The definitive guide to voucher codes, discount codes and other money saving tips is one of the top outdoor building retailers in the UK right now. One of the things that we have always liked about, is the way that they try to make their sheds as high quality as possible, but still keep them at affordable prices. This is the goal of the folks behind and they have been doing it for a number of years now. While they may be called, summerhouses, log cabins and other awesome structures can also be purchased from them. In all, if you want a truly incredible building for your garden, then this is a site that you have to check out. And with our handy guide here, we are sure you are going to be getting the most out of your money with one of these deals.

At a glance you may think that this is just about getting genuine voucher codes and finding the best deals. Now do not get us wrong, that is a huge part of this guide, but we are also going to show you exactly why many of these money saving sites who claim to have the greatest discount codes and offers, are doing nothing more than wasting your time and leaving you no better off financially.

Tested & Working Alternative Discount Codes & Offers

We know that if you have come to this page you are looking for a discount code for, as we explain further up dont often issue discount code. As such we thought you might like to see what are some of the best discounts that are currently on offer from other garden building retailers.

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FREE delivery to most of GB mainland, click here to see if you qualify. 

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The best tips that 90% of people who SAVE money at use.

One thing that we just love about, is how easy they make it to see what special offers and deals they have going on. There are voucher codes as well as various sales and deals during the year. As a matter of fact, we cannot think of a time when we have gone to their site and not seen some kind of offer on a shed, summerhouse or some other type of garden building. Just below are some of the best ways that you can make your money go that little bit further and maybe even get the shed or summerhouse that you only dreamed about. One thing we will say, is that many times, retailers will keep readers bang up to date with their deals on Facebook and Twitter, but do not seem to really keep on top of their social media accounts. Do not worry though, as there are plenty of other ways to get great deals like the ones listed just below.

TIP ONE: There Is Always Some Kind Of Promotion On The Homepage

Check the homepage for their latest promotion: Some sites may make you search around to see their latest offers, but the latest and greatest deal is always front and centre on the homepage. As of us writing this guide, March Madness is the special offer they have going on and by using the voucher code, MAD5, you will get yourself an extra 5% off your order. This is a great little saving and one that really could not be any easier for you to use.

As we said, this is an offer that does change quite frequently, and many times on a monthly basis they will have some new deals listed here that are going to get you a shed or some other structure at reduced rate. As these deals do not tend to last, if there is something that catches your eye, we would suggest pulling the trigger on it sooner than later, as there is nothing worse than putting off getting that shed that is on offer only for it to go back up to full price when you actually go to order it!

TIP TWO: Save Money On Log Cabins

There are some great deals to be had on log cabins: When you say log cabin out loud it does sound very expensive and while they do have some very high end and high priced log cabins here, you can also easily find some log cabins with money knocked off them. One of the things we really like, is the way that this does not require any kind of voucher codes. They simply list log cabins that have a various percentage knocked off them. Some of these actually have quite a large discount. For example, as of writing their incredible Avon 3.3 m x 3.0 m Newhaven Log Cabin has an incredible £680 knocked off it! This right here shows that you do not have to hunt around the internet to find an amazing deal.

TIP THREE: They Offer Great Savings On Summerhouses

You can get a great deal on a summerhouse without a discount code: Many of us dream about having a little spot in the garden where we can put our feet up, enjoy a nice beverage and just relax. Summerhouses can be a little on the pricy side, but do list all their summerhouses that are on offer right at the top of their summerhouse section. We had a really good look at these and were very impressed with the summerhouses that they have on sale here. Many of them have over £150 knocked off the price, which means you have more money to furnish your dream summerhouse with.

TIP FOUR: Use Their Flexible Payment Options To Spread The Cost

Spread the cost to get that dream shed of yours: We know that at first glance some of the products being sold at may seem very out of reach but they do have a number of finance options to help you spread the cost. You can buy now and pay 12 or 24 months later. You can also get up to 3 years credit here, so if there is a large summerhouse or log cabin that catches your eye, then this could be a way to get it, but please remember you will be paying interest on this. Additionally, you can get an interest free loan, which is great for those of you who want to pay it off sooner than later and not have to pay a whole lot extra in interest. So before you start crying over that incredible log cabin that you think you will not be able to afford, have a look at their finance options and see if you can make it happen that way.

TIP FIVE: Free Delivery As Standard!

Free UK delivery is included with most orders: Getting free delivery does not require you to look around the internet or sign up for some kind of newsletter to get a voucher codes that is going to magically give you free delivery. Free delivery to most parts of the UK is something offer as standard. We can assure you that many of these money saving sites will try and trick you into signing up for their newsletter by saying they will make sure you get free delivery. It is a huge waste of time as it is stated right on the top of every page on the website that they will give you free delivery.

The big voucher code site SCAM

A round-up of all the current voucher codes we found online. is a retailer that we actually really like and one of the main things we really like about and perhaps something they do better than anyone else, is offer incredible deals. It seems like they always have some kind of official discount code or some kind of sale that is offering fantastic savings. Not many other retailers are as generous as this when it comes to offering deals.

We made sure to have a really good look around the internet to see who were the worst offenders when it came to offering these too good to be true voucher codes and deals that will most of the time just take you to the homepage and not give you any kind of savings. The sites listed below are the ones who are most popular when using these search terms: Voucher Codes, Coupon code, Current Discounts, Current Voucher Codes and Sale. We found that these were the most commonly used search terms for people looking to save money when purchasing from

There Are A Lot Of Old Codes Out There! Some garden retailers do not really use codes, but there are usually a couple of different voucher codes running at a time, as they seem to like to use discount codes to help people save a little money. This is great, but there are many, many money saving sites that will still list old and expired codes on their site to try and make it seem like they have more codes than they really do. So please make sure you do not waste your time by checking out old codes, even if a site says that they might work! – Try to get you to use old codes and deals

What They Claim? There is not a whole lot of bragging here about how they have the very best voucher codes or anything like that. So that is actually something we are thankful for, but they do kind of casually claim that the deals they have listed are current and specifically mention the current month.

What We Found? We found that most of the discount codes that they do have are actually discounts that we saw on the website. The problem is, that first of all coming here first is a waste of time and also most of the links we clicked did not even take us to the actual deal, just to the homepage! Most frustratingly of all though, is their section dedicated to expired codes. Not only do they show old codes, they also tell you that they might work. We really hate this as it gives people false hope that they are going to get one of these old codes to work, when it will not. – Offers no special deals at all

What They Claim? is a site that does not pop up all too often when we search for codes, so we were a little surprised to see it. They do have a little bit of background information on the site and then they tell you to click to get some more information about voucher codes. Which when you click it just expands the background section about!

What We Found? First thing that we found was a code for free delivery. As we said earlier in this guide, free delivery is something that is standard at, so getting a code from these guys is not needed at all. Also, they say that if you sign up for their newsletter you will get voucher codes sent right to your inbox. Honestly this is a site that really is just a huge waste of time and some of the links that we clicked did not actually link us to anything, which makes using a site like this even more frustrating. – Just links to the homepage!

What They Claim? We actually spent quite a bit of time on, as they do have a section that is dedicated to discount codes that are actually valid. When you look at the deals that are here and then the ones that are on the actual website, it appears that they do actually keep an eye on the latest deals and offers.

What We Found? While at first glance these appears to be a fairly decent list of voucher codes, when you take a closer look, you realise that they do have the same deals that are on the homepage. What makes it worse, is that when you click on any of their deals, you just get taken to the homepage. So if you click on their money off insulated rooms deal for example, you just get taken to the general homepage not the actual insulated rooms part of the site. Also, there are lots and lots of old and expired codes listed here, which is just a waste of everyone’s time! – Too concerned with telling you about other sites

What They Claim? claim to be one of the fastest growing discount sites in the UK. They do have a section that is all about having current discount codes and to be fair to the site it is easy to navigate and everything is clear.

What We Found? This is a site that while not overly offensive, is just a huge waste of your time. Firstly, the current deals that they have, while valid, can be easily found on the homepage and also they do not actually link you to the actual deals! Then we have a whole section that is dedicated to expired codes and they suggest to you that you give them a try. Please do not give them a try, as these old and expired codes are old and expired because they simply do not work! – A rather confusing site to look at

What They Claim? are another site who claim that their voucher codes are up to date. We were checking this site out on the 22nd of March and the site actually said that the codes were valid for March. Like many of the other sites, clicking on any of their deals will just take you to the homepage of, so really looking at this site is just a big waste of time!

What We Found? There are a ton of links that are on their page, as a matter of fact there has to be close to a hundred if not more than that. The problem is, most of the links are either expired discount codes or links to other sites. You see, VoucherSlug thinks that they know what kind of things you are into. So they recommend a lots of other things like Sodastream, Samsung Galaxy and many other brands that have zero to do with garden buildings. – Has no deals at all!

What They Claim? This is a site that honestly, we here at WhatShed really do not know a whole lot about. But it is one of the top ten sites that pop up when you are looking for voucher codes, so we had to include it here. Their section does say that it is current for 2016.

What We Found? Talk about a waste of your time! This site wants you to give them your email address to keep up to date with the latest deals. Which is funny, as even though they have a current deals section, it is empty. They do have an expired code though, and just to see what would happen we clicked on it. Now we are sure some of you are going to assume it just took us to the homepage. Well that was not the case. Instead, we were taken to the Thorntons Chocolate homepage! This site is just a huge, huge waste of your time, so please do not bother. – Will not save you any money at all

What They Claim? One of the first things that you notice about, is that they do not have a ton of background information about or just text for the sake of having text. They do claim that the voucher codes they have are current and they do not seem to be wasting your time with a whole host of expired codes.

What We Found? Out of all the sites on this list, is the one that made us want to Hulk Smash our keyboard the least. Now that does not mean you should head over here to save money. You see, while they may list deals that are current, they are deals that you can get directly from, so it is just a waste of time coming here before you go to Also, they do not even bother to link you to the right section of the site, as every one takes you to the homepage. – No money saving deals here

What They Claim? On this site they tell you if you sign up to their newsletter than you can join the other 6 million members and make some great savings! Quite the bold claim indeed and one that we are not sure is 100 percent accurate.

What We Found? There are not a whole lot of deals listed here and the ones that we did find which were actually valid, were just the same ones that you get directly from They do not have any expired codes clogging up their site, but we must still warn you that coming here will not make that shed you like cost any less or that dream summerhouse drop in price. – We could not get any of their links to even work

What They Claim? This is a site that seems to be really proud about how they keep up to date with their voucher codes. They also claim that if you follow them on Facebook, you will be really kept up to date with the latest deals. Which is surprising, as we know first hand that do not really update their Facebook page a whole lot.

What We Found? There are two major things wrong with when it comes to their discount codes and deals. First of all, they waste your time by suggesting other brands, deals and offers that could not have anything less to do with garden buildings. The main complaint that we have though, is that for a site that brags about having the latest deals, they need to make sure that when you actually click on one it takes you to where it is supposed to! We see this as a site many people will visit with the hopes of saving some money only to be left disappointed and probably a little bit angry as well. – Very few current deals

What They Claim? do not have anywhere near as many codes, deals and offers as some of the other sites. But the ones that they do have listed, they claim are some of the most popular voucher codes. To tell you the truth, there is not a whole lot of anything going on here.

What We Found? We really did not find anything at all on this site. At the time we visited, they only had four deals listed, one of these being an actual voucher code. When we clicked this code though, nothing at all happened! We did not get any kind of special deal or even get taken to the website. They even try to pass off free delivery as some kind of special deal, when this is actually something that offer as standard.

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