8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed

Prices Around: £469.99
Size: 8 x 8
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This is an 8 x 8 overlap garden shed that has a ton of personality and style. It is very traditional looking, but this gives it a warm feel and the building itself is very strong and durable. For example, it has overlap cladding on it which gives it a great look and also promises you that the building will be effective and safe against rain.

It is large and spacious inside and wide double doors give immediate access to the full and generous interior.

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What we rate

  • Overlap cladding feature
  • Solid sheet materials on roof and floor
  • Sand felt roof
  • Double door secured with turn button lock system
  • Wide double doors

What we slate

  • Not painted
How We Rate It
Ease of assembly 7.5/10
75% Complete
Affordability 8.1/10
81% Complete
Quality of construction 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity of material 8/10
80% Complete
Storage size 8.1/10
81% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed – Our first impressions

We like the strong, attractive build of this traditional style shed. Not only does it have exceptional character, but it also comes with a few great safety features. Designed to stay strong throughout all weathers, the shed boasts an impressive size that should fit comfortably in medium to large gardens. Ideal for use as a simple storage solution or even as a separate office space, this is one of the best quality sheds we’ve seen.

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed: Features

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed cladding wallUnderstanding the sheds features will help you determine whether it is a good fit for your needs. This model comes with the following main features:

Constructed with FSC sourced timber The timber used to create the shed is sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council. This means it is taken from wooded areas that are harvested and replanted.

8mm overlap boards – The panels are constructed with 8mm overlap boards which are braced with 28mm x28mm framing. This results in maximum stability and strength, ensuring your shed can store large, heavy items.

Window placement choice – Choose where you want the windows positioned as you build the shed. This gives you flexibility in terms of shed location.

Styrene glazed windows – Instead of real glass, the windows are styrene glazed which is known to be 100% shatterproof.

Large double doors – Ensuring you have ample room to move large items in and out of the shed, the double doors open out fully.

10 year anti-rot guarantee – The manufacturer is so confident about the quality of the shed that they include a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

Traditional apex roof – Helping to ensure rainwater runs down onto the ground, the traditional apex roof is an excellent addition. It also helps to increase the amount of interior space, providing more storage options.

Turn button lock system – Keep your shed fully secure with the excellent built in turn button lock system.

Solid sheet roof and floor – The roof and floor feature solid sheet materials to ensure excellent durability.

Heavy duty sand felt – The sand roof felt comes included with the shed and provides fantastic protection against the weather.

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed: Specifications

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed cladding materialNo matter what size shed you are choosing, it is important to take note of the measurements before you buy. This model comes with the following dimensions:

  •          Width – 7’6
  •          Roof height – 6’9
  •          Eaves height – 5’1
  •          Depth – 7’9
  •          Door height – 5’6
  •          Door width – 3’2
  •          Imperial size – 8×8

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed: Safety

The thick, overlap cladding helps to ensure a safe, high quality finish. It isn’t just safe to use, it’s also safe from potential thieves. Both doors are locked via a built in turn button lock system. The only thing we suggest you be aware of is that it does have windows located on either side of the shed. Therefore if you are storing anything of value it would be a good idea to keep them covered.

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed: Ease of Assembly

We have given the 8×8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden shed a 7.5 out of 10 assembly rating. It comes flat packed with all required tools included and the instructions are very simple and easy to follow. The only real issue is the fact that it is pretty labour intensive. It is a two person job and it can take quite a few hours to construct.

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed: Extras

Want to get more from this model? The following extras may come in useful:

  • Waltons Pro Shed Base
  • Superior duty felt
  • Extra strength floor support pack

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed: Pros and cons

This shed is perfectly built to protect your stored items against the unpredictable British weather. With thick, solid overlap cladding and heavy duty felt included, it has been designed to ensure harsh weather doesn’t damage the structure. All of your items will remain safe and dry. The windows on each side of the shed also help to bring in a lot of natural light, eliminating the need to purchase an electrical pack. However, while the windows do provide some benefits, they also give potential thieves a full view into the shed. So any valuables should always be stored discreetly.

It also isn’t painted. While not a major concern, you may wish to invest in a coloured treatment to brighten it up a little.

8 x 8 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed: Conclusion

This is a shed that boasts exemplary style and character, as well as a strong, solid foundation. We like the fact that it comes with so many great safety features. You can also choose to upgrade the roof felt and floor to provide extra stability. All in all it is a great value shed that offers a safe, generous amount of storage

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Ease of assembly
75% Complete
81% Complete
Quality of construction
100% Complete
Longevity of material
80% Complete
Storage size
81% Complete
Overall Score

Prices around: £469.99
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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
Storage size

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