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Tiger Sheds are a company who are based out of Leeds and one of the most interesting things about this company is that they actually handle the production of all their products themselves from their large manufacturing plant in Leeds. Since 2008, Tiger Sheds has become bigger and bigger they really are one of the top 20 retailers that are out there right now. Each month we regularly do a round up and check direct with the merchant and post all the results below.

Tested & Working Tiger Sheds Discount Codes & Offers

35% OFF

Up to 35% OFF Wooden Sheds

TigerSheds.com are offering a fantastic deal of up to 35% off selected sheds in a massive sale.

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Doesn't expire

35% OFF

35% OFF Log Cabins

TigerSheds.com are offering a fantastic deal of 35% OFF some Log Cabins.

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Expires on:


FREE Delivery

TigerSheds.com are offering FREE delivery to most of GB mainland with this code.

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Doesn't expire

£10 OFF

Get £10 off any purchase

Introductory offer where you can get £10 off any purchase. 

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Doesn't expire

The 5 tips that most people who SAVE money at Tiger Sheds use!

Right here we are going to take a really close look at the best ways you can save some money when purchasing something from Tiger Sheds. Many of these ways do not involve some kind of magical Tiger Sheds voucher at all. Tiger Sheds sell all kinds of products ranging from sheds, summerhouses log cabins and kids playhouses to name a few of the different styles of products they have. We have had a good look on their website and have come up with the best ways that you can save money when purchasing something from Tiger Sheds.

TIP ONE: Look At Their Special Offers

Check Their Special Offers: The way that Tiger Sheds handle their special offers is actually something we really like about their site. Most of the time rather than having just a standard sale or some kind of special Tiger Sheds discount code, they will have a theme running. For example, as of us writing this they are having this really cool sale on their wooden sheds called March Madness. We feel that this kind of sale gives a retailer a little bit more personality and it is more eye catching than just having the same old sale logo all the time. They make it very easy to see what their current special offer is as it is always listed close to the top of the page and it is always one of the main features. So we have to give them a lot of credit for making sure new customers will always see what kind of special offers they have going on.

When we had a look at this March Madness special offer, we were very impressed with the vast amount of products that they actually have on offer. It is not just a few standard sheds here. They have shiplap and overlap shed, bike stores, tool sheds, potting sheds and many other wooden sheds as well. We must say the way that they have handled this sale is very impressive and it should be the first place you look when you visit Tiger Sheds.

TIP TWO: Look At Their Facebook Page

Check Out Their Facebook Page: Once you have finished posting pictures of your lunch and liking random quotes, you can take a gander at the Tiger Sheds Facebook page. They do post their deals on here quite often so it is a great way to keep up to date with what kind of offers they have going on. As this is the official Tiger Sheds Facebook page, you also do not have to worry about old and expired Tiger Sheds discount codes being given to you like some other so called money saving Facebook pages do.

TIP THREE: They Offer Free Delivery

Free & Fast Delivery: One thing that really annoys us here at WhatShed is when we see a site offer a Tiger Sheds voucher that is for free delivery. The reason that this really bugs us is that they actually offer free delivery anyway. Of course there are some exceptions, but this is the case with the majority of garden retailers out there. Tiger Sheds actually offer free delivery as standard to most parts of the UK and depending on where you live you may also be able to take advantage of their fast delivery as well. Offering free deliveries is great, but do not let some other site fool you into thinking they are doing you a huge favour by claiming they are the ones making it so you are getting free delivery.

TIP FOUR: Deal Directly With Tiger Sheds

Deal Directly With Tiger Sheds: If you really want to get the best Tiger Sheds deal possible and in all honesty we are not sure why you would not, then we always suggest you go directly to the source. Tiger Sheds have their phone number located right at the top of their homepage so giving them a call could not be any easier. You are always going to get the best deal when you deal with a retailer directly, so if you do have any questions about one of their products or a specific deal then go straight to them. Keep away from these money saving sites and their magic Tiger Sheds discount codes that claim to save you money as we are certain that once you have given them your email address and searched through their codes, you will be no better off than had you just gone to Tiger Sheds directly. It’s worth saying that we do find the Tiger Sheds prices are already competitive, so it’s likely not much use in trying to haggle to get a lower price from them.

TIP FIVE: Follow Them On Twitter!

Look At Their Twitter Page: Ok so you do not have to actually follow them on Twitter, we just love that term. But being serious, Tiger Sheds do have an official Twitter page and they do from time to time post their latest deals on here. If there is some kind of special offer or a flash sale going on at Tiger Sheds then you will read about it here far before one of these sites offering Tiger Sheds voucher codes sends you an email about it. We feel that this is one of the best ways that you can have a look to see what special deals are happening at Tiger Sheds.

The big voucher code site SCAM

A round-up of all the current Tiger Sheds voucher codes we found online.

What we are aiming to do here is not just make sure that you wonderful people are getting the best deal you can when purchasing from Tiger Sheds, but we are also trying to save you from wasting your time looking for Tiger Sheds discount codes on various sites all over the internet. We will also save you the hassle of having to empty your spam folder every day as many sites want you to sign up for their newsletter in order to get their “amazing” offers. We have had a good look around Google and we have used the following search terms: Tiger Sheds Voucher Codes, Tiger Sheds Coupon code, Tiger Sheds Current Discounts, Tiger Sheds Current Voucher Codes and Tiger Sheds Sale. We then looked at what the most popular sites offering Tiger Sheds discount codes were and then we put them through their paces and we can tell you right from the start that we are far from impressed.

Watch For Fake Codes!: We have not found a single Tiger Sheds discount code that works, so be sure to be very cautious about any site, especially those below that claim they can save you a lot of money when you buy from Tiger Sheds.

MyVoucherCodes.co.uk – Just deals that you can get direct from Tiger Sheds

What they claim? Myvouchercodes.co.uk are one of the main sites when it comes to getting discount codes for various things. But when it comes to Tiger Sheds discount coupons, despite them actually having a section on their site called ‘Tiger Sheds vouchers 2016’, they do not have a single code on here that will get you any money off at all. They claim that all the deals and offers they have listed are for 2016.

What We Found? We really did not find a great deal to be honest with you and found the site to be just a waste of time. But hopefully we have saved you the trouble of coming here looking for some kind of mythical Tiger Sheds voucher. When you click on one of their deals you will be just taken to the Tiger Shed site and just to a random page that you could get to yourself from the Tiger Sheds home page. The whole thing is just very odd and unnecessary. For example, if you click on their deal that is for summerhouses for £439, you are just taken to their summerhouse page.

PromoVouchers.co.uk – Only has a couple of Tiger Sheds deals

What they claim? This site claims that they check every 24 hours to make sure that their Tiger Sheds discount codes are bang up to date and to be honest with you we actually have no reason to doubt this at all. This is one of the more friendlier coupon sites that we have come across and it is quite simple, so they are at least not trying to throw just a ton of information your way that does not really does not tell you anything. Still though, it is not really worth the time and effort of checking out so keep on reading to see why.

What We Found? There are only two Tiger Sheds deals on this site and neither of them are vouchers or coupons to get money off. These are just very simple deals that you can get yourself. One is just telling you to like their Facebook page and the other is letting you know about their free delivery. Now to be fair, these are both ways that you can potentially save a little money, but at the same time you really do not need to use Promovouchers.co.uk as a middle man to get them. We would suggest you just go straight to Tiger Sheds yourself and save yourself the time of coming here.

UKpromoPro.com – Far too many expired codes!

What they claim? They claim that they have the flashy Tiger Sheds discount code right here! What that means, we have no earthly idea, but it sure does sound good now doesn’t it? That is the problem – this is a site that is really trying too hard to dazzle and impress you with the sheer amount of different Tiger Sheds vouchers and discount codes that they have and really it can be quite confusing. They also really, really want you to sign up to their site as they say this way you can hear all about the latest deals.

What We Found? A bottle of aspirin in the bottom draw to help our headache after looking through all the Tiger Sheds deals that this site offers is the main thing we found. Being serious, all of what they class as current deals are nothing more than links to the standard pages of the Tiger Sheds website. So their great deals on gazebos will just take you to their gazebo page. Then we have their expired Tiger Sheds vouchers which has a large amount of expired deals listed and what really bugs us about these is that right at the top they tell you that they might still work. We can assure you that these will not work, they are expired! Please do not waste your time on this site as you will be no better off financially and probably a little mad with how the site is in general.

VoucherSlug.co.uk – Offers nothing of any use at all!

What they claim? When you go to Voucherslug.co.uk, you will be informed that these are the voucher codes for whatever month it is. So they are claiming that the Tiger Sheds deals they have are the very latest ones that are on offer. We must say this is becoming a bit of a regular thing with these sites and it is very annoying.

What We Found? What we found on this site were just links to their Facebook, Twitter and the homepage as well. There is nothing of substance here whatsoever. Coming to a site like this is just a waste of your time. Time that could be spent just going straight to the official site yourself and getting the best Tiger Sheds deal directly. While you could argue that this site is harmless, it is one of the most pointless sites on this entire list.

MinistryOfDeals.com – Bold claims that are just not true

What they claim? We were very shocked to see that they claim to be offering Tiger Sheds voucher codes that are going to give you as much as 50% off! This is just insane and we cannot imagine any shed retailer giving away a code that is going to give you half off a shed or some other kind of structure. They also claim that the deals and codes that they do have for Tiger Sheds are up to date, as well as letting you know if you follow them on Facebook you will get even more awesome deals.

What We Found? Well we certainly did not find any kind of Tiger Sheds voucher that was giving us 50% off we can tell you that. All we found were three offers which were not really offers at all, just links taking you to the Tiger Sheds site. Even their deal that tells you about liking the Tiger Sheds Facebook page still just takes you to the Tiger Sheds homepage, they could not even be bothered to link it to Facebook! Then after their Tiger Sheds deals they give you all these random offers for things like holidays, ladies tights and other items that have nothing to do with sheds. We know that when you hear that you could potentially get half price off something it may be tempting, but we can assure you there is no offer like that here or anywhere else for that matter.

VoucherHive.co.uk – Random deals that have nothing to do with Tiger Sheds

What they claim? Voucherhive.co.uk claim to have 12 items matching Tiger Sheds and also that they are the latest deals that are available. So most people, which includes us by the way, would assume that they have 12 Tiger Sheds deals listed here. After all, what else could they mean? Well things do not start off great as the site tries to get you to sign up to it pretty much as soon as it loads, telling you that this will keep you up to date on the best deals.

What We Found? One deal. That is right. This site which shows 12 matches for Tiger Sheds vouchers only has one that is actually for Tiger Sheds and even then it does not save you any money at all. All it does is take you to their homepage. What are the other 11 Tiger Sheds deals that they have listed here? Well these have nothing to do with sheds as we saw deals for things like a tiger rug, a Hubble telescope poster and our favourite – a plaque that you can hang on your toilet door. Do not waste your time coming to this website looking for a good Tiger Sheds deal.

NiajaDeals.com – Pretty much a direct copy of another site

What they claim? Naijadeals.com is not one of the more well know sites and the reason perhaps for this is that they are just so very similar to Voucherhive.co.uk. Apart from the fact that they claim to have one more Tiger Sheds deal, as they actually have 13 listed here. The site is just exactly the same. It even tries to get you to sign up when you first go to it.

What We Found? Not a lot. They are offering that same fantastic Tiger Sheds discount code that does nothing except take you to the Tiger Sheds homepage. We must have asked ourselves ‘What is the point?’ at least 50 times while we were looking at this site. Also they, like Voucherhive.co.uk, have all these random things that are nothing to do with Tiger Sheds or sheds for that matter listed in their Tiger Sheds section. The big mystery about this site and something we just cannot get our head around, is why did they copy from a site that does not really offer anything at all?

eVouchersInfo.co.uk – Falsely claims to have exclusive Tiger Sheds deals

What they claim? These guys are claiming to have Tiger Sheds coupons, discount codes, vouchers and even exclusive discount offers. The exclusive discount offers is the one thing that really bugs us, as there is no exclusive deal to be had here at all. It may sound a bit extreme, but really this is a flat out lie and just something they have said to attract people to their site. The site is very bare bones so at least you do not have to look through a load of text to get to the offers, offers which really do not make coming here worth your time at all.

What We Found? Here we have another site that is promising a lot, but ultimately will not give you anything. Well it will link you to the Tiger Sheds site, but you can just go there on your own so it is utterly pointless. There are only two Tiger Sheds deals on this site and we use the term deals very loosely as you are not getting anything thing from this site that you cannot get when you just go to Tiger Sheds yourself.

MoneyVoucherCode.com – Very basic and not worth your time

What they claim? Moneyvouchercode.com really do not make any bold claims at all. As a matter of fact, their section for Tiger Sheds vouchers is very bare bones. They do claim that the deals that they do have listed on their site are all up to date. We are writing these review in March 2016 and wouldn’t you know it, the Tiger Sheds deals that they have listed here are all for March 2016. We would not be surprised at all if this is just something that auto updates as each month goes past.

What We Found? A site that was very hard to look at for a long time. There really is not a lot here and two of the Tiger Sheds deals that they are offering just take you to their main site and not to any special section where you are going to save money. They also have a Tiger Sheds voucher that they claim will give you free glazing on a log cabin, but when you click on it you are once again just taken to the homepage.

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