Have a passion for plants and singing? We’ve got just the job for you…

As many people around the world know, music can have a big effect on our plants, and specific genres/styles have been known to boost growth. However, while this is a researched and accepted theory, most people don’t have the time or resources to sing to their plants daily, with most (like us) opting to play music from a radio or speaker.

Despite this, there are people out there with the commitment, passion and drive to sing to their plants themselves, and a couple of weeks ago we received an interesting email from such a couple.

The couple in question, who live in London, are looking to recruit a plant babysitter (or baby-singer!) to look after their plants and sing to them while they’re on holiday during the Christmas period. The couple shares our belief that music helps plants to flourish and grow, and have offered £500 for a member of the public to continue singing to the plants while they’re away on holiday during the Christmas period.

There are only a few entry requirements; you’ve got to have a good singing voice, be over 18, and be willing to travel to the couple’s home once a day to sing, water and feed the plants.

The request, submitted to us on October 20th, stated that the couple are looking for a babysitter for two weeks while they’re on holiday, starting on 20th December 2021. Applications for the role close November 30th 2021.

After speaking to our customer base and social following, we’ve struggled to find a suitable match, which is why we decided to launch this public appeal in an attempt to try and assist the couple.

The successful candidate will be expected to travel to the couple’s home once a day, and sing for a minimum of 30 minutes to the plants, which are situated in a flat and on a balcony outside. Other duties will include watering the plants daily, and providing plant-food when required.

Research has found that chanting and music can boost the growth of plants; one study found that Indian classical music and Vedic chanting increases the length of the shoot and diameter of the flower of 30 roses*. The request states that the couple are avid believers in the science, and have sung to their plants ‘for years’ – something we can certainly get behind!

The couple are ideally looking for a female ‘baby-singer’, as they believe a female voice is more ‘nourishing’ – a 2009 study from the Royal Horticultural Society cites that female voices may be better for plant growth.

The successful candidate will receive £500 at the end of the two weeks and will be required to visit the couple’s home between 7am-8am everyday.

If you think you’d be great for the role, or know someone who would, please apply here:


Following the initial application phase, we’ll be assisting the couple in contacting potential candidates via Zoom, where applicants will be judged based on their singing ability. We’ll be reaching out to the chosen baby-singer by December 10th.

Kate Fromings from Whatshed.co.uk said,

“When we saw the request come in we knew we had to do all we could to help – at WhatShed we have a passion and a love for plants, and to see the commitment of this couple is really something special! That’s why we decided to launch a public appeal to see if there was anyone out there available to help – to be honest, if I had any sort of singing voice I’d be applying myself.

“The correlation between growth in plants and music is a well documented one, and one that has been scientifically proven time and time again. Hopefully, we can find the right candidate so these plants don’t go musicless this Christmas!”



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