7′ x 7′ Shed-Plus Pressure Treated Overlap Shed

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This spacious storage shed proves that value and high quality can happily co-exist. Despite coming at a really affordable cost, the building has been pressure treated to ensure it lasts at least 15 years. Not only is this a longer guarantee than a lot of competitor sheds, but it also requires very little maintenance.

There are 2 fixed styrene glazed windows which supply a good source of natural lighting. The amount of entry access provided is also fantastic, with large double hinged doors allowing you to add anything to the shed, no matter how bulky, with ease. A pad bolt is also included, though you will have to add your own padlock for security.

The tall apex roof gives plenty of interior height whilst also protecting the shed against water damage. Green roofing felt is provided to go with the unique green painted finish which offers protection not just against water, but against debris too.

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Whilst the overall finish of the building is a little rough looking, this is to be expected with overlap buildings. For the price you pay, the quality you receive is brilliant. Compared to other overlap sheds, this one truly does stand out from the crowd. We highly recommend this shed for all of your gardening essentials.

What we rate

  • Long life pressure treated walls
  • Double door access
  • Apex roof
  • 15 year anti-rot guarantee
  • Pressure treated floor joists

What we slate

  • There is little security added to the shed, though you are given the option to add a very secure padlock or alarm system as an extra.
  • Roofing felt isn’t overly strong and isn’t likely going to last long.
How We Rate It
Quality 8/10
80% Complete
Longevity Of materials 9/10
90% Complete
Storage Space 8/10
80% Complete
Ease of installation 6/10
60% Complete
Value for money 9/10
90% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Building Type

This apex storage shed is part of the Shed Plus range and it comes in a unique green coloured finish. As you can see from the picture, it is more of a tinted green and you can still see the light coloured wood below. It is completely weatherproof so whether you choose to store garden tools or firewood, they are guaranteed to stay safe and dry all year round.


  • 7x7 Shed Plus Pressure Treated Overlap Shed Overall ViewRidge height – 7’
  • Eaves height – 4’11”
  • Door height – 5’8”
  • Door width – 1’10”
  • Depth including overhang – 6’10”
  • Width including overhang – 7’1”

The one thing that strikes us with this building is its small height. Considering it comes with an apex roof, the building is actually a little on the short side. Whilst the ridge may measure 7’, the 4’11 eaves height is pretty low. It is one of the more unique sheds in the collection due to these different measurements. The fact that the door is higher than the eaves provides a very unique and distinct look. Of course, it does mean if you are taller than 5’8”, you will need to duck as you enter the shed. However, on the inside of the building the apex roof does add a good level of internal height, ensuring you can stand up and walk around comfortably.

Roof and Floor

7x7 Shed Plus Pressure Treated Overlap Shed Inside ViewWe can forgive the Shed Store for using solid sheet materials on the roof and floor due to the impressive long lasting overall design of the shed. Overlap sheds do tend to come with solid sheet materials on the interior of the building so it isn’t a shock to see them used here. However, what it does mean is you will need to be careful of what you store.

The Apex roof has quite a long design and is unique in that it stretches down at the sides below the door. This gives it quite a chic design and for us adds to its visual appeal. To keep with the green theme, it comes with a green felt covering. Now a lot of customers have noted that the quality of this felt is significantly below par. In fact, some feel it isn’t worth using. What we will say about this however, is that it is the same standard felt as what is featured on most garden sheds these days. So it isn’t a problem that relates only to this building. The felt included does provide good protection, but we’d estimate it will only last for a year or two. Therefore it might be a good idea to invest in a better quality felt from the outset.

As for the floor, it comes with a standard 10mm thickness and is created with MFP solid sheet materials. This isn’t overly flimsy, but it also isn’t overly strong either. In fact, we’d recommend against storing anything really heavy in this shed. The manufacturer does state it would be ideal for storing lawnmowers, but we’d only advise this if you have a lightweight plastic mower.

Cladding and Frame

Whilst standard 8mm overlap has been used to construct this shed, there’s one thing that makes it really stand out. Shed Store have pressure treated the building, ensuring it has a high quality and long lasting design.

The pressure treatment process is quite extensive and it involves five different steps. First the timber is placed into a chamber, where a vacuum literally sucks the air out of the timber’s cells. The chamber is then flooded with a preservative underneath the vacuum. Hydraulic pressure forces the preservative into the timber before another vacuum is used to eliminate any excess preservative. A low pressure is applied so that the timber soaks up any remaining preservative and it is then left to dry. What you are left with is timber that is protected from deep inside, ensuring water and other elements cannot cause damage.

Now it’s often advised against installing overlap sheds in sunny parts of the garden. It is known to warp and shrink if exposed to a lot of sunlight. However, thanks to the pressure treatment, this building is less prone to warping so you won’t have to be as careful about where it is erected.

So what about the frame? Well, standard 28mm x 28mm framing is provided and we find this generally offers a fantastic level of support.

Treatment Requirements and Warranty

As mentioned above, this shed doesn’t need annual treatments. This for us is one of its main advantages. Not only does it make the shed cheaper, but it also eliminates the hassle of having to treat it once a year. You can simply assemble the building and then use it. There’s also the amazing 15 year anti rot guarantee. This is a longer warranty than you receive with most overlap sheds and even then you usually have to maintain the treatments to benefit from it. So as you can see, this model really does stand out from the rest in terms of natural longevity.

Doors and Windows

The double doors are a great feature of the shed and they provide a lot of space to get things in and out of storage. They also feature a long braced design. Bracing really adds a lot more stability to the doors, ensuring you won’t have to worry about problems with sagging through daily use. A pad bolt is fitted to the door and works a lot more efficiently than the turn button fastenings often provided. However, keep in mind that this won’t actually lock the door and a separate padlock will be required.

Two fixed styrene glazed windows are included on the side of the building. As the sides are interchangeable, it means you can choose whether to install them on the right or left side of the shed. 100% shatterproof, these windows are considered tougher, as well as safer, than single glazing which therefore makes them a great choice for families with young children. They ensure you can see what’s inside the shed during daylight hours, even with the doors closed. However, as they are fixed they will not offer any ventilation.

Security and Privacy

Thought the pad bolt on the doors is stronger and more effective at keeping them closed than a turn button fastening, it won’t offer protection against burglary. The overlap cladding also isn’t as difficult to break through as Shiplap or tongue and groove. So security isn’t amazing on this building. However, all you need is a good quality padlock to protect your belongings as this will fit perfectly onto the pad bolt.

The fixed windows do help a little with the security of the shed as they are very tough and hard to break. However, they don’t allow your storage to stay private. Anybody can peer through the windows and see what is being stored inside. It is for that reason we recommend investing in a very good quality security system such as a padlock with a sound alarm built in.

Customisation Options and Extras

You aren’t presented with many ways to customise this building. In fact, the only customisation option available is the great quality solar light. Although a small window is included with the shed, it will only provide sufficient light during the day. This solar light on the other hand will provide natural powered lighting whenever you need it. Within each panel there are 6 very bright LED bulbs. Unlike an electrical pack, this light is very easy to install and doesn’t need to be wired. It uses three 1.2v AA batteries which are charged via natural sunlight via a remote solar panel. In the summer it can run for around 6-8 hours, whilst in winter it will run for around 2-4 hours.

Some of the extras offered are also pretty impressive. For example, the security alarm padlock or the Yale Security Kit can help to solve the security issue with this shed. Out of the two, we’d definitely recommend the Yale Security Kit as this includes a hasp, alarm and padlock. It is very easy to attach to the building and all of its parts are even covered by a great 1 year warranty. If somebody does try to break in, a 130db alarm will sound, helping to scare them off. So if security is important in your neighbourhood, this is a must-have security kit.

A 7×7 wooden DIY base kit is also recommended. It’s so important to make sure you erect the shed on a very even and firm base. This particular base has been treated to ensure it lasts a minimum of 10 years. It also comes with wooden spikes to anchor it into the ground. Now obviously if you already have a flat, even concrete base you won’t need this kit. However, if you don’t we do advise you take advantage of this FSC certified timber.

The Shed Store also have a number of accessories that can help with storage capacity. Hooks and storage units are available in different sizes which you may find useful.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 8/10
80% Complete
There are a few good high quality features added to this shed. The bracing on the doors is a great example. However, we do feel the quality of the roofing felt and solid sheet materials slightly let the shed down.
Longevity Of materials 9/10
90% Complete
For an overlap shed, this is a very high rating. The pressure treatment boosts the shed’s longevity and reduces the need for annual treatments. So the exterior walls are extremely durable. However, the solid sheet floor and quality of the roofing felt have prevented us from giving this full marks for longevity.
Storage Space 8/10
80% Complete
There is a great amount of space provided in this shed, allowing you to store all kinds of equipment and tools. However, keep in mind that the solid sheet floor isn’t designed to hold heavy equipment. You also cannot fit shelving onto the interior walls.
Ease of installation 6/10
60% Complete
There are good and bad points to consider with installation. On the plus side the instructions given are very easy to follow. However, some customers have experienced issues with getting certain parts of the shed aligned properly. The doors have proven tricky to flush against one another and the clout nails for the roofing felt are also on the short side. Then there’s the time it takes to assemble. Shed Store claim it will take around 2-4 hours to install. However, some people have found it takes them closer to 8 hours to put together.
Value for money 9/10
90% Complete
You may experience some issues with installation, but overall this shed gives you exceptional value for money. The fact it doesn’t need annual treatments is a massive advantage. Overall this is a budget shed with plenty of great features.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: This 7x7 budget overlap shed comes with some fantastic features. Our favourite is the fact it has been pressure treated to enhance its longevity. It also means you do not need to maintain the building as much as you do with standard overlap sheds. The styrene glazed windows offer brilliant lighting, whilst there is a range of useful and affordable extras that can really help you get the most from this model. The 15 year anti-rot guarantee is a huge reassurance that you are buying a shed that is truly built to last. The only thing we’d recommend changing is the roofing felt, though you can easily pick up a better quality felt at an affordable cost.

Prices around: £409.99
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Storage Space
Ease of installation
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