6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant

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Size: 6 x 4
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This 6 x 4 overlap shed has been carefully created so that it serves the need of property developers specifically. In other words it meets the code for sustainable homes. This is something property developers have to be mindful of. For some of the best 6×4 sheds currently on sale in the UK right now why not check out the 6×4 shed award winners.

The overlap of the shed is a cladding element and it helps by ensuring that rainwater does not enter the building. The overlap cladding also ensures that the building stays durable throughout the year.

What we rate

  • Overlap cladding feature
  • Solid sheet board on roof and floor
  • FSC certified
  • Sand felt roof
  • Apex roof style

What we slate

  • Not painted
How We Rate It
Ease of assembly 7.5/10
75% Complete
Affordability 8.1/10
81% Complete
Quality of construction 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity of material 7.9/10
79% Complete
Storage size 7.6/10
76% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant – Our first impressions

The first thing that captures our attention with this shed is the slightly darker colouration. A lot of sheds on the market tend to come with a light wood design. So while it isn’t painted, the darker colouration does give it a unique appeal. It is described as a basic storage solution so we weren’t expecting anything exciting. However, we were impressed by the quality of the design considering it comes at such an affordable cost. On first impressions it does appear to be a well-constructed and we like its traditional style.

6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant: Features

There are quite a few great features that come with this model including:

Apex style roof – The apex roof is the most popular type due to its attractive appearance and excellent benefits. Providing plenty of interior headspace, the roof forms an upside down V-shape, allowing rainwater to simply run off, protecting against damp and rotting.

Overlap cladding – When treated, overlap cladding provides great protection against the elements, resulting in a long-lasting design. The timber boards overlap each other, similar to how a garden fence is constructed. This creates a reliable and durable finish.

Sustainable Code Compliant – A feature that mainly benefits property developers, the shed has a more eco-friendly design.

Solid sheet floor and roof materials – While the overlap cladding provides strength and stability to the shed, the solid sheet materials help to add additional support.

Sand felt roof – High quality sand felt protects the roof from the elements, preventing rot and damp.

Choice of lock – A Rim lock is included with the shed for security, but you can also choose to upgrade to a BSI Rim lock, a turn button lock, pad bolt or hasp lock.

Single door – The single door features two diagonal cross beams which help to prevent sagging over time. It also provides plenty of space to transfer objects in and out of the shed.

FSC Certified – The materials taken to construct the shed come from responsibly sourced woodland. This means trees are planted to replace the ones that have been chopped down.

10 year anti-rot guarantee – The shed is protected against damp and rot for 10 years, giving you great peace of mind.

6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant: Specifications

It is extremely important to take note of the shed’s measurements before you buy. This model comes with the following specifications:

  • Width – 3’11
  • Roof Height – 6’4
  • Eaves Height – 5’1
  • Depth – 5’10
  • Door height – 5’3
  • Door width – 2’5
  • Imperial size – 6×4

All measurements are given in feet and inches.

6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant: Safety

The fact the shed comes with a choice of different locks ensures excellent security. Always choose a lock based upon the security of your garden and whether you need to worry about children getting in. For example, a pad bolt is mainly designed to keep the shed door closed, but it won’t stop potential thieves getting in. A hasp lock or BSI Rim Lock on the other hand will ensure only you have access to the shed.

The heavy duty construction also creates a safe, secure finish. There is no risk of splinters and the shed is designed to be really stable provided it is built on a solid base.

6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant: Ease of Assembly

This shed requires two person assembly and despite its small size it will also require some heavy labour. Saying that, the actual build itself is simple thanks to easy to follow directions and high quality materials. It will take roughly a few hours to construct and all fittings are included.

6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant: Extras

It helps to invest in a few extras if you want to get the most out of the shed. You can choose the following additional items:

  • 6×4 Waltons Portabase
  • Extra strength floor support pack
  • Superior duty felt
  • Additional advanced locks

6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant: Pros and cons

The fact the shed has been built with a more eco-friendly design will appeal to both property developers and those who care about the environment. Being FSC certified and Sustainable Code Compliant, this is one of the most environmentally friendly sheds on the market. Its durability and strength is also commendable. Overlap cladding provides great protection against harsh wind and rain and it also boosts the strength of the shed. However, while it does provide some additional strength, it is the cheapest cladding option. This means while it does minimise the risk of warping, it is still susceptible if placed in a particularly sunny area. It is also slightly weaker than other cladding types which means it doesn’t provide much support for hanging heavy objects onto the wall or installing additional shelving.

The 8mm floor and roof solid materials are also a little on the flimsy side. While we like that they do provide some additional strength to the building, we do feel additional support from struts should be provided.

Another potential con is the fact that the shed comes in an unpainted design. On one hand this can add a rustic feel and it will fit in with any garden design. However if you would prefer a coloured design you will need to invest in a Cuprinol coloured treatment. The shed will need to be treated anyway if you want to benefit from the 10-year anti-rot guarantee. This is something that isn’t made obviously clear by the manufacturer.

6 x 4 Overlap Apex Shed Sustainable Code Compliant: Conclusion

This shed isn’t going to be suitable for those looking to store heavy, bulky items. However, if you’re looking for a basic storage solution then this is a fantastic choice. It is small enough to fit in any garden and it comes with some pretty impressive features. We love the Waltons range of sheds, though we do feel the fact you need to invest in additional strength boosting elements slightly lets the shed down.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Ease of assembly
75% Complete
81% Complete
Quality of construction
100% Complete
Longevity of material
79% Complete
Storage size
76% Complete
Overall Score

Prices around: £239.99
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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
Storage size

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