1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600

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Size: 1.5 X 2.6m
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This bike shed has a sloping roof, which immediately brings you massive protection against rainwater. The water simply runs off and therefore does not enter the building and cause damage to the metal of the bikes. The roof has heavy-duty mineral felt on top of that, which adds a further barrier to rainwater. All of this ties into a fantastic 15-year guarantee against rot.

The tender in the lean to shed is extremely thick, being 28 mm. This means you have a robust building that is also able to protect your bikes all year round.

What we rate

  • Constructed out of 28mm Tounge & Groove cladding
  • Heavy-duty mineral felt roof
  • 15 year guarantee against rot
  • Pent roof design
  • Single door

What we slate

  • Not painted
How We Rate It
Ease of assembly 7.7/10
77% Complete
Affordability 7.7/10
77% Complete
Quality of construction 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity of material 8.1/10
81% Complete
Storage size 8.1/10
81% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600: Our first impressions

We really love the design of this shed. The sloping detail and light coloured wood give it an attractive design that will complement any garden. It offers a generous amount of space to store your bikes and other large valuable items. It appears to have a really sturdy design and comes with great security features.

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600: Features

This is more than a simple bike shed. The manufacturer has ensured a lot of attention to detail has gone into the shed, offering a great range of features. They include:

Floor bearers

Helping to keep the floor of the shed off the ground, the bearers ensure the shed is protected against rot and damp. It also gives the shed a more solid and stable base.

Heavy duty mineral felt

The shed comes with free heavy duty mineral felt to protect against the rain.

Roof joists

44mm roof joists are used to further protect the structure of the shed.

Corner joist chalet connections

The unique corner joist chalet connections not only look attractive, but they also add extra strength and rigidity.

Secure lock with key

As the shed is designed to store bikes, it comes with a lock and key.

28mm timber logs

The shed is constructed with 28mm timber logs, giving it an ultra-durable design.


The bike shed comes without windows so nobody can see what is stored inside.

18mm tongue and groove floor and roof

Another feature that adds strength and durability to the shed.

15 year anti-rot guarantee

Unlike the majority of sheds, this one comes with a fantastic 15 year guarantee against rot.

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600: Specifications

Double checking the specifications will ensure your new shed fits perfectly in the garden. This bike shed comes with the following measurements:

  • Width – 5’3
  • Roof height – 6’2
  • Eaves height – 4’10
  • Depth – 8’6
  • Door height – 4’11
  • Door width – 2’8
  • Imperial size – 8×5

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600: Safety

You can see that this bike shed has been designed with safety in mind. From the solid, strong build to the lock and key; your bikes and any other valuable items you wish to store will be completely protected.

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600: Ease of assembly

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600 Overall AppearanceFor safety it is recommended that two people assemble this bike shed. While it may not be that big, the materials it is made from are extremely thick. This means they are heavy and will pose a real challenge if you attempt to build it by yourself. Once you have enough manpower, the instructions are easy to follow and you should find it a breeze to put together. It is advised to build the shed on a level and firm base like concrete slabs.

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600: Extras

If you want to make the shed extra secure, you can invest in a variety of extras. These include:

  • Yale Super Durable Deluxe Shed Alarm Security Kit
  • Cuprinol Ultimate Garden Protector
  • Solar Panels

The alarm system is a great investment if you plan on storing expensive bikes and machinery. The wood protectors are available in different colours and will help to lengthen the durability of the shed.

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600: Pros and cons

This bike shed comes with a lot more pros than it does cons. Firstly you have the solid, strong design. The manufacturers have made sure to use only the highest quality materials throughout its construction. This is an attractive shed and the sloping pent roof design gives it a unique, stylish appeal. Of course there is also the added benefit that it helps to protect the shed from rainwater.

Another advantage is the 15 year anti-rot guarantee. You will find the majority of sheds on the market come with a 10 year warranty. So the added 5 years you receive with this model just goes to show its high quality design. The range of extras you can invest in can also add further benefits to the shed; particularly the alarm system.

In terms of cons, the unpainted design may not be to everyone’s tastes. However, it is possible to invest in the Cuprinol Ultimate Garden Protector treatments which are available in a few different colours.

1.5m x 2.6m Lean-To Bike Shed 2600: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a bike shed you will struggle to find a better quality model than this one. We love the design, durability and security of this shed. The heavy duty mineral felt roof contrasts beautifully with the natural unpainted wood. We feel it adds a chic, cosy feel to the garden, but as mentioned you can add a little colour to the shed if you prefer via the specialist garden building protector treatments.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Ease of assembly
77% Complete
77% Complete
Quality of construction
100% Complete
Longevity of material
81% Complete
Storage size
81% Complete
Overall Score

Prices around: £599.95
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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
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