8 x 6 Overlap Windowless Apex Shed Sustainable Homes Code Compliant

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Size: 8 x 6
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This 8 x 6 overlap windowless shed has a wonderfully tall apex roof. This brings in plenty of head height and also ensures that the building has protection against rainwater, which simply runs down and off the roof.

The windowless aspect means that it is a deterrent for thieves. Meanwhile the sustainable building code requirements are easily met, making this an ideal purchase for a property developer.

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What we rate

  • 10 year anti-rot guarantee
  • Overlap cladding
  • Windowless provides additional security
  • Sustainable Homes Code Compliant
  • FSC Certified

What we slate

  • Isn’t painted
  • Requires annual treatments
  • Floor may not be strong enough to hold heavy items
How We Rate It
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity Of Materials 7.5/10
75% Complete
Storage Size 7.9/10
79% Complete
Ease Of Installation 7.7/10
77% Complete
Value For Money 8/10
80% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Shed Type and Roof Size

8 x 6 Overlap Windowless Apex Shed Sustainable Homes Code Compliant Inside View EmptyThis is a simple, medium size storage shed. Like many sheds, it features a tall apex roof. This provides two main benefits. Firstly, it helps with water drainage, ensuring rainwater simply runs straight down off the roof and onto the floor. This helps to protect the sides from long-term water damage and also prevents any water build-up on the roof. Secondly it gives a lot more internal space centrally down the shed thanks to its unique upside down V-shape. This means there’s no danger of bumping your head on the inside and you can also store tall items. Further protection is supplied via the sand felt covering.

The roof measures 1.98m tall and the eaves measure 1.57m tall. Other measurements include a door width of 0.96m, door height of 1.64m, a depth of 7’9” and an overall width of 5’10”.

Cladding, Frame and Floor

The use of overlap cladding ensures an affordable cost as well as a strong, sturdy design. It isn’t as strong as Tongue and Groove or Shiplap cladding, but it still adequate enough for those who are looking for a simple storage space. With this type of cladding the boards are nailed over the top of each other, creating a good water-tight seal once the shed has been treated. One thing to keep in mind is that overlap cladding isn’t typically strong enough to support shelving or to hang heavy items. So if this is something you are thinking of doing, you would be better off choosing a Tongue and Groove or Shiplap shed.

The framing that keeps the shed together measures 28mm x 28mm. This is pretty standard and does provide a solid, reliable structure. A 10mm solid sheet board is provided for the floor. Now this is strong enough to hold your weight and support medium weight items. However, it does feel a little flimsy so it would be a good idea to invest in the extra strength floor support pack. This will not only make the shed safer, but it gives you peace of mind too.

We also recommend you invest in the Waltons 8×6 Portabase. This ensures the shed is built on an even, flat surface. Just remember that it isn’t a substitution for the floor.

Treatment Requirement and Warranty

8 x 6 Overlap Windowless Apex Shed Sustainable Homes Code Compliant FlooringYou are given reassurance thanks to the 10 year anti-rot guarantee. However, the shed will need to be treated in order to activate the warranty. With overlap cladding we highly recommend that you use a spirit based treatment. This provides excellent protection and does not need to be reapplied on a yearly basis. If you’re looking to add colour however, you would be better off choosing a water based treated as there are a lot more colours to choose from, particularly in the Cuprinol range. The only con of this option is that the water based treatments do need to be applied each year.

The treatment needs to be applied as soon as you have assembled it. Then you also need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding reapplication in order to meet the warranty terms and conditions.

Doors and Windows

8 x 6 Overlap Windowless Apex Shed Sustainable Homes Code Compliant External Wall CladdingThe shed comprises of a single, wide door. This provides a good amount of space to transfer items both inside and outside of the building. It also comes with a Rim lock, with an option to upgrade to a different sturdier lock if required. This will cost extra but it’s a good idea to analyse any security risks and determine whether a tougher lock would be a good investment. Also think about what you are storing. If there is going to be anything of value there then a stronger lock is highly recommended.

There aren’t any windows which means the shed is built with privacy and security in mind.

Security and Privacy

If you’d rather keep the contents of your shed private, this is a good choice. Lack of windows deters thieves from breaking in, whilst the Rim lock also provides some extra security. The cladding isn’t overly strong so there is a possibility it can be broken if a thief is determined. However, generally the lock and windowless design will deter someone from trying their luck.

Customisation Options and Extras

There are quite a few customisation options according to Waltons. They state you can customise the following:

  • Locks
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Felt type

However, if you do want to customise the shed you will need to contact the company, it cannot be done at checkout. What can be added before checkout are a number of useful extras.

As the shed is made with overlap cladding, there is room for improvement regarding its strength and durability. Therefore you are given the chance to upgrade to superior duty felt and an extra strength floor support pack. We particularly recommend the floor support pack as the 10mm solid sheet material isn’t overly stable. It does provide adequate protection, but for better peace of mind the support pack would be a good investment.

It is also extremely important that you assemble the shed on a flat surface. If you are unsure or you want to be absolutely certain the building has a solid foundation, we also recommend adding the Waltons 8×6 Portabase.

Another extra that you might find useful is the Lean to Kit. This basically extends the roof of the shed, providing a sheltered outdoor area. This could be used to store household bins or any large equipment that won’t fit inside the shed. Of course, you will need to consider damage from the elements if you do store anything there. The roof may protect the items from falling rain on top, but it won’t protect against harsh winds and rain coming in from the sides.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
While it isn’t made from the sturdiest material, it still provides a strong, reliable basic storage space. It comes with excellent features which boost the quality and compared to other similar models it is definitely one of the best.
Longevity Of Materials 7.5/10
75% Complete
The shed scored the lowest in this category purely because it is made from overlap and not tongue and groove or Shiplap cladding. It also needs treating in order to be protected against the elements.
Storage Size 7.9/10
79% Complete
This is a medium size shed so it might not be ideal if you have a large amount of items needed to be stored. The Lean to Kit can help extend the storage space a little, but it still might not be big enough for what you need.
Ease Of Installation 7.7/10
77% Complete
It does require 2 people to assemble the shed but it’s actually pretty straight forward to build. The only thing that lowers the rating is the fact that it will take time to put together. The solid sheet materials supplied for the roof and floor may also be a little trickier to install.
Value For Money 8/10
80% Complete
We highly recommend this shed for value for money. It may not be the sturdiest shed out there, but for what you get it is really well priced. By spending a little extra you can also improve the shed’s strength and durability.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for a basic yet high quality storage shed then this is definitely a good model to consider. Walton’s are known for their excellent quality models and this is definitely no exception. Being Sustainable Homes Code Compliant, it is also an excellent choice for those who care about the environment, as well as for property investors.

Prices around: £289.99
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Longevity Of Materials
Storage Size
Ease Of Installation
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