Kent-based family seeking handyman/woman to transform shed into a Harry Potter hangout

Kent-based family seeking handyman/woman to transform shed into a Harry Potter hangout

We don’t often get emails as magical as this in the inbox, but here’s one we wanted to share. A family from Kent is looking to find someone to transform their shed into Hagrid’s hut as a surprise birthday gift to their daughter, after their trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was cancelled in the Summer due to COVID-19.

Here’s the email that we were sent:

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They have a budget of £10,000, which they’re hoping will cover all costs, including design, props, finishing touches and labour. The family have confirmed that no structural work is needed to the shed either, and as such they’re not concerned with building qualifications etc, they’re mostly looking for someone who is creative and practical!

If you think you can help, please fill in the form below and the family will be in touch after reviewing the applications. They’re hoping to hire someone by early November, with the view that the project will be completed by early January, in time for their daughter’s tenth birthday.

Kate Fromings of, said,

“What an interesting concept for a shed! I feel like so many people forget the fact that they have the potential to have another gorgeous room on their property.”

“And for the theme? It’s a series that has touched the lives of so many, it’s no surprise that an aspiring young writer would also be a fan of Harry Potter. After correspondence with the family, it’s clear that this is a family who’s had a bit of a rough time, so I’m really hoping that we can play a part in helping them with their shed project.”

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