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The 10 Best Custom Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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Custom sheds are a great way to make your garden stand out from the crowd. A garden shed is, of course, a very practical building, whether it’s used for storage purposes or simply as a place to relax in at the end of a day gardening or at work. Just because they’re practical, doesn’t mean that they can’t also be original and attractive, however. Bespoke sheds allow the owner to add their own touch to their garden building, allowing them to have the shed they’ve always wanted. Our WhatShed guide to the very best custom sheds that are available to buy online in the UK today can help you find the model that’s just right for you. 

At WhatShed we review all kinds of garden buildings, so you can be sure that all of the custom sheds in our league table are of a very high quality. We also wanted to ensure that they were easy to purchase, which is why we’ve only considered sheds sold by the UK’s ten leading online garden building retailers; between them they make up over 95% of the market, so they’re the big names you can trust. more...

We took many factors into account when ranking them, including price and value for money, design and aesthetic appeal, and just how much customisation potential they offered. From this, we were able to compile the top ten custom sheds that can be purchased online in the UK right now.

When compiling this league table, we first had to define just what a custom shed was. For a start, we discounted sheds that came with free or optional tubs of paint or woodstain, meaning that the customer had to apply it themselves. We wanted sheds that could be customised at the point of purchase, allowing the customer to create a look that’s different and that excites them. That’s why most of the custom sheds in our league table can be supplied ready painted in a range of colours, with the one shed that doesn’t offer this instead offering a customisable roof and doorway that can create a very different look to the standard one.

These truly custom sheds are not widely available from the ten leading online retailers, perhaps due to the higher price tag they often command, but we were glad to find ten very high quality representatives for our league table. Congratulations go to the BillyOh 5000 shed, which may not be the most radically different looking shed, but is available in a very wide range of colours, comes with a long guarantee and represents excellent value for money, thus topping our run down of the UK’s best custom sheds available online today. Whether you want garden sheds or greenhouses, WhatShed bring you in depth and independent reviews that can help you make an ideal purchase.

BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Apex Workshop

Many of the custom sheds that feature in this top ten league table have exciting and unconventional designs that mark them out as something special, yet this BillyOh shed has a very traditional garden shed design with a 10 x 8 foot base area and an apex roof. This will appeal to those who want a classic garden building, but still want to be able to put their own stamp on it. It also has the longest warranty period of any shed in our list, with a 10 year guarantee against wet rot as long as the annual treatment schedule is adhered to. With a price tag of less than six hundred pounds it also represents outstanding value for money, and it’s this that takes it right to the very top of our league table.

The generous storage area inside these custom sheds also means that we can imagine them being used as a small workshop for a hobby, or even for a home business. That’s why we were pleased to find the interior bathed with light, thanks to the inclusion of six fixed windows. We were pleased to find a range of customisation options available, although we would have liked to see a floor included as standard. It is the choice of 12 wall colours and 3 trim colours that makes this a truly custom shed, however, and we liked the vibrant colours available to the customer.

BillyOh 10 x 8 Windowless Heavy Duty Custom Sheds

Custom sheds can be a very attractive addition to the garden environment, but this particular shed from BillyOh places toughness and security above aesthetic appeal. That’s not only because it has heavy duty 19mm interlocking cladding, which is something we always like to see because it means that the building is very strong and stable even in windy conditions, but also because it has a window free design. This means that passers by will have no way of seeing if anything valuable is being kept inside the shed, which in turn makes it much less likely that it will be targeted by opportune thieves on the look out for easy pickings. This makes it ideal for those looking for a secure garden building, and with a very affordable price as well for such a generously proportioned shed, it also earns it the runner up spot in our league table.

We were pleased to find that a wide range of colours can be selected from for these custom sheds, and it was good to see that the customisation doesn’t end there. Customers can also select what kind of shelving, if any, they would like inside the building, and also whether to gave integrated guttering added or not. Even with these options added, we feel that the low initial price means that it still provides excellent value for money, especially with a 10 year warranty included.

BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Corner Workshop Shed

Just because you have a relatively small garden, where available lawn space is at a premium, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a high quality shed that has been modified to meet your specific requirements. These custom sheds from BillyOh are based upon a seven foot by seven foot base area that provides ample storage space for most small to medium gardens, and although they have a pent rather than apex roof, the peak height of 2.06m was still tall enough to ensure that we could walk around in comfort without having to worry about headroom. What makes these stand out from all the other sheds in our list, however, is that they utilise a five sided design that makes it easy to fit them into a corner of the garden. It’s a space saving and practical solution, and yet we found the design pleasing on the eye as well.

We were pleased to find twelve colours to choose from, ranging from gunmetal grey to American barn red, and so your custom shed can fit in perfectly with their surroundings. It also adds an extra protective layer against the elements, and we were pleased to see that a 10 year anti-rot guarantee was included as standard. What also impressed us was the very low asking price of less than five hundred pounds, earning this shed a place in the top three of our league table.

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Tiger Value Overlap Apex Shed

These designer custom sheds can make a huge impact on your garden, becoming a stand out feature in their own right. We were struck by its modern design on first sight, and whilst it’s undoubtedly contemporary we found it very appealing as well. It takes inspiration from classic apex roofed sheds, but the overhanging roof creates a look all of its own, as well as creating a useful shaded area around the perimeter. We also liked the triangular window in the single hinged door, and it was good to have some natural light inside even though the contents will still be largely hidden from passers by.

We were pleased to find that 19mm tongue and groove cladding had been used throughout, making this one of the strongest six foot by six foot sheds we’ve seen. We were also glad to discover that two key customisation features were available. The cladding can be painted in either a solid or glazed colour of the customer’s choice, and the roof can also have attractive coloured shingles added to it. These are not only extremely eye catching, they are also excellent at keeping rainwater out and the interior dry. It’s only the lack of an extended warranty and comparatively high price that keeps this out of our top three custom sheds.

8' x 6' Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Workshop with Logstore - Single Door (2.42m x 1.82m)

These custom sheds are among the most bespoke that we’ve seen, in that the dimensions can be altered to fit in with the customer’s specific requirements. For review purposes however, and to give an indication of the price, we are here referring to the model with a base area of 1.80 x 2.40m. These measurements refer to the main body of the shed itself, for what differentiates it from all the other custom sheds in this league table is that it also includes an extending roof that forms a canopy of 1.30m wide. This creates a very versatile, as well as eye catching, garden building, and we can easily imagine this being used as a sheltered area for a motorcycle, a practical log store, or even an area to hold a barbecue or to entertain guests after a dinner party.

We were glad to find that strong tongue and groove cladding, with a thickness of 19mm, was used throughout, and the supporting posts holding up the canopy are 40mm thick and therefore feel reassuringly strong. We’ve classed these as custom sheds because there is a choice of either circular or rectangular roof shingles in a choice of colours, as well as a range of colours that can be applied to the walls.

Waltons 6 x 8 Pressure Treated Shiplap Single Door Apex Wooden Shed

This is in our opinion the most classical looking of all the custom sheds to feature in this top ten league table, but that itself should make it very appealing to those who have a traditional garden and don’t want anything that looks too strikingly modern it. It’s also alone among this list in that it doesn’t come pre-painted in a shade of the customer’s choice, but we were impressed by the other customisation features it offered. The first of these concerns the apex roof, which can optionally be upgraded to either a pressure treated slatted roof or a cedar slatted roof which has natural anti-rot properties. These can make a big difference to how the shed as a whole looks.

Other options available on these Ludlow custom sheds included changing the single hinged door to a stable style door, as well as optional pressure treated floor bearers and optional opening, rather than fixed, windows. We found the shed very pleasing on the eye even in its untreated state, and we also found it very strong and sturdy, which is to testament to the use of a 48 x 48mm frame that’s much thicker than we usually see on the timber sheds we review. It was also good to see a three lever mortice lock provided as standard, creating a secure storage facility.

8' x 6' Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Apex Single Door Shed (2.42m x 1.82m)

BSW are a manufacturer that specialises in high end garden buildings that can be modified to suit the customer’s requirements, and this is the first of their models to feature in our league table of the very best custom sheds that can be bought online in the UK right now. Like its stable mates that come after it, this comes with a price tag which may be outside the budget of some potential buyers, which is why the occupy the lower section of our list. If you don’t mind spending extra for truly unique and very high quality sheds, however, then these should be at the top of your shortlist. This is one of the smallest BSW sheds we’ve reviewed, with a base area of 1.80 x 2.40m, but it’s also the cheapest at just over three thousand pounds, which accounts for its relative positioning.

We were very impressed with the sleek modern lines of these custom sheds, giving the contemporary feel that the name indicates. We were also very impressed with the 20 year guarantee attached to the metro tiles on the apex roof, even though the building as a whole only comes with a statutory one year guarantee. There are five colours to choose from, allowing the customer to create a shed that looks elegant and stylish.

8' x 6' Traditional Heavy Duty Apex Shed (2.44m x 1.83m)

In recent years, glamping has become very popular; it’s camping but with added style and less discomfort. Pod style dwellings, or hobbit homes as they are sometimes called, have become very popular among luxury campers, and they are the inspiration behind these top quality custom sheds from BSW. The design is very exciting, and we were impressed by just how different it looked to just about any other garden shed we’ve reviewed. It’s certain to become a talking point, and to impress your neighbours and family, even in its bare state. Once painted in the colour of the customer’s choice as part of the customisation process it should be even more visually striking.

The arched design of these custom sheds looks even more attractive from the inside, and we can imagine it being the perfect home from home with a television or games system installed within. We were also impressed by just how much light penetrates the six foot by eight foot interior, thanks to the three windows at front and back. At the front they’re arranged in a vertical pattern, and at the rear horizontally, which once again shows the attention that’s been paid to the design, and to creating a garden building that’s very pleasing aesthetically as well as very practical.

12' x 6' Traditional Heavy Duty Apex Wooden Garden Shed (3.66m x 1.83m)

These visually exciting custom sheds take their inspiration from the entrance ways of Tudor manor houses, although you won’t find anything as cliched as mock Tudor style beams. Instead it’s a very modern take on a sixteenth century design, and to our eyes it looked more than a little Scandinavian. With everything Nordic being very much in vogue at the moment, we can imagine this proving to be very popular, even with its high price tag that prevented us from placing it any higher up our league table.

We were very impressed with the attention to detail on these six foot by eleven foot custom sheds. For example, whilst the shiplap Douglas Fir cladding is both thick and weather resistant in its own right, the roof and the walls have then been lined with plywood which keeps heat in and draughts out. We also liked the extended front canopy which creates a natural porch ahead of the single door. It not only looks very striking, it also creates an external area that’s sheltered from both rain and the hot sun. With a choice of subtle, almost pastel like, yet exciting colours available, this is a great shed if you want something that none of your friends will have seen before, and that’s sure to impress them.

10' x 8' Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Apex Double Door Shed (3.02m x 2.44m)

Once again we find that BSW have surpassed themselves with the original design of their custom sheds. This ten foot by eight foot model is one of the largest we’ve seen, and it’s designed to resemble a gothic style church with the slight curve of its apex roof, and the arched doorway and arched windows. There are five custom colours to have added to it as well, so the customer can choose to either have it blend into the garden and its surroundings, or to catch the eye by contrasting. This is a customisable garden shed that brought a smile to our eye from the moment that we saw it, but it finds itself in the final spot in our league table simply because of its lack of an extended structural guarantee, and its asking price of nearly six and a half thousand pounds.

Whilst the cost of these custom sheds will put some potential buyers off, you do get what you pay for in this instance. The 19mm thick cladding is allied to a very thick 38 x 98mm frame, making this one of the strongest and most stable garden buildings we’ve ever reviewed. That’s why we feel it would be ideally suited to a large, open garden that’s in an exposed and windy area. We were also impressed by the high quality ironmongery on the large and accommodating door, emphasising the gothic feel of the building as a whole.

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