The World’s Coolest Sheds

Okay, so if you come to we guess you expect us to be shed experts and as shed experts we guess you would expect us to know a cool shed when we see one. Well, not wanting to disappoint, we have scoured the internet and collected what we believe to be the top 15 coolest sheds in the world. We hope you enjoy!

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Many thanks to Reader Sheds who supplied the data.

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  • steve turner said...

    sorry but some of these I dont feel qualify to be called a shed – nos 8 and 11 particularly. Mine may not be much but its definitelty a shed.


  • MARTIN BRYANT said...

    I agree with Steve, these are fantastic constructions but not really sheds.
    The question is when does a structure turn from a wooden shed to a building ?
    None the less they are very cool.


    • Richard said...

      Thanks Martin, yea I guess its a hard call particularly nowadays with the trend going more towards bigger and bigger buildings in the garden.


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