Buyers’ Guide To Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are awesome! We feel that they are a great alternative to wooden sheds and can in some cases be more suitable for your garden. Well to make sure you know what you are getting into when buying a metal shed. We have put together this list of commonly asked questions about metal sheds.


Where To Buy Metal Sheds?

You have certainly come to the right place to ask this question! Not only have we reviewed many metal sheds. We have also made it a point to share with you who we feel are the best metal shed retailers. We have looked at who has the best selection, best prices and who has the easiest to use site! There are many great metal shed retailers out there, but our best metal shed retailers list makes finding them very easy.  


Which Are The Best Metal Sheds? – (what are the best metal sheds)

This is a bit of a tough question to answer as there are many great metal sheds. But to make finding the ideal metal shed for you easier. Here at WhatShed, we have made a tremendous top 20 metal sheds list. Where we look at metal sheds of all shapes, sizes and prices. These are the sheds which we feel are the very best of the best and the ones that would be fantastic in any garden.


What Are Metal Sheds Like?

Long gone are the days when all metal sheds look like a tin building you would see on an industrial site! While there are some metal sheds that still have that classic almost industrial kind of look. There are some such as the 10′ x 12′ Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Garden Shed which try to look more like a wooden shed. So if you want the benefits of a metal shed, but still want the look of a wooden one. Then that is something you can actually do. But if you like the steel and hard look of  a traditional metal shed. You will find plenty in green, black and silver that look great.


What Are Metal Sheds Made Of?

In most cases you are looking at some kind of steel. Galvanised steel, zinc plated steel or powder coated steel are the most common materials that you are going to see metal sheds made from. If you browse our metal sheds section then you will notice that we do mention many times the kind of materials that they are made from. A metal shed is made to be strong and we have yet to come across one that is made from weak materials.


Who Makes The Best Metal Sheds?

While it would be hard for us to pick just one brand. We have noticed that some manufacturers seem to be more into metal sheds than other. Yardmaster, Asgard,  and Trimetals all have an amazing selection of metal sheds.  There are some others as well, but the three we have mentioned do have the largest selection of metal sheds. We always suggest you have a good look at all brands to ensure you get the metal shed that best suits your needs and your budget.


Who Makes Metal Sheds?

If you look at our metal sheds section then you will notice that certain names pop up time and time again. Trimetals, Yardmaster and Asgard are the most common ones, but  Waltons,  Store More and  the BillyOh range have a good selection of metal sheds as well. Many companies will at the very least have a couple of metal sheds, but the ones we have mentioned are the main ones who like to make metal sheds.


Who Sells Metal Sheds?

Most retailers who sell garden buildings will have a section for metal sheds, but if not you can just type metal sheds into a retailer’s search engine to find them all. However to make your search easier and less frustrating. We have worked hard in our WhatShed HQ to put together a list of the top 10 metal shed retailers. This list will let you know where you will find the largest selection of metal sheds and who has the fairest prices as well.


How Safe Are Metal Sheds?

Metal sheds are very safe and many of them at the very least will come with a pad bolt. So even if they do not come with a lock and key. Adding a padlock is very easy and inexpensive. Many people think that a metal shed is more of a thief deterrent than a wooden one as they have a more imposing and stronger look that will put off a thief. Also metal sheds do not have any “panels” that can have small cracks or nooks and crannies that water could potentially seep in through. A metal shed will do a great job in keeping your belongings safe from the rain.


How Much Are Metal Sheds? – (how much do metal sheds cost)

Metal sheds are much cheaper than you may think. We have reviewed a great selection of metal sheds that come in at under £200. We have looked at many good mid sized sheds of around 6 x 4 that come in well under £200. At the same time there are some very extravagant and  huge metal sheds such as the 12 x 20 StoreMore Emerald Olympian Apex Metal Garage which comes in close to £2000. So no matter what your budget is, you will find that there is a metal shed that is just right for you.


What Are Metal Sheds Like?

Here at WhatShed we love metal sheds. We feel that they offer everything that a wooden or plastic shed offers and they can be bought for a great price. You will also find that some of the much larger sheds out there are metal ones. A metal shed is great for those who want a storage space, workshop or garage that has a more industrial and workman’s type of look to it.


Are Metal Sheds More Secure?– (are metal sheds secure, how secure are metal sheds)

Is a large shed secure if it’s made of metal or do they become flimsy? We feel that metal sheds do offer a lot of security and if you look at the metal sheds that have made our Top 20 Metal Sheds List. You will notice that high security is one of the reasons many of them have made the list. Many metal sheds will come with some kind of locking mechanism and those that don’t tend to have a pad bolt or at the very least an area that you can easily add a padlock to. If you want to get really extreme about it then let’s face it. A thief will have much harder time breaking into a metal shed than they would a wooden one.


Are Metal Sheds Rodent Proof?

We would never suggest that all metal sheds are 100 percent rodent proof. But think about it. A rat or a mouse is going to have a much harder time chewing through galvanised steel than he is wood or even plastic! So if you are worried about Mickey and Minnie setting up house in your shed. Then they will have a much harder time doing so in a metal shed. Of course a huge part of keeping rodents out of a metal shed is down to you. So make sure you keep food out, the door closed and that you install the shed properly so there is no way for any kind of critter to get inside!


Are Metal Sheds Waterproof?

People actually ask more often than you would think about  water proof metal sheds. Now if you are wondering “will a metal shed rust?” then the answer to that is no. These are made with steel and then cover usually with some kind of powder coated paint, PVC or something else that is not going to become weak or damaged due to the rain. The majority of metal sheds that you will come across have a pent roof so they are designed so that the rain will run off the roof and not sit on the top.


Are Metal Sheds Noisy When It Rains?

Hey this is a totally valid question last thing you want is to be kept up at night by rain pounding off the shed roof! Now we feel that a metal shed is not going to make that whole much more noise than any other kind of shed. But of course it will depend on how heavy the rain is. Also another thing that will make a difference is the style of roof. For example, the 8 x 6 Waltons Apex Metal Shed with its angled roof will not make as much noise as the  Arrow Greenvale Metal Shed 8 x 4 with its more flat roof. Overall though we would say that the noise of the rain on the roof is not something to worry about.


Are Metal Sheds Better Than Wood?

This is a really hard question to answer and of course we are going to be sitting on the fence a little bit. But if you look at our list of top 20 metal sheds, you will see that we do make it a point to mention some of the advantages that metal sheds have over wood. They are lower maintenance, easier to install and they have a very different look to a wooden shed. If you are worried about a wooden shed rotting or you forgetting to treat it once a year then for you a metal shed would perhaps be better.


Are Metal Sheds Any Good?

Yes. Next question…… ok being serious, we love metal sheds and have made it a point to look at metal sheds of all shapes and sizes and we can say that we honestly do feel that metal sheds are good. No matter if you want one just because they are lower maintenance or because you like the more industrial look of them. We are sure that you will be very happy with a metal shed.


How To Insulate Metal Sheds?

We debated on if we should include this question, but it is one that has been asked a few times so we thought we would. Most metal sheds will come to you with no insulation. As a matter of fact we are scratching our head trying to think of one metal she that has insulation. Anyway if you do want to put insulation into a metal shed then this would be something you would either have to do with yourself where you purchase the insulation and some boarding to contain it. Or you could ask one of the metal shed retailers if they could include some kind of insulation for the metal shed you are interested in.


How To Erect Metal Sheds? – (how to install metal sheds, how to build metal sheds)

How to install metal sheds is one of the most common questions that get asked and we do mention quite often in our top 20 metal sheds list that metal sheds are quite easy to install. We really do not see even DIY novices having too much trouble putting this together. All you need is a good friend who is not shy in making a cup of coffee and you will be fine. In most cases you are looking at putting together the walls, roof and floor and that is it. Most metal sheds do not have a frame so that is one less thing you have to worry about installing.  


How Safe Are Metal Sheds?

Metal sheds are just as if not safer than a regular wooden shed. A metal shed is going to look much tougher than a wooden one so a thief may just keep on walking by. Also it is very uncommon for a wooden shed to come with any kind of locking mechanism. But a metal shed usually at least comes with a pad bolt to which you can add a padlock. Many metal sheds actually come with a locking mechanism so anything you put inside one of these will be safe.


How Hot Do Metal Sheds Get?

This is a valid question and the easy answer is that they do not get very hot as we live in England. But being serious if the sun is really beating down on the shed and you are working inside it then yes it will get a little warm inside there. However if you do plan on getting not just a shed, but a metal workshop then you may want to make sure you leave a door open or even see about adding a window.  


How To Assemble Metal Sheds?

Assembling metal sheds is not going to cause you too many headaches. For the most part you will be putting the metal panels together, screwing them in place and that is all there really is to it. With the help of a friend you will get through this in no time at all. Many people turn to a metal shed instead of a plastic one because they know it will be an easier time than a wooden shed.  


How To Paint Metal Sheds?

You will probably notice when you look at all of the metal sheds we have reviewed that they have a certain style. Most have a somewhat industrial kind of look whereas some have been painted to give them some personality such as the 6’4 x 5′ Arrow Woodvale Metal Shed which has been designed to resemble wood. Painting a metal shed while possible is not something we would recommend that you do. In some cases doing so may actually make your warranty invalid so be sure to look in that before you do.  


How Long Do Metal Sheds Last?

Most metal sheds if installed properly will give you a lifetime of use. Most of the metal sheds that have made our top 20 metal sheds list.  Come with a good warranty usually 10, 15 or even 20 which is awesome. But there are some that only come with a one year warranty which is a bit disappointing. Still in general a metal shed is going to be something that is going to last for many, many years. Plus as a bonus they do not require much if any maintenance.

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