is the best way to describe the way they show off their structures. Most have multiple photos and some even see them get a little fancy with the PhotoShop such as the PremiumPlus Avon Summerhouse which has an African setting with an elephant in the picture. Or our personal favourite, the Premium Severn Summerhouse that has a giant UFO hovering over it! Honestly some of their photos are totally out there and kind of wacky, but we absolutely love it as it really does make you pay attention.

Dunster HouseOnsite Reviews

Dunster House reviews are a plenty on their site and when you click on a product there is always a little star ranking system about a quarter of the way down the page. You can click this and be taken to a small review section or as they like to call it, case studies. There are a ton of reviews on the site and that is great, but the way they handle their customer reviews is actually very interesting. Let’s take their Thatched Atlas Single Garage, for example. When you look at the description you can see that this has a 5 star ranking and 36 reviews. But when you click this to see the review, you get a small bit of text saying that there are no reviews for this item, but here are some reviews for similar products. Now we think on one hand this is great, but there is always the chance that a customer may miss this and just assume that all 36 of these reviews are for this particular garage. On each product, you can click a link that will take you to a dedicated Dunster House customer review section and this is something that is just a fantastic idea.

Once you get to the Dunster House review section you then have many different options at your disposal. You can click on a star and just look at all the 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star reviews. By the way most of the reviews on here are for 5 stars, but they do have many 1 and 2 star reviews as well so it is good they are not getting rid of all their negative reviews like it is said some other retailers do. As well as clicking on a star you can actually click a product. So if you want to look at reviews for sheds, click the sheds tab and then you can click a star as well so you can see all the sheds that are rated 5 stars. This is such and interesting and unique way to showcase reviews and we must say, we are very impressed.


What Are The People Saying About Dunster House?

Here we are going to have a little look at some actual Dunster House customer reviews. There are not as many Dunster House reviews out there as we thought there would be, but we actually did a little detective work and went and had a look round their showroom and as you can tell from our own review we were impressed. Now some of the reviews we saw for this were certainly on the negative side and we are not ignoring these at all and we are sure people have a genuine reason for not being happy, but always remember people are more likely to take the effort to leave a review when something goes wrong rather than when everything goes good. Still there are a very healthy amount of positive reviews for this retailer as you will see below.

The sites below are ones that we found to have the best selection of Dunster House reviews and while there are not as many as we would like to see. At least you can get a small idea of what people think Just be sure to have a real good look at the review section on the actual Dunster House site as well.

Trust Pilot: Trust Pilot have the largest selection of Dunster House reviews on the internet with over 150 of them. The amount of positive reviews listed here is very nice to see and if you are a potential customer of Dunster House then you will feel much more comfortable in using them after you have seen all the positive reviews here. A phenomenal 71 percent of reviews are for 5 stars. A further 13 percent are for 4 star reviews, so as you can see the majority of customers are very happy. It was great to read so many reviews where customers were happy with not just the quality of the products they have received, but also in the customer service as well.

The 1 and 2 star reviews make up just over 10 percent of reviews, which is actually quite impressive. We had a good look over these negative reviews to see what kind of issues people had. The main issue that people have is getting in touch with Dunster House as many people have said that the phone number is for sales only and if you have an issue with something you deal with it through emails. This is quite concerning and we can fully understand just how frustrating this must be for a customer who has had a bad experience. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Review Centre: Here there are not as many Dunster House reviews, but the types of reviews that are here are much more mixed than the ones that are listed on Trust Pilot. As of writing there are only 36 reviews. There is not much middle ground here with 14 of the reviews being for 5 stars and 12 of them for 1. As far as the positive reviews go, it is the quality that people seem to be praising as well as the prices. We said in our own Dunster House review how they have many high end items, but you are getting what you pay for and that seems to be the opinion of the positive reviews here as well.

As far as the negative reviews go, they all have the same complaint and that is with customer service. People who have had things go wrong say that getting in touch with Dunster House was a bit of a nightmare. Through email seems to be the way that Dunster House like to do things, but that is clearly not enough for people when something goes wrong. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Twitter: With most other garden retailers, we feel that Facebook is actually better for seeing customer interaction with a retailer. But actually there is not really much in the way of customer back and forth on their Facebook page, but Twitter is a bit better. Now of course as this is their official Twitter page most of the things posted here are going to be positive, but we think it is great how customers are posting their man caves, sheds, summerhouses and kids play frames for other potential customers to see. So while you are not going to be getting any real Dunster House customer reviews here, it is still worth a look as you can see how some of their products actually look when they are installed in a person’s garden. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Do We Have Any Concerns?

Well we had a really good look around their showroom and what we saw, we really liked. And from taking a really long and in depth look at their website, we must say that we are still impressed. When we took a really good look at the various customer reviews, we must say that for the most part we are happy with what we were reading, but we do have one concern and that is with people having trouble getting in touch with Dunster House when things go wrong. Again there were not a whole lot of reviews stating this, but still more than enough to make us raise our eyebrows a little bit.

Always Room For Improvement 

Honestly this is a retailer that we have really enjoyed reviewing as we love the way that they show off their different products, but here at WhatShed we like to push retailers to be the best they possibly can so that you the customer gets the best deal and the smoothest transaction possible. And there are a couple of things that we feel Dunster House could do that would make them an even more impressive retailer. The major one is communication with customers. Now granted there are far more positive reviews than there are negative ones, but there are still some people who feel that when they need to get in touch with Dunster House, doing so is far more of a chore than it should be. Perhaps they could have larger more dedicated department who are there to just deal with problems that customers may have. Some of the reviews we read said that they had to call the sales department to vent their frustrations which we feel is of no benefit to the customer or Dunster House themselves. This could be avoided with an actual problems help line.

We only have one other suggestion and that is making their product description pages a little less busy. We know this is a personal opinion and some people will be fine with it. We just feel for a person looking to purchase their first shed it may be a little overwhelming trying to take all the information in.

Dunster HouseHow We Rate It

We feel that we have been very fair with our Dunster House review and we do see them as a garden building retailer who have a lot to offer. Their selection of products is just fantastic and we love the way they use that cedar wood which makes sure their products are strong and also have a great look to them as well. The amount of positive reviews that we came across were great to see and we do feel that the complaints we read were valid and we do hope that this is something Dunster House will work on in the future. But for the most part this is a retailer we are impressed with and feel they are well worth a look if you are in the market for a great looking garden building.


  • They have some great looking products
  • You can upgrade many of their products to premium or super premium
  • Ideal if you want something that looks good as well as it being practical
  • They are the only retailer who offer monkey bars
  • Some more unusual products like hot tubs and outdoor gym equipment are available


  • Some customers have reported issues getting in touch with Dunster House
  • Not as many cheap and cheerful sheds as other retailers
  • Some products have reviews for other items on their page

Dunster HouseHow You Rate It

There are not as many Dunster House reviews online as we would like to see, so we would love it if you guys who have ordered from them leave your opinions in the section below.

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Dunster House Review
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  • Mottie said...

    Ordered the Premium Severn Log cabin – if you’re considering purchasing then do be aware of the following;
    Watch the prices – they’re up and down like a whore’s drawers

    The delivery men unwrap all the untreated timber and pass it to you plank by plank – which can take a good hour – be prepared. As its untreated, and left unwrapped on your drive etc, you must make arrangementst to keep it dry – it will warp etc if wet.

    Every single knot will need to be treated if you paint it – hundreds if not thousands of them – need 2 coats to do it propertly
    In my case, one of the side wall planks was too short my a good few inches so it was not possible to erect the cabin from the timber supplied.

    Customer services will NOT speak to you, and they only work mon – fri – and take some days to reply. Given I have a crucial piece of missing timber, I’m somewhat dismayed and disgusted that they have still NOT supplied a replacement to allow the erection of a non weather proof cabin.

    Instead, they blame me, for accepting a delivery that was incorrect. Given that it took 1 hour for two of us to take delivery of each individual plank of wood, and there are hundreds and hundreds, the delivery men cannot wait whilst you count them. Even had they, it wouldn’t have been apparent that one was too short at this stage.

    Customer services are rude and unhelpful and make no attempt to replace the faulty item, despite some weeks passing.Do check the other reviews on google, and moneysaving expert etc – this appears to be a recurring theme – APPALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE


    • Andy said...

      Terrible customer service, happy to take your money but any queries about assembly forget it, you have to email them.
      Agents reas from a script and just tell you it is company policy. They even transfer you to a pre recorded terms and conditions message to get rid of your call.


  • Andrea said...

    Terrible company would recommend everyone avoid wish we had . Wondered why sales rep didn’t recommend us paying for installation as the half wits send spend an hour scratching there heads before refusing to fit and then charged me £380 for not doing it


  • Paul said...

    The comments about customer service are unfortunately all true. They left me with a huge stack of wood and no instructions at all. The booklet got lost by the delivery guys, and despite them phoning the office, me phoning and emailing the customer service dept, they still haven’t sent me instructions almost two weeks later. They are just ignoring me so I have resulted to making sure I review them wherever possible and let everyone else know how they treat their customers with contempt. Once they have your money they simply don’t care.

    All they needed to do was email me the instruction booklet and I’d have been happy.

    The only way they will improve is if people DON’T buy from them.

    I read some reviews and thought it’d be OK and that they couldn’t really be that bad, but now I just have to try and build with no instructions at all.

    Please do us all a favor and avoid them like the plague.


  • Denise Nisbet said...

    Shocking Customer support. I had an issue with the Aesthetics of their Rapid Pads which were used to install our Gazebo, but the Customer Service department were not interested, and told me it was my problem to sort out. Not good enough IMO…


  • Kate said...

    Shockingly bad customer service, they will only deal in email and will not speak to you in person. My Severn cabin was up 5 weeks and the front collapsed. It was a windy day but it was a yellow warning ie twigs that’s all. My other 6 outbuildings were fine and some are very very old. Dunster will not visit or repair and have told me it’s my problem. I have had a builders report saying it was not installed well and am now having to pursue through the credit card company. Dunsters wash their hands if you once they get their money. Please check the contract, there is no guarantee if something goes wrong. The builder that inspected my building has seen 3 Dunster cabins in a short space of time all with faults. He said they are not good quality. It’s a shame as I really liked my building.


  • Lee said...

    I have ordered a cabin from Dunster House and paid in full. I requested instructions to be sent in advance of delivery so I could be prepared and have been told so far that they’re too big to email, they aren’t allowed to do that because someone might copy the instructions and build their own shed and last but not least, they do not have access to them. Staff are very rude on the phone and they have ignored any chance of resolving the issue when I’ve commented on Facebook and instead decided to block me? Very professional. Appalling ‘customer service’, totally unprofessional.

    They offer no phone customer support, only via email, so I’ve emailed and still waiting for a reply 4 days later. Seems that they like to avoid talking to customers for a reason.

    Avoid this company, you get what you pay for. I haven’t even received my delivery yet and I’m regretting ever dealing with such amateurs and feel deflated with being treated badly.


  • Rebecca said...

    Purchased my cabin from Dunster House two years ago in 2015. Needed a few missing parts, which took several weeks to sort out through Customer Services not responding. Found the staff to be very rude and unhelpful. They eventually sent out the missing wooden trim for the window frames, to find they were a not quite the same as the existing ones. (Different shape). But Customer Services were not interested in resolving this, insisting it was the same one they had always used. (Not true). Tried contacting Customer Services again this week for something else. Sent an email to ask a general question about the structure/design of their PremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin, to see if I could modify something without it effecting the strength etc. So not related to my purchased cabin necessarily. They refused to give me this information. And kept asking for my order number or post code. When I said this was a general question about one of their products, not specifically related to my purchase, therefore why would they need my order number or post code! I could equally have been a potential new customer asking the same question. Still they would not answer, sending a rude and abrupt reply. Worst Customer Service I have ever come across. Unprofessional and amateur in my opinion..


  • John matthews said...

    Avoid at all costs, they are only interested in taking your money.

    If you have any problems, buy a new cabin from somewhere else as dunster house won’t help you


  • Azuka Agbai said...

    Please avoid this company and deal with them at your peril. We bought a log cabin from them some weeks ago and paid in full. Several of the wood pieces are warped with both ends at opposite directions. 2 of the pieces are too short. Altogether, we have 7 pieces that are not usable. Our log cabin has been constructed half way. Dunster House requested pictures of the items. We have now sent this twice. They claim that they cannot see any damage. We offered to take the items to the local branch where we purchased the log cabin. They would like us to visit Bedford to see someone in Customer Service. Basically, they are not interested in speaking with you, or replacing the items that are not fit for purpose. It looks like this will have to go to court for a resolution as this company is only interested in getting your money off you and offering very little in return.


  • Linas Balkus said...

    Purchased Shenge thatched gazebo. Product is good quality, but aftersales care non existent. Did not order canopy at the time , did not realise thatch was more decorative and additional waterproofing needed. Was told by customer service that this product was ended now and ancillaries were not available any longer. They suggested to go via ebay or amazon, but nothing to match what I required. Other companies will cater if you bought their product in the first place. So make sure you get everything right when ordering, once delivered Dunster house cannot be bothered


  • andy smith said...

    reference to order number SO128937
    very disappointed in your customer service, just wanted to speak to someone about bowed timber on my building that you installed:
    I reported an issue with bowed timbers and a set of photos showing the problem. here is an extract from my email to customer services: Now what I would like to happen is for someone to contact me and discuss the problem we are facing and give me some helpful advice regarding this matter, we went with your company because the you tube videos suggested that you were as professional company who are passionate about constructing quality products using high standards of materials.
    But at the moment, although I am very happy with my space, I’m thinking you are failing to deliver the standard of customer service that I hoped for.
    I look forward to hearing from someone on the telephone this week, I work from home (in the office that has the problem)

    extract from Arlene’s reply: Thank you for your email and photos. Here in Customer Services we are dedicated to dealing with queries quickly and efficiently. As a Company that sells a wide range of technically complex products, we have found that dealing in writing allows us to fully comprehend a query and gives us the ability to consult other departments in order to give you the correct response. This is detailed in our terms of contract and in all of our literature, we are therefore unable to contact you via telephone.

    there was no follow up or suggestion in writing in the post or email about how to rectify the issue, nor did anyone from the company spare me even 5 – 10 mins on the phone to find out what the issue was despite me sending in very clear photo of how i had to brace the bowed cabin using some timber wedged against a fence.


  • S Allen said...

    I wish I had read reviews before parting with over £1330. Plus the additional cost of constructing a Base and fitting costs, and further painting work. When it was delivered and dropped in my drive, all wrapped in polythene, my SO and I planned to open the package and store the parts in our garage. When the delivery note was hurriedly put in front of me to sign, I said we haven’t checked everything is there or that nothing is damaged. The driver said that it was okay, they made deliveries every week and they would pick up or drop off as required. Had the driver waited until we checked off every item, as Dunster advises in their conditions, she would have had to wait about an hour and a half. My joiners made a lovely job of constructing an Avon 2.5m x 2.5m cabin. They flagged up the floorboards were not long enough and left a large gap at each end of the floor which meant that the skirting had to be laid horizontally instead of vertically. There was a length of this missing which we bought at a local supplies shop. I couldn’t fault our two professional joiners. They made a good job of felting the roof with adequate 150mm overlaps and pointing out that the additional 10 m long roll of expensive felt was not required. I have since written umpteen emails with attached diagrams showing how the roof can be covered using one roll. I keep getting fobbed off with the excuse that their generic instructions (which are very poor) says to overlap by 200mm. As these are only generic instructions I believe that anything over 100mm overlap according to builders merchants, Dunster own video, joiners and quantity surveyor’s etc…is acceptable. Because the overlap is not the full 200mm, they said that I have to cover the cost of returning the felt. They won’t collect it, and they won’t reimburse me until they receive the felt. Although I had to pay for everything in full before they delivered the cabin! reasonable product. terrible customer services


  • S Allen said...

    forgot to mention there are no negative reviews on Dunster House facebook page for the simple reason they delete them and block those who post complaints about them.


  • H Page said...

    AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! Purchased an Atlas Pergola, advertised and sold as their premium pergola.

    It was delivered with several key structural parts having damage, splits on load bearing sections and a 30cm gouge with what appeared to be wood filler repair. Due to covid the delivery driver said it was curb side delivery only, wouldn’t wait while I checked it and said I had to sign only to acknowledge receipt; signed as unchecked.

    Called the customer service dept who cut me off and told me to put it in an email as it wasn’t their dept. The returns policy clearly states that items should be checked on delivery and ANY items not meeting customers satisfaction will be returned immediately and replaced. You can therefore understand my concern when their reply to my email stated that these are “natural defects” not covered by their returns policy.

    I would not allow my family to sit under such large heavy structure, knowing it was damaged. Should an accident ever occur they would, I’m sure, either blame my construction or be the audacity to say I should’ve identified and returned any damaged parts. They haven’t even adhered to distance selling laws and offered me a full refund that I’m entitled to within 7 days of receipt.

    POOR, UNPROFESSIONAL, UNLAWFUL…..don’t make our mistake, buy elsewhere.


  • Bob South said...

    Great quality product bought after a great deal of research and a showplace visit where we observed many products and their quality. Our Radley Premium + looks good and we use it a lot. Chose not to use the installation service because of cost (£2000+ for this model) and also because they needed 1.5 metres clearance all round as a crash pad area, a bit silly for a corner fitting cabin! A good local handyman did the the job well over around 7 days and charged £1200. Because there are no heavy sheet parts he did the whole thing without my help. I had no after sales problems so cant comment on customer support in that respect. Delivery was on time and it was worth paying a little more for the two man service as I have a very long drive. Would recommend Dunster House.


  • Finlay Macleod said...

    Happy purchasers of a Severn warmalog cabin here. We got lucky and paid just over 5.5k with shingle roof Jan 2021- prices have gone way up since! It took me and my builder neighbour 3 days to construct and all pieces were useable, one small chip in a purlin and a bit of planing on the apex was all that was required. Some of the instructions were a bit vague and open to interpretation but thankfully my builder neighbour had the experience and intuition to overcome those challenges. We’ve not painted it yet or installed the braces and I’m pleased to report it has withstood some high winds already. The delivery guys did a good job of delivering the timber onto the pallets and scaffolding planks we set out in our garden and wrapped the whole lot in polythene to keep it dry. If I was going to build another I reckon I’d purchase some better screws like Spax, as the ones supplied are a bit Chinese Christmas cracker style bad quality. We intend to paint with sikkens hls and sikkens cetol filter 7. Should last for many years!


  • Daniel said...

    Trading Standards Case: If you have had or are having a bad experience with Dunster House please read this message. I am putting together a case to take to Trading Standards and already have over a dozen customers details to accompany my issues. My experience: I’ve had an absolutely appalling experience with Dunster House. One of the worst aspects is that they will not engage in any customer service telephone calls; insisting instead that everything be done by email, however when it takes them 2 days to respond to an emailed issue then it causes significant problems for us, the customers. Some of the windows they delivered were not fixed in to the frames so when installing them, the window opener would simply fall out hitting whatever is beneath it, this caused a 3-week delay. Bathroom windows with delivered with clear glass instead of the ordered opaque, causing more delays. The bay window I ordered was 250mm (1/4 meter too small). Although I have sent videos and photographic proof of this they have now decided to completely ignore my communications. Front door was delivered without the ordered letterboxes, causing my elderly disabled customer even more delays. The inconvenience to my customers on loss of earnings to myself are huge. This is a fact that is just swept under the carpet by the autonomous response of the customer service. The sales teams are professional and are very efficient, then it just turns into an absolute disaster, a genuinely horrible experience. I will be spending the next 4-6 weeks; longer if needed, vigorously and proactively contacting every disgruntled customer who has registered a negative review to Dunster House in addition to opening a forum on the subject of ‘Dunster House Issues’, with a view to presenting a compelling case to Trading Standards. Please contact me if you have, or are having a bad experience. In many respects it’s a distinct advantage that Dunster House have insisted that everything be put in black and white through an email, as we all have a collectively huge amount of damming information regarding the issues we have faced. Please contact me or look for the forum. Please also see the ‘ reviewcenter ‘ and also
    ‘ reviews io ‘ and please check out ‘ moneysavingexpert ‘ I wish I had been so warned. Would have saved me so much time, money and undue stress


  • PJS_Wirral said...

    I strongly advise all reading this to AVOID this company AT ALL COSTS especially if you live on Merseyside/Wirral/Cheshire area. They are truly awful with the most unprofessional and obstructive delivery service I have ever encountered, with literally no insight at a senior level/management level of how bad their service really is. Tony, delivery manager in Liverpool, actually believes he is ‘excellent at his job’ – he is not being ironic!

    We only wished we had known this before paying approximately £2500 for a gazedo. Don’t worry, we got it back and cancelled the order as soon as we realised what a farcical outfit DH are. If you read this though, please warn all your friends and family about this company (especially if on Merseyside/Wirral/Cheshire) because if you review the hundreds of bad reviews and complaints on multiple websites there is a clear pattern in behaviour. DO NOT believe the so called positive reviews – it is well known that those satisfied will not go to the effort of finding a review website to post onto but this company supposedly has thousands of good reviews. I suspect DH are paying employees to post very brief positive reviews to reduce the relative percentage of negative reviews – they supposedly have nearly 13000 reviews which is vastly more than some massive companies such as B and Q which has circa 3000 reviews… it is very suspect.

    Our issue was the same as many others. We live on the Wirral. Ordered online, paid in full and then told of a delivery date – all good so far. We started to get concerned when my wife was told the delivery was ‘kerbside’ over the phone – we had never heard something like this for big items (wood beams etc) and based on our property this would have been a nightmare especially as I was/am recovering post major abdominal surgery. We had hoped the company would place the items into our garage (which is less than 10 metres from the kerb) but we were told this was not in their ‘terms and conditions’. We explained our situation but it was clear they did not care – we even offered to pay more to place in the garage but the company did not listen. However, we visited the DH website and found this:

    “Please note that goods will be delivered to the first point of contact at the front of your property e.g. on your driveway. This must be within 20m from the delivery vehicle (Safely Parked at Kerbside). Our team will be responsible for assessing the risk of carrying out an assisted delivery upon arrival at the property. If they feel that there is no clear access as stated above, they will have to leave the items at the kerbside” (

    We read this out to the company and they then said they would place on the driveway as per above. We were still concerned however. The day of delivery arrived and my mother in law (nearly 80) was with myself (recovering from surgery) and my 3-year-old daughter. We knew already that DH would refuse to place in the garage (meaning we would later have to struggle to place the gazebo into the garage) but on arrival we double checked as when people see our property the garage door is literally 7-8 metres from the kerbside. My mother in law answered the door and asked them. The two delivery men were extremely dismissive and told her that they would not place in the garage as it was in the terms and conditions that they did not do this which we accepted. However, they said would only place the delivery next to our bins (a 8-9 metre walk from the lorry) but would not even place outside the garage door, which still would have met their terms and conditions and given the inconvenience of them just placing on the floor on the driveway rather than the garage, and we could have struggled a bit easier to place into the garage later in the day. This is despite the distance to the bins being the same/less distance from the delivery lorry as the distance from the lorry to outside the garage (yes we measured it after this debacle) – in short we were not asking them to walk or move any extra distance. They, in short, were choosing to make life more difficult for the customer despite being informed of my circumstances. Hearing my mother in law calling me from the front door, and her saying they were not listening to her and simply dumping the delivery where it was convenient to them, I looked out of the window to see the delivery men literally throwing the gazebo on the concrete driveway (rather than placing) next to the bins. At this point I went outside to speak to the drivers and explained I was post surgery and we had hoped they would place the delivery in the garage (which they said was not in their terms and conditions), which I said that was not particularly helpful to consumers such as me recovering from surgery but they could place it next to the garage door and it would be no further to walk to move things. I also asked them to please not to throw things on the floor.

    The response from the 2 delivery drivers was rude, intimating and very unhelpful stating that they either put the delivery ‘where they wanted to’ or they took it way again. I explained that I was not asking them to do anything extra but merely place the delivery in a spot whereby we would not struggle to put the delivery in the garage ourselves later in the day. The tone returned was very unhelpful and rude again from the drivers, essentially saying they would not change what they had started doing (with only a handful of items at that point) and that it ‘wasn’t their problem’ and they were going to instead pack up the delivery and take it away. This all happened very quickly (their decision to not deliver the gazebo) – it was very clear they had been empowered to do what they want. These individuals, we the only DH we had met so essentially were the face of the company to us.

    I explained, increasingly exasperated (but not rude and not intimidating) that this was simply appalling customer service – they were not being asked to do anything outside of their terms and conditions, but simply listen to the customer and place the delivery next to the garage (not in it) for the reasons I have described. They simply would not listen and instead, loaded up the lorry whilst one of the delivery men called a man called Tony, who was his manager, to give a false narrative of the events (false narrative = made up version of events claiming they were, as 2 well built men intimidated by a single post surgery man, an 80 year old pensioner and a 3 year old child). I can assure you that being on the football terrace of any of the local Merseyside clubs at any given weekend is vastly more intimidating that anything that occurred on our driveway! In short it was nonsense. They seemed disinterested in their job and it was clear they had done this before – this was the most slick thing they did i.e. pretend they were victims and leave. Note – this meant they did not need to do a fraction of lifting off the lorry van – which they are paid for. If you look on this page and other review websites you can see the same scenario repeated and I have strong suspicions these same men are mentioned in a complaint where Tony, is clearly mentioned. It is an almost carbon copy event as this. As one of the men said ‘these are heavy and it is hot, I’ll put it down where I want otherwise you won’t get it’. Remember we had already paid in full. This was simply appalling,

    Our neighbour witnessed all this across the road and so did my mother in law and young daughter. My family and I were very intimidated and upset by the delivery drivers attitude and could not see any sense in their decisions other than they wanted to do what they felt was convenient to them but not to the customer. The delivery man (wearing a grey T shirt) attitude especially was that he was not bothered about poor customer service and did not care at all about how he represented (badly) the company or treatment of customers who were not asking for special treatment but just for common sense to prevail. Two men were abusing me verbally on my own property!

    I rang the head office immediately and spoke to Marcus (at DH) and asked to speak to a manager but was not put through. He did tell me to ring the dispatch manager at Liverpool HQ that I did after a delay – this was Tony, who had already been given a false narrative story by these delivery men. I spoke to Tony and explained how upset I was by the customer service, that I heard the false narrative given by the driver to him and how I was concerned, that all we wanted was for our paid for goods to be delivered (which they have not been) and placed in a common sense position which would not have involved any extra work to the drivers unloading. I explained to Tony how appalled I was by Dunster House employees and how this represented their company and customer care and if required I would easily and happily inform local press and media about how the company operates. Tony did not apologise for our experience or concerns and actively defended the delivery men saying he would launch a ‘thorough investigation’ which he stated would feedback back to me ASAP when I explained I was so appalled that I was strongly considering cancelling the order – I had paid £2500 and only received grief and appalling customer service. I was very concerned by his manner and could see his non-independent investigation would be shambolic as it turned out to be. I wrote a detailed complaint to DH customer service (you can’t speak to anyone about complaints from customer service which, I think this is deliberate to frustrate processes and people) and took photos (which I had taken at the time of delivery) and a video showing the layout proving how ridiculous the delivery men team had behaved in not placing outside the garage and demonstrating that essentially they had been deliberately obstructive. I rang DH again and they confirmed they had my email, the photos and video. I also rang Tony in Liverpool and he confirmed he had everything to do a ‘thorough investigation’ but he again did not fill me with confidence – when pressed he said he did not have the video which I strongly advised him to watch as placed everything into context. He said he would and that he would ring my wife and me back on the following afternoon to give the outcome of his ‘investigation’. I explained the outcome of the investigation would determine whether we cancelled the order or not given how poor the service had been so far which he noted.

    The following afternoon my wife was at home and Tony sent a voice message via text to my wife asking her to call back. We both rang him back so I had a witness to the conversation and recorded the conversation. He did not apologise initially but said he had done and investigation and immediately said he wanted to arrange another delivery date. I repeated that I wanted to know the outcome of his investigation (as he knew that this would determine whether we cancelled our order) and he said he would not reveal this and essentially it was dealt with but he was not prepared to discuss this with us. When pressed he admitted he had not bothered to watch the video so still did not the context of delivery and had simply googled our postcode and looked at the layout from that! It turned out that from his ‘investigation’ and googling (which does not show the up to date layout of the driveway) that he was still not prepared to put the items outside the garage door (for some inexplicable reason which the video would have demonstrated) but wanted to drop the items to the left of our driveway which I explained was a area of mud and soil currently! Tony then tried to tell me he knew my driveway better than me and that it wasn’t a soil/mud patch! The arrogance is shocking. He then explained then ‘his’ drivers (clearly not the CEOs Alex Murphy’s drivers, but Tony from Liverpool’s drivers) would drop off the items to next to the bins – the place that was the original bone of contention. At this point my wife and I decided unanimously we were dealing with untrustworthy and arrogant individuals and rang up DH and immediately cancelled the order. By chance Marcus (see earlier) answered the phone stating that he believed the customer care in this situation was shocking but that all the senior people at DH had my complaint and now could not say they were not aware of how their company was being represented.

    We received a full refund after a few days but not a single word of sorry from DH. This says everything you need to know about how they treat customers and are even prepared to lose £2500 worth of business as they cannot get delivery men or their managers to use their common sense or treat customers respectfully. If I was a director or CEO of DH and had lost £2500 of money because of the above not only would I have sacked the drivers, but Tony ‘I am excellent at my job’ would have been sacked too.

    I am detailing all of the above but have sent this to BBC Watchdog too. I hope they cover the story as fear many other people will continue to be treated this way by this company. It is so unnecessary too as people like us would have even paid a little extra to have the items placed in the garage for no real extra work off the delivery men – why don’t they offer this (at extra cost) to customers as it clearly is a recurrent issue (see complaints)? Why do they have such poor customer service and how have they empowered people like Tony and the drivers to think they are ‘excellent at their job’ when they directly lose the company thousands? Why empower people like Tony to supposedly do a ‘thorough investigation’ when clearly that is not the case – it was a sham and pointless?

    The mind boggles but I hope people read this and then avoid Dunster House (especially if you live in Merseyside/Wirral/Cheshire) as they simply do not deserve your custom – they will never receive ours again! We have bought a lovely gazebo elsewhere which the company delivered and assembled without any issue – and we happily paid the extra cost in order to ensure this.


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