Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are quick to assemble, strong and low maintenance these are some of the top reasons metal garden sheds are very popular with customers in the UK. It’s because of these reasons metal sheds are along with plastic sheds some of the most durable garden storage solutions you can have in your garden.

As you will already most likely know metal storage sheds have come on a long way from the flimsy thin sheds of yesteryear. The more modern metal sheds are typically built with thicker galvanised steel and often for the larger models come with full a galvanised steel reinforced framing. This additional rigidity means that metal sheds are now really starting to give wooden sheds and plastic sheds a run for their money as a solid storage solution.

Most metal sheds and metal storage solutions come with free delivery to most of the mainland UK from most retailers! We have a huge range of metal sheds all made with galvanised steel from many of the top retailers and brands. Such as Lotus by Global, Duramax, Yardmaster and retailers such as Argos. WhatShed have spent time researching the very best in metal garden sheds and we believe we have chosen an outstanding selection of buildings to suit all garden shapes and sizes.

So, if you are looking into a galvanised steel metal sheds for your garden storage needs then you have come to the right place.

If you still have any common questions such like are metal sheds any good? How much is a metal shed? Are metal sheds Easy to assemble? Or are metal sheds waterproof? Then why not read our metal garden sheds frequently asked questions page.

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Stowaway Vault Store 5x3 Shed
Score: 8.7
Price: £359.99
Size: 5 X 3
Full Details

Stowaway Vault Store 5×3 Shed

For those who want something different than a standard wooden shed, the Stowaway Vault Store 5×3 Shed could be just what you are looking for. This looks nothing..

Score: 8.5
Price: £299.99
Size: 1.80 X 0.90m
Full Details

6′ x 3′ Palram SkyLight Amber Shed

Just because you want a compact storage unit for your garden doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality or features, as shown by this attractively styled..