Crane National Trust, The Oxburgh Pent Roof Shed, H218 x W180 x L300cm

Prices Around: £1899.00
Size: 1.8 X 3.0m
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From the moment, the Oxburgh Shed catches your eye you know that this is a place which is made for people who love to take care of their garden. A proper, gardener’s shed we think is what best describes this fantastic 8 X 10 pent roof shed. It offers you a strong and powerful exterior that has a lot of character and then once you open the door you are greeted to what feels like a just incredible amount of floor space. As soon as this happens your mind races with how you can really make this shed your own perfect storage space.

Made with the incredibly strong and reliable Scandinavian Redwood, the Oxburgh Shed is every bit as strong as it is nice to look at. That black corrugated roof is there to add a little classic style to the shed as well as keeping out the rain which will just run right off the back. The unique and durable, sawn cladding offers no way in for any rain that pounds down on the walls on a wet summer’s day or a rainy winter’s night. The Oxburgh Shed is going to look after your belongings very well and be a great feature in your garden while doing so.

IMPORTANT – Why we recommend buying this product from the National Trust over other sites.

At WhatShed we strive to help give you the customer the best possible information to help you decide what garden building is right for you. The following are the reasons why we say – Buy from the National Trust for maximum consumer protection!!

All online retailers are obliged under the distance selling regulations to offer a 14 working day right to withdraw from the contract to purchase. Starting the day after the date the item is delivered. If you buy your garden building in a store or showroom please be a ware that you are NOT coved by this and you are stuck in many ways with your buying decision if you decide to change your mind a few days later.

What we rate

  • Corrugated pent roof is fantastic
  • Made with a strong frame
  • Solid floor boards
  • Great looking, Georgian style window
  • Has a lot of storage space

What we slate

  • Can take a long time for delivery and installation
  • Needs a good amount of space in the garden
  • Needs to be treated shortly after installation
How We Rate It
Quality 9/10
90% Complete
Longevity Of Materials 8.5/10
85% Complete
Storage Size 8/10
80% Complete
Ease Of Installation 10/10
100% Complete
Value For Money 8.5/10
85% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

30-day no quibble returns guarantee = The National Trust blow this out of the water by offering what we at WhatShed believe is the best and safest customer guarantee on offer when buying a garden building online. They offer a “No quibble 30-day returns guarantee means that if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 30 days of the date you received the item, and we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item.”

Item damaged in transit = We commonly see the complaint with other retailers that the customers garden building gets damaged in transit. Most other company seem to do everything they can to get out of helping you if this happens. The real stand out service that the National Trust offers goes way beyond what we have seen from any other merchant. They say “If the item was damaged in transit. If you take delivery of a National Trust Online Shop package and the contents have been damaged in transit, you can return the item(s) to us within 30 days of receipt for exchange.” That is an outstanding commitment to customer service and we wish more retailers in this sector could boast the same levels of commitment.

In short unlike some other merchants we have reviews we feed 100% confident with the way the National Trust is handling its customers in the event they run into a problem. Time and again we see reports of products getting damaged in transit. We strongly feel that the National Trusts no quibble 30-day returns guarantee means that if for any reason you have with your purchase you are in safe hands. We only wish some of the other retailers would offer the same outstanding level of protection and peace of mind that the National Trust are giving customers. To see the full National Trust returns policy follow this link, we are sure that you will agree they are the #1 choice when it comes to buying your Crain garden building from.

Buy from the National Trust for maximum consumer protection!!

Shed Type And Roof Size

Oxburgh Dome OchreThe Crane, Oxburgh Shed certainly does have the look of a building that is very robust and is going to be standing strong for many years, but when we put on our lab coats, get out our pencils and took a closer look we can see what high quality the shed is really made with. Starting with the wood that is used, which is Scandinavian Redwood and some of the strongest wood that we have seen sheds made with. The width is very respectable, 7 feet 8 inches and the length is an impressive, 9 feet 8 inches so you clearly have more than enough floor space here. There is a very good height to it where even at its shortest point at the back it is right around 6 feet. As you can see the shed does have a great amount of space to it and because of the strong wood adding in some wall shelving to really get the most out of it would give you even more room to make use of.

For the roof Crane have gone with a pent style design. This is to make sure that all of your belongings inside do not get wet as the idea of this style of roof is to keep the rain from sitting on it. The black corrugated sheeting looks just absolutely fantastic and it really does give the shed a charm you just do not get with a standard felt roof. Underneath that black corrugated sheeting we have some very reliable roof boards that are 16 x 125 mm and made from that amazing, Scandinavian Redwood. Basically, the Oxburgh Shed has one very good looking and reliable roof that is not going to let any water get inside.

Cladding, Frame And Floor

Oxburgh Wade's LanternThe cladding of the shed is something that first of all impressed us immensely just from a looks point of view, but it is also incredibly practical as well. This type of cladding is called sawn board cladding which was very popular many years ago, but is not the norm these days, so it has a very retro and somewhat unique charm about it. Also it means the rain will just bounce right of it and find no grooves to seep in. At 12 x 125 mm the cladding is very secure and strong, but to really give just a little extra bit of style, Crane have added in this very stand out and interesting looking topping of 16 x 38 mm which really does give the shed a little bit more character.

To make it so this is a shed that is going to be in your garden for many years, Crane have crafted a very strong frame made from that Scandinavian Redwood. We are very happy with this frame as it is 38 x 50 mm which is certainly an ideal thickness to ensure the shed never loses its shape or becomes weakened over time. The frame has been designed by the joiners at Crane and they certainly know their stuff. We think that you could give this shed a good slap and it would not budge a millimetre, you would just end up with a sore hand because of just how sturdy it is.

With the very generous amount of floor space that you have on offer with this shed it is only natural that you are going to want to either fill it up to the brim or have a walkway right in the middle so you can move around easy in there. Well to do both of these things you need a good sturdy floor and by using those exact same 16 x 125 mm boards that are under the corrugated roof, Crane have ensured you of just that. Flooring on a shed can get more wear and tear than any other part so to help with this there are some well spaced out floor joists which are 38 x 50 mm to give the floor a little bit of a hand to make sure it stays good and firm for many years.

Treatment Requirement And Warranty

Osburgh Earl's GreyNow you will have to give the shed a coating of wood treatment when you get it. To be honest this is not really all that big of a deal as this is the case with most sheds these days so we say do not worry about it. You should get in the habit right at the start of taking good care of your shed to make sure it lasts and this good care starts with that first coat of treatment.

The warranty Crane give with the Oxburgh Shed gives you two years of protection against general wear and tear. What we love about this warranty is that you just call them up and they will come and fix it for you. There are a few things to know about the warranty, for example accidental damage is not covered and if you choose to ignore Crane’s advice on where to place the shed and insist they put it in, what they class as, an unfit area of your garden, then you may not be covered.

Doors And Windows

Oxburgh Painter's GreyWhile in theory the door may not sound like the most exciting part of a shed, Crane have managed to impress us with the door they have put on here. To start with it is a good size, you have 1800 mm in height and 710 mm in width. This will make getting things in no problem at all. Even your mower that you are used to having to wrestle with to get in and out should be no problem. To make the door more of a feature, Crane have added in strong, but very easy on the eye, strap door hinges that while looking good also will keep the door where it needs to be. To really finish the door off perfectly there is a black door handle and black mortice lock.

To let in some light and just make the front of the shed look that extra bit special we have a very classy looking Georgian window. This window is made from some very high quality 4 mm thick, toughened glass. The frame has been very well made to fit in with the rest of the shed and it just adds to the sheds personality.

Security And Privacy

Oxburgh Terrace GreenA mortice lock is a great addition to the shed and as well as fitting in with the rest of the door furniture it also serves as a great way to keep everything secure in side. This lock is more than enough and we really do not think any extra security measures are required. Just be sure not to hide the key in a fake rock next to the shed.

If you do want to keep what you have in your shed private, then putting up a set of blinds or even a curtain would not require much effort at all.

Customisation Options And Extras

By offering you a choice of six different colours, Crane have really made sure that no matter what kind of style you have that there will be a colour that fits in with what else you have in your garden. We think it is great how there are some more laid back and natural colours such as Dome Ochre which has a more classically wood effect to it. At the same time if you want your shed to really stand out there is Painters Grey which does have a bit of a blue tint to it. Along with Terrace Green, Disraeli Green, Wades Lantern and Earls Grey, you can see there is an excellent selection of colours.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 9/10
90% Complete
We really cannot think of any quality issues here at all. It has been made with just such high standards that the quality really is second to none.
Longevity Of Materials 8.5/10
85% Complete
By using such top of the line materials to make the shed, Crane have ensured that the Oxburgh Shed will be just as good many years in the future as it is the day is installed
Storage Size 8/10
80% Complete
8 X 10 we feel is a great size for a shed. It allows you to have a good amount of storage space and also be free to move around inside. You can easily increase your amount of storage by adding in a few shelves to the back wall.
Ease Of Installation 10/10
100% Complete
Crane deliver and install the shed and they have been doing this for a very long time. This means that you can just relax and let them make sure the shed is built properly.
Value For Money 8.5/10
85% Complete
We did a double take when we saw the price of this shed. Getting this amount of space as well as the shed being made with such high end materials really does make this great value for money. Plus with the right amount of TLC this shed will last you for as long as you need it to.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: At a little under two thousand pounds we feel that, the Oxburgh Shed would make a perfect addition to any garden and is also a very good deal. The whole style of the shed is just fantastic and has a charm that is not easy to find in a shed these days. If you are looking for a shed that not only offers you a large storage space, a safe and secure place to store your items and one that can also be a stand out feature, then you will struggle to find one that is as high quality as the Oxburgh Shed - especially at this kind of price.

Prices around: £1899.00
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Longevity Of Materials
Storage Size
Ease Of Installation
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