What Makes A Typical Persian, Arabic Garden

Today we are having a look at some of the more extravagant styles of gardens that are in the world and those are gardens of the Persian and Arabic variety, some might even refer to this as a bit of a Turkish style. It is kind of hard to really narrow down this kind of style as some of the more incredible designs are truly breathtaking. We are looking at some of the common themes that these types of gardens tend to have and we will make sure to have a few pictures of some of the more amazing looking gardens that fit into the Arabic and Persian style.

What Countries Utilize This Style?

We mentioned Turkey before, but places like India and Pakistan are known to use this same kind of style that we have looked at today so if someone mentions an Indian style garden or a Turkish style garden, you can look here and notice many of the themes we have looked at today are featured.

Keep It Cool!

We are not talking leather jackets and sunglasses here, but lots of areas that have shade where you can hide away from the sun and keep cool. These countries are all hot, like, really, really hot! So it goes without saying that they will want to have at least one shaded area in the garden where a person can go, enjoy the outdoors, but be shielded away from the sun.

Clever Use Of Walls

Of course using walls are one way that you can hide away from the sun a little bit. But large walls are also a way that many Persian and Arabic style gardens (the larger ones) will separate areas of the garden and add a little bit more style to them. It is not uncommon for a larger garden to have a walled off area that has nothing to do with the rest of the garden and it is it has its own style. It is kind of like a garden in a garden.

Water Is Where The Heart Is

Golestan Takht












For many Arabic and Persian style gardens, water is right at the heart of it and a huge feature. In smaller gardens, this can be something as simple as a small pond or even a water sculpture/fountain of some kind. Larger gardens tend to have something far more extravagant like a large reflection pond or a few different water features. Water is something that is very important to these cultures and they use it to great effect in their garden. If you look at some of the gardens that have larger water features like a large pond for example. It is like they started with the pond or water feature and then they design the garden moving outwards from there.

Amazing Mosaics

Man cultures all over the world have clever stone work and use of mosaics, but the kind you will find in these gardens will truly blow you away. When you look at some of the gardens in the ancient temples and the more touristy areas. You are truly blown away by the level of detail that is in these mosaics.

















One of the interesting things to note about the use of mosaics in the Persian and Arabic style of garden is that they tend to go big or go home. By this, we mean that if there is going to be some kind of mosaic design in the garden, you better believe that it is going to look spectacular.

Strong Plant Life

A major feature of some of the larger gardens is plant life and not just regular plant life, but plants that are bright red, yellow and really eye catching. Of course having plant life like this in a climate that is really hot can be quite troublesome so they will use plants that do not require a lot of water. Often they will have lots of green and then mix in the reds and yellows to really bring it to life.

Look Above!

While not something you would call a “common feature” many Persian and Arabic gardens like people to have a sense of wonder when they walk through them and one way that they achieve this is with archways. The most common type is green ones with a bit of colour the kind of thing that when you walk through it you are moving your head all around trying to take it in. If there is a walkway in a garden of this style and people do not look up when they are walking through it, then it has been designed wrong!

Using Symmetry

Bagh e Eram

















Symmetry is a very common theme in not just Arabic and Persian gardens, but gardens from all over the world. They will often make sure things are lined up properly and if there is one potted plant on one side of the water feature there will be another sitting on the other side. If you look at some of the larger gardens it is almost like they are split into two or four parts with a water feature in the middle and then each section is a mirror image. It can be quite an amazing effect when it is done right.

What If I Want To Bring A Bit Of This Style To My Garden?

It is quite hard to pinpoint this style, but if you want to do something in your garden where you can point to it and tell a friend that it is done in the “Persian” style. You can certainly achieve this, even if you live in a cooler climate. You can have some kind of water feature or even some very nice and smart looking mosaic work on the walls or even the floor. If you live in a colder climate, then the more exotic plant life, of course, is going to be very hard to do so maybe do not look there.

However in terms of the decoration in your garden, like a water feature or a cool looking mosaic. That is a great way to give your garden a bit of Arabic culture which is not going to require a lot of maintenance.

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