Assembled + Base: Overlap Wooden Shed Without Window 6 x 4

Prices Around: £224.99
Size: 6 x 4
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This is an excellent small size wooden shed which is constructed out of hard wearing and long lasting timber with an overlap cladding for extra durability.  It has one large door allowing easy transport for the larger items of garden equipment and has no windows which some say aids security. Use as a shed or as a workshop it is ideal for either purpose. The inside is big enough for light tools, toys and furniture and it is an attractive looking building with an apex style roof.  The dip treated wood has a 10 year anti rot guarantee.  This shed comes home delivered with assembly for your convenience.

What we rate

  • Constructed out of hard wearing and long lasting timber with an overlap cladding for extra durability
  • 10 year anti rot guarantee
  • Maintenance free

What we slate

  • Small size
So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Ease of assembly
80% Complete
78% Complete
Quality of construction
81% Complete
Longevity of material
84% Complete
Storage size
38% Complete
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Prices around: £224.99
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  • Bruce A said...

    Let’s get the elephant out of the picture first; the shed is definitely small, almost like a roomier port-a-potty. What else? Yes, there are no windows in the shed either for you to enjoy some sunlight, but considering the limited space offered, you won’t be staying in there for long either. Besides, windows on a shed as small as this would mean disaster for the structural integrity, as the discontinuities would cause it to disintegrate overtime.
    But let’s look at the advantages too; the shed is incredibly cheap! I got it for 270 excluding shipping, which is less than what full sized sheds generally cost. And the best part; it came pre-assembled, so I didn’t have to follow any blueprints either. Something which is missing among most sheds is an overlap cladding, but thankfully the timber for this one was reinforced. For someone with a small garden, the shed makes for the perfect addition. But for someone looking to store their lawnmower and other heavy machinery in the shed, this wouldn’t suffice.


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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
Storage size

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