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Today we review who are one of the bigger garden building retailers that we have here in the UK. We have given their site a really good looking over and not just focussed on sheds, but we have also have a good rummage through their summerhouses, playhouses and other garden structures as well. Our aim is to makes this as fair a review as possible and also help you know if they are the right retailer for you.

What we rate

  • Site is very simple to use
  • The selection of products that they have is fantastic
  • Prices are great and will suit people of all budgets
  • They do not use a lot of jargon when describing their products
  • They have far more positive reviews than they do negative

What we slate

  • Some people have had issues with delivery times
  • We would love to see more customer reviews on the site
  • The site makes it very tempting to go wild and order a whole bunch of stuff
How We Rate It
Amount Of Products Available 9/10
90% Complete
Extras On Offer 8/10
80% Complete
Customer Service Support 9/10
90% Complete
Delivery Times 7.5/10
75% Complete
Prices 9.5/10
95% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look... A quick overview

Before we really roll up our sleeves and sink our teeth into this review, we must tell you that the aim of this site is to make it as hassle free as possible for a customer to order a shed, playhouse, log cabin or any other kind of garden structure. This right here sets them off on the right foot in our opinion. Interestingly, despite going to the effort of actually having Sheds in their name, do actually sell pretty much every kind of garden structure that you could imagine. Support Contact Information

Please Note: When contacting the 0845 number you might be charged a significant amount a minuet. If you are making the call from a UK mobile phone we advise people to check with their provider for the costs that they will incur. This seems like its the only number you have so if you ever run into any issues and you need to call customer service you could very quickly find your self running up a very big bill. Having to pay up to £10 for a 20 minuet call to customer service to sort out a problem with an order is I am sure something customers will NOT be happy with. We have only come across two retailers that make customer call an 0845 number.

Phone: 0845 0346481Maps

email: [email protected] / [email protected] Physical address

Sixty Stores Ltd

Unit 6/7

Avenue Fields Industrial Estate

Stratford upon Avon

CV37 0HT The Products

As they are called,, you would expect them to have a fantastic selection of sheds and we are pleased to say that they do. Their selection is quite incredible as they have all kinds of styles and have sheds made from wood, plastic and metal. When we started this review, we were actually very interested to see what other kinds of structures they would offer and we are happy to say that their selection of things such as summerhouses, greenhouses, playhouses, log cabins and other general garden storage structures is just as impressive as their sheds. While there is a lot of choice here it does mean that to see all the awesome garden buildings they have, you are going to have to spend a considerable amount of time looking around the site. But we feel it is well worth it as they have such a diverse range that no matter what kind of taste you have or what size you garden is. will have something that is ideal for you.

As well as garden buildings, have a lot of garden accessories and products that would be perfect to just finish off your garden. For example they have some truly lovely arbours, gazebos and pergolas that would be ideal for a person looking for that last thing to just put the finishing touch on their garden. Also things like decking, shelving, work benches and even more fancy things like security alarms are available. So even if you already have a shed or summerhouse that your already happy with then would be a great place to have a look for something to help enhance what you already have or just add that little something extra to your garden. The Prices

Earlier in our review we did say that we felt that they had products that were ideal for people not matter what their style is or what size of a garden they have. But they do also have garden buildings at all price ranges. One thing that we were very impressed with was their range of, as they call them Cheap Sheds. Here you have a whole range of budget priced sheds to look at with some such as their, YardMaster 3′ 5″ x 4′ 9″ Pent Metal Shed coming in at £126.99. They have all kinds of products at low prices, but you have to remember that their lower priced wooden sheds, summerhouses and playhouses are not going to be made with materials that are as high quality as the more expensive sheds. Speaking of which, have some spectacular high end garden buildings on their site. For example the Rowlinson 9′ x 7′ Chatsworth Summer House may cost over a thousand pounds, but it is made with the finest materials and has a striking design. We love how when it comes to prices, have products for all kinds of budgets.

One of the things that has impressed us the most during this review is the way that they have some great deals and special offers. These happen all year round and while most of their special offers will only last for a few weeks. A new one will pop up once it is done. You never know what kind of special offer they will have. For example while we are writing this review, are having a Spring Sale where they are giving an extra 6 percent off if you spend over £600. What is really cool is that sometimes you will click on one of their categories, like summerhouses for example and there will be another kind of special offer listed there that was not on the homepage. Using The Site

As we said early on, ordering a shed as hassle free as possible is the aim of and we feel this is something that they accomplish. Within a few minutes of looking around the site, we knew that one of the things we were going to praise the most during this review was just how easy the site is to use. They have multiple categories like sheds, log cabins, summerhouses, accessories and outdoor living to name a few of them. These are all located right at the top of the home page and when you hover your mouse over one you get a more in depth set of categories to pick from. For example on the sheds tab you have wooden, metal, plastic workshop and cheap sheds to pick from. From here you can specialise what size you want, your budget or you can just look through all the sheds if you want to make sure you do not miss anything. There is also a pretty good search engine which will come in very handy if you know the name of the actual product you are interested in.

Let’s say you find a summerhouse or shed that you like the look of and the price seems just right. Well it is only natural you want to know as much about it as possible right? Well when you do click on a product, you will find it very easy to get all the information you need as they have a detailed product description as well as all the dimensions of the structure. They also make it very easy to see if a product is actually in stock and they also give you an idea of how long the delivery time will be as well. are one of the better retailers when it comes to showcasing their products as the majority of them will have multiple pictures. Most of them have around eight pictures so you can get a real good look at them and visualise how a structure would look in your garden. One other thing we want to mention about using the site is how easy they have made it to find their contact information. It is almost like they are encouraging you to give them a call and ask any questions that you may have. Onsite Reviews

One of the more confusing aspects of writing this review was the way they handle customer reviews. When you click on a product there is a large section about halfway down the page with customer reviews. Now it is only natural to assume that these are reviews for the actual product you are looking at, but they are actually not. Instead they are reviews for the actual site. You can click on this part and be taken to a place on the where they list some customer reviews. Interestingly there is a link here that will take you to Of course have handpicked some of the best reviews to showcase one their own site, but as they are actually linking you to an impartial review site as well, we will not be too harsh on them for cherry picking the best reviews to put on their own site.

When it comes to customer reviews for the actual products themselves, well this is a bit trickier to talk about. When you click on a product there is a tab that if you click it will let you see or leave a review. Like most other garden building retailers, they score their products out of five stars, but we could not actually find any customer reviews for any of the products that we clicked on. We went through pages and pages of products and while there are plenty of reviews for the actual site, we wish there was some for the actual products as well. Now we do not actually feel that there is something dodgy going on here. We feel that it is not as easy as it should be for a customer to leave a review of a product and instead many just leave one for the actual site. Which when given how easy the rest of the site is to use we wish that leaving a review for a product was something that was a little more obvious and easy to do for a customer.


What Are The People Saying About

So we have done our own review, but now we are going to share with you some actual customer reviews. We feel that if you use customer reviews right that it is a great way to give you a really good idea about what your experience with a retailer will be like. We are actually quite impressed with the level of reviews that we have seen as this is a retailer that while quite large and with a lot of customers. Still actually has more positive than negative reviews so that is a good sign to see.

Before you start chowing down on all these customer reviews, we would like to suggest to you that while it is great to get an opinion from another person. Do not just real all the good or all the bad reviews. Read a mix of reviews so you can get a more balanced idea of what kind of retailer Also remember that even the best retailers will have the occasional thing go wrong where a customer is disappointed so before you read a one star review and think that is the way operate. Be sure to read some 5,4 and 3 star reviews as well. The first site we have is We touched on this before that, actually link you to this review page which we feel does show that they are honest and transparent about their reviews as these are not all positive reviews. Now the majority of reviews on here are positive with an impressive 37 percent being for 5 stars, but actually when you factor in 4 and 3 star reviews then over half the reviews are actually positive. It was actually very refreshing to read so many reviews praising a company for their delivery times and customer service. But of course no company can make everyone happy and that is why we are also going to have a look at the negative reviews.

The negative reviews that are on here make up 29 percent which is lower than some of the other garden building retailers we have seen. We have had a really good look at most of these negative reviews and many of these were for lower cost garden buildings that had some kind of issue with the quality. One thing that we read which did make us raise our eyebrows was about how package their structures. A reviewer called Paul Roberts shared this, “My first niggle is about the little blocks you have to take off on the bottom of each panel before assembly. Why on earth you would use ring shanked nails to temporary fix these when these need to be removed by the customer. Why cant you use small screws or little panel nails to aid removal?” We know that to some this may not seem like a huge deal, but before installing a shed the last thing you want to do is have to mess around trying to unpackaged it. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Trust Pilot: With a little under 60 reviews, Trust Pilot do not exactly have a large amount. What we like about their reviews though is how there is a really good mix of good average and even some bad as well. So while the amount may not be that impressive, we feel that you get a real good picture of what are like by reading the reviews here. As far as the positive reviews go, most reviews listed here are for 5 stars whereas of writing 28 5 star reviews equal to 48 percent of the overall reviews listed here which is very impressive. When you add in the 3 and the 4 star reviews that takes the overall percentage of average to great reviews up to just over 66 percent.

We are fair here at WhatShed so we made sure to have a look at the negative reviews as well. As of writing 19 percent of the reviews are for 1 or 2 stars which is less than some other garden retailers we have seen. There seem to be two main complaints with the negative reviews. These are to do with customers being messed around with delivery and poor quality with some of the products, thankfully these do not make up a lot of the reviews, but it does show that sometimes things can go wrong. Even with a retailer who has as much good feedback as Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Facebook: Facebook is a very interesting place to go for a customer review as on their Facebook page they actually have a customer review section. There are not many reviews here, but they are very mixed with all of them being for either 1 or 5 stars. The reason for this is because, Facebook is a place where people are used to being able to vent so if you are getting a review here. Many times it will be because someone is having an instant reaction to something that has happened.

We are not saying this makes these reviews any less valid, but they are reviews that are a little on the emotional side and this is reflected by the fact that the reviews are all either fantastic or very poor. So keep that in mind when you are reading the reviews on their Facebook page. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Do We Have Any Concerns?

We spent a lot of time looking around the website and reading various reviews from customers and we have to say that in general we are very impressed. While some people have raised their hand to question the delivery times and the way deal with deliveries in general. While it is horrible that people have been messed around like they have, we feel that perhaps they were just the unlucky ones who had something go wrong as many, many other reviews praise the delivery. The main concern that we have is that a couple of the reviews have mentioned there be issues with the quality of the products. Most of the time this is the low end, cheaper products, but that still does not excuse any problems that people have had. We must say that there are not hundreds of reviews talking about poor quality, but there are a couple out there and we hope these are just freak incidents that will not crop up too often.

Always Room For Improvement 

By this point you have probably guessed that we are impressed with and from most of the reviews that we have read so are most of you. But as good as a company is, here at WhatShed, as cheesy as this sounds. We encourage retailers to be the best they can be, even ones like here who for the most part are doing great. We do have a couple of things that we think would make an even better retailer. First of all we would love to see more actual product reviews on their site. They do have a system in place where customers can post reviews, but it is not as easy to find as it should be and we feel they could perhaps encourage customers a little more to leave a review on a product they have purchased. Maybe having a standard email that automatically goes out to customers after a couple of weeks to remind them that they can leave a review on the shed they just purchased.

The other improvement we have for them may to some seem a little harsh, but maybe just one extra look over on a product before it is shipped out to a customer to make sure there are no warped pieces of wood, holes or any other kinds of issues with a panel of a shed, window of a summerhouse or anything else. To be fair there are far more reviews praising the quality than those who have had an issue, but we feel just a tiny bit more quality control before shipping could see have as much as an 85 percent positive ranking on most sites. How We Rate It

So we come to the end of our review and you know what? We are really impressed with this retailer. It is very easy to use, they have a great selection of products and we also feel that the prices are very competitive with other garden building retailers. make finding the shed, summerhouse or whatever kind of garden structure it is you are looking for easy. We really do not see anyone having any kind of trouble using the site. There are a couple of issues that we would like to see worked on such as getting more customer reviews on the site, but in general this is  retailer we feel are doing a great job and we hope they keep it up for many, many years.


  • Site is very simple to use
  • The selection of products that they have is fantastic
  • Prices are great and will suit people of all budgets
  • They do not use a lot of jargon when describing their products
  • They have far more positive reviews than they do negative


  • Some people have had issues with delivery times
  • We would love to see more customer reviews on the site
  • The site makes it very tempting to go wild and order a whole bunch of stuff How You Rate It

As you can see we have been very impressed and for the most part our review is very positive. Still though we love to read customer reviews and down below we have a section where you fine folks can write your own reviews and let us know of your own personal experiences.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Overall Score Review
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How you

Rate It

  • Gary Smith said...

    Have been waiting over two months for delivery. No acknowledgement received. Several calls to customer “service”.
    Still nothing despite several promises.
    For a Company that supposedly prides itself on “hasslefree” service, I’m afraid hassle’s all you’ll get.
    It is accepted that mistakes can always happen but the Company has now been given three different opportunities to resolve the matter, yet we are no further forward.
    If I were the Managing Director I would urgently consider re-organising my Customer Service department.


  • Anonymous said...

    Delivery issues for bike shed. Ordered an alarm also and it didn’t arrive. No apology but was sent next day and package was damaged. No instructions for assembly of shed either.


  • jenna said...

    nighmare company, unhelpful, rude, threatening and just the worst experience of customer service i have ever received
    shed broken beyond repair and new one never dispatched, alarmingly old one still lying on the garden which has killed grass and damaged fence. they dont care


  • Steve said...

    Really poor company! They take your money before changing the lead time (2 days quickly becomes 20) and then tell you that fulfilment has been outsourced and you have to deal with a 3rd party (not supplier) company! Despite their accolade and pride in their own service.

    However it gets worse! Because when 3rd party doesn’t deliver, you realise how unhelpful costumer service really is.

    Lack of transparency, lack of integrity, promises broken and unhelpful customer service…and I’m still waiting for my shed! My advice? Shop around!


  • Paulo said...

    Concur with the rip off phone-line, and the only time I got an answer I was switched to technical help but the line went dead – same the next day – disgusting …they do not supply certain parts (brackets for the base-which was not flagged in the ‘manual’-a joke in itself) and screws (flagged) for a £1500 cabin it beggars belief really…I’m glad it’s not my money… what’s the saying about strong roots and a solid base lol…an absolute crime. Door and window images & measurements completely disagree with contents – no diagram of door jams etc and 8 x 2.5 metre strips of wood missing, bizarrely.


  • Paulo said...

    Concur with the rip off phone-line, and the only time I got an answer I was switched to technical help but the line went dead – same the next day – disgusting …they do not supply certain parts (brackets for the base-which was not flagged in the ‘manual’-a joke in itself) and screws (flagged) for a £1500 cabin it beggars belief really…I’m glad it’s not my money… what’s the saying about strong roots and a solid base lol…an absolute crime. Door and window images & measurements completely disagree with contents – no diagram of door jams etc and 8 x 2.5 metre strips of wood missing, bizarrely.


  • jenny puddepha said...

    I have never dealt with such an incompetent company in my life before. My shed arrived which was poorly constructed and the roof felt that was sent was at least a foot too small. Trying to contact the company is impossible. They don’t answer the 0345 number, they eventually reply to an email but with no substance or solution. My new shed is now getting wrecked as the roof felt does not cover the shed and they are not doing anything about it!!! i am absolutely furious at their customer service and would visit them myself if i lived any where near! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF COWBOYS!


  • Paul Griffiths said...

    Terrible customer service – The Dutch Barn is very good but there is a problem with the door, it doesnt fit and is poorly made. Offered to replace it very quickly but thats where the good news ended! A month on and I am still waiting for a replacement door, was supposed to be sent in 3-5 days and that didnt happen, the supplier was supposed to contact me and that didnt happen, I was supposed to have been contacted by close of business today and that didnt happen. I have now formally given them notice under the Distance Selling Regulations that without the door the product is not fit for purpose and I would like them to collect it and refund me.

    Such a shame as its a nice shed but customer service is a let down – why make promises that you have no intention of keeping?


  • Arran Baxter said... have a slick website, the ordering process is simple and the service is great until delivery. It is when something goes wrong and you need to contact their customer service that things go downhill. I purchased an “Adley 3.3m x 3.7m Newhaven Log Cabin” which was delivered promptly but with pieces missing. I only realised things were missing when it came to construction because the wrong instructions were sent originally. I managed to find the correct ones online. Luckily it was mainly the Veranda with things missing so I carried on construction.

    Within a matter of months the log cabin (which had been treated and waterproofed – twice – immediately after construction) started rotting. Not the entire cabin but whole logs within it. The window frame was also mouldy.

    I wrote a letter to Sixty Stores Ltd (the parent company of, recorded delivery, explaining the situation, including photos of the construction and then the rot that had set in. Given the product is advertised to this day as having a 10 year anti-rot guarantee it’s amazing that it started rotting within a matter of months.

    This was sent on the 14 November 2019. It wasn’t collected for another week and to date I have heard absolutely nothing back from them. Having read others reviews on multiple review sites it appears that their aftersales service is non-existent. do seem to have an extremely good online marketing team that vigilantly reply to bad reviews online re-directing blame back to the customer. We not only treated the Summerhouse as directed in your T&C’s but we also sent you photos of the rot which is a key excuse you use for not dealing with customer complaints.

    All in all I would never use this company again. Luckily we can make a consumer credit section 75 claim against them which I raised with the finance company at the same time. The difference is the finance company acknowledged the complaint within 7 days.

    Please come back to this review and explain how it is my fault and how you have done everything (nothing) to help resolve this.


  • Amarpreet said...

    Terrible Product and Diabolical customer service.

    My issue:
    Their partner company delivers item
    I raise issue with shed within hours to – customer service

    Nothing happens

    I make the necessary improvements/purchases to ensure it is water tight and stable improvements.

    Finally after me chasing and chasing – Ellis. Delayed responses and doesn’t even read/understand the content of my emails and is unable to work with Forest Garden to secure me a refund of some sort even though it is quite clear the product is below standards.

    6 months later – no refund. Deny everything and it is all my fault!?!?!

    I spent £600 for a terrible shed with numerous faults and even though I followed procedure nothing has happened. Citizen Advice has advised me to contact solicitors, which I have started but just don’t have the time to go through with it – but hopefully as I have been advised I can catch up with this later as I have all the emails etc.
    I will follow this through to make a point that you can’t rip people off and get away with it.


  • Steve said...

    Will never use again or recommend to anyone, brought a shed for some storage of smaller items, it was advertised as 5×3 when it came it was 4.5 x 2.5, I messaged them about the size and clicked to request a call back to discuss the matter, I had no call back , just an email saying sizes are approximate and rounded up !
    This is not good enough, if it was an inch or two off and rounded up then it wouldn’t be so bad but half a foot ??? That’s ridiculous, I bet they make sure they never give anyone extra as that would cost them , but if they send out sizes smaller than what’s been paid for it saves them money, still no phone call just another email saying the sizes are on the site and theres nothing they can do, obviously don’t care as long as they get your money , wonder how much extra they make on all orders put together if they end up been smaller than what people pay for , Its misleading and I feel like I was conned , I wish this place was more local to me so I could go down there and face to face it with them, at least dick turpin wore a mask !!!!!


  • David Bull said...

    Such a poor, poor customer service. Ive had better experiences in the dentist chair.
    They are rude, incompetent and a lying bunch of ar******s. They have had my money for nearly 7 weeks and haven’t sent it back. I today had a reply from BBC watchdog who said they had heard of them before. AVOID AVOID AVOID – THEY ARE RUBBISH.


  • Tim Redman said...

    Summerhouse has rushed substandard build quality, knocked together with a nail gun in minutes with little concern for structural integrity or damaging the wood. Instructions and product don’t marry up, so you’re largely on your own. Roof panels don’t offer an overhang as advertised. support – sixty stores just forward complaints to Mercia Garden Products and despite copious photos, Mercia customer service will not hesitate to badger you for more. They declined the offer to inspect the summerhouse in person, electing to take you on an infinite loop of photo/measurement requests until you lose the will. Read the other reviews here, look on Google reviews, and then make the wise choice and avoid. I purchased through and didn’t realise it was being supplied by this outfit. Gutted, as I checked trustpilot and Google reviews, wish I had seen this site.


  • Claire Walsh said...

    I ordered a shed for my Mum. The delivery date was changed several times, causing problems in getting the shed emptied for my Mum.
    The installation company came, the shed looks like it has been thrown together. They left rubbish in the shed, including hundreds of screws strewn all over the floor. We also paid for dismantling and removal of the old shed. This did not happen. I have contacted the company umpteen times regarding our issues. The felt is torn, it does not cover the flimsy roof in several places which exposes the chipboard roof. The apex on the back of the shed was not mitred and joined, just two bits of wood overlapped. We purchased a hasp and padlock, this was not fitted, I have done this myself. The thin flimsy wood has split in several places.
    When the installation team left, they said someone would call to collect the old shed in a couple of days. My Mum raised concerns that she could not get her bins past the piled up old shed, there reply “you could remove a couple of those bricks” These are cemented bricks that form the drain from the kitchen sink! I have moved what I can to allow her to get her bins past. The old shed has some evidence of woodworm, it has been left leaning against her fence. There is considerable weight against this fence.
    The shed is of very poor quality for the price, the customer service is none existent. AVOID THIS COMPANY


  • Rebecca said...

    Ordered my cabin 4 weeks ago, still no delivery. Communication is shocking. Given a delivery date of 25/4 which is 9 weeks since ordering. Given a new date and now not delivered when they said… still waiting my product even though they have taken my money… NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!! Quick enough to take your money but not good with giving you what you paid for. So disappointed ?


  • Mr William Bridge said...

    Got a all weatherproof shed from In November 2021 & in Feb 2022 it collapsed on me my neighbour got the paramedics because i’m disabled & epileptic & they come out & helped me i’ve sent all the photos of the shed asking for a replacement or a refund & they are refusing both


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