Why Gardening Is Great For Kids

In an ideal world, kids would be putting down the Xbox controller and enjoying the outdoors. It is one thing to just make your kids “go outside and play” but have you ever thought about doing something with them outside that is fun, educational and can help their development in many ways? Well, gardening is the answer to this. More and more schools are trying to have their own school garden so it should be something your child has a little bit of experience with. Keep on reading to see why gardening is great for kids!

It Gets Their Senses “Tingling”

Kids will always be curious and interested in things. Getting out in the garden is like an explosion of the senses. There are things to touch, smell, look at, hear and even taste… ok so maybe not taste. But you get the point. While your garden may not look that exciting. To a kid, it can be a world of wonder, especially if you really hype it up and get them excited about different plants, food and even little critters that are in your garden. Spending time in the garden is a great way to really expand a child’s mind.

It Helps Promote Healthy Eating

Most kids would rather eat a donut than a fresh apple. But getting your kid involved with actually growing their own food, food like peas, potatoes, strawberries, blueberries and if you are super motivated, even broccoli! Is a great way to get them more interested in eating different foods. You can get them to help actually plant, care for and then collect the food. Not only does this get them to eat more healthily. It also teaches them the basics of learning how to grow their own food.

Gardening Helps Their Fine Motor Skills

There is actually far more than goes into gardening than you would think. For a kid, there is a ton of different little things they have to learn from using a spade to dig up mud, using a watering can to water their flowers and food and even carefully collecting any food that they have grown. You may not realise it at the time, but gardening is actually really teaching your child how to fine tune their fine motor skills.

Gardening Can Be A Gateway Into Science!

We are not saying that your child is going to be in the shed acting like a mad scientist, growing plant people to take over the town. But gardening does involve some pretty intricate science. For example, they will have to learn what kind of plants and food need a lot of sunlight, what needs plenty of water and so on. They can run their own little experiments and figure out what works and what does not.

It Is A Family Activity

child-activityYou may think we are telling you all this information so you can send the kids outside with a spade so you can have ten minutes peace. But actually, gardening is a really fun gardening activity that the whole family can get in on. You guys can work as a team to decide what kind of flowers you are going to grow and where you are going to grow them in the garden. If food is more your kind of thing, then you can plan what food you will be growing and which family member is in charge of which food. There are just so many ways that you can make gardening a family activity. Some people even find that even as the kids get older, planting flowers and growing food is still something they will be willing to do with mum and dad.

If you want to see for yourself how charming, cute and fun gardening as a family can be, then look at these kids who are having a fun time making their own pot and then putting the plant inside. This is what family gardening is all about and as you can see, it can start from something as simple as just one potted plant.

It Is A Much Easier Way To Teach Responsibility Than A Dog

Many parents think that getting a dog or some other kind of pet is the way to teach kids about responsibility. But actually, gardening is a much better and easier way for you to do this. You get to explain to your child that it is up to them to make sure their plants or food is properly taken care of. Most kids will love taking this responsibility on board and you can even help them out by having some kind of chart on the fridge that will let them keep track of what they need to do.

Gardening Can Help Your Kids Be More Patient

No doubt if you have stood in a line with a kid, you know that patience is not something most of them are good at. With gardening though, you are showing them that they simply have to be patient in order for their food and plants to grow properly. Kids may be a little put off at first with how slow things can be. But once they see that first little sprout they will be all in and really excited to see what happens next.

Gardening Teaches A Love For Nature And The Environment

Most parents have looked on in shock as their kid just tosses a piece of garbage to the floor. But with gardening, you get to teach them that if they want their food and plants to grow. They need to take care of them and not destroy the garden! Just being around the garden and seeing how things grow and how insects and other creatures call the garden home is a fantastic way for a child to really appreciate the planet and want to actually be more thoughtful about what they do with their garbage.

Gardening Teaches A Love For Nature And The Environment

This is a pretty big one and one that is really down to your child’s school. But having some kind of community garden or just a school garden is a great way to help develop a child’s social skills. If your child is quiet then getting them to mix in with other kids as they care for a garden is a fantastic way to bring them out of their shell a little bit. Working with others and thinking about how they have to work as a team to make sure the garden flourishes is wonderful for a child’s development.

Here you can see just how well a community/school garden can bring a group of kids (and the adults as well) together in a positive way. If your child’s school does not have something like this. Then maybe have a think about getting in touch with the school and offering to help start one.

Gardening Is Great Exercise

In a day and age where kids would rather sit on the sofa watching YouTube while playing Minecraft. Gardening is a fun way for them to get out of the house and get some exercise. Have you ever noticed how while you are gardening, you do not feel tired, but when you are done, you really do feel like you have gotten a good workout? That is because gardening has you moving all around, getting up and down, lifting things up and using a lot of your brain power as well. Gardening is a fantastic way for a child to exercise, blow off some energy and also do something productive.

You Can Let Them Have A Gardening Blog

Is there a kid on the planet these days who is not addicted to YouTube? Well, you can actually use this to your advantage by suggesting to your child that you guys make a fun gardening blog. If they are already excited about the garden in general. This is an awesome way to put it over the edge and really make them interested. Plus it gives you guys some great family memories that you can look back on.

Gardening Can Help Their Organisation & Problem Solving Skills

Unless you have are lucky enough to have a garden the size of Wembley Stadium. Chances are your garden is going to need some careful planning to make sure what you would like to grow is going to have enough space. You can get the kids involved with this and let them figure out how to get everything to fit. It is a great way to help them develop their problem solving skills. Also if they can organise the garden so that everything fits nice and tidy. You can get them to use these same skills to do the same for the bedroom… Who are we kidding that will never happen! But hey at least your garden will look great and you will have the kids to thank for that!

Gardening Is Great For The Kids Because It Is Just Awesome!

We have given you a lot of reasons to day as to why gardening is great for kids. But honestly above all else. Gardening is just so much fun and something great for you to share with your kids. There are a ton of individual benefits to getting your child to take up gardening. But getting any kid outside, pottering around with some plants, growing some strawberries and sneaking a few when they think no one is looking is just a really good thing for you as a parent to do. So get some old clothes on, grab the kids wellies and have some fun in your garden!

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