10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed

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Size: 10 x 8
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This 10 x 8 Waltons shiplap double door apex shed is a great looking building. Good features include the windows, which are of a great size and allow in plenty of light. But the double doors are exceptionally useful and open wide as well to bring you full access. This makes a big difference when you’re bringing in tools.

There is also the fact that you have an apex roof, which brings you plenty of headroom and also includes the ability to deflect rainwater so it hits the ground below. This is a fantastic 10 x 8 shed.

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What we rate

  • Constructed out of 12mm shiplap cladding
  • Wide double doors
  • Heavy duty mineral felt roof
  • Rim lock included
  • 10 year anti-rot guarantee

What we slate

  • Not painted
How We Rate It
Ease of assembly 7.5/10
75% Complete
Affordability 7.7/10
77% Complete
Quality of construction 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity of material 8/10
80% Complete
Storage size 8.2/10
82% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed – Our first impressions

The one thing that stood out to us with this large shed is the amount of access it provides. The large double doors open fully to give you a huge amount of space to get in and out. It is one of the larger sheds on the market and comes with some pretty good features. We also like the traditional look courtesy of the apex roof. Not only does this provide great aesthetic benefits, but it also helps to ensure the shed stays as dry as possible even in harsh weather.

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed: Features

The features are what really set each shed apart. Waltons are known to provide great features that are designed with strength, durability and safety in mind. This shed benefits from the following features:

Rim lock – The shed comes with a RIM lock to ensure nobody gets in if they aren’t supposed to. This enables you to store all of your large garden equipment, along with bikes and power tools.

12mm tongue and groove construction – The walls of the shed are built with solid 12mm tongue and groove boards, helping to create a structurally safe design. They expertly lock together to create a strong Shiplap panel.

Double doors – The double doors open out fully to make transporting bulky, large items easier.

Butterfly catches – There to make sure your shed doors close securely. Even in strong winds the doors won’t fly open.

Styrene glazed windows – Walton’s often use styrene glazed windows due to its 100% shatterproof benefits. They have also been UV treated so the sunlight won’t fade the panels. The shed comes with two large windows.

British made – The shed has been manufactured in the UK. When you buy this model you are automatically supporting British manufacturing.

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed: Specifications

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed Overall DimensionsThe measurements of this premium shed include:

  • Width – 8’0
  • Roof height – 6’10
  • Eaves height – 4’11
  • Depth – 9’10
  • Door height – 5’3
  • Door width – 2’10
  • Imperial size – 10×8

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed: Safety

Like all Walton’s sheds, this one is built with safety in mind. Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure a strong, solid structure. It is capable of safely storing heavy items and comes with excellent weatherproofing benefits which means it won’t deteriorate over time. Shatterproof windows are another great safety feature and the styrene is an excellent alternative to glass when you have young children to worry about. The inclusion of the Rim lock also ensures the shed is safe from intruders and is great for use in family homes.

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed: Ease of Assembly

We’ve given this shed a 7.5 out of 10 rating for assembly purely because of the time and energy involved. The instructions are easy enough to follow, but because of its size the shed is pretty labour intensive. It is not recommended that you try to build the shed by yourself. For safety reasons it is a two person job and it will take at least a few hours to build.

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed: Extras

Fancy upgrading the shed? With these useful extras you can:

  • Extra strength floor support pack
  • Superior Duty felt
  • 10×8 Waltons Portabase
  • 49mm weatherproof lock complete with hasp and staple

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed: Pros and cons

The 12mm shiplap cladding provides an extremely strong and exceptionally durable structure. Everything about the shed has been designed with durability in mind. Our favourite feature is the wide double doors which give you excellent access into the shed, allowing you to move large items in and out without problems.

The main disadvantage of the shed is the fact that it comes unpainted. However, we feel this actually adds to its rustic appeal. If you are a fan of painted sheds you can always paint it once you have constructed it. You should also be aware that the 10 year anti-rot warranty doesn’t apply if you haven’t treated it with a high quality preservative. Once constructed you will need to treat and continue to treat the shed as instructed by the manufacturer. Failure to do this will void the warranty.

10 x 8 Waltons Premium Shiplap Double Door Apex Shed: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a spacious, high quality shed then this is definitely recommended. It is one of the highest quality sheds available on the market and its range of great safety features ensures your stored items stay safe and dry all year long. Don’t forget to treat it with a high quality preservative in order to qualify for the 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Ease of assembly
75% Complete
77% Complete
Quality of construction
100% Complete
Longevity of material
80% Complete
Storage size
82% Complete
Overall Score

Prices around: £569.99
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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
Storage size

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